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Greatest Gift You Can Give

Author: Michael W

It is my goal to simplify the process of meeting and attracting women. I have always believed, even when I was totally crashing and burning with women, that meeting women and having a good time should not be so complicated.

After all, men want women, and women want men. I screwed up for years and years, because I didn't understand the nature of attraction between men and women, and kept on wasting my time on useless strategies such as trying to impress women with everything from giving gifts, to my academic achievements, to compliments, etc.

It's not that I wasn't TRYING. I was trying damn HARD. The reality is that success with women is not so much about effort, as it is about understanding THE TRUE NATURE OF ATTRACTION between men and women. Here are some of the most important ideas you must realize in order to simplify the entire process of having hot women in your life who want you.

Women want sex.
Men want sex.

Nature has made things this way so that the human species can continue without needing an encyclopedia for how to do it.

Oh, okay, sue me for stating the obvious.

But how obvious can it be, when all around me, I see even the guys who supposedly KNOW about how to meet women behaving as if women needed to be "tricked" into having sex.

This is insane.

And it is because we foolishly try to become DISCONNECTED from our natural sexual state of mind when trying to succeed with women. We overcomplicate things with too much technical jargon and theory.

On an evolutionary level, we would have been wiped out if reproduction was so complicated.

Yet so many guys are behaving as if women need to be manipulated in order to have sex. If there's any manipulation that really has to occur, I would say it is to "manipulate" YOURSELF to do whatever it takes to get all those false ideas out of your head. Offer YOURSELF a reward for going up to a woman.

Guys don't realize the most important element of attracting a woman, instead they become too technical about a process that is very ingrained, that is, until we get brainwashed by a lifetime of myths.

Instead of just being COMFORTABLE WITH FEELING SEXUAL ATTRACTION, they actually repress these feelings and try to focus on being funny, on impressing a woman, etc, etc.

Women don't need to be seduced to do what comes naturally. And though men and women can relate to each other in ways besides sex, if you are interested in a woman in a SEXUAL way, then WHY ON EARTH would you WANT to relate to her in a NON-SEXUAL WAY, by getting out of your sexual state of mind?

It is a huge mistake to ignore what our greatest gift can be- our sex and our sexual nature. Once you REALIZE that women LOVE sex, it's a good time to get aquatinted with the NEXT idea:
The most valuable "GIFT" you can give a woman is not your money, your favors, your platonic friendship.

What YOU AS A MAN can give her is SEX.

Now, THAT is what she wants from you as a man. That doesn't mean you walk up to a woman and tell her "let's have sex"?


Verbal communication is weak, words mean little, talk is cheap, etc. HOW you say something, and more importantly, your TONE, your expression, and most importantly, your STATE OF MIND that controls all of these things, are far, far more important. And here is an excellent opportunity to get into the right state of mind- an attractive woman is right in front of you- ENJOY IT! You MUST realize that she loves sex, and may be VERY WILLING to have it with you, if you just DON'T SCREW THINGS UP.

You DON'T have to be "Joe Millionaire" or Brad Pitt. Of course, looks help you open the door, but sex is just too strong a drive to be shut down by less than movie star looks. (Obviously you should do your best to look good, and smell good, fresh breath, etc.) If you combine the fact that women want sex, that most people are not getting enough sex, that looks aren't everything, that money alone means almost nothing to a woman in a sexual sense, you should start to get the picture...

Let me throw some more facts in:

What is the COST to her of having sex with you?

Of course, this implies you don't come across as a PSYCHO, or as a possibly CLINGY desperate guy. And let's throw in the possibility that maybe you have a half-decent personality that she can also enjoy speaking to you, maybe after you've had hot sex and she can think it will be nice to talk a bit in bed. You see, there is A LOT in it for HER. Most women may SAY they are looking for Mr. Perfect, but believe me, what they really go for is Mr. GUY WHO ENJOYS SEX, WHO KNOWS WOMEN WANT SEX AND A HALF-DECENT CONVERSATION. If you realize these things, you suddenly find that CONFIDENCE is not such a hard thing to get anymore. There's no need for belief in miracles here, or to have great "faith", it just makes basic sense, period.

You are a MAN, she is a WOMAN.

Everything else is just details, like showing her that you are not a total loser, that you are not psycho. So if you're in the mall, and you see a hot babe, DON'T COME UP TO HER FROM BEHIND HER BACK.

You want to AVOID the psycho image, right?

So instead, make sure to walk AHEAD of her...knowing she is behind you. And then you can take a glance at the shops as she walks TOWARDS you. What do you say? You TALK, you keep it light, because the words here should not become a major distraction to the fact that you both have what it takes to make you both happy. THAT'S what counts. The deeper your conversation gets, the more of a DISTRACTION it becomes to what you are both really after.

IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX, not about conversation, so don't get into a really deep or depressing or boring conversation that will just DILUTE the whole natural sexual feeling. You know, that MAN/WOMAN thing.

And this goes beyond just the physical act of sex- it's also all the magical sexual feelings of BEING with a woman, and for her, for being with a man. If you are being a man, and not suppressing it, your natural sexuality will make you deliver your words with a sexy attractive demeanor.

There's an old song by Gordon Lightfoot called Sundown, where he says "I can see her lookin fast in her faded jeans she's a hard lovin woman got me feelin mean". The word "mean" hear does not mean "cruel", but I think you could see how it is clear that the word "mean" here conjures the right attitude, an attitude of ATTRACTION and not WORSHIP.


Whatever it is, keep it light, and then arrange what you want- a coffee date right then and there? "Hey, let's chat this over a coffee- there's a cafe/coffee house/whatever right there" Maybe you are on the run, so you'll just ask for her email. You are THE MAN, she is looking for you to LEAD, so it's UP TO YOU. Just BE A MAN, and feel comfortable with that, there is NOTHING wrong with you ENJOYING the feeling of being with a hot woman. And being a man, you have the privilege to TAKE ACTION and MAKE THE DECISIONS- it's what she WANTS you to do! And GUESS WHAT ELSE HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE FEELING SEXUAL? YOU CANNOT FEEL FEAR.

You see, you can't feel fear and sex at the same time. One will over-rule the other, and so you might as well focus on the WOMAN, who is turning you on, and is right in front of you! And guess what happens when you can't feel fear and you are turned on?

YOU TEND TO SOUND SEXIER, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY. Because you will be CONGRUENT in your body language, your voice tonality, and probably even your content. You won't feel that you need to give her compliments, because you know that what she really wants from you is something else, not to be crude, but she wants your masculinity, your masculine company, and yes, your sex.

So you will automatically be doing everything right by simply BEING A MAN. At this point, the details and fine toppings can fall into place.

For example, if you have this understanding firmly in place, you can add to your approach with women- you can be funny, for example. But your humor will be the result of your CONFIDENCE and not because you FEEL THE NEED TO BE FUNNY in order to impress a woman. You don't NEED to be funny. You just need to be comfortable being A MAN.

I could give you tons of lines that I have used on women, but they all came as a result of not trying too hard. Like, for example, whenever a hot woman who is working in a store is helping me, and she says "sorry" for making a mistake, or bumping into me, or if she can't find an item, or if that dish is not available, I'll just tell her "You're fired". It's MASSIVELY FLEXIBLE, and works like a charm.

But it works BECAUSE I AM CONGRUENT with my actions, voice, and demeanor.

Here's another example of something guys can use: At the mall, I'll go right up to any girl and tell her "hey, where do you think you're going?" It really doesn't matter WHAT they say back to me, because it's just FODDER for conversation that I am going to use to TEASE her a bit to let her know there is no ass-kissing going on with me, just a nice old fashioned MAN TO WOMAN SEXUAL CHEMISTRY ENCOUNTER.

So let's say she says "to X store", I'll say, "Is THAT where you are going?" In life?" You have to have greater goals!" Or if she says "Do you ask EVERY girl this?' I'll say, "No, only girls who look lost and are begging for guidance" Then, after a few minutes of building up a connection I'll either go for a coffee with her right then and there (tons of places for that in a mall) or ask her for her info right there.

I used to use TONS OF “LINES” and engineered “scenarios” from books and NONE of them worked because I had the idea in my mind that it was the LINE or the “situation” that had magic.

I thought women were doing me a FAVOR by talking to me.
As if women didn't want sex too.

But when you are feeling the electricity that she is emanating, and you feel COMFORTABLE instead of ashamed or frightened, you simply won't say stupid things, or depressing things, or negative things. You'll keep the conversation positive, and she will be led toward the same.

Now, if you see a woman who looks like she is depressed, or is in a rush, then does it take a rocket scientist to realize that BARGING in with a 'HEY, WHAT'S UP WITH THE YANKEES" approach will NOT WORK?

A little common sense goes a long way. You may have to be a little flexible to fit in, not because she is a woman, but because she is a HUMAN BEING.

If you were obviously upset, or angry, or whatever, wouldn't YOU be easier to talk to if the person talking to you TOOK THAT INTO ACCOUNT and showed a little understanding of that? If you are in a bar, chances are that you could probably get away with far wilder behavior than on the street.
But each environment has its own advantages- I'm reminded of Emerson's essay on compensation, on the street, a woman is less expecting you to come up to her, so if you do it right, it's more of a thrill, and more spontaneous, and even more "romantic" in a sexual sense, not a "make the guy wait ten months for sex" sense.

The bottom line is to have this attitude with any woman you meet:
"She wants me, and all I have to do is take it."

This attitude will allow you to be a MAN, and also, to be playful, to be teasing, to be funny, which will help overcome her superficial objections which she must present to show that she is not "easy" etc.

The forces of sexual attraction have been deeply ingrained in us over the course of one million years, and it is ESSENTIAL that you work WITH these forces, not AGAINST them. When you learn to tap into your sexual nature, you are effectively guided by instinct, and your success with women truly becomes natural.

If you like the idea of not "acting" in order to attract women, then you owe it to yourself to download my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women. It’s JAM-PACKED with everything you need to know about how to meet women, get physical, and even how to have a smooth, successful relationship if you so desire.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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