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Can You Be 'The Man' Too Much?

Author: Michael W

***Question from a newsletter reader***

I read your book and I think you explain things very clearly. I'm happy to say I understood the message loud and clear. I am great at talking to women now I'm funny and never come off as being needy.

But my biggest problem does not come from not being THE MAN but from the approach. I need more creative ways to break the ice, once I'm in, I'm IN- but its hard form me to watch hot honeys walk past me and not have an opening. Most of the time I just sit back and think that I
know she would have loved to talk to me.

What do you recommend as a good opener just to get us talking. Now that I have fixed up my game all I need to do now is find a way to start a convo.


***The Dating Wizard Replies:

The trick to opening a conversation with a woman and turning her ON is to convey that you are desirable, dominant, and not needy. One easy way to do this when you "open" is to TEASE her in a way that is friendly but also says that you don't need her for your self-esteem.

So if you can't IMMEDIATELY find something to tease her with, if you don't quickly see something about her that you can bust her on, then have some READY MADE openers for SPECIFIC situations, and also some UNIVERSAL openers.

So let's say you're at the supermarket, then have openers like "Do you clean as well as cook?" while she's in the poultry section, for example. Then, whatever she replies, i.e. if she says "No", then say, "Oh well, then it will never work between us" with a sly attitude.

Sometimes, you'll find there is nothing that happens to be PERFECTLY TAILORED for the situation, so for those situations, you'll use the UNIVERSAL openers, like for example a straight-from-the-hip no-b.s. "what's up".

Remember YOUR BELIEF that YOU are more than worthy must be stronger than HER BELIEF
that she is superior. So if YOU are delivering the line congruently, in terms of body language, tonality, and inner core beliefs, your opener will work.

But if you act like you think it will not work, as if you think you are doing a criminal "act", or as if the whole thing is corny, it will seem that way to her too.

You MUST be totally congruent internally.

On the street, I might stop a girl by saying "Where do you think you're GOING?" in a playful way, as if I caught her in the middle of her doing something naughty. If they say "shopping" or whatever, I just tease them on their answer.

I'll say "Shopping?!!" Is that where you are going in Life?!! Where are you really going in life?"

I do all this in a FUN way, so the girl is having a good time, yet I am not kissing her butt either. I'm TEASING her and I'm MAKING HER DAY. Once you have the conversation going, use her answers to tease her some more, and then get into some small talk and get her email.


Hi Michael-
Being THE MAN is incredibly powerful. I think I have a gal intimidated. (She's very beautiful, but self conscious about things like her small chest).

Do you think you can be THE MAN to a fault? I understand never to stop being THE MAN. But what's the best way to warm-up to a girl, and maintain all this excellent advice? Girls can be nervous too. I think she's now fearing rejection from me!!! Isn't that ironic!?



Yes, it is possible to freak them out and they will fear rejection from you. The answer to this is when you APPROACH A WOMAN for the first time, START OFF with a BANG, and then AFTER this, get into "real" conversation.

So for example, start off by teasing her for a few minutes, not too long...

And THEN, when she starts to SHOW INTEREST in any of dozens of ways, for example, she starts to become really friendly, or she starts to touch you, or she starts telling you how much she has in common with you, or she starts trying to impress you, you can then have a more "real" conversation like you are used to- but don't let it be a boring conversation.

Being THE MAN is about making it clear you have value. But if you go "non-stop" it actually is counter-productive because it looks like you either REALLY don't give a DAMN about her, in which case she feels hopeless, or it can even make you look psycho or desperate as if you are hiding behind a mask of over-the-top behavior.

Once you have done your job of showing you are THE MAN, and a woman shows you that she WANTS to talk to you, LET HER. You've earned it. Otherwise she will wonder why the hell you started talking to her in the first place, since she will feel like you are JUST teasing her and nothing else- i.e. robbing HER of all the fun. She ENJOYS talking to you now, she wants to communicate that, so let her.

BEING THE MAN does not mean to be CRUEL. It's about balance.

And if by chance she suddenly starts to test you in middle of the conversation, relax. It's usually just a test, so all you have to do is just show that you don't put up with b.s. and act like are about to leave. If she likes you, she will get you to stay. And she'll value you even more because she WORKED to get your approval.

And if you've enjoyed reading this newsletter and would like to be so successful with women that you actually have to HOLD BACK so that WOMEN don't feel that YOU are "out of their league", then I recommend you download and read my eBook- The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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