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It Has To Be Fun For You

Author: Michael W

Before I start this article I just want to add that to me, the point of learning all this stuff is so that when you DO meet a quality woman, you can truly rock her world.

Also, I want to add that PRACTICE is important. So, while I don't condone going for women who lack integrity, I DO believe that you should practice this stuff on women by socializing a lot. It's the only way to stay sharp for when you DO meet that woman who is a true gem.

At that point, you keep up the skills by applying it all with her, something she will be all in favor of anyway!

And if you're already in a relationship and are using this stuff to improve yourself, that's cool too, as you can "practice" on the woman you are with.

Alright, let's get this party started!

A lot of guys get confused between the power of STATUS and the power of CHARISMA.

While on one hand, I think it's obvious that STATUS seems to attract many women, and I DO believe that you can, should, and will get all the status you need by simply figuring out the direction you want to take your life toward and then taking massive ACTION on that path, I also believe that relying ONLY on "status" is a big mistake.

What having status achieves for a guy, in terms of how it makes a woman feel, is that it boost her self-esteem to an extent (i.e. "I'm with a high-status guy, so therefore I too am cool") and often provides a sense of financial security.

So status alone, will OPEN THE DOOR. It will make her RECEPTIVE to finding out MORE about a guy.

But if a guy doesn't know how to UNLEASH his CHARISMA, i.e. the cool dimensions of his genuine personality that are currently resting dormant deep within him, well then all the money and status in the world will only bring him a woman who will USE HIM.

Yet, if you have the status AND are able to unleash the charisma, you will ROCK.

In fact, even if you ONLY have the charisma, there are a lot of women who will be FINE with it, for the SHORT TERM, because all they care about is the fact that they are feeling MASSIVE ATTRACTION.

It's later on, that they will want the other "non-visceral" stuff like security, status, etc. And some women will outright SHUT DOWN their own attraction they are feeling, if they feel the guy isn't "high status". In other words, they FEEL the attraction, they WANT him, but they won't pursue it, because it's "too dangerous" in their own mind.

But the fact is, THIS stuff, the stuff of CHARISMA, is what you want to be using for bringing a woman INTO your reality.

The STATUS stuff should be something that you work on, that is in the background, but is NOT your METHOD of getting a woman to be with you.

You will never, ever, find a woman who is ATTRACTED physically to status or status symbols. It's the charisma they are attracted to. The status is what often gives her the more "cerebral" reason to STAY with the guy, or to be very RECEPTIVE to finding out more about a guy.

You see, your charisma can ONLY be experienced by a woman through her feeling your PERSONALITY.

A Learjet won't give it to you.
A Lamborghini won't do it.
A castle won't do it.

Without charisma, the Learjet and Lamborghini and castle will simply be appealing to her sense of FINANCIAL GAIN, as well as her sense of SECURITY. All which have nothing to do with feeling MAGNETISM toward you.

That's why learning these skills is so important, no matter WHO you are.

If you're ALREADY "high status", you need to learn these skills so that you can TRULY optimize your self and have women who are with you because they truly LOVE your personality and want to be around YOU, not your car or jet.

And if you're not high status, well certainly gaining more status will open up more women to giving you a chance, and I'm all for that, but like I said years ago:

Working on enriching your own status should be something that is a natural extension of your personality anyway. Don't just spend your life trying to make money doing something you hate, as that's just another form of submission to women. And this goes beyond money, it means your hobbies, your friends, your attitudes, the way you contribute back to society, all this stuff gives the vibrant color and juice to your life, and indirectly affects your status as well.

There's no excuse for not working on this, but at the same time, it's CRUCIAL that you don't try to use status as a WAY to attract a woman, because it doesn't work!!! Don't learn the hard way!!

Unless you are speaking about massive EXTREMES, then in general the BIGGEST THING that matters to women in terms of ATTRACTION is having a charismatic personality.

We're talking about feelings of attraction, not feelings of "this is nice and financially secure and safe and it makes me look worthy to society".

This is why your STATE of mind is so massively important, and in fact learning how to access the right specific combinations of states is KEY.

And the reality is that saying that you must be "confident" is not accurate enough, although it's a good start. Because most people associate the word confidence with this serious grim guy, like "Batman is confident." Now, there is a time for that kind of confidence as well, but it's not the kind you want to be tapping into internally when interacting with a woman you want to attract.

It's certainly not the way you want to go about a pick-up! You CAN be playful without being a clown, and it's a fine line between the two, but a crucial line nonetheless.

As I've often said, attraction is about EXCELLENCE. And if your personality is going to emanate excellence, then you have to LEARN how to feel EXTREME COMFORT WITH THE SITUATION of a pick-up, of a physical escalation, of taking things from one level to the next, of "pushing the envelope" both internally and externally, of going with the flow, of being spontaneous and of following the new instincts with which your mind is getting in touch.

More than just comfort, you have to learn to feel you OWN the situation!!!!
Not only that, you have to own it with a sense of PLEASURE, it can't even be like all angry i.e. "I own it, dammit!".

Nope, rather it's like "This feels goooooood, and I loooooooove it, and I TOTALLLY oooooooooown it, yahhhhhhhhhhh."

This is not just about practice, it's also about having a MAP of where to start, it's about having insight into emotions, it's about understanding how women want a man who is masculine without being uptight and who understands how culture affects the way women feel they must behave. It's also about understanding just how easy it is for a woman who is attractive to slot you together with the other thousand guys who have stared at her today.

When you "get" all that, you then truly DO FEEL that you "OWN" the interaction.

You feel that gut-level ASSURANCE, and you are so EXPLODING with unstoppable vibes, that there is a MASSIVE FEELING OF ABUNDANCE within you, so you KNOW you are GIVING, and so OF COURSE she is going to enjoy RECEIVING!!!!

Who DOESN'T ENJOY FEELING GOOD? And you are going to be GIVING HER THAT IN ABUNDANCE!!!! And not out of kissing up, but rather out of the natural fact that you are EXUDING an abundance of strength, good vibes, good times, and playfulness.

Do you get me here?
It has to be FUN, for YOU.

This is one reason why whenever I am with my wingman, we both strive to have an amazing time no matter what. If we catch a movie before doing pick-up, even if the movie sucks, we will make FUN of how badly it SUCKED to the point of it actually being a great source of HUMOR.

And yet, it's not about being CLOWNS, as we still know instinctively and feel it when it's TIME for shifting emotional gears. So for example, you could be having a great interaction with a woman, she is all giddy, but there is point where you have to TAKE that energy and now channel it into a more dominant, yet LAID BACK emotional state, where you are actually talking less, and just looking into her eyes, and chilling out and vibing.

TIMING counts, for this and for so many elements of pick-up.

And, regarding state of mind, it's not just "confidence" but rather you have to access MANY different internal states at once, and as the dynamic between you and the woman unfolds as you chat to her, you ADJUST, using the different states to different degrees, as if you were constantly sliding the graphic equalizer controls to their perfect positions for the best sound for the song as it progresses.

A great interaction between you and a woman is ART, it's almost like a DANCE, where each moment, each different thing you do, is a reflection of your unbeatable INNER state.

You TAP into that COMBO of INNER STATES and let those states naturally MANIFEST themselves in your words, your actions, your tonality, your humor, your EVERYTHING.

Once you tap into the right SPECIFIC COMBINATION of EMOTIONS, a LOT of AMAZING things will start to happen NATURALLY.

You will exude the perfect blend of sexuality, dominance, confidence, security, mystique, and much more.

THIS is the stuff of ATTRACTION. It's so powerful that even if a woman for LOGICAL reasons can't be with you, she will STILL FEEL it for you.

It's that simple.
There is no choice, because emotions are that powerful. And what is happening when you do this right, is that you are actually enabling HER to feel all those awesome emotions, she is RIDING them and experiencing them herself and it not only is ADDICTIVE, but it is also SIMULTANEOUSLY creating a feeling of attraction and bonding at the same time, because she is experiencing all this with you, and ONLY you. So you two have a shared special experience.

If you would like to develop this skill so that you can interact with a woman in a way where she CAN'T HELP but feel attraction, then take advantage of my programs and materials.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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