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Crucial Dating Advice For Guys

Author: Michael W

I educate guys and open their eyes to the realities of single life and meeting women, helping them to discover their inner personality and be able to tap into their inner selves and make attraction happen with women.

The reality about me is that human EMOTION fascinates me. It's the reason that I don't just "dig" movies, music, art and great stories and books, I'm kind of obsessed with it, with not only experiencing it, but also CREATING it.

It's a free country, so everyone should do what they want, but to me personally, living life without experiencing all that awesome stuff is like being asleep.

What does this have to do with attracting the kind of women that make guys freeze in their tracks?


You see, every other guy out there is trying to only focus on the "sex" part of picking up women.

They're focusing and thinking "How do I get her into BED?"

Now, I'm not saying that women's don't enjoy sex, in fact they probably enjoy it more than men, but you can't SKIP to that stage unless you are dealing with a very desperate woman.

All these guys, and all these gurus as well, actually, they all say the exact same thing. They may advise that you shouldn't "skip a stage", and that you have to first capture a woman's interest etc, but they do this from the standpoint of INSINCERITY.

They would in fact very much LIKE to skip a stage. But you have to ask yourself WHY this is. Why don't WOMEN want to skip a stage? Trust me, it's NOT because women are less into sex.

If anything, they're MORE into sex.

The REAL reason is because women who are attractive have STANDARDS. Sex is great, but it's not enough, otherwise EVERY guy who approached her would be fine.

So the advice gurus come up with "tactics" to show "disinterest" or tactics to show this fake thing or that fake thing.

Unless, of course, the gurus hear that "tactics" are somehow not in vogue, because of guys like me, so they change their tune. They are incongruent at best.

So you get a whole mass of "male dating experts" advising that being like this or like that might work.

As opposed to getting to the REAL issue. Which is that if a guy OR a woman has STANDARDS, then you NATURALLY aren't going to feel like jumping into sex with someone just because they are THERE, no matter how “hot” they might seem at first.

People who want to skip stages are in the SCARCITY mindset.

Not cool.

Which is ironic, because you would imagine that if you really had the ability to attract lots of women and were an “expert”, you would not have to worry about "how to get straight to bed" as if there was a shortage of women or a fear that if you didn't rush things that you would be up a creek without a paddle.

Women don't think in scarcity, why should you?
This is actually called "being classy".
What a novel concept!

Yet, for some reason almost all guys are in the scarcity mindset. And it’s so common, it’s as if they all have been under the same brainwashing, trying the exact same “scarcity mindset” tactics like programmed robots.

And when women see the same thing from guys over and over again, guess what happens? Her human emotion gets DESENSITIZED to the same thing repeated over and over by different guys.

So, you think a woman who is attractive is going to respond to that? You think she hasn't seen that already?

In my bootcamps, where I prove this stuff for real, I've seen guys who have used lines they read from books by gurus and who quickly were "caught". The problem is not only that the line was not original, but also that they were incongruent with it. They felt fake, so they seemed fake.

This is why my approach to the whole attraction step is so important. You will never get caught, because you will always be UNIQUE since I bring out your BEST INDIVIDUAL characteristics that no one on earth can compete with.

And I've consistently been that way, for YEARS. Believe it or not I am someone that has some actual principles and consistency and is not as fickle as the wind. You've never heard me drone on about terminology and tactics etc., and you never will.

My approach to this art of attraction is to always use your HEAD and be ORIGINAL as well, while ALSO using the “physics of attraction” concepts that ARE universal.

So for example, if every guy is going up to women and being a "hard to get guy", do you know what I would do?

I would be the chivalrous guy giving her a rose!
Because I would do it in a way that showed CONFIDENCE in my FAITH THAT SHE LIKED ME.

So it would NOT look needy. I would do it in a way that was just classy. Let's face it, one rose does not cost a lot money. And it would be ORIGINAL.

Let's hear all the dating gurus put THAT in their text.

Aren't you glad you are here, by the way, reading about the reality of attraction and meeting women?

And I promise you, I could do this even NOW in our “kissing up to women society”, and get away with it, because my non-verbal communication would say all the right things. My tonality, my expression on my face would say "this is your lucky day, cutie" and not "ohhhh I hope this works".

You see, I personally, actually, REALLY feel that buying a woman a rose is silly (especially THESE days) if you are trying to do it to impress her. But if you did it playfully and it was CLEAR that you already totally have a life, have a sense of humor, awesome goals, and that you already have experience with women and that you have your choice of women, then it would be fine, heck it might even be impressive! But not because you were TRYING so hard with the damn rose. It would be what it's MEANT to be, a TOKEN classy gesture.

In my bootcamps, I not only DO this kind of stuff, but I teach my clients how to do break all the supposed rules and how to unleash something far far more powerful that makes things WORK. I teach them how to make ANYTHING work because it’s coming from THEM and their RESTORED COOL SELF, that automatically puts a “COOL FILTER” onto everything they do.

So it ALL comes out COOL.
It's very liberating for a guy to see that he doesn't have to fit into some tight constricted mold.

And that's just the TIP of the iceberg. I am constantly evolving myself, never stopping. I am constantly putting in my dues, I love educating guys and opening their eyes to the realities of single life and meeting women, helping them to discover their inner personality and be able to tap into their inner selves and make attraction happen with women.
EVOLVING is the key to CREATING EMOTION. Otherwise, you are just repeating the same thing, and a woman will ADAPT TO IT AND SHE WILL BE DESENSITIZED.

In other words she will feel NOTHING.

Innovation is CRITICAL. Let me give you an example - even if I see my EXACT words copied by another "dating guru" in his material, I'm laughing, and yet feeling sorry for the dude, because it means he doesn't "get it" yet.

You simply can NOT attract women by doing what is ALREADY being done en masse. You have to learn to be DIFFERENT. It's a skill that is learned.

For example, with me, I'll have ANOTHER individual and original and powerful element created in the next MOMENT. And another. And another.

You see, this is a SKILL.
It can be LEARNED.
But it takes WORK.

This is why only A RARE HANDFUL of guys can actually PROVE this stuff in person.

It's easy to copy a guy's advice article that took the original creator ten hours of work, however it's much harder to COPY a SKILL. You have to put in your DUES for this. You have to be prepared to WORK.

Like that song that the supermodels walk to on the catwalk says:
"I wanna see you WORK!"

Spontaneity, creativity, joy in the moment, it's KEY to your success with women. In fact, there is much evidence to point to the fact that only reason we HAVE these crazy powerful brains is to attract women.

After all, the ANIMALS survive without such super brains, because they have stronger muscles, fur that protects them against snow and cold weather. Why didn't we evolve that way? We could have SURVIVED that way without our brains. So many evolutionary theorists believe the whole point of our brains was to use it in cool ways to attract women! We didn't need our brains to protect us from the elements, we could have had
our bodies adapt to do that.

So use that wonderful gift you have upstairs. It's why I EMPHASIZE that you pursue the SEXY COOL ELEMENTS of your own INDIVIDUALITY.

This is KEY.

The trick is to do this while SIMULTANEOUSLY understanding the "PHYSICS" of attraction. This is why I do BOTH, I teach guys the "physics", as well as the "art" of merging their individuality into the "physics".

Success with women is very much the result of BOTH of these elements combined.

As an analogy, you still have to know some of the rules of grammar even if you are going to write creative genius like Shakespeare.

Also, you need to understand things about women, such as the fact that for thousands of years they had to resort to being creative and cunning and use sex as a form of power to survive in a world where men were stronger and women did not have legal rights.

There are TONS of CRUCIAL components to all this that you must understand at the advanced level for your optimum success, and this is explored in full depth in my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program:
Seduction Mastery Information Page

ANOTHER powerful point regarding the way that guys approach women who are beautiful:

Most guys think that by being "aggressive" they are being "The Man". They aren't. They are being clueless. So for example, most guys think that by being bold and going up to a woman and trying to get a date or a "meet up" or whatever they want to call it, they are showing confidence.

Then, if she declines, they try to push for it harder.

Guys think this "boldness" is confidence. It's not. It's just being aggressive in a negative way. Which actually is a sign of neediness.

If the guy was REALLY confident, then he would not skip to the "date step" so fast. He would naturally enjoy the opportunity to "vibe" and chat and have some interesting intriguing fun conversation and see if she is a cool person that way.

If a guy REALLY has many options with women, that's what he would do. Why is he rushing to get a "date" with a woman he doesn't even know? Sounds pretty creepy if you think about it, especially to a woman who has no clue what the needy frame of reality even feels like.

She just thinks he must be psycho or a player.

So, rather than be "aggressive", the idea is to be in the moment, enjoy the conversation, unleash your own personality, and talk about things that other guys DON'T talk about, things that are still INTERESTING and INTRIGUING AND COMPELLING or emotionally relevant in some other way, i.e. playful or funny or witty.

This way things are SMOOTH and classy and much sexier to her.

And much more comfortable for you too.

And THEN when you escalate to the next stage, whether it's kissing her, or going to another venue, or setting up a meetup, THEN you PERSIST, but you do it in a SMOOTH way, controlling the frame.

So if she says "I'm busy, I have to go to my friend Jane's house" you keep up the good vibes and tonality and say "cool, so let's get going now together, after all you have to meet Jane after!" All done with a confident SMILE.


Also, guys have to realize that sex is easy to get for women who are beautiful. So they are looking for more than just sex, they are looking for guys that are INTERESTING and ORIGINAL.

Of the few guys who DO approach women, most do it all in the SAME way. And even if they DO have some new way, the woman usually finds out soon that the guy is actually the same as every other guy as she gets to know him, the same boring behaviors, the same uncool things.

Every guy trying to be a generic clone of something already out there.

This brings me to ANOTHER point. Just because you are supposed to be different doesn't mean to go frantic trying to convince her of this.

It's easy to misconstrue an idea if you don't have the FULL context of the message.

This is why it's difficult to do full justice to these massive concepts in one article and why I HAVE my various in depth programs that I offer. My programs are not "filler", they are hard-core.

So the idea is not to be frantically explaining to her all the cool things about you. Just a TASTE of it is enough to get things going, in fact it's BETTER that way.

This is why I say try to talk the minimum you need.

If you were to hear the way women REALLY talk when they are being honest, they will say things like "Boy that guy really likes hearing the sound of his own voice".

This doesn't mean to be MEEK.

It means to be CONFIDENT ENOUGH in yourself that you don't need to "sell" yourself. Rather, you simply don't HIDE your personality!

Especially when you are doing the initial pick up, but even long term, when you talk less, you allow her to IMAGINE more about you, which helps create a better image of you than you could ever create anyway! It's HER fantasy of you created by HER. So let her HAVE it.

Let her imagination run wild. The thing is, you should be interesting on your own anyway! That's the whole point here.

One more thing I want to add for today:
Lest you think for one second that I am advising you to "soften up" I am here to remind you that is not the case at all.

While you are being chilled out and revealing a bit of your individuality, and you are not over-talking, you must still OWN THE FRAME 100%.

This means that you are STILL being THE MAN. You're the one who must escalate physically. You're the one who says "let's sit there" at the café. You're the one who reframes any sh** test she throws at you. And so on, for eternity.

There is ANOTHER important point I must mention:
Pay attention to all the relevant factors in the situation. There isn't a "one size fits all" for every situation. For example, the location, the venue, the time of day, her mood, the people around her, is she with her friends or alone, and many other factors.

All this results in the proper CALIBRATION of your pick up.

Calibration is probably the single most UNDER-RATED element to pick up.

This is because people like to oversimplify things, and calibration is not a simple thing. But it's importance should make total sense to any guy who is AWAKE.

I mean think about it, calibration is you PAYING ATTENTION to what makes SENSE for the situation. If a girl is coming onto the subway with tears in her eyes, it's going to be different than if she is looking pleasant. If she is at the store with her mom, that's different than if she is with her friends. For example, it would make sense to make the mom feel good about the situation, otherwise the chick will feel weird in front of her mom and will act more closed.

Make her mom feel relaxed around you, and now the chick is free to be her real self and allow you to "game" her up as you like.

If you would like to learn this stuff at the most ADVANCED level, I seriously suggest you own my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program.

It's the result of the last 3 years of testing and evolving in the REAL WORLD. Not only proving this stuff works for myself, but also for guys from all over the world who I have personally trained at my bootcamps for three years non-stop.

It took my TOTAL focus.
That's why you didn't see ten thousand products released by me. I wanted to create something of massive substance that would really help guys attract the kind of women they want, as well as help them understand how to create the emotions that are crucial for long term success as well:


You're going to learn the NATURAL way to create attraction, from a guy who has PROVEN his methods in the real world, teaching REAL GUYS how to INSTANTLY pick up GORGEOUS WOMEN anywhere - at bars, clubs, cafes, and even right out on the street!!! This is not some illusion, it's a fact, publicly documented by several reporters and columnists for several major national and metropolitan newspapers who have observed me as I teach guys this skill for real here.

Starting several years ago, I was the FIRST guy to teach this natural approach to attracting women in real life, without giving gross oversimplifications such as "if you are a man, then you can just walk up to any girl and take her home" stupidity.

And I proved it, week after week, consistently getting results for guys. Does that mean they got EVERY girl they went for???? No, and no one on EARTH can do that. However, this is the MOST POWERFUL method on earth. It's so powerful that I have influenced an entire generation of "pick up artists" who now use this method as their own.

See the thing is, I don't like to consider myself a "pick up artist". I still really ultimately just want a great relationship. But in order to get there, you have to meet and attract the right woman. So I have done quite a bit of dating. And that genuineness is what made me abhor the fake approach of pick up artists, so I developed something that was real and genuine to your personality.

Seriously, look up the competition, and find out the history if you like.

It's documented. You WON'T have to learn strange lines or behaviours. You WILL learn how to unleash the parts of your personality that NATURALLY attract women.

What is BEST about my system is that it feels COMFORTABLE for you as well. This is because it is based on unleashing the naturally charismatic dimensions of your personality that society has tried to suppress, and because my system is also based on you developing an IN DEPTH UNDERSTANDING of female psychology.

When you have this combination of understanding and personality, no woman is beyond your reach.

You will never have to act or feel fake or worry about ever getting caught using a tactic, since it will all be natural. This means you will feel far more comfortable, and you will be better able to attract a woman for the long term if you so desire than if you had to rely on artificial methods.

And you can OWN it and have it express-delivered right to you from here:

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

And if you have not yet read my revolutionary eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then do that immediately. It's the DNA of attraction, and the foundation for understanding and applying everything you learn in my programs.

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-And much, much more.

Till next time,

Michael W

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