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Exploring The Process Of Attraction

Author: Michael W

I know that sounds strange, but I almost feel like I’m talking personally to you, because I honestly WOULD like to meet everyone that reads my articles personally. There’s something really special in store today, something that I think will help give you a very powerful glimpse into the big picture.

Ok, you know that feeling you get when you see a truly beautiful girl who you think is also a GOOD person? (And she can’t be a total bitch who might still be hot. If you feel a girl is a bitch, this experiment won’t work.)

If you are blind, find an awesome girl that you can distinguish by her sound, her feel, her vibe. The same principle applies. Picture this amazing girl and place yourself with her.

Ok, now, DESCRIBE the feelings you are experiencing. Do it, now. You have to feel that this woman is awesomely incredible and that she is NOT a bitch.

Like I said, it could be a music video with some hot chick singer, it doesn’t matter, it’s all good.

Be honest as you do this. What are you FEELING?

If you find this woman truly awesome, chances are you feel a LOT of things, and it’s not JUST sexuality. You feel ENERGY, you feel positive vibes, you feel a WARMTH, you feel MOTIVATION, you feel a DEFINITENESS, you feel ADDICTED, you feel CLARITY, you want MORE, you want to get CLOSER. The whole emotion, if she is REALLY awesome, is MESMERIZING.

That’s the feeling.
If it WASN’T that awesome, we wouldn’t HAVE the incredible desire.

I see so many guys trying to advise guys to try to “deaden” their emotions so that they don’t think women are as awesome as they can feel for us, which supposedly helps a guy act more “normal” around women.

I say, if you have to DEADEN yourself to women, WHAT IS THE POINT in being with them? There is a way to LOVE the experience and actually in fact this can HELP you, it can work in your FAVOR, because it is a positive energy that helps fuel your interaction, and also you become congruent, so the woman knows you are for real and not just playing with her.

There’s nothing wrong with being INTERESTED in a woman, as long as YOU are giving her the emotions SHE wants.

So, back to this feeling:
All this stuff that you are feeling for this awesome woman FEELS DAMN GOOD. In other words, YOU ARE ATTRACTED.

Now that THAT is clear, let’s see the FEELINGS that most guys are GIVING women, especially the women that are cute and HOT!

Hmm, let’s see some typical things that guys do:
-They do the SAME thing every other guy is doing, which is not only lame, but also PREDICTABLE, which means her mind doesn’t have to WORK or get emotionally or even mentally ENGAGED.

-They act like PRETENTIOUS JERKS, and what’s pathetic is that a lot of these guys who act like pretensions jerks THINK they are doing the RIGHT THING because they read it in some book!!!!
-They seem NEEDY and thus inferior and repulsive.
-They have NO ORIGINAL OR UNIQUE personality. They do the same things, have the same interests, same hobbies, same everything as every other guy.
-They FEEL INADEQUATE and SHOW IT through their uptightness.
-They discuss LOGICAL BORING things and stay clear of FUN stuff.
-They dress in boring ways that do not elicit awesome emotions at all, and if they DO anything fun, it’s usually RIPPED OFF of someone else who is cool, so they now look insecure in that way, but it’s still better than being absolutely boring.
-They DON’T LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE, which makes a woman feel the guy is NOT MASCULINE. Imagine finding out the woman you are talking to is actually a man, well to a woman who meets a guy who does not lead the interaction to help it progress, it’s like finding out the guy she is talking to is actually a woman!
-They ARE SO WRAPPED UP IN THEIR FEARS AND INSECURITIES THAT THEY DON’T ALLOW THEIR REAL PERSONALITY TO SHOW, so the guys overcompensate by being overly jerky or by playing it overly “safe” and DULL.

So for example, he avoids any conversation that deals with the sexual, even in a playful way.

He avoids “sexualizing” his clothing and accessories.

This is the same reason guys hate to dance at clubs, and to be honest you DON’T HAVE TO DANCE AT ALL to pick up girls at clubs, but it’s just the idea of being scared of looking “FUNNY”, and wanting to play it safe to the ego in GENERAL in that is the real problem.

I used to TOTALLY be like this, then I finally stopped giving a s**t about my self-contrived ego, and started doing direct approaches right on the dance floor, dancing and doing pick up, just to get over this crap. It was weird, because in fact I was rescuing a lot of girls from boring nights, and all that time until that point, I was so concerned only about myself and my ego, and not thinking about these poor girls.

It totally changed my paradigm, it made me realize that no one really is paying attention anyway, and you can only win, because if a girl is interested, you find out fast, and if she isn’t, no one could care less anyway and they wish they had the guts to do it too!

In fact, it’s the THINKING ABOUT what everyone else thinks that ruins your “rhythm” in the first place. It helped me in all my pick-ups, even in libraries, because I realized that if I could let go of that part of my ego, I could let go of ANYTHING.

-And sometimes, a guy has SOME game, but he OVERDOES it, out of insecurity or ignorance, in which case he comes across similar to the way a guy might feel about an attractive “bitch”, which is to say that he will SHUT HER OUT regardless of whether she is attractive or not.

And that’s just the TIP of the iceberg of some typical behaviors that guys display to women. What kind of FEELING do you think all THIS stuff GIVES women?

That’s right:

Compare THAT to the way YOU feel when you come across a gorgeous woman that you think is also a cool person.

Compare those emotions.

THAT should give you a serious clue in terms of how you should be interacting with women.



What is YOUR excuse?
Look, you know what I did for a lot of my insecurities?

I made sure to pull girls who were AWARE of whatever the hell I was insecure about, for example, at one time my financial situation, another time about my age, etc. That’s what it took for ME. So if a girl made me feel insecure about my car not being fancy enough, I pulled a hotter girl who had no problems with the car. It’s not like I TRIED to talk about the car, it’s just that I made sure not to hide the situation.

If a girl made me feel insecure about my age, I pulled a hotter younger girl who clearly knew my age, and who had no problems with it, and in fact sometimes she felt that maybe HER age was the problem.

The craziest thing about all this was that I realized that all these issues were not MY issues, they were some chick’s issues that I let get to MY head. Now, I have no need to prove anything to myself or to anyone else. You will see this too if you TAKE YOUR EXCUSES TO TASK.

Whatever your excuse is, you must DISPROVE IT TO YOURSELF, NOW. Because man, it’s BULLSHIT. It’s your BELIEF IN YOUR FRAME against her belief in hers, and if you are a p**sy when it comes to frame control, then your frame will LOSE. And that is NOT going to turn her ON.

Believe me, she WANTS your frame to WIN, but yet she keeps on CREAMING GUYS and kicking guy’s frames to BITS because they are SO EASY TO KICK TO BITS.

She doesn’t WANT this, it’s just the fact that guys are EASY to conquer because they have not worked out their “mental frame” muscles and their “fun emotion” muscles. And also, it’s because as guys no one shows us HOW to “work out” these dimensions of ourselves, and how the whole thing WORKS.

Well, here I am telling you the FIRST STEP:

It’s the ONLY WAY for you to RISE UP AND IMPROVE YOURSELF, otherwise you can say FORGET IT to chicks who are smoking hot.

Women are amazing, they really can bring out the best in you if you know what you are doing and know how to control your emotions, which does NOT mean repress your emotions, it means CONTROL them to serve you properly. There is A TIME for each emotion.

But don’t for one second think that being successful with women is about being “alpha” in the “look at me and listen to me” sense. It’s NOT. If it WAS, then every moron out there would HAVE success, including the uncreative morons who preach this.

If you want women who are HOT to feel the SAME awesome emotions YOU do when YOU see THEM, if you want their SENSE to be AWAKENED IN THE MOST INCREDIBLE WAY, then reading this article can serve as a GLIMPSE into a WHOLE NEW REALITY of your.

If you want to GET WOMEN FEELING NUTS ABOUT YOU, then you’re going to have to RECONSTRUCT THE DNA of your THOUGHT PROCESSES from the GROUND UP.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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