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Gettin Physical

Author: Michael W


Hello Michael and thanks again for your work. I got your book a few months ago, and everything I learned (and keep learning) from your book has allowed me to have a better understanding about women's nature and more importantly my own real masculinity.

However, there are some things that I do not quite understand. For instance physical touch, I am still not sure when and how to touch women the right way to spark their attraction toward me.

I read some articles that say that touching a woman from the beginning (as soon as you meet) is very important in order to create sexual attraction. I've also seen some guys who are good with women that touch and get physically close to women early on in the game.

In your book you say that THE MAN does not look for excuses to touch a woman early on in the game, but does it when it feels natural.

I believe this, but since I am new at becoming THE MAN, I would like to ask you this: how do I show my sexual desires and intentions clear from the start though physical touch and physical closeness? When is the right time to touch and get physically close to a woman and how's the right way to do it? How do I show I am not asexual through my body language and touch without seeming needy, but more like a confident badboy?

Thanks in advance for your answer and all your work!!

V M, Central America


Everybody wants to get physical, (and now that song "physical, physical" keeps repeating itself in my head) and that includes women.

The problem though is that most guys "get physical" in a way that seems CREEPY and grotesque and needy. They're very aggressive, thinking they can just TOUCH a woman into feeling attraction. That's not a good strategy. It reeks of low self esteem. And chances are that it works mostly on drunk women, vulnerable women, or women with low self esteem.

Just last week, a buddy of mine and I were at a major mall and we saw these two guys who thought they were cool trying to pick up these women. And the guys were getting all touchy feely and the women were almost SQUIRMING and walking ahead of the guys, trying to get away politely.

This is why in my book I keep on saying that THE MAN doesn't FORCE any touching, because when you know that YOU are the PRIZE, it simply makes no SENSE to force any touch.

Think of it this way, does a guy who sells FERRARIS or LAMBORGHINIS get all "aggressive" on the buyer?

No way.
Because when you are selling a LAMBORGHINI, you KNOW you got the goods. You don't need to PUSH it. And when you know you are THE MAN, you don't need to PUSH yourself onto anyone either.

Now, if a guy is selling a piece of JUNK, he tends to PUSH hard, and even says stuff like "it's good for you, you'll LOVE it" and he keeps on aggressively trying to get you to buy his junk.

Get it?

Okay, so the PRIMARY goal is to NEVER come across as LAME and CREEPY and LOW VALUE.

That being said, there IS a way to get a little physical even early on, and the way to do this is to simply carry on the same message PHYSICALLY that you have been doing verbally and with your body language and attitude: In other words, NOT TAKING HER SO SERIOUSLY AND INSTEAD JUST HAVING SOME FUN.

So for example, if I'm chatting up a woman I just met, I will treat her like an old buddy and be very comfortable, and in very close proximity with her. This NEARNESS with her is also SEXUAL, because you simply both can't help it when you are so close. It's nature.

If I have a magazine in my hand at the moment (i.e. say I'm at a magazine rack) and she says something that I bust on her with, (i.e. she says "she reads the articles in Cosmo for "educational purposes") I might swat her with my magazine in a way that's both friendly but also cocky. And if she swats me back, I know it's GAME ON and so I might push her away playfully.

If I'm sitting beside her and she has some far-out earrings, I might bust her on her earring, and gently brush away her long hair to look at them more closely, of course only to bust on her some more. The bottom line is that it's OBVIOUS from my "touch" that I'm NOT trying to "get all touchy feely", but instead just being PLAYFUL and upbeat.

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two types of touching.

One way is CREEPY, FORCED, and smells of MANIPULATION.

The other style is PLAYFUL and INNOCENT.

I'm just getting to KNOW her by this form of touching, I'm just demonstrating my personality, the same way I'm doing with my verbal sense of humor and body language and clothing. Trying to get a woman all worked up sexually by touching her right after you meet her is downright CREEPY and SLEAZY.

Don't "try" to get a woman to do ANYTHING. Instead, just demonstrate a COOL PERSONALITY. And leave the "touchy feely" strategies for dumbasses who prey on drunk women or vulnerable women with no self-esteem.

And if you'd like to know more about how to be sexual, how to establish playful contact, and how to move things to a DEEPER physical level at the RIGHT time, I recommend you download my eBook-The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, immediately.

It's jam packed with tons of immediately applicable concepts and info on how to approach women, how to get numbers and emails, how to get physical, and how to smoothly handle the tests that every woman will throw at you.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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