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You Can't Fail With A Woman If You Do This

Author: Michael W

Lately, I've been thinking, I'm not going to THINK about these articles. This isn't a creative writing course, it's about how to get a woman.
So my priority is clear: GET GUYS WOMEN.

It's not about sounding smart, it's not about sounding flashy, it's not about porn, it's not about fantasy. It's about GUYS GETTING WOMEN.

I would say "A" woman, but usually in order to get THE woman, a guy is going to have to learn how to get "THE WOMEN" in general.

You'll see why as we go along here.

As you probably already know, since I've first started with this whole thing, I've taken the teaching of this stuff VERY seriously.

That doesn't mean I haven't had any fun along the way, and it doesn't mean that I haven't enjoyed the vast majority of it.

But ultimately, underneath it all, I have NEVER forgotten just how painful this area of our lives can be if we don't know how it works and if we don't put in the effort to get the skills.

A lot of pain.
Or maybe it was just me.

Let me get one thing straight before we go any further, about what the FUNDAMENTAL challenge is these days in order to attract the kind of woman you want and not only attract this woman, but get her to be so into you that she's screaming your name out in pleasure night after night.

The fundamental challenge, at least in Western societies comes from the fact that women have not only made progress, but there has actually been a BASHING of men's status and a BASHING of men's self-esteem, as well as a simultaneous WORSHIP of women's physical beauty - an ARTIFICIAL inflation of women's looks, if you will. I'm not blaming anyone in particular, as the blame game is not only useless but also far too complex to pin on anyone.

In fact, in a huge way, men are just as responsible for all this as women, so don't go start hating women after reading this. It all started with good intentions, i.e. not having women as second class citizens, etc. And obviously, I'm all for that, but things have gone pretty crazy since then.

The bottom line is that today, a woman who is attractive is simply walking around with a massively inflated sense of sexual value. Her spoiled behavior is not proportionate to her beauty, it's WAY beyond, it's totally beyond proportion.

I could give you billions of examples of this, but let's face it, you ALREADY have EXPERIENCED this, you just might not have totally been awake to the why, or maybe you thought it was you, or maybe you thought "this is the natural way that unfortunately it has to be and always was".

And this inflated sense of value that a woman who is attractive has, equates to a massive sense of POWER over men who are interested in her, which is, of course, most men.

So let me get to the SOLUTION.

The solution is to learn to "JAM" her frequency. What I mean by this is that, (and from now on instead of writing "a woman who is attractive" I'm just going to write "a woman" or "chick" or what have you, because I hate repeating words, and also because the truth is, that these days a woman who is just BARELY attractive is already considered a big deal, where tons of guys act like pathetic worthless ass-kissers for her) a woman is only as powerful as she is FEELING at any given moment.

Don't get me wrong, this is not about making her feel BAD. That would be a big mistake that would get you very little return on your actions. It's about getting her right into that SWEET spot where she feels that YOUR value is just a little bit ABOVE hers, (but for most guys this is actually going to require them to behave in a MASSIVELY different way than before) at which point you then help HER bridge the gap in a GIVING way making her feel that not only are you more desirable than her, but that you also APPRECIATE her and that somehow she is lucky enough to have found a guy like you who can do this.

I know that sounds very clinical, but it's not much different than when you go to the store and you see a fantastic product that you would love to get but you think it's out of your price range, and then suddenly you find out that you have a bit more cash and that you could now ALMOST afford it, and then you find out that because you are ______ (insert whatever makes you special) you are entitled to just enough of a special so that you can GET IT!

So you go home ECSTATIC.

Now all that is simple in theory, but in REALITY, accomplishing this takes a LOT of insight, a LOT of finesse, and a LOT of emotional self-control.

Why does it take so much emotional self-control?
Because attraction is a PROCESS of not only learning lots of things, but of FEELING different emotions as well. And of having different emotional reactions to things than you USED to have.

At first, this will be TOUGH.
Because your old beliefs will make you feel BAD when a woman undervalues you in the early part of the interaction.

Most guys will BREAK emotionally, and they will SHOW it.

THAT is the kiss of death to attraction. THAT is where guys FAIL most miserably.

There's more to attraction, but you will NOT FAIL with women, you will NOT be blown out, if you can just PRESERVE your TENACIOUS GRIP ON YOUR MENTAL FRAME.

This CANNOT JUST BE ACHIEVED BY THINKING ABOUT IT. Thinking is PART of it, and I get into all the best ways to do this in my programs as well as explain tons of other crucial stuff, but you MUST GET EXPOSED TO THE SITUATIONS OF PICK-UP so that you GROW STRONGER and learn to KEEP your frame, KEEP your emotional state from being affected by HER "jamming" your internal state with her behavior.

In one way or another, MOST GUYS MOST ABSOLUTELY WILL FAIL at this, it's just NOT WORTH it to them, THE EMOTIONAL COST IS TOO HIGH, they'd rather RUN FOR THE HILLS!

You are going to have to TOUGH IT OUT until you can see the FRUIT of your work, which will then give you a whole new perspective and a whole new, empowering, even CALMING emotional reaction to the things that would make most men run for the hills.

You see, you don't go from ZERO to her wanting you to BANG the living daylights out of her. Or to use more intimate words, for you to "make love" to her.

No, what happens, is that a woman will FIRST think not much of you. Nothing bad, but nothing good. Then, you will interact with her. She will size you up on this. She will STILL not be convinced you are FOR SURE a great catch even if you do this initial interaction WONDERFULLY, so she will CONTINUE to treat you as if you are a bit LESS than her.

Here's where I used to EXPLODE years ago.
See, I had no PATIENCE or tolerance for this horse-s**t. I knew in my gut that I could never actually LOVE someone that behaved that way, EVER.

The problem though, is that I still was massively sexually driven and still felt massive attraction to girls who were hot. And although I wasn't being used by any girls since I dumped them before anything could happen, I also wasn't getting much "action". And trust me, it's not like all I cared about was "action".

All I really wanted was a woman who was decently hot and NOT spoiled.

But if you think you can get that without having some insights and skills, forget it unless you are some movie star or celebrity. Even THEN if you don't have these skills, you can STILL be in for some major trouble.

If you think "Ahh forget it, I'll wait till I meet a woman who loves me automatically", again, FORGET THAT.

I'm not saying AT ALL to just go for any woman, you SHOULD have standards. I have high standards in many ways, i.e. women who don't smoke, who are high self-esteem, educated, have a sense of purpose beyond material things, etc.

What I AM saying though is that when it comes to how to treat men, women are spoiled. So if you expect to meet a woman here who is not spoiled, in this specific way, then all I can say to you is good luck.

Hey, maybe Leprechauns, Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy also exist, just like women who are hot and not spoiled when it comes to men are everywhere as well.

Listen, if you live in the West, (and from what I hear from guys who live in other countries, it's not so great always there either) chances are slim to NONE that you are going to get a woman who is attractive (did it again) and who will AUTOMATICALLY go for you and who will AUTOMATICALLY respect you right off the bat. Nope, instead, you are going to have to INTELLIGENTLY DEAL WITH HER INITIAL CRAP-STORM in order to turn things around and totally have her chasing you.

I know this letter sounds a bit dark, and I'm a HUGE believer in positive thinking, at the same time I'm also a HUGE believer in TRUTH. Truth is more important to me than anything. Once you have the truth, you can work with it. You can and SHOULD then be as positive with it as possible.

When you INTELLIGENTLY deal with her initial crap-storm, it is ONE example of the beginning of the "JAMMING HER FREQUENCIES" process.

You see, her frequency for guys is pretty much set to "VAPORIZE ALL GUYS AND BASK IN THE GLORY OF ENDLESS VALIDATION THAT GUYS GIVE ME" mode. And then get depressed to the highest degree over something like why her daddy didn't buy her cookies on her birthday when she was 6 years old or why her girlfriend did something not nice to her. And feel like life is terrible.

But as far as her frequency to GUYS, it's set to VAPORIZE. Why? Because simply put, our society has got her to believe that most guys simply are NOT WORTHY.

But triumphing from her crap storm, (her disrespect toward you, however slight, whether it's her expecting you to meet her at her far away location rather than vice versa, or any of a MULTITUDE of disrespectful behaviors) is only ONE part of success

As soon as you BEGIN the interaction, the first WORDS you say, count to a degree as well. You want to JAM HER MENTAL PATTERN of vaporizing all guys before it can start, or at least before it can go off full blast. So, for example, by opening up your interaction with something that gets an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from her, from laughter to excitement to shock, you are FORCING HER MENTAL PROGRAM TO CHANGE PROGRAMS, because it's IMPOSSIBLE to be in to two places mentally at once.

If she is LAUGHING, she is OVERTAKEN by that emotion. She can't BLOCK you out. She's too busy feeling GOOD.

If she is emotionally taken over by INTRIGUE from what you say, again, she is now UNABLE to think about blocking you, as she is NOT THINKING AT ALL, she is FEELING now.

Feeling and thinking don't go well together. At least not at the exact same time.

So you have to learn how to get her EMOTIONAL as soon as possible, otherwise she starts THINKING again, and you're FINISHED.

You ONLY want her to start thinking once she's BURSTING WITH SO MUCH EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD, that at this point, her emotions will now TOTALLY shape her thinking, and her thinking will now go into reverse rationalization mode as she starts to justify WHY she is feeling everything for you.

Learning to do all this shit isn't always easy. This is why I have all types of programs, including PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE BOOTCAMPS where I will be YOUR TRAINER who shows you EVERYTHING in real time on real women, for three days and three nights.

This is not some marketing scheme.
It's simple- me showing you how it's done, then me making sure that YOU are doing it right.

I need to say also that one of the toughest parts of this skill is having the FAITH that it's going to work, because when a chick is initially NOT going for you, or she is going for you but giving you some crap, the GUT instinct is to say HELL with this. For some guys, it's because they can't take the blow to their self-esteem. For other guys, it's BECAUSE their self-esteem is so high, that they can't take the crap.

So what happens is that most guys never see the OTHER side. The side where the woman is now totally into YOU.

And the other thing I need to mention is that ONCE YOU START TO GET MANY WOMEN AFTER YOU, you suddenly are able to become TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE about the whole thing.

Why is this?
Because you ALREADY KNOW YOU HAVE THE ACE IN THE HOLE. Oops, pun not intended.

The point is that you already HAVE what you want, so you don't get emotionally affected by the PROCESS.



IN FACT, YOU ARE ON A HIGHER PLANE. You feel it internally, and you show it on every dimension of communication, from your sense of humor, body language, voice tone, from your lack of having an emotional response to her misbehavior and thus showing she doesn't have that much value relative to yours, and from SO much more, it all simply GELS into one thing: ATTRACTION that she feels MASSIVELY for you.

That's why getting the FIRST woman is always the HARDEST, because although you are working on the SELF-CREATED EMOTIONS you have learned to generate, and though you are working also on the brilliant THEORY you have learned, it's much easier to do it all PROPERLY and to do it all BEST when you ABSOLUTELY KNOW it works!

All of sudden, when you have even just ONE success behind you, you become WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENT. You already KNOW it works, so you are not being bogged down with mental viruses called doubts and fears, like a computer program that is running slow because of a virus.

You are then free of the mental virus, FREE TO TRULY FOCUS ON USING WHAT YOU LEARNED rather than wasting half your energy on doubting what you have learned.

Plus, your instincts will now start to YELL at full blast that all that you have learned indeed IS true.

You now GET IT on an instinctive and primal level. You now have the advantages of BOTH the theory AND the instinct, so that you are truly firing on all cylinders.

And if you think about it, it makes sense that she WOULD be into you.

Let's face it, a woman's prime starts when she's 17. It's already WANING by the time she is 26. That's barely 9 years, and she is losing value in this department every day after that. But you wouldn't think so by the masses of men kissing up to women everywhere at every age.

That's not me being MEAN, it's just a fact that is important to realize in a society where a woman who is a bit attractive thinks she is GOD over men.

Here's another fact to remember- the pursuit of material wealth that most women are so adamant about often leaves them with no guy in their life, because they were so busy trying to be independent from men and trying to be masculine and tough and in charge and superior, that no guy in his right mind would want to be with her when she is not even hot anymore. For after all, she may very well have no personality AND no looks at that point.

You'd think women would be smart about this, and be on the lookout for a good guy, so they can avoid this predicament, but they aren't.

And you'd think that they'd realize that any guy who is smart and skilled enough to get HER, can probably do the same thing again on ENDLESS other women, and therefore he will never truly feel she is "special". After all, her CHARACTER really wasn't special, so why SHOULD he feel special?

A smart woman would be wise to make sure her man DOES feel special, by showing him MAXIMUM respect. After all, he knows how to get other women if he got her.

Unless he's one of those guys that doesn't know how, and thus she will probably abuse him for life. Which happens a lot.

But if you are man who has learned these skills, and you get her, and YOU KEEP ON DOING THE RIGHT THINGS to maintain the attraction, trust me, as time goes by she realizes more and more how her value is DROPPING and yours is INCREASING.

She will treat you so well that you will suddenly start to FEEL all those wonderful emotions inside of you. And trust me, I think those emotions are AWESOME, just also trust me that you need to realize what TRIGGERED those feelings inside her for you, and you must never forget these skills. The good news is that from using them all the time, they will become instinct.

AND the good news is that you will then start to realize the full value of ALL the skills I teach you, because learning to make a woman feel GREAT is just as important as making her feel YOU are great, but most guys never get to the point where the woman is DESPERATELY WANTING THE GUY'S APPROVAL.

But once you are at this point, it's VERY VERY CRUCIAL that you learn how to INTELLIGENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY MAKE HER FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS.

However, most guys never get to this stage.

And even if they do get a woman, the problem is that most guys then lose their manhood and start to kiss up so badly...ALL BECAUSE they are SCARED SH**LESS of losing that guaranteed s-e--x.

And sometimes, the guy is not even GETTING that, but is STILL tolerating her disrespect because he is afraid of losing her!

So it's very simple - if you want to get the kind of woman you are ATTRACTED to in your life, you're going to have to GEAR UP and LEARN how to MANEUVER into a woman's mind until she is OBSESSED with you.

FEW MEN will be able to handle this task. It's NOT easy.

It takes SKILL, and it takes GUTS, and it takes MASSIVE SELF-CONTROL.

If you think you can handle that, then maybe you're ready to change your life.

The most powerful step you can take of course is my PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE, ONE-ON-ONE BOOTCAMP .

It's just you and me, and all the ladies, as they say. Everything you learn will be in the most intense environment - the real world.
And it's at:

The Dating Wizard Bootcamp

Now, if you are living far away from me, it's not the end of the world. I have put together my most advanced program, a project that took YEARS of experience actually demonstrating and SHOWING guys in real life how it works as we would be doing pick up on women in every type of venue imaginable.

It's the SEDUCTION MASTERY PROGRAM. It contains 10 CDs and is over TEN HOURS OF PURE GOLD content, AND includes a special book that will help you organize EVERY SINGLE POINT you learn.

Here's an email that just came in today from a man using this program right now.


I think you deliver true value, and your passion can be felt throughout the program. I love the values that you stand for. Your integrity and spirituality have won me over.

I just wanted to let you know that your program is THE BOMB. It seems to fill in all these tiny holes along the journey, immensely streamlining the journey. A great number of lifelong confusions have dissipated forever.

It's been a while now since I singled you out as my mentor in this area, and you have never let me down. The focus on being, on knowing as opposed to techniques means everything for real success and I feel very privileged to have this program. However, it is important to go through the program again and again and bridge over to the real world until things get fully internalized.

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thank you for that detailed and awesome testimonial. It's good to know that my insane passion for this stuff, (triggered mostly by pain, that has been at least effectively channeled into something good) is actually making a difference. And absolutely, the goal here is to ACHIEVE that level of BEING, as opposed to forced memorizing of "techniques". And this level of BEING would be almost impossible to achieve otherwise, without having experienced it, so this program can truly save a guy YEARS of time.

And the great thing about it, is that if you get this program and THEN take the Bootcamp, you will get WAY MORE out of the Bootcamp as well.

You owe it to yourself to get this program if you want to have 24/7 access to the most powerful insights on earth for attracting the women of your choice.
And it's at:

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

And if you haven't yet downloaded my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then do that now. It's where the journey starts.

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Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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