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The Golden Calf

Author: Michael W

Since I started my mission to get the word out, I’ve made myself a promise to not give in to politically correct hogwash. That’s what got us all into the problem to begin with. So here we go again, with a newsletter that’s not very pretty. No matter what type of woman you meet, you will always have to be THE MAN, as I’ve often described. This includes quality women, as well.

However, if you want to succeed with the TYPICAL attractive young woman, there’s a certain term that I use to describe a very powerful psychological “frame” you should use. Now I’m not a religious person, but the term is called “The Golden Calf” as portrayed in the movie “The Ten Commandments”.

I often go into great detail on this idea in my consultations and in my full seminar, and I’d like to give you a glimpse of it here today. Before I start, I want to say that this frame works so WELL, that I’m actually disappointed.

Yes, you heard me right. I’m DISAPPOINTED that it works so WELL. You’ll see why by the end of this article.

Ok. Here we go:
In the movie “The Ten Commandments” there is a scene where Moses (Charlton Heston, in a great performance) has gone up the mountain to speak to G-d for 40 days and 40 nights. During this time, a lot of the masses below are getting nervous, waiting for Moses. They’re scared maybe he’s gone forever, and they grow impatient. They start to SLIDE morally.

Pretty soon, they forge an idol out of gold, in the form of a calf, and they start worshipping it- and almost everyone’s going nuts, dancing and screaming and breaking out into some kind of massive orgy as part of the ritual. I look at the “idol” as representing “physical sensation”. And worshipping the idol is worshipping physical sensation. Submission to a life ruled strictly by STIMULATION.

There’s NO LEADERSHIP, the people have COMPLETELY ABANDONED all sense and all logic, caving in, devolving to their base animal impulses. Chaos rules. It’s like everyone is in a trance, just doing without thinking. Brainless. Primal, archaic, carnal.

The whole scene is quite DRAMATIC.
The masses are slaves to this drama of the senses.
The drama, the excitement, is intoxicating.

Amongst the very FEW who are not pleased with this, NO ONE EVEN DARES to challenge the masses, since the frenzy is so intense, they would probably be MAULED by the MASSES for challenging them. There is no one there with enough GUTS or RESPECT to challenge what’s going on.

Not until MOSES descends down from the mountain, as he witnesses the scene from above and holds two stone tablets in his arms. The tablets contain LOGIC, they contain BOUNDARIES to our animal nature. Things like “though shall not kill” and “not coveting thy neighbor’s wife”, etc.

And when he sees what’s going on, he’s pissed as hell. To put it mildly.

He SMASHES the two tablets (the “Ten Commandments”) that God gave him in utter revolt at what he sees. The masses are not worthy of such logic. That SHOCKING scene of Moses smashing the tablets is quite DRAMATIC. This DRAMA speaks the SENSORY language that the masses appreciate.

The people quiet down and listen.
They RESPECT Moses, and eventually,
Moses gets things back in order.

Okay, I’m not a religious person.

But here’s my point:
Today, MOST (not ALL) attractive young women couldn’t give a DAMN about logic. They actually RESENT logic, because they feel it IMPOSES on their FUN. It imposes on the SENSES. All that matters is what FEELS good, and what feels good NOW. As a matter of fact, they can get pretty ANGRY at you for bringing up logic and ruining all the FUN.

Now don’t get me wrong:
Without pleasure, and without FUN, life would be boring as hell. But when using BRAINS is COMPLETELY outlawed, then things have gone too far. And THAT is the situation today with many, many women. (I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.)

And women today have almost ZERO leadership, zero role models. There’s no one that women respect who even CHALLENGES the current definition of cool. Celebrities and their inane antics RULE. (Although I DID hear that Britney has more hate sites than anyone on earth, so maybe some girls are waking up.)

And so what exactly is this “GOLDEN CALF” mentality to which I constantly refer?

It is this:

This addiction to IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION is so strong, that it overpowers any logic about future consequences- consequences are irrelevant. Thus, the CONSTANT need for novelty and fresh sources of brainless stimulation, because immediate gratification is usually not very rewarding, so NEW brainless stimulation is quickly needed.
i.e. The LATEST Clubs. Loud Music. Drugs. Lights. Alcohol. Raw Sex. The latest fashion. Image. Fluff. The latest Celebrity Idol Worship. Novelty. Entertainment. New forms of rebellion, to convey “freedom”.
And the MANTRA is “girl-power”, “party”, “independence”, “fun” and “bling-bling” and “women can drink, too”.

By the way, for any “nice guys” who don’t know the lingo, “bling-bling” is flashy stuff like jewelry, fancy cars, etc.

Now, all this is supposed to represent personal fulfillment and progress.

Okay. Let’s take a look at the REALITY:
The REALITY is women taking Prozac in SKYROCKETING quantities, (far, far more than men), and depression; women’s lifespans are DECREASING; an increase in young women with self-esteem issues and distorted perceptions of their own bodies, resulting in bulimia, anorexia, and even obesity; addiction to nicotine at younger ages than boys, and greater numbers as well; serial monogamy leading to serial divorce, and broken families; a hell of a lot of women complaining about “jerks” who they somehow STAY with; violence against women; rape; and an almost hopeless chance of getting married when they are past 40. So they tend to stay single, and not usually by choice.

And anyone who thinks this has no effect on children is out of their mind.

Makes you wonder about all that stuff women called “progress” in the last 100 years. I wonder if the women of even 100 years ago would be envious one bit of the average woman today. Especially when women 100 years ago could walk a city street late at night with virtually NO FEAR of violence or rape.

Today, a woman who wants to cherish a relationship and WAIT before having sex with just anyone is considered “having issues”, - not by men only, but by fellow WOMEN!

Now, why am I mentioning all this?

Because if you want to succeed with MOST of today’s young women, you will have to UNDERSTAND the current REALITY. Young attractive women don’t ever NEED to resort to logic. That only happens when they get much older and are out of options. For now, they can just focus on IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION- endless attention, favors offered everywhere, free drinks, alcohol, etc.

Women are not conditioned today to be attracted to guys who exhibit too much decency, goodness, or LOGIC. That’s because those things are IRRELEVANT TO THEM!

THOSE things are not only useless, they “SUCK”! They are considered OBSTACLES TO FUN. They know that the guys who focus on FUN would NEVER be talking about LOGIC!

SO…if you want to ATTRACT women, you must project an even BIGGER AURA of FUN.


Being serious will get you NOWHERE with most women today. Women don’t want SERIOUS or LOGICAL. Stay the HELL away from logic.

Logic is BORING.
It isn’t FUN.

And the ONLY thing that counts with women is FUN. (Aside from working, but anyway that’s for bling bling, which is FUN.)

If you want to attract most of today’s women, you must embrace this total ABANDONMENT of logic and thinking and project instead a focus on SENSORY stimulation.

You must worship the GOLDEN CALF. You must surrender all logic to FUN.

And believe me, the more CONGRUENT you are with this attitude, the farther you will get.

Women will at first TEST you, to see if you mean it, they may even give you mock disapproval, to ensure that they APPEAR as “virtuous”. But trust me, the majority are just EXPLODING INSIDE for this. The crazy thing about all this is that it’s INSANELY EASY once you get the hang of it and truly understand the reality that most women live in.

You have to understand that most young attractive women have NOT had to work as hard to be popular or to gain acceptance as everyone else. That is because they have been worshipped by men and women on account of their looks alone. So they have been spoiled to seek out only more and more FUN and yet do less and less to get it. So little effort, that even THINKING is too much work.

FORGET about trying to EXPLAIN why what women are doing is not good for them. Forget about telling them the long-term effects. Forget about telling them why the jerk they are going out with does not deserve to go with her, etc. Forget about explaining why you would be good to her. THINKING ISN’T FUN FOR THEM.


You’ll get TRAMPLED by most women if you try to do this. You’ll be INTERFERING with their desire to just have FUN. Plus, they’ll think you are trying to CONTROL them, that you are trying to “rain on their parade”.

You’ll just get on a woman’s nerves, since all she wants to do is have fun NOW. Don’t bother her with trivial things like the TRUTH or the facts.

Girls just want to have fun, like Cyndi Lauper says.

So, for example, being nice, polite or courteous means NOTHING, since they get that A THOUSAND times a day. There’s no SENSORY stimulation going on.


It’s like you watching the same movie a THOUSAND times in a row. Even if it was a good movie the first time you saw it, it’s boring if it’s the only thing you watch, over and over again. Your emotions are not being STIMULATED. When people go to a movie, they go not to watch the characters get excited or cry or triumph, they go so that THEY can feel those emotions! As human beings, we are driven primarily by emotion, we ENJOY emotion, even “scary” emotions- like scary movies and roller coasters- because of the ADRENALINE RUSH we get from it.

This is even MORE the case with most young women, because they are BORED having everything given to them.

At first, it felt good for them, when they were 14 and the guys were kissing up. But then they needed MORE stimulation, and they needed a challenge. By the time a typical girl is in her 20’s, she is living in a TOTALLY different world from most guys. She’s looking for thrills that most guys could not BELIEVE.

Thrills, excitement, fun. This is “noble”. Logic is EVIL, especially if it cuts down on the fun.

So instead of kissing up to a woman when you approach her, which has NO IMPACT ON HER SENSES, if you were to approach a woman and instead STIMULATE her with a hilarious almost SHOCKING tease, or some wild talk about celebrity gossip, or any other COMPELLING sensory stimulation, and if you ALSO did all this in a way that shows you are THE MAN and DOMINANT, then she WAKES UP around you.

Now, of course, you’d have to be NUTS to get into a serious relationship with most young attractive women today, but hey, you can have FUN (the operative word in her mind) in the meantime as you search for Ms. Right. Now, I’d like to add that women are not EVIL for this. They are simply the product of a culture that says women should be worshipped on the basis of their looks alone.

A culture where they are put on a pedestal by men and women, and judged more favorably than others by simple virtue of being born attractive. Of course, the majority of jerks don’t care about anything but their own pleasure, so they have a lot in common with these women, and whaddaya know?- These women not only can RELATE to the jerk’s sense of selfishness, but his selfishness makes him a CHALLENGE to her. She feels the CHALLENGE of trying to get him to CARE for her.

Basically, this CHALLENGE is nothing but another a STIMULATION of her emotions, as opposed to the three thousand nice guys who she can predict exactly what they will do and so therefore she simply cannot get charged from it. She views them as something boring, and also low value, since she is too young to appreciate a good guy. The tables tend to turn much later, but that’s a different story.

If you take an honest look at reality, you will come to 2 clear conclusions:
1.Women could care less about being “saved” from selfish jerky guys, since in reality they are not victims of them but lovers of them!
2. If women really wanted NICE GUYS, they would GO FOR NICE GUYS!

The problem is that nice guys care way too much about trying to convince women of logic, the long term, etc.

You know, things that are actually IMPORTANT. So when you meet women, just have FUN!
-Don’t take them seriously.
-Don’t you DARE talk about relationships.
-Talk about meaningless fluff that is FUN, for example, material that you would find in the National Enquirer.
-Be ARROGANT to make it clear that you care more about having YOUR FUN than anything else and that YOUR NEEDS come first. This way, she will also feel “innocent” and can blame you for all her wild fun, since it was your “selfishness” that made her do it, and not her own desire. Use humor with your arrogance to ensure your message is not perceived as you being bitter.
-Find opportunities to playfully TOUCH them- so that they can taste the sexual pleasure of the touch of a MAN. Keep it playful so again, they can appear as “innocent” participants.
-At the FIRST INSTANT that a woman seems to be NOT RESPONDING to your FUN, leave her presence or turn away from her in search of more fun, and watch how she will chase after you. A la the stimulation of the challenge.

In other words:

In my full seminar, I explain how this type of mentality is used to engineer in reality just about ANY wild sexual situations you could ever DREAM up in your mind. That may sound like a great thing. But it is a double-edged sword.

Remember at the beginning I said I was actually disappointed that this stuff works so WELL?

Yes, I am.
Because what it means is that most young Attractive women are not the creatures you thought they were. Logic does not prevail. Which means things that DO require occasional logic, like long term relationships, are DOOMED with most of these women.

However, there are exceptions, and there are still plenty of women who haven’t thrown logic out the window. For guys who are looking for a girl like that, they do exist as well. But you may have to search a little longer, and in different places than you’re used to. (Like you may have to trek to Siberia- just kidding.)

Also, even if you ARE searching for a relationship, it’s STILL a good idea to initially appeal to a sense of FUN than logic, because as humans, we are more receptive to it. And at the same time, you are conveying that you are not desperate, since desperate people usually cannot also be in such a playful mood. When you keep things FUN, you convey that you have EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE under CONTROL and because of that, you even have a surplus of energy for FUN. Plus by initiating this fun, and leading a woman to enjoying herself, it shows in a tactful way that you can LEAD her to other pleasures…

This is an important concept for success with most of today’s women. Believe it or not, I’ve just scratched the SURFACE here. And there are tons of other ideas that are crucial to understand for attracting women.

If you’re reading this right now, and would like to get on the EXPRESS TRACK to learning these important concepts and strategies, I recommend you download and read my eBook- The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

I spent YEARS learning this information, mostly learning it the hard way. And I consider myself LUCKY because most men NEVER learn how to get this part of their life handled. You can take advantage of my experience and not only learn what you need to know, but save yourself years of time as well.

This book is the nitty-gritty. No candy-coated b.s. It’s jam-packed with proven concepts on how to create attraction, exactly how to approach women, how to smoothly and quickly transition to getting physical, as well as how to succeed at relationships.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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