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Do Games Work To Attract Women?

Author: Michael W

There's way too much of the idiots running around calling themselves "Alpha Man" gurus, who are totally DESTROYING the potentially great futures that a guy can be having with a woman of quality, all because he is being told by some guru to act all high and mighty and not interested at all, as if she was no different than any other girl. He is told to play all kinds of games to make her jealous and feel insecure.

All that accomplishes is make her feel that being with such a guy would be robbing her of her dignity and self-esteem, and a woman of quality inside and out will absolutely not pursue that.

There is a way to keep things exciting and fun and STILL have 100% integrity and not play games at all. It's actually the ONLY way to deal with a woman of true quality inside and out.

Hi Michael,
I do not have to say anymore how much I value your e-book, CD's and newsletters. They're just life changing, without a doubt! ;-)

I have a question, useful to other users too. Since I've read your e-book 8 months ago and listened to your CD's 7 months ago, I've talked to more women then I've ever done before in my life.

As you mention in your CD's and newsletters, it is indeed "very hard" to really find a quality woman. Especially when you focus on your inner development, which causes you to become much more "picky".

So these past months I met some interesting women, but not really the ones I was "looking" for. Until tonight...

The opening was way too easy, the ice was broken within seconds and she, me and two friends of hers were talking after a couple of minutes as if we knew each other for a long time.

After like 5 minutes her 2 friends left us alone and we continued talking. This went on for more than half an hour, until my friends came to get me to go to another club. I asked her number and told her I would call her.

Now, in the other club I continued talking to girls, but the one of earlier kept monopolizing my mind...

My question is: how do you deal with this, as being the MAN? I mean, I am not looking for a serious relationship yet, I want to date many other girls and I like my life as it is now, but when you meet a really quality woman as I did tonight, how do you "fit" her into this life?

It sounds stupid, but it's just strange that after months of "I do not care if she likes me or not", this time it seems like the old days again of the "one". ;-)

Anyway, my point is: when you meet a quality woman - because they are quite hard to find -, do you focus on her while casually dating other girls until you think that it could become a serious relationship, or do you just treat her like any other girl and do you continue as you were doing before: living the life as the Dating Wizard taught? ;-)

Looking forward to read your enlightening answer, as always!
Dorian T.

Michael W. : MY COMMENTS

First of all, great stuff on the fact you PUT IN the time, passion, and effort into this area of your life. Getting out there and taking action takes time, takes drive, and takes discipline. And doing it WELL takes intelligent application of everything you learned in my materials. So thank you for the props, and I honestly have to give you props as well for the work you put in.

It's THAT combination of know-how you gained from my programs and materials AND from your diligent practice that made the opening "way too easy, the ice was broken within seconds and she, me and two friends of hers were talking after a couple of minutes as if we knew each other for a long time."

What you did there was INTEGRATE all the steps from bringing in the right energy, to creating attraction, to creating a strong connection and solid rapport, and you did it smoothly. And when you do this stuff right, you don't have to worry so much about the other girls, as the other girls will ASSIST you and give you the privacy you both need - after all, the girls want GOOD for their friend, and they know she has now met you, a cool guy!

Now, to answer your question, the answer first of all is to realize that I don't really recommend the attitude of "I do not care if she likes me or not" (indifference) but rather "I am not out of whack/out of balance/
overly NEEDY for a girl, especially a girl I do not even KNOW for more than one day".

In other words, it's okay to WANT a girl, the problem is when you feel that your value is ECLIPSED by HER value. Because what happens then is that you totally lose the whole VIBE of energy, fun, sexuality, playfulness, confidence, dominance, charisma, and the vibe of giving from a place of ABUNDANCE.

After all, you can't feel abundance when you feel you LACK value compared to her. And you can't feel ANY of the cool emotions when you are feeling inferior.

This stuff ties in a lot by the way to the next letter below as well, but we'll get to that soon.

So the REAL question becomes what do YOU want?

If you want a quality woman for something "serious", and this woman seems to possess the right ingredients, then definitely, do NOT put this woman on the "back burner".

The thing is, you don't really know much about her, you've only known her for a matter of HOURS, so you have to get to know her better and find out more about her. In fact, a woman who is of high quality will EXPECT that you WILL be screening her, otherwise what does that say about you if you are willing to just jump into anything?

So, do not put her on the "back burner" but also don't start jumping to conclusions too fast either. Rather, find out more about this one.

The problem is that a lot of guys do NOT have control over their neediness. So what happens is that they don't just WANT a girl, they are very very needy for her, even if they don't know if she is really all that, internally, character wise, etc.

Sooooo, the REAL solution is not to play games, but rather, if a guy is feeling that level of neediness, I would say he is not READY for a relationship anyway. He SHOULD keeping on meeting lots of girls until he gets desensitized to the initial impact that women can make on him from their superficial qualities, he should learn to feel totally comfortable looking women straight in the eyes, calling them on their b.s., etc.

THEN, when he is really comfortable with himself and with women, THEN when he meets a woman that he actually likes and whom with time he finds out is worthy of his genuine interest, then at that point he will NOT need to play any "games" or to date other women in order for him to have "game", or to have confidence, or for a woman to know he has options. She will know all this from interacting with him, and she will know it relatively FAST.

This is why in the CD Set I don't just talk about "game" but also on how to apply the dynamics of self-development, how to apply Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, to yourself and for the woman you are with. You see, games are actually all the product of insecurities, or to put it bluntly, FEARS. They work FOR people with fears, and they work ON people with fears.

But, if you can TRANSCEND the multitudes of fears, and if you can help a woman transcend the multitudes of fears that society seems to FOSTER, then you have two people who are both feeling so damn AMAZING that there already IS WAY MORE compelling emotional impact than ANYONE can ever ask for, and MORE.

Think about it:
Games are supposedly designed to create attraction, right?
A lot of them are designed on creating feelings of scarcity, which are supposed to lead to feelings of value, right?

I'm not saying this never works, in fact, as a person committed to the truth, I go into all this stuff as well in my materials. However, I believe the most powerful way is to go beyond all this stuff.

You see, most people are naturally HAPPY and HORNY and feeling GREAT. You don't NEED to do ANYTHING to get this, rather what you need to do is LIFT AWAY all the crap that's BLOCKING the good stuff from rising up.

Of course, this also takes meeting the right KIND of woman who GETS it, but I assure you, that unless you get it as well, the woman will never get it, and if she DOES understand it all, but you don't, you'll never even make it into the "interview" stage.

In the best of spirits, I detect a bit of incongruency in your mind:
You want to date a LOT of girls right now.
Yet, you also can't stop thinking of HER.

So it sounds like you really don't care that much about the other girls compared to HER. Or rather, what you HOPE she can LIVE UP TO in terms of the IDEALS about her you have created in your mind.

That's not to say she does NOT match that picture in your mind, it's just that we don't know if she does or not.

So, the reality is that you have to find out if this woman HAS the qualities you seek.

I can assure you, that a quality woman, if she is looking for something serious, would be no different than a quality guy, if he was serious:
In other words, would not tolerate someone who doesn't know what they want.

Now, you have no idea if this woman herself is seeking something serious, but if you find out she is, then you need to make a major decision about what you want in your life.

Time is precious, so make it a good decision, a decision that you will look back on with fondness in years from now.

If she is REALLY the right girl for you, it will become VERY clear. And if she's not, then too, it will become just as clear.


Hey what's up,
Now I know you say that a guy's looks don't count that much, But everywhere I go I always see the most beautiful girls with the best looking men and these men don't always act like masculine men and they always break the basic rules of THE MAN or the basic rules of attraction and always the most advanced levels of your teachings.

And the other day I was watching MTV and the two reality shows the Real world and the Hills were on and these beautiful women were talking about how they love hot guys and this one girl on the real world who is absolutely gorgeous found a man and she said she likes him because he is so hot and nice!

And I read your stuff and I know that rock stars are ugly and get the girl I mean look at ***** and *******, but all of these men who get these beautiful women are rich and famous. Hell I might even date an ugly girl if she was rich and famous LOL.

I just feel frustrated like for the rest of my life I will have to date women in MY LEAGUE, as I am not too attracted to women in my league, and if I ever do get a girl out of my league I always feel like I got lucky or the girl is a girl that is attracted to weird looking guys.

Because I see the guys she use to date and I see the guys she dates after me and they aren't that good looking either so I just feel I am dealing with a weird girl who doesn't like attractive men LOL.

And when I do see some guys who are super confident get the girl I don't know if it is because of his looks or not because I'm not a girl and have no idea on how girls judge a guy's looks.

Sure I KNOW Brad Pitt is good looking but attraction in a looks perspective, is all about the subtleties. I personally think all guys are ugly but if I tried I can't tell which guys girls would like or dislike unless the facial features were to the extreme. I mean if the guy looked like Brad Pitt I know girls would like him but if he looked like *** ****** I know the answer there also.

Well I don't mean to whine, but help me out and if you want to print this go ahead.
Thanks a lot
Roger M.

Michael W. : MY COMMENTS

You mention that you read my "stuff", "but all of these men who get these beautiful women are rich and famous".

I'm not sure what "stuff" of mine you read, but nothing I have ever written contradicts the idea that men who are rich and famous get beautiful women.

Being rich and famous is ONE way to get these kinds of results, though often only for the short term, as without a person having the right personality, it's hell being with them.

The way that is MOST powerful to attract a woman, a way that 99% of guys will never get, including a lot of guys who think they know about how attraction works, is through developing a side of their PERSONALITY that has been neglected since birth, for most guys.

And THAT is what my materials are all about.

In fact, over the years, I've worked with several celebrities and quite a few millionaires to get them even BETTER results.

But let me get back to the previous point:
There IS another way to attract the kind of women who make guys WEAK in the KNEES, without having millions of bucks or being famous.

But it takes WORK to develop this SKILL.
This is what 99% of guys don't "get".

They think there is some "line" or "tactic".
It's way, way, WAY more than that.

And for some guys, it takes a LOT of work.

I could probably make ten times the business by saying "Hey, it's easy!". But why? I like keeping it real, because I know there are SOME guys who ARE willing to put in the work, and at least THOSE guys WILL get results, and that's kinda cool to me.

Yes, it's a SKILL that gets DEVELOPED.

It's no different than going to the gym. It takes GUT BUSTING to get results. And it takes PATIENCE, if you want to do it IN THE NATURAL way, without using all kinds of drugs. And just like weight training, this development becomes a lifestyle, a way of looking at things, a way of FEELING, and it takes REGULAR practice. And, just like weight training, or exercise, it feels GOOD after a while, and you ENJOY the practice, you ENJOY THE PROCESS of doing it.

And just like the gym, it really DOES HELP A LOT IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

So the reason you tend to see guys with "looks" with girls with "looks" is because THAT is the EASY way that doesn't take as much effort. Although even THAT can sometimes be the result of work, as most guys can look WAY BETTER than they are presenting themselves as, but aren't putting in the work.

But the OTHER WAY, to attract the women of your choice through the development of your personality to levels that SMOKE the competition, is a way that takes some WORK.

It's hard to believe what I'm talking about until you SEE it in action. But a TRUE "master of seduction" is a master of MAKING A WOMAN FEEL A FLOOD OF AWESOME EMOTIONS.

That's NOT the same as trying to kiss up to her. And it's NOT the same as trying to be a jerk.

On so many "pick-up" TV shows these days, you have all these guys who have heard that the key to picking up a woman is to shock her by insulting her in some way or another, and the bottom line is that it DOES NOT WORK!

Oh sure, there are SOME women who MIGHT respond to this, but I GUARANTEE you it's no different than the GUY who would respond to a woman's abuse.

In both cases, it's UNHEALTHY.
And if you are psychologically healthy, you will NOT enjoy the company of a woman who is damaged.

In fact, the very MOMENT a woman or man starts to waste precious emotional energy on trying to FIGURE OUT just what is "going on" with the insult that was given to them, is the moment they are ALREADY being abused.

You see, if your self-esteem is high enough, you don't even CONSIDER this stuff, you just REJECT it outright.

So, what DOES work?

And THAT means getting her pumped through any of an INFINITE variety of combinations of emotions, from LAUGHTER, to INTRIGUE, to excitement, to danger, to sexual arousal, to romance, to massive self-esteem, which ultimately ALL these emotions are intricately tied to.

But 99% of guys will never even KNOW this EXISTS, never mind actually PRACTICE it till it becomes INSTINCT for them.

But the crazy thing is, once you start to REALIZE this, you will suddenly start to look around, and you WILL find all kinds of things that "CONTRADICT" your previous model of the universe.

For example, you WILL find guys who are dating "out of their league", a term that is really ridiculous because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, and ironically enough, a statement of LACK OF VALUE.

In fact, most of the time, the guys who are dating "out of their league" didn't think they were doing so, and may very well in fact have NOT been looking to be dating a girl "out of their league". Rather, they just met each other, and there was chemistry. I assure you though that if the guy has a serious insecurity and feels he is "out of his league", the relationship will be short lived unless he happens to be a super famous movie star, and even then too!

Also, I must be totally honest, sometimes there ARE cases of women with low self esteem, who may look beautiful, and are thus vulnerable to the manipulations of a guy with low self esteem who has spent his life learning how to manipulate those with low self esteem, whether the guy seems like a great catch or not.

But again, I really mean this, there is no hell on earth like the hell of low self-esteem. So anyone who thinks that abuse is the way to go, needs to examine themselves first.

So the bottom line is YES, looks and fame, and wealth DO help get short term results.

But there is ANOTHER WAY, which ALSO works. Does it work with EVERY SINGLE GIRL?
No, but neither does LOOKS AND MONEY AND FAME work with EVERY girl!!!

How many celebrities have you heard of who were BITTERLY DEPRESSED over some girl who broke up with them?
It happens all the time.

And when you mention "the most beautiful girls with the best looking men and these men don't always act like masculine men and they always break the basic rules of THE MAN or the basic rules of attraction and always the most advanced levels of your teachings" that to me is honestly simply NOT TRUE AT ALL!

I honestly don't think you have read my materials. Maybe you skimmed some of it and never got the full message.

What I have ALWAYS said is that this "game" is about VALUE:

Put it this way, if a woman who you FELT attraction for gave you a compliment, would you feel good or bad or nothing?

You would feel GOOD.

Similarly, when YOU behave in a way that is ATTRACTIVE, it becomes important to also INTELLIGENTLY AND PROPERLY VALIDATE a woman, to make her feel good.

So it's the combo of creating the VALUE through your behaviors AND then adding FURTHER value to yourself and to her by CONFIRMING that she has massive value as well.

There's a lot more to this of course, such as developing layers of trust and using timing appropriately to create anticipation and being unpredictable and more, but there's absolutely no way to explain it all in a newsletter and that is not just some marketing tactic. It's the reason I created my premium materials and programs, because it's all in there.

If you've read my eBook, you certainly would KNOW the importance that I place on building trust and connection, or there will be no fireworks in the bedroom.

And if you've got my CD Seduction Mastery program, you will know the IN DEPTH LEVELS of this stuff!!!! And even if you've just read my newsletters, you still know that I have said many many times this is about giving VALUE.

Regarding the MTV shows, man, the FIRST thing that comes to mind of a GREAT example is that show that was on for YEARS called "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica".

That was TOP RATED MTV reality show for YEARS, and it was about a young "hot" couple who were MARRIED, so you saw quite a bit of interaction that is about as real as anything on MTV could get.

And guess what?
Nick TOTALLY was "The Man", he would playfully tease Jessica ALL THE TIME on being ditzy, and he never took her crap or immaturity, and yet ALSO at the same time knew when to show her he loved her and how. And she was totally into him too.

Now, by Hollywood standards, the relationship was pretty long, especially considering how young they were and how insane it was to put a marriage under the pressure of the whole world media.

In general, you will NOT find any examples to the contrary. This stuff goes far deeper than just the words, it's the attitudes being built in deep that takes time to develop if you weren't bombarded with it as a youngster.

And, regarding the women who say they love "hot guys", OF COURSE they say this as they hardly EVER meet guys who really GET THIS STUFF on a deep level.

Instead, they meet idiots at nightclubs who go around insulting women and then the women turn away from the guys, but the guys go high-fiving all their guy-friends who have formed a cult-like belief in the b.s. to the point they THINK that somehow they still GOT SOMEWHERE even though they didn't.

And the rare time they get any results is because the girl is looking to get l-a-i-d for a one night stand, and that is no big deal to find these days.
Woopdeedoo. The guy is like McDonald's he's the hundred billionth one served.

And besides, in those cases, the guy could have done just as well by having a normal conversation with her and simply escalating physically and taking her out of there.

But for attracting the kind of women that a guy really wants? Nope, insults don't work. It's just as bad as kissing up.

It's so funny when the guys think they are "gaming" the girl when really the girl is just letting the guy think he is doing that.

When it comes down to it, women don't usually MEET guys who have developed themselves in the ways that trigger attraction.

So the idea of it even existing is not even on women's radar scopes.

And the irony is that all the dating gurus, and the pick up tv shows, are only misinforming even MORE guys, making it that much more rare for a woman to meet a guy who really "gets it".

So what are women supposed to say?
"I hope I meet a guy who has figured out how to make me feel attraction"???????

Also, this whole idea of "hot" is a bit funny to be honest. You have to see these chicks in real life, when they are not at their best in terms of hair, make up, skin, stress, etc. A lot of guys only notice women when they are MADE UP to look their BEST, which is kinda funny, because all that is doing is giving over all your power to her "game".

And though this may sound cliché, it's a cliché because it's true, the reality is that looks are only an introduction to a person, and if you have high self-esteem yourself, you will be even more interested in knowing what the person INSIDE is like than knowing if everyone ELSE thinks you're cool for being with a certain woman.

Don't be the guy who's looking for a "trophy" girl. That's very lame.

And I can assure you that as long as you think about yourself as being in a certain inferior "LEAGUE" you will never get out of that "league" and you will never feel good no matter what, unless you take care of that self-esteem issue: No woman can fix the demons inside a man's mind, he must fix them himself.

Just like a woman must do the same for herself.

And I also wonder about the girls you think were attracted to "weird looking guys" by any chance were those girls FAR HOTTER than average?
And were those guys much more INTERESTING than average? Much more DIFFERENT than your average guy?

That's usually the way it is.
Girls who are HOT, who are SHARP, and who have high self-esteem, already know they are good looking and also already know they can get some typical good looking guy. So it's not such a big deal to her. The don't need to be validated so much on that.

What they DO find compelling is a guy who is DIFFERENT. Sure, being good-looking is nice, but without the full personality and the fact he STANDS OUT, his looks will NOT mean much. Not to the women who are the best.

So you might want to reconsider your perspectives on those girls who were hot and were really into you. You WERE attractive to her. Don't be like Grouch Marx's saying of "I wouldn't want to be a part of any club that would have me".

That's a pure issue of feeling lack of self-worth and self-sabotage.

One last thing, the more you get the whole picture here, the more likely you'll find that you no longer use words like "ugly" to describe women you don't like, unless it's their character you are referring to. I really mean that, you won't even be doing this out of being "nice" or not, you simply WILL HONESTLY feel that way.

I hate to say it, but the truth is the movie SHALLOW HAL is one hell of smart movie. I'm not saying I agree with it all, as it is a damn comedy, and looks do play a role obviously in the real world, but not to the extent that most guys think, or to the extent that most women think, and there is real genius to that flick. We DO see in others a lot of what we see in ourselves. When you learn to see the greatness inside of you, it's much easier to see it in others.

And if you are reading this right now and YOU want to DEFY the STATS, because you know you are prepared to put in the WORK to DEVELOP yourself in the deepest of ways, then you need to take action NOW and change the direction of your life.

The FIRST step is my eBook, it will give you the FOUNDATION you need for solid results NOW before moving on to more advanced work.

I must warn you, that this eBook is designed for guys who are TOO NICE. It's NOT for guys whose problem is that they are TOO JERKY. Every learning tool is made within a context, and the context of this eBook is how to help the guys who are actually GOOD GUYS but have been TOO NICE their whole life.

If you suspect this is you, then you REALLY NEED TO GET THIS BOOK NOW. You have no idea how your perception of the world, of women, and of yourself will change DRASTICALLY as a result of this eBook.

You can download it and be reading it in MINUTES from now. And you can start successfully meeting women with it TODAY by going to:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

The next step is to go IN DEPTH with my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set.

This Program will reveal the most ADVANCED insights on the topic of attraction and dating and is REVOLUTIONIZING the human perspective on attraction.

USE IT to on yourself, to make YOURSELF the greatest gift that any woman could ever get.
It's at:

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

Till next time,

Michael W

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