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Having High Standards

Author: Michael W

Do you ever get that sinking feeling or knots in your stomach when you see a truly gorgeous woman near you?

Do you feel like "Man, she is SO beautiful, what the heck do I do? What do I have to offer?" Well, let me tell you something: You have to actually RAISE your standards.

Now you might be saying "What?! Hey Michael are you off your rocker? She's AMAZING, and you're telling me to RAISE my standards?!!"

This is what I mean:
The reason why a guy gets freaked out when he sees a hot woman is simple: It's because he believes she is actually BEYOND his worth. That's just the way we are, we all WANT what is BEYOND our reach, sometimes to the point of obsession.

We also tend to have this concept of where we think we belong in the scheme of things- what we can get, what we can't. But how accurate is this concept? How did most of us get this concept?

When it comes to our sense of sexual self-worth, we usually got it from judging the way women responded to us, etc.

The problem with this self-evaluation is that in most cases where the evaluation is harsh, it's crucial to realize that THE WAY WOMEN
RESPONDED TO YOU was a result of YOUR UN-NATURAL BEHAVIOR! You heard me right. It was NOT your natural behavior.

Buying chocolates, flowers, giving compliments, and calling a woman three times a day and telling her you love her after one week, and acting nervous around women was something you actually LEARNED to do by observation and reading, etc.


One of the reasons you behaved that way was because you were TAUGHT (through movies, TV shows, advice from parents, etc) that women were delicate, non-sexual, made of sugar and spice, and that women appreciated super nice guys, etc. So you figured "Okay, then I'll buy women flowers, chocolates, dinners, compliment them, etc. and then they’ll like me”. Then you got less than wonderful results. And then you labeled yourself as if it was a permanent label.

In reality, if no one ever told you to do these things, and if you weren't brainwashed, you would probably treat women with a FUN mischievous attitude, since you would be feeling energetic and in control as a result of your own NATURAL horniness. This "sex" state of mind is NATURAL, a good thing, and keeps you in the right state of mind, keeping your behavior very masculine, AND IT TURNS WOMEN ON, it puts women into the sexual desire zone.

Get this: It's IMPOSSIBLE to be sexual (or horny) and scared at the same time.

Think about that.

Naturally, you would be horny (I said horny, NOT DESPERATE) around women, and that would be GOOD for attracting women. Instead, you have learned to SHORT-CIRCUIT your natural MALE hormones and masculinity that women are ATTRACTED to, and you actually start getting nervous, scared, etc. This PREVENTS you from clicking the switch in a woman that says "Here is a MALE, so sexual desire can go ON."

So let me help you get back to that natural state that is so sexy to women.

You are a MAN.
You don't have to apologize for being a man. It's what women actually WANT - a wild, natural, horny man that is comfortable with his sexuality. Don't mask your sexuality. "Nice guys" often pretend they are sexless and could go on for hours talking to a woman about stocks, science, etc, to impress her.

That’s a waste of time and counter-productive- women want a MAN, not a robot. Sprinkling in a bit of sexual innuendo or jokes or teases when you are speaking with a woman is GOOD. It shows you are sexual. It’s also crucial to show your specifically male sexual characteristics, such as dominance.

Remember, men have been shaped by evolution to be dominant, it’s what enabled us to survive. And women needed men who had the rugged behavioral characteristics for survival. That’s why today women are attracted to us men only when we behave like MEN.

Women are hard wired to only feel sexual attraction for men who seem like men. If you repress your natural male behaviors, your sexuality, your dominance, etc., a woman cannot feel attraction. Makes sense, right? And the way to get back to your natural male self is to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. When your standards are way too low, you think you can't get beautiful women, and you then behave that way in front of women, which they can detect and thereby interpret as you actually being unworthy. (read: UNSEXY)

The problem is that most guys get freaked out since they believe that attractive women are "out of their league". So RAISE YOUR STANDARDS to include the fact that JUST BECAUSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL is NOT ENOUGH - she has to have a winning personality too. Whenever I meet any woman, no matter how beautiful, I am ALWAYS thinking from my gut that if she doesn't have a cool personality SHE'S just not going to get anywhere with ME.

Women can sense this type of attitude, if you really mean it (and I do) and it immediately separates you from the pack because most guys act like a beautiful woman is some kind of divine force. She ain't, she's a human being, and if she's not cool with personality as well, it shouldn't be worth peanuts to you.

RAISE YOUR STANDARDS and you'll suddenly find that it's actually EASIER to meet gorgeous women, because women are ATTRACTED to men who are the SELECTORS and don't just take whatever they can get. You activate a competitive streak in a woman when you do this, you put into effect one of the most motivating forces in the universe: A CHALLENGE. You convey that you are the SUPERIOR MALE who SELECTS the OPTIMUM FEMALE. (instead of taking leftovers.) This triggers MASSIVE desire in a woman, because we are all programmed to desire the BEST of the opposite gender.

I don't do this anymore, but a few years ago, I would visit the best strip clubs, where just about every dancer was drop dead gorgeous, and upon leaving, suddenly almost every other woman I would see, I almost felt sorry for them that they weren't as beautiful. (The dancers semi-nude puts you into a frame of mind where they are even more gorgeous than they would appear otherwise.) It was so easy going up to women in public places and getting numbers and emails. These women sensed that I was totally at ease, almost as if I was doing A FAVOUR FOR THEM by giving them the opportunity to give me their email!


I'm not saying you have to go to strip clubs to raise your standards, although it is one way.

You can raise your standards in many ways, be it their looks, their specific characteristics, personality traits, etc. Personally, my highest standards go for personality, because every woman has the power to have a good personality and when gorgeous women see that their looks cannot hypnotize me they try harder to be fun people as well.

When you raise your standards, you become the SELECTOR, instead of the SELECTEE. And this stirs in a woman a whole lot of that thing called sexual desire.

So be bold, and stop "hoping" to get a chance with a beautiful woman. Instead, hope that SHE has a chance with YOU. Let this attitude show in your initial approach, by not kissing the ground she walks on. Have fun and tease her like you would a good buddy. Without telling her directly, let her know you've got standards too, just like she does.

Giving compliments and telling a woman she is the most beautiful thing you've seen (when you’ve just met her) as your jaw is agape in wonder DOES NOT make her feel like you are a SELECTOR. It makes her feel like SHE is a selector, and therefore, that you are inferior. This equals ZERO ATTRACTION. And if you want to know how to become the SELECTOR instead of the SELECTEE, and how to get back to your NATURAL self that turns women ON, then I recommend you download my ebook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

In my book, I also show you exactly how to approach women, how to get numbers and emails, how to make the transition to arranging a date, how to get physical, and even how to succeed at relationships. Guys who read my book tell me that it's the most complete guide to the topic of success with women, and that it also feels natural- you don't have to be a clown, you don't have to be rich, you don't have to be wealthy. You just have to be male!

And it comes with a money back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, just let me know and you'll get your money back. But to be honest, most guys believe it's been one of the very best investments they've ever made. I don't think it's possible to put a price on knowing how to succeed with women. If someone had offered me this book a few years ago, when I was struggling to get this area of my life under control, I would have gladly paid ten times the price.

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And I explain why all of this works so you can understand it and get a NATURAL feel for it. I would have done just about anything legal to have a
book like this when I was struggling to understand women. I spent years learning the things the hard way, and then wrote it all down in a book that is easy to understand.

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Till next time...
From someone who's been there,

Michael W

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