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The focus is more on fine calibration rather than anything extreme. But this doesn't mean it takes less skill, rather it takes more. Simply by becoming so damn comfortable with physically escalating, women are disarmed as well, it's as if because it's so natural to me now, it's natural to them too. I mean this not in a disrespectful sense, but a basic sense of human nature. The comfort level you feel yourself is a massive turn on for women in this area. All I can say is, for any guy who doubts how physical and sexual women are, they are more sexual than I could have ever imagined, and this in itself makes me more calm about escalating without making a  "big deal" about it.

Guys really need to realize that the way to get sexual is to start off sexual from the get-go, the sexuality should be there in your voice, your humor, your proximity to her, without being needy- and by playfully pushing her away now and then, you show that you are not needy.

Whenever I do this, I find that women flip around from being in "hard to get" mode to being in "chase this guy" mode.

They begin to get touchy feely with me, they start asking me what my name is, they start smiling and just getting all girly. It becomes clear that I'm making her day and that she wants more. It's awesome and of course it puts your confidence into high gear.


Dear Michael,
I've undergone such a massive transformation in the past few months, I'm not sure where to start. First, I was in a hellish relationship that fits your description to a "T" in your book of what happens to a guy once he falls into the "abyss" as you say. This woman had absolute power over me, and I now realize after your book that it was me who basically handed every last bit of my value over to her and it was me who basically chopped my own perceived value down to zero.

At the time, I felt that I had no choice, that giving it all over was the only chance I had. I worked harder and harder to try to prove to her how "good" I was, and she became more and more distant, less passionate, less appreciative of anything. Which just made me work harder and as you describe in your book, the cognitive dissonance worked against me, making me feel that she must be worth it if after all I was busting my ass so hard for her.

It's crazy, but true, because the harder I worked for her, the more I let myself get abused, the more it made me feel that she must be worth it, since after all why else would I be trying so hard, so I tried even harder, and of course this cognitive dissonance, as you explain, had the opposite effect on her, for the very same reason! i.e. "If he is trying so hard for me, then he can't be worth that much."

And I realize that all this is so subconscious. And I realize as you say that in a healthy relationship, people appreciate and give a lot, but this relationship was clearly not healthy and I had fallen in deep.

Your book saved me. It made me realize what was actually going on in my head and that in fact I was not in love with this woman, but that I myself had allowed my brain to be tricked into it, and that I could just as easily wash the illusion away. I cannot believe that your book is not on doctor's shelves.

Your book also showed me how to get back my self-esteem. And to any guys reading this, that is no easy feat for a guy being smashed to pieces by a woman he loves. And more than that, your book showed me how to leave that reality and change my life around and meet and attract more women than I could ever have time for.

I totally changed my approach to women, taking on a far more challenging and playful (the playful is very important otherwise you just seem like an insecure dolt) attitude and also not jumping into a "how can I please you" mentality just because a woman is showing interest in me. I now ***expect*** women to show interest, and this makes the moment when I do show some affection that she has actually earned from me, well it makes it that much more sweet for her.

Right now, I'm dating a striking woman I met while parking my car! It would never have happened if not for you. As I was pulling in to my spot, I noticed this tall redhead in a business suit (damn I love it when leggy women wear those "business" style skirts that really are too short for anything but sexy business) slamming her trunk door down again and again, only to have it pop back up.

My heart was racing, but I knew this was a golden opportunity. I gave her a look and gesture with my head - a playful "no no no, not like that", my hands on my hips.

She looks at me, (giving me an even better view of her beautiful angles on her face) her expression first a bit pissed, then she smiles with a "I can't believe you just did that" look and says "thanks a lot" sarcastically, but I could feel that vibe that you talk about-- she was liking it, which I would never have guessed could EVER happen before.

So after she said "thanks" sarcastically, I replied "anytime", and told her that I was enjoying the show! Again, this was done playfully, not in a mean way. I came over and figured out what the problem was, even though I wasn't sure I could solve it, but I figured at worst I could always tease her some more that her car was cursed.

I figured it out and got the trunk shut, to which I then blew on my fingers as if they were magic and said "that'll be 100 bucks". She told me she wished she had the money, and I told her that I bet she did wish that! After a brief chat about where we both worked, I teased her that she didn't really have a real job or she would have the 100 bucks!

Once I knew she was loving it, I told her that I had to go and took her number and email. I kept up the energy on the first couple of dates but didn't let it get out of hand to "dorky" level, and let's just say she's now passionately making it up to me in more ways than one.

Far be it from me to not help a damsel in distress...

And before I forget, let me just say this woman is just as attractive if not more than the woman who totally took advantage of me, and she's treating me about a million times better, including taking ME out to dinner next week!

To any guy reading this right now who is in a slump:
There are millions of women right outside your door, and you can meet them right now, but you need to learn to incorporate far more dominance, leadership, fun, and sexuality, and you need to learn to obliterate the neediness in you to pull this all off.

Can't wait to get your CD Set next!
I can't even imagine the next level of success in store for me with that.
Blair T.


It's always cool to hear from the "good guys" who have been given BACK the power to live their lives with DIGNITY. Every guy deserves to have this area of his life under CONTROL.

Thanks for the props, and yes, one of the biggest things for guys in bad relationships is to realize the massive impact of cognitive dissonance playing on their emotions, and how this can be STOPPED and in fact REVERSED to work in their favor. And it all starts with first being AWARE of what's going on in the first place, which is something I go into detail on in the eBook.

And I'm glad you also raised the point of how this is not about manipulating women but rather incorporating important characteristics into our personalities that every man already has but has repressed because of our crazy culture that labels all good men as evil for living and breathing and wanting a decent life with a woman where he has DIGNITY. Even though the reality is that women actually WANT you to be a real man! No wonder so many guys get so messed up.

And of course, thanks for the props on my eBook, and yes, you can't imagine just how powerful the CD Set will be for you - it will build on the knowledge you now have to take you to a whole NEW LEVEL entirely. Brace yourself for it.


Michael!!!!! It almost hurts to write this letter, as I'm giving away so much, but I remember you saying how abundance thinking is critical and also how teaching this stuff is a great way of proving your own mastery, so after getting your CD Set last October, and putting it to use and getting insanely powerful results, I'm now to going to share what I think are crucial factors that I've learned from your CD program:

Your eBook took me out of the gutter and into a different reality, but your CDs have actually changed the way I feel, I am simply no longer that sad quiet guy I once knew. You've got me addicted to this whole picking up women thing, it's too much fun.

One of the important distinctions I got from your CD Set is that the entire process from A to Z with a woman can either be drudgery for both you and the woman or it can be a fantastic emotional experience at every moment, with emotions ranging from massive adrenaline to laughter to peaceful calm to raw sexuality to a million other emotions.

For example, when you teach about role-playing with a woman and allowing a woman to play the role of you being the ultra cool guy, and yet the way you taught me to also keep her self-esteem high, it's genius. What you are doing is allowing her to live her fantasy, through role-play, because when you are playing, you are still experiencing the same emotion as if it's real.

So for example, I have role played with women that I meet, and I am talking about within seconds of first meeting them, that I am Bond and that she is a Bond girl, usually the evil Bond girl!!!!

They looooooooooooove it!
The girl I am now dating is a wonderful person who I really dig in every way and I met her using your principles.

I met her at the library, she was working there, helping me find a book, and she just seemed like a really well behaved girl, and so after she helped me find some stuff, I playfully teased her on being the opposite, specifically, "an evil Bond girl with a library fetish" lol. And I told her that she only helped me so she can "have new prey".

With a smile, she asks what I mean, so I tell her I know she really just lives for torturing guys with overdue books, and that I know where she takes them.

She totally eats it up, a glint in her eye as she goes along with it and points to a little room in the back to me, telling me that is where she takes them to for the torturing.

Because of your CDs, I now realize why it makes total sense for a nice girl to eat this stuff up, because she is such a "nice" girl for real, that she doesn't get to be "naughty", and I'm allowing her to be bad now in a way where it's totally fun. As you explain, this is all about emotions, giving women awesome emotions, and as you explain you have to give a woman what she does not have, and this nice girl needed some more playful naughty in her life lol.

I tell her that the room doesn't scare me like it does other guys.

She goes back to me with a mischievous smile:
"And you'd like to see this room, wouldn't you?"

To which I responded, in total Bond calm and Bond tonality:
"That depends on the view."

At about the same time, she was being called to take care of something by some woman who worked there, so I told her in a playfully suspicious tone that I had to get going as well but that I would be "investigating this further" and that she must leave her contact info, which she immediately did with a smile and she even told me when she's in so that I would for sure reach her! Following the other concepts you explain, the rest went equally smoothly. She didn't even give me any "cruel" tests, just the stuff that I now realize from your materials that any girl does to show she is not easy - I respected that actually, makes me like her more.

As you say, this truly is not about being some creepy guy, it's about allowing her to live out the most amazing experience possible, that's full of sexuality and anticipation- by not "handing over all the power" to her, you are not being a jerk, you are being so much more of an exciting man. And you are allowing her to be who she really wants to be. And of course, if she was more of "naughty girl" to begin with, I would calibrate for this and allow her to be more of a good girl!

Thanks to you, I give them what they don't have. I really am a giver, it's awesome, and I feel great about it.

For any guys reading this, this is not only about me being "Bond", but also about her being the evil Bond GIRL. And I could easily play with this in a million other ways, for example me being any type of cool role, for example, I could be Clyde and she could be Bonnie from the infamous "Bonnie and Clyde" bank robbers! (Which I've done too, and it's fantastic stuff!)

This vibe enables you to both have so much more fun and to bypass boring and restricting social conventions so that you can both be far more sexual and adventurous and still have total respect for each other.

And that's just one part of one thing that I got the far bigger picture on from your CDs. Here's another big thing I got from your CDs:

Everything I do is up to me and only me. It's my decision. I think most guys don't take an active part in their own decision making process. For example, if I want to allow a woman to be a certain way in terms of more sexual and more fun, then my clothing should be more fun and more sexual and alive. I am kind of saying "this is my perspective on life and therefore I accept others with it" so a woman doesn't have to worry about being judged negatively by being more forward with me. She immediately knows she is with "The Man", she knows it from the way I move, the way I dress, the tonality of my voice, the type of conversation and interaction I am having with her. She knows.

Your CDs really go into detail on how to take advantage of everything in your power to give off the right messages and vibes about yourself, and even how to find the unique parts of your personality and highlight those as well.

Before this letter turns into a phone book, lol, I'll say one last thing:
Your CDs really hit home on how to create just the right amount of sexual tension so that she is enjoying the anticipation of not knowing if she has you totally, but you are not making her feel bad either by overdoing it.

This is something that has made a massive difference in my interactions with women - I really look at it as a rollercoaster now, where the coaster has some intense moments of pure adrenaline and drops, (this is where I may be teasing her or doing some intense role-playing or being aloof or telling a really compelling story as you explain) but also has some "valleys" that are calmer, (this is where I will be giving her a sincere compliment or just holding her hands in a warm but not intense way, or where I will seriously be learning about her and her background or her day, etc).

Achieving the right amount of sexual tension is so important, I think most guys tend to go to one extreme or the other. Your CDs helped clarify this a LOT.
Hope this helps your readers,
Craig S.


Thanks for that awesome letter, it really helps others when guys explain what's working for them rather than just saying "it's great".

It's obvious you are really getting this now, you are employing so many of the principles at once it's fantastic. One of the great things about these concepts are that they work well independently and also work even BETTER together. And using one of the concepts will often help you better understand another concept, so the learning goes in a never ending cycle of improvement.

The role-playing situation you gave is an excellent example of proper role-playing, where not only are YOU being Bond like, which of course is always cool and gives her the DESIRE to be naughty with you, but you are ALSO, through this role-play, giving her the LICENSE to be naughty, since in HER new role it would be totally EXPECTED. So this is a great way of her getting over any internal "obstacles" she may have had with it. After all, it's just a role, right? ;) A role that ends up in your bed.

In this vein, I love how you hit home how the point of all this is ultimately aboutgiving women an awesome emotional experience from the FIRST moment you meet her till the rest of your life with her. And this is actually FUN for YOU too.

I still find it funny how instead of working on their PERSONALITY and on giving women the emotional experience of their lives, most guys just work their butt off to impress a woman with some kind of fancy car, or some other kind of qualifying device, i.e. house, mansion, boat, gifts, etc, all of which don't even work to get her attention because she's already SEEN a billion guys try to impress her that way. In fact, when a guy tries to "impress" a woman with THINGS, the woman usually figures the guy is insecure. If you have a great car or mansion or anything like that, that's great, but let it come AFTER she already likes you, otherwise it's pathetic.

THINGS don't make a woman attracted. EMOTIONS do.

Thanks again for your letter, great stuff.

And if you are reading this right now and would like to bring YOUR game up to par so that women are CHASING you rather than playing hard to get, then it's time you TOOK ACTION by getting my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set.

You will find that this program gets you RESULTS. Listen to it ALL, and APPLY it. If you are a man of ACTION, you will find that this program is light years ahead of traditional dating advice.

I spent the last three YEARS developing this program, to really figure out on the deepest levels what women actually respond to, and to then distill this information in a way that ANY guy can both UNDERSTAND and also USE to GET the woman or women he desires INTO his life and INTO his bed.

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

To get your FOUNDATION for these skills, get my eBook NOW. This is where the journey starts. It will set you straight on the path to attracting women by reviving the natural instincts in you so that you can be the man you were BORN to be. The kind of man that attracts women NATURALLY.
It's at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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