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Do Your Part And She Will Do Hers

Author: Michael W

The only path to creating ultimate attraction when it comes to a woman is to open the floodgates of her imagination and fantasy and then help her live that fairy tale.

This might sound impossible, but it's not, because once you have sparked her fantasies, she will do her best to go along with the fantasy version of you, because we are all starving to get out of this mundane existence and we will suspend our disbelief to experience a more intoxicating and higher emotional plane of existence.

So if you do your part, a woman will gladly do her part, and this allows her to, for all intents and purposes, live her fantasy, for the mind does not distinguish between an emotion that is experienced through fantasy or through reality, as long as it is experienced.

That is why, right now, if you recall a specific happy memory in explicit and full detail, you will experience the emotion. It is not "fake". The emotional experience is real.

The thing about all this, is that some of these fantasies and types of personalities are extremely powerful and are not necessary nor always even smart for attracting a woman for a casual sexual relationship or a one-night stand kind of thing.

This stuff is about massive attraction, and you don't want to hurt a girl by creating this level of attraction and then jumping ship. In fact, a girl that's looking for something casual might get emotionally freaked out by this stuff since she knows it will lead to HER feeling massive intense emotions, and she's obviously not ready for that or she wouldn't be only looking for the casual thing.

If you just want the one night stand thing, go in there, tease the girl, get her laughing, then lean back some more and chill out and make small talk and physically escalate.

And in fact, that is solid game for starting off with just about any woman. You can often also escalate to this other stuff as she gets to find out more about you.

Okay, so more on this whole other dimension of attraction.

How do you open up the floodgates to her sexual fantasies and imagination?

The best thing to first do is realize that not every woman is the same in this department.

You're better off to first figure out which type of fantasy your real character would most naturally fall into, and then cultivate that. And then be that person always, and the women who are into that will certainly be drawn to you.

For example, if you are a brooding, tormented soul, that might not be the best match for being the wild bad boy. And if you are a wild party guy at heart, then trying to turn yourself into the tormented artistic soul might not be the best match.

The dark soul, the brooding artist, attracts many women because he is unaffected by her beauty since he is so far beyond that into his own world, his own emotional creations, etc.

Also, when he does connect with her emotionally, his passion is intense and he also has an uncanny ability to pace her emotional reality, so he knows exactly what to do when, because he is brilliant at understanding emotion. He can be in sexual sync both physically and mentally with her at a level that no other guy has ever done.

You have to choose your identity, who you are going to be, and it makes sense to choose who you most closely fall into and polish that. It's far more natural that way, and far less work for you as well.

Are you the Donald Trump type? The go getter who thrives in that environment?

Are you more the passionate artist type?
Distant, brooding, moody, yet emotionally brilliant and on fire in that environment?

Are you the adrenaline junkie, the race car driver skydiving bad boy type?

The party animal who just breathes that and loves that scene?

An adventurer, outdoor type who builds his own cabin, does his own hunting, etc.?

And so many more.

These categories can sometimes overlap, but can also totally cancel each other out, so common sense prevails here.

One thing though about any of these identities, you can still never break any of the "laws of physics" of attraction. Giving her the emotional sensation of you as being excellent, as being cool, is still paramount, and so is the importance of you creating that connection so that when she does get the pay-off of your validation she feels boosted by it. And of course I cover all this in my materials, and in an advanced manner in my Seduction Mastery CD Set.

Think about which type of identity you most closely resemble personality-wise, and then polish it up. Dress the part.

Look, the reality is that we are all constantly just playing different roles. The question is, is the role you are playing serving you?

We play the role of a father, son, brother, employee, supervisor, boss, citizen, and we act different in all these roles. We don't behave the same with our friends as we do with our parents, as we do with grandma or with the bus driver or your brother or sister or the police etc. And yet these are all still true dimensions of ourselves.

So why not choose the role that turns women on the most, and that most closely suits you anyway, and cultivate it?

If you're not sure of who you are, think of what your passions are. Develop yourself in that direction.

I could write infinite material on this, but let me just state right here, that clearly, the different identities I outlined briefly above in terms of attractive identities that capture a woman's imagination, these personas speak differently, dress differently, spend their free time differently, etc.

I'm going to now transition to a slightly different topic now, but it's still related.

In 1971, a Stanford university professor conducted an experiment observing the effects of prisoner and guard behavior and the effect of taking on these roles.

15 students took part, and a section of the basement of the university was turned into a prison, complete will cells. 7 students took on the role of guards, 7 took on the role of prisoners.

One student was the warden. The guards were not allowed to physically harm the prisoners, but were allowed to do just about anything else to show them who was "in charge".

The experiment was supposed to last 2 weeks.

They had to end the experiment after 6 days, because the guards had become outright psycho and cruel beyond belief. And every student, before the experiment was started, was checked out to make sure they were mentally and emotionally sound and fine.

Also, virtually no one challenged the ethics of the experiment. Not the parents, not the minister who visited them, no one.

They all simply accepted their roles and the thought that this was just "not real" was not even existent anymore.

What does this have to do with your success with women?


If pretending to be a role for only six days is enough to get you to change your concept of reality, how massive do you think the impact would be to you if you redefined your own "role", your own identity? For example, instead of taking on the role of the guy who does not approach women, take on the role of a guy who does. You will believe you are what you continuously do.

Second, another point I need to bring up is the fact that women have been given a massive role in society to act hard to get. But it's just a role! A role, however that is rarely challenged, because most guys take on the role of the submissive!

They kiss up, buy women things for no good reason except out of hope the woman will stay with them because of it, etc. I can honestly say that it's been several years since I ever bought a woman anything in the hope that she would like me more because of it. The only time I buy a woman anything is after it's clear she is into me with no money-strings attached.

There have been times when this role that I took on was challenged by some women, but I truly believe it is crazy for a guy to buy a woman's affection, it's absurd and an insult, so I really am congruent with my role.

And that leads to me giving the woman I am with a new role, the role of respecting a guy who doesn't take b.s.

Most people have weak mindsets, and so they just follow the masses. They take on any role they are given if it comes from "the matrix" i.e. "it's what you are supposed to do" even if it makes no sense. But by the same token, if they meet someone who has a stronger frame of reality, and who will give them a different role and totally believe that it is the right thing, then people will accept the new role.

i.e. If you have a strong enough frame of your reality, you can then give a woman a different role with you than the one she has with other guys.

You are the guy that she respects. The other guys are the guys that she plays for money, favours, and emotional abuse.

I'm being a little harsh here, because not all women are like that, but definitely most women are used to the role that society has given them of getting gifts and being the ones to screen the guy, and not the other way around. This was a joke back in the day 50 years ago, because men had infinitely more power than women then. Not now though, now with women's equality, which is a cool thing, it only makes sense that if men kiss ass, men are actually now in an inferior position. Before, it was charming, now it's self-destructive.

Finally, I'd like to answer a fresh email that just came in like a few minutes ago. Fresh is good.

Before we start the letter, I just want to make it clear that the "look-up" mentioned below was something I was doing without realizing it, until a reader who was generous enough wrote in about it, and shared it with everyone. In brief, the "look-up" is where you calmly look a girl's entire body up and down, but don't make it clear right away what you think. You are sizing her up, and it's a turn on for her. Nice sexual tension.


Hi Michael,
I was hoping you can enlighten me with your wizardry...

You probably hear this allot but I'm sure it doesn't bother you to hear it again :)

I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT your e-BOOK and NEWSLETTERS and soon your Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program!!!

I won't get too much into details but I really just wanted to get your opinion on this situation. My friends and I got together at somebody's house to do some pre-drinking and these 3 girls were invited to join, when the girls came in I noticed this one girl who I just wanted to get to know...

I used your famous stare up and down move and look away - it worked like a charm! She came over and introduced herself to me, we got pretty close at the club and then one of my friends came to me and told me to watch out for her she's a 'gold digger and a tease' (I wanted to find out for myself).

The next day she got her girlfriend to get my number and called me to set up a date with me (I thought it was so sexy when girls do that) I still wanted to test her by wearing so so clothes and driving a whatever car to see if she has a weird reaction to it.

Throughout the date I kept the conversation light and very easy going, when the bill came for like $10 she reached to her purse but I said don't worry about it (at least she reached).

The next day she text' me all day and then all of a sudden she stops! I didn't think much of it so the next day I decided to give her a call and ask her out for that same night she agreed and we went out to a bar and grabbed some drinks, again, I kept the facial expression to a minimum and I played it as cool as possible using teasing and getting her to the 'right' state.

The bill came and she decided to go to the bathroom (how convenient)... so I ended paying for the bill, that kind of bothered me specially when I don't really remember her thanking me either. I get to the car and I turn her around and plant a nice soft one on her then I drop her off at home and through another kiss at her and goodnight.

As of today I am a little confused at what I should do next.... should I keep pursuing her even though I have other prospects I am looking at? should I wait until she text/call me or should I do it after a certain number of days? how should I handle a woman like that?? should I even bother?

You can post this if you wish....maybe somebody else out there is going through the same s*&%$

>>>MY REPLY<<<

Thanks for the props on the eBook and my newsletters, it's kind of cool to hear from guys that are out there using it and taking action. So props to you, and you're going to love the new killer stuff in the Mastery program.

Sounds like you were damn congruent off the bat with the look up, as she responded immediately and came to you. Nice.

You were sexual, confident, playful, and chilled out.

It also sounds to me that your friend(s) might be a bit of a party pooper, no offense. I could be wrong. But when a bunch of guys are drinking, and 3 chicks come in, and one of the chicks is damn into you, it's not like this is a marriage proposal going on. So why ruin the fun? Gold digger, shmold digger! She's into you and you are a smart guy who knows not to give your gold away so fast, right?

Methinks maybe your friends were perhaps feeling that frustrating feeling known as "wanting to shag the living daylights out of her, but also not having a clue how to get there". But this doesn't mean your friend are bad, they might just be typical guys locked into the matrix, it's all good.

The problem might just be that you let them ruin your entire inner game and your vibe.

You went from the fun sexual guy who attracted her, to the worried guy focused on not losing. Stop focusing on not losing and get back into the original vibe you had, of being a man who loves women and goes for it, focused on the good stuff.

That other vibe, that these guys were giving you, is all wrong. Even if the chick is a gold digger, you can easily find out yourself, and if she's not a gold digger, your negative vibes about this whole thing will turn her off. So taking the negative route will sabotage even the best of possibilities.

So, the whole thing was wrong after that.

She got her girl to get your number, and she set up a date with you.

No reason for you to try to act less than you are.

You can always find out damn fast if she's a gold digger anyway. Especially since you are already in the know from all the cool stuff you got from the book and the newsletter!

The negative focus changed the entire emotional dynamic, the entire atmosphere, the air between you two.

And still, she did reach for her purse. I would have playfully got her to split the bill and turned it into how I'm all for women's independence. This actually sets up a great sexual dynamic, because the woman then knows she certainly isn't going to get free dinners out of this, so she may as well get some awesome and serious sex. That's all you're good for!

Anyway, it wasn't over yet, as she texted you ALL day the next day.

Methinks you continued to act a bit Suspicious and overly hard to get.

Now, a girl isn't crazy.
She was seriously attracted to you, so she even put herself out there, way out there.

When she got the negative vibes, she still gave you a chance. She even texts you the next day. A lot. But all the time, she keeps getting insecure vibes that totally contradict the sexy fun guy she thought she met.

You made a great first impression, but then made a total reverse, thanks to your "friends". Now, don't get all angry at your friends. Maybe they meant well, maybe she is a gold digger, but seems to me that most guys who go round saying this to guys who have "game", i.e. a guy like you who has "game", are just trying to vent out their own insecurities and they hope that if you accept their version of reality, then it's a good excuse for them to also be in that miserable insecure reality. Rather than stepping out and going for what you want in life.

And then she still agreed to go out again. But from the negative vibes your friends gave you, it sounds like you were still in the negative vibe, that the "facial expression to a minimum" was not being used to show a relaxed state but rather to show her you that are not going to get used. And that's again focusing on insecurities.

So she goes to the bathroom. Yes, maybe she is avoiding the bill, but many women do this because they're so brainwashed for the man to pay. Which is why I stay away from any places that cost money on the initial first meetings. Or I do go, but the chick still splits the cost. It's not something that makes a girl particularly bad by going off to the bathroom, you can deal with that stuff and give her the scoop on how you don't pay for any chicks' company.

You're now in the damage control zone. I recommend going for other chicks and forgetting her for a while. If you really want to call her, do it and tell her, with a non-"apologetic" voice, (in other words, say it like a statement rather than a plea, or a question for her forgiveness, you catch my drift?) that you were being a bit of a jerk lately because your cat died or something. Then immediately get her laughing about something i.e. tease her, and meet her up again, and get into some private location asap with her, and seriously get physical, man!

And forget any advice that comes from guys who aren't getting ten times better results than you with women.

And if you are reading this right now and are the kind of guy that is a go getter and likes results, and you're sick of people telling you what you can't do with women, then do yourself a favor and get a copy of my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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