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Getting a Girlfriend

Author: Michael W

I am adamantly opposed to games and tricks and manipulation that ends up hurting everyone.

So, with that in mind, it should be clear that nothing I say is "sour grapes" but is rather 100% authentic.

Most of the stuff being preached and what is shown on TV does NOT end up getting the guy a girlfriend. It simply just gets the guy some ATTENTION. The next day, the girl thinks about the whole thing, and she REJECTS the notion of being with the guy, because his vibe seemed FAKE. Too many  "clever" lines, too many "cute moves" too much like a "player".

Now, SOMETIMES, the guy DOES get the girl, IF the girl seriously is looking for a one night stand or is looking for anything that is SUBSTANDARD from becoming a REAL GIRLFRIEND.

When I got into this, and teaching guys this stuff, it was not so that guys could get one night stands. One night stands are rather easy to get anyway, as the KEY to this one night stand thing has more to do with finding the women who WANT a one night stand, and has not that much to do with WHO YOU ARE. It's a simple exchange where two people want some mutual heavy breathing. There aren't too many factors that are relevant besides that.

What I got into this for, was something DIFFERENT. It was to help guys end the PAIN, end the LONELINESS, to help guys get the LIFE they want with the kind of WOMAN they want.

And THIS takes cultivating the personality, the lifestyle, the emotional and social intelligence, to make you all that you can be. THIS stuff has a LOT to do with who YOU are, as well as it has to do with the kind of woman you want to meet.

So, there is no way in one article I can convey to you all the factors that are relevant in order to get a great girlfriend, but I CAN tell you that my materials WILL show you how to do this. Also, I can tell you that the very SAME thing that shows a woman you are good for a ONE NIGHT STAND is the SAME thing that will REPEL a woman who is looking for a QUALITY RELATIONSHIP.

Why is this?
It's because of something known as TRUST. If a woman is looking for a one night stand, she wants to ensure that you will NOT make the whole thing too meaningful, that you will NOT desire her too much, that you are NOT that deep. Otherwise, this could be messy for her emotionally and cause her to want something more and she may be scared of something more. So if you develop deep rapport with her, it's going to push her away.

And if a woman is looking for something LONG TERM AND MEANINGFUL, i.e. to be a real girlfriend and looking to you to be a real boyfriend, then if you use the "player master pick up artist" tactics and overly arrogant attitude and if you try to show her that you are so indifferent, you are actually going to DISGUST this woman and she is going to run like the wind away from you. All because in many ways she is looking for the OPPOSITE things than the other type of woman. Not everything is the opposite, i.e. she still wants you to be a cool guy who is masculine and there are other things as well, but the FOUNDATION of TRUST is TOTALLY ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, the level of rapport must be way higher, and you shouldn't be FAKING this.

All this means taking a VERY DIFFERENT approach to the pick-up.

So, you see, the stuff on TV and by a lot of the "experts" out there will SCREW YOU in a BAD WAY if you are looking for something MEANINGFUL.

Now, on that note, I'm going to give you a tip that is important no matter WHAT you are looking for. This is something that is pretty UNIVERSAL.

I'm sure you've heard of all kinds of strategies for starting a conversation with a woman who is a stranger. From teasing her, to doing a magic trick, to pretending to read her mind ("cold reading") to reading her palms, to asking her opinion on something, etc etc.

The KEY here is not the "magic" tactic, but rather the point is to avoid the following TWO mistakes:


This is a huge problem, because almost ALL girls have learned the hard way that there are some creepy guys out there. Guys who will lie to her but who really just want to use her for some physical "action" and then dump her, and who care nothing about her or to know her at all for real.

So for example, if a girl is at a club or bar and she is a normal girl, she has no way of knowing why you are different from that creepy guy.

This is why, in fact, if a guy does just want to be physical, it's cool for him to be honest about it, as there are always some women who are into that as well, and if a woman isn't, she will appreciate his honesty and at least turn him down with dignity.

What's also strange is that even if a guy IS interested in getting to know her and not just dumping her, if the guy approaches her first and does not know how to have a conversation, and he has nothing to say, then the woman has no alternative but to protect herself and figure that he might be a creep. After all, she knows nothing about him since he isn't saying anything, and this can easily make her think the guy is simply having a hard time saying that all he wants is to sleep with her.

Now, there is ANOTHER issue as well that is very different:


Sometimes, a woman can feel that the guy might very well be a a decent guy who is not trying to just use her or make her feel cheap, but the problem is that he is simply NOT ATTRACTING HER.

He may not be attracting her because he seems like EVERY OTHER GUY from what he is saying or doing. i.e. When a guy says "Hi, can I buy you a drink?" He does NOT stand out from the crowd, so the IMPACT he makes on her does not stand out from anyone else either.

And since women have to have SOME screening process or they would have to spend ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT socializing in order to make time for every guy who tries with her, they filter guys out this way. It's not even that they are doing this on purpose, it's a psychological mechanism called desensitization, that allows her to conserve energy and not feel emotion (including attraction) when bombarded by tons of the same thing all the time.

Being boring and uncool includes TONS of things such as having a submissive attitude, having a weak sense of humor, seeming desperate, lack of a sense of style or fashion, lack of passion for life, lack of a sense of direction, being overly serious at the wrong time, being clueless about women's realities, lacking social skills, and more.

So, in order to "GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR" and get the conversation started off in a way that she won't shut you down, you have to avoid these two mistakes of making her feel cheap and coming across as boring/uncool.

By the way, when I say avoid making her feel cheap, I mean avoid making her feel as if you think she is "easy".

If you just avoid those two mistakes, you have a VERY STRONG CHANCE of sparking her interest in you, with the BARE MINIMUM of her wanting to meet up with you again, where you have yet another chance to INTENSIFY her attraction to you.

So you can use any "magic" tactic you want, the KEY is to NOT commit either of those two "cardinal sins" that lead to her SHUTTING YOU DOWN.

So, for example, if you go up to her and get her feeling ANY positive emotion, you are avoiding the mistake of boring her. So if you can get her laughing, that's a great start. If you can get her intrigued, that's a great start. She is too busy feeling EMOTION to get bored, and if she is feeling EMOTION, she then instinctively feels she is GETTING VALUE from you-- you are OBVIOUSLY not making her feel cheap, since you are a cool guy with emotionally relevant VALUE. The more emotionally relevant value you exude, the more she feels like SHE must have value.

It's VALIDATING for her, it's the OPPOSITE of feeling cheap.

A lot of guys try to show they have money, and while money obviously has value, it's NOT cool at all to use THIS as your way IN, as that again makes her feel as if she is CHEAP, as in essence, if a guy has nothing going for him except money, and that is the only thing he can convey in a social interaction with a woman, then he is in essence saying she is a prostitute! And that leads to the guy being SHUTDOWN because he has made HER feel like crap.

I hope this article has helped convey to you that success with women IS something that HAS a logic to it. There IS a way to achieve your goals with women, but it's CRUCIAL that you have the ACCURATE information and that it is taught by someone who has the EXPERIENCE to know the subtle distinctions that make all the difference in the world between success and failure.

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Till next time,

Michael W

P.s Let me first state that what I do is not fiction. Not only do I do it myself, but I have also taught COMPLETE BEGINNER STUDENTS to accomplish what I do as WELL, in RECORD time, and all this has been VERIFIED and PROVEN by independent journalists, (as opposed to just making them up, which is what most "masters" are doing) which you can quickly check out yourself at here.

I take teaching very seriously, and it's not just something that is a "job" for me. It's about changing the planet. As my professor told me in teacher's college, "we can either teach for the world we live in, or for the world in which we want to live". And I want to create a world where men and women GET each other and get along in the BEST of ways.

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