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The One Gift You Must Give To Women

Author: Michael W

It's interesting how the media, including the internet and TV, can be a great thing or a terrible thing. Info now travels insanely fast, but the problem is, BAD INFO also travels at the same speed.

Like, I see a lot of so called "demonstrations" of how pick-up works, by "experts", where the girls are actually clearly tipsy or drunk, or where the girls are wild party girls who would never make for a quality girlfriend in a million years, or where the girls are simply not hot, or where the GUY did NOTHING special except that he LOOKS like a model himself (this is supposed to be TEACHING a guy some skill???) and then touts his bizarre "one-liner" as a TACTIC?

Or I see a lot of "demonstrations" being done on a woman who is a foreigner who has barely landed "off the boat" and is simply unfamiliar with local custom and so is being extra friendly to avoid coming across as rude, (since she's not sure what is the norm) or where the guy gets a phone number and acts as if that is the same as getting her into bed, when often a girl will give her number just to get rid of a guy.

The truth, is that even a girl MAKING OUT with you, doesn't necessarily mean much in a pickup, if it's a girl you just met at a club and who has had a drink or two, especially if she is a bit of a party girl.

And that is just the TIP of the iceberg of horrifying advice being given to guys.

But yet, because of the bad advice out there, complete with the misleading "proof" given by the "experts" in the form of "demonstrations", there are now thousands of guys doing all kinds of things that are actually REDUCING their chances of getting a woman of QUALITY into their lives. And yet, a woman of QUALITY is what 99% of guys REALLY want.

You might be wondering WHY there would be so much bad advice out there, and the answer is simple: "Flashy" marketing often WORKS, on the uninformed.

Especially if it's wrapped up in an overly dramatic and complex language that seems sophisticated. Kind of like how those late night ads for exercise machines use lingo like "isotronic kinomatic polarity iso-tension super ultra flex" as they show you some weird 3-D CGI image of a human figure with the abs section highlighted in bright colors. And then they show you how the machine supposedly works to get rid of all the fat while you can eat whatever you want like ice cream by the bucket, as long as you do the special machine for 3 minutes a day. Or is 3 minutes a week?

This kind of approach to "helping" people really sucks, doesn't it? It's not helping people at all, just getting them in bigger trouble because they are not being told what REALLY counts, what they REALLY need to do.

So, in this light, I'd like to touch upon just ONE thing today, one thing that ACTUALLY IS REALLY important. As opposed to telling you all kinds of NONSENSE like, "If a girl is ignoring you, or if she tries to leave you in middle of the pick-up, the answer is to put her down, then keep on talking to her as if she never said anything".

And so what is this one thing that I'm talking about?


Being a man, figuratively, is NOT easy, ESPECIALLY not in an era when we are brainwashed to not even KNOW what it MEANS anymore.

But one of the BIGGEST things that is attractive about MASCULINITY in the traditional sense, is the AURA of "EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY IF YOU ARE AROUND ME".

Listen, life is FULL of all kinds of situations that are CHALLENGING. There is no way to know FOR SURE if you are going to win.

And YET, this feeling of CERTAINTY, of ASSURANCE, of "everything is going to be OK" is what we all CRAVE.

It even is, I'm sorry to say, the reason why FLASHY lies sell so well. Because they give the ILLUSION of certainty, of success. "Hey, if all that mumbo jumbo technical-crap that they used to explain everything is so confusing, and I don't understand it, well then it must be SO ADVANCED it MUST be true! It MUST work!"

But let's get back to ATTRACTION here. As far as women are concerned, it's okay for WOMEN to be emotional wrecks. It's okay for WOMEN to get scared, to have fears, and on and on. And in fact, this is what makes them ESPECIALLY crave the AURA of "It's all going to be OK" from a MAN.

I don't mean the aura of supplicating to her by being a punching bag for her so she can let out all her negative emotions on you, and I don't mean for you to be a CRUTCH for her to prop her up so she feels everything is ok in that sense (it doesn't work anyway that way), what I mean is GIVING OFF THE AURA OF TOTAL CERTAINTY THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY AROUND YOU, BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT DAMN GOOD AT BEING A WINNER. That you can and will survive and those around you will too, because of YOU.

Now, this is the MOST VALUABLE feeling you can give a woman, it's right up there with self-esteem, because it goes right back to SURVIVAL.

It's the one "gift" that you MUST give a woman, and it's the one gift that will KEEP on giving back to YOU in a good, DAMN GOOD way, if you know what I mean.

And you know what?
It takes PRACTICE and it's not easy to BECOME this type of man, especially in a culture that so often tells men to act like women (just watch most any TV program or TV commercial these days where the guy is scared of everything, including of women!) and then PUNISHES men so massively in reality (i.e. no attraction from women) when men do act overly emotional or weak.

But you must PAY the piper if you want to get the RESULT. It's time to start confronting your fears head on, and DEFINITELY even in the meantime until you overcome them all, don't SHOW women ANY fear of ANYTHING.

Yes, it's a bit of a fantasy for women, but I say GIVE IT TO THEM, as it's the way that WORKS. Kind of like how women are so damn good at knowing what turns men on.

And ultimately, this is good for us as men anyway, as what you are doing is cultivating strength of character.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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