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The Heart Of Attraction

Author: Michael W

For over four years now, I've been known as the guy that gives you the straight goods. Less hype, less "moves", more substance. Less emphasis on quantity, more emphasis on quality, in every way, including the women you attract. You're not going to get a more powerful, accurate understanding of the emotional and sexual dynamics of attraction anywhere else on Earth.

*** Letter from a Newsletter Reader ***

Hey Mike,
I've been meaning to get around to write to you, but too busy using this stuff. I've actually taken two different bootcamps from other guys before I heard of you from a friend. I was getting some results, but the whole process felt like I was conducting a massively complex operation that involved endless monitoring and tactics. Like I was flying the space shuttle.

Anyway, I read your site and even though I couldn't afford another bootcamp right then, I was intrigued. So I got your eBook. It hit me HARD, the whole mentality was vastly different than the gurus who preach being the "entertainer" who learns all kinds of "acts" to create a "show" for the girls.

I always felt something was weird about their emphasis on having to create a "show" for the girls, because the "naturals" who I knew were far more laid back and seemed to be trying way less hard and yet had more women than they could handle.

Your approach was similar to the naturals, but the difference is that your approach creates far more emotional impact on women since it's all about developing our natural skill in that area. This way, there is no being a "clown", there is only developing a natural side of yourself to feel certain states, and then learning how to project all that. So you aren't trying to impress, you are just being you, a better you.

That got me VERY intrigued to get your CD Set, so I ordered it in December.


Now, I want to be honest, before your material, I had spent some time working on my skills as I said, but I was NOT getting the results I wanted, especially not without feeling insecure all the time that I was missing some of the complex patterns, routines, or points that I had been taught.

So if anything, that should only make what I am about to say even more significant.

The first thing I want to say is that after completing listening to your CDs, I've never experienced such a massive impact on my inner game before. Instead of just saying "inner game counts" like most gurus, you actually explain and show how emotions work and how to control them, so that I can do something about it, besides just APPROACH women, as I was doing that before anyway.

In addition to understanding how to get any woman emotional, which I can see is a huge key to success with women, there were also so many massive reframes that I got from your series, that I knew something had then shifted internally in me. So I went back out doing my regular pick-up, and took a whole new approach to it all. I was giving up a LOT of stuff that I had actually spent years memorizing and forcing myself to get into, but I just knew it was the right thing to abandon it all now.

It's really true, as you explain, that when you are totally CONGRUENT to feeling that you are bursting with value, then you exhibit all the right behaviors in the "real" physical world.

I've been experimenting with using your principles, including the principle of "minimum game" when I pull girls now. I have all the tools you teach at my disposal, and yet following your principle of using as little as possible and only using "techniques" when I feel the situation needs it, I can feel the VIBE is way stronger, immediately.

For example, now when I go to clubs, if I see some girls sitting down on a couch, I just chill out and roll right up and open them up with anything that is playful and not too deep. I think it works because it's just the opening, it's all LEADING to the REAL vibe.

The key is that every tiny little thing in my presentation, body language, tonality, is on target because I'm already in state. I'm chilled out, feeling good, sexual, dominant. And the reason I'm in state, is because I've worked on not being dependent on my "material". Also, of course it helps that you explain many profound insights into women's behavior and thinking so that I also now know when to do what.

Another thing that I've learned from you is to make my environment work for me, so the great music they play in the club is totally doing half the work for me by getting her in a great mood!

In the past, I would try to COUNTER the environment, but now I work WITH it. Similarly, in quiet places like bookstores, I use your principle to make the environment work for me as well, by first creating more emotional impact, but then letting the quieter atmosphere lead to deeper conversations that build far more connection.

To think that clubs were my old FEAR, when now it's no harder than "daytime" pick-up.

And thanks to you, I don't believe attraction is about my "material" (I know having material can sometimes help, but it's never the life force of the vibe) I am more chilled out, and the girls obviously can sense it. I try less hard, which makes the girls feel more relaxed in addition to attracted.

They can sense there is no pressure here, and at the same time, they can sense there is something sexy here too.

I don't speak like some wind up doll trying to impress them with all my cool "pick up artist" tactics and speeches.

I know it's ME, not anything else. And when I couple that with ALSO having the huge array of "tactics" you equip me with, I really am ready to take care even of "surprise" situations, i.e. if everything is going great, and her friends are trying to pull her away because of some "emergency" blah blah blah.

The other thing is, because I'm doing so little and yet getting good results, this makes me feel even better, so my state is even MORE resourceful and then I kick into "THE ZONE" where I can access that part of my brain that can be playful, cocky, funny, dominant, etc.

You really weren't kidding when you said in the CDs that EMOTIONS are the fuel of your success - they shortcut the path to "material" in the same way when you are ANGRY you find good reasons to do ANGRY things, similarly when you are FEELING PLAYFUL, SEXUAL, DOMINANT, you then NATURALLY show the ACTIONS and WORDS without THINKING about it.

I hope you'll print this letter because as KICK-ASS as your stuff is, I don't think you are doing justice to explaining how your stuff is so different from the "three-hundred step" methods out there. I think the biggest difference is that your system works from building the inside first, then the outside, rather than the other way around.

Usually, within a few minutes of chatting to a girl and her friends, I can get her seated with me, (I just tell her to come with me, and if she resists, I play it cool and chat some more and then get her to come with me a few minutes later) and then chill out with her and get into that comfortable physical contact zone but not too far in a sleazy way.

The funny thing is that by this point, the girls WANT to talk. I'm not in this mode of "trying to MAKE" things happen. Which only kicks my confidence up even higher.

I know I used to have this image of having to "make" things happen all the time, so I wanted a routine to cover for everything, for every situation.

But now I realize these weak beliefs were coming across to women through my body language. I was coming across as insecure and needy even though I had tons of cool things to say. And like you said in a newsletter a while ago, it's not about learning endless BODY LANGUAGE secrets so much, but realizing that this itself is a product of your EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS.

I'm careful not to get "too intensely physical" and freak her out in a club, but it's definitely something that **I** am controlling INTENTIONALLY rather than it being something I can't do or don't feel comfortable with.

Well, there's more that I think guys ought to hear, especially about the way emotions are all interconnected, but I got to get going, seriously, I'm about to call back this chick I met a couple of days ago.

Your CDs have been a massive help. And I wish I had taken your Bootcamp a long time ago. It would have saved me years of time, money, and stress. And it would have saved me from absorbing all the wrong ideas from supposed "experts", ideas that only now, with your help have finally been detoxed from my emotional system.

Thanks for what you've taught me, and PRINT THIS LETTER!!!
H T, Texas

*** Michael's Reply ***

Hey man, thanks first of all for the props on the CDs and eBook. A lot of work went into them and I'm glad it's accomplishing the objective:
Making a serious DIFFERENCE in your RESULTS .

The biggest thing you hit on in your email is the fact that ALL this stuff is about ENGAGING EMOTIONS, including not only women's but also YOUR OWN!

This is the HEART of attraction.

Yes, absolutely, it's about getting a woman into emotional states, but the problem is that guys are coming at this all too often from a CEREBRAL ROBOTIC angle, which explains the mistaken emphasis by so many guys on learning "a move" or a "cool story" to handle each situation. You see, that in ITSELF is a cerebral robotic approach, and is a symptom of the problem.

Guys have this image in their head that they will walk into a situation with all these "MOVES" at their disposal, like Batman with his utility belt stacked with gadgets to solve every situation. Every guy has this image that he wants to be "UBER PICK UP ARTIST MAN" who can ZAP away any issue with his super clever situation-specific and ingenius TACTIC. And who can make EVERY GIRL love him by forcing her into his TWO HUNDRED step process, and heaven forbid he should "miss" one step, then he's HISTORY, right?

I have to hand it to the guys who started this whole fabrication of the "super human pick up artist". They actually got guys to BELIEVE that the way to get the women who are attractive, is to figure out the "MAGIC SPECIAL WORDS"! The "magic 200 steps"! The "super opener"! The "special closer line"!

By getting you to believe pick up and attraction could be reduced to this stuff, they were appealing to a guy's desire to NOT have to actually put any HEART or EMOTION into this area of his life. So that way, there's no emotional "risk".

But if a guy has such weak inner game and is that needy for approval, to the point he will be RUINED if he actually puts some HEART into it and it doesn't get the girl doing cartwheels immediately, well then THAT itself will be the BIGGEST OBSTACLE to his success with women!

It's crazy how such a huge lie, (a system based on zero emotional input) that leads to NO RESULTS was actually sold as the way to get SUCCESS with women. All because it appealed to emotional laziness.

The biggest SECRET, for real, is learning how human EMOTION works, and how to CREATE those emotions internally and in women. And I assure you, that trying to create emotions in women by focusing on tactics that you force yourself to do without even feeling anything is the most INEFFICIENT way to get results.

It would be like trying to build muscle by going through all the MOTIONS of working out with weights, but not actually HAVING any weights.

The WEIGHT is the HEART of the matter. Otherwise, it's just SIMULATING what a workout LOOKS LIKE.

Similarly, without the emotional content, you are just SIMULATING what pickup LOOKS like from afar, but you are not actually DOING it. Thanks again for your letter.


*** Success Story & Question ***

Hi Michael,
I took your Bootcamp back in the summer, I was the guy who kept asking you the "deep" stuff questions, and then, based on your answers and the way you reframed my perspectives on the spot, I would then be able to open girls with the most juvenile stuff I could think of, and it worked!

Well, I've been continuing that tradition lol. I am now the KING of juvenile mentality. (Combined with the dominant state of course, the importance of which you made ever so clear and demonstrated.) I say this, not because I think this is the only way to pick up the women who are hot, (you showed over and over again that there are many ways), but because my problem was that I was TOO serious.

I didn't know how to NOT be that way. So I really appreciated your patience with me each time I resorted back into my serious mode and you took me out of it and back into the zone, that place that crosses between fun, playful, sexual, dominant, and laid back, to name just a few!

I think that's when I knew deep down that your Bootcamp was the best decision I could make- I needed to have someone who could get me into the right state, FORCE me back into state, again and again and again until I could access that state on my own because it was familiar.

But without you DRILLING the state into my mind, I would have caved and never got to that point.

You got me out of that state and into the right ones, so many times, so that by Sunday, I was finally FREE of my slavery to that old mentality. And your CD Set that I listen to every time I'm in the car helps KEEP me on track even today.

I think that deep down, I was using "serious" as protection against rejection, like when a person tightens up when they feel stress. It was a fight-or-flight type of evolutionary response. Oops, there I go again, getting serious lol. But you know what I mean.

Now, I've had some classic juvenile-fueled vibes that have led to me dating three women, one of them possibly a "serious relationship" contender. All VERY attractive. Let me share one of my openers with your readers, I know you aren't a big fan of memorizing stuff, but that you also agree that having a LITTLE stuff (like a couple of minutes) can help beginners to relax about the "how do I start the pickup" question, and can help to establish the vibe.

So, here we go:
At the supermarket, when I see girls in the candy section, if they are HOT, I take an OBVIOUS look at their body, and make a "no" gesture with my head. Like, I will look at her butt, and do the gesture. Only on girls who are hot, because I know they will take it the right way.

This usually gets girls to drop their jaw and laugh at the same time.

To which I sometimes AGAIN do the gesture, or say "please, I mean really." And they say things like "What? I shouldn't be eating this?" And I just go, keeping the tension on and not saying much, "I mean please, cummmon". And then I will go into a mock serious conversation about candy and it's effects on behavior, which I really have no idea about, but I just play it up that it makes people behave very badly!

The VIBE is set, to which I eventually get around to chilling out and the more relaxed, calmer, "getting to know you" type of convo, which I have found leads to more consistent, solid connections.

By the way, I did not PLAN this, it was just the first thing that came to mind when I saw her. Now, I CAN re-use this, again and again, and I sometimes do, but it was developed in the FIELD.

I didn't wait to have material memorized before heading out.

This is an ATTITUDE, man, and I LOVE it. It's so liberating, it's fun, it's sexual and confident, it's all the right things.

I had one question- you mention that you don't need to use all the principles, tactics, insights, all the time, and that it's important to use "as little game as possible". I take this to mean that it's important to be SELECTIVE and do the RIGHT THING instead of doing EVERYTHING, right? Could you give an example possibly?
Brandon C.

*** Michael's Reply ***

Thanks for the props on my materials and programs, your letter really hits home the importance of state, and how a lot of the things that hold guys back are NOT natural, but guys think it is. It's not natural to be so serious all the time, we weren't built that way, it's only a CONDITIONED response that guys develop as a form of protection.

But once guys become conscious of this, and realize that this association is NOT helping them in any way, they can then begin the process of CHANGING those beliefs and learning the truth about what IS effective and what DOES work to attract the women of their choice.

And I like your mentality, which is to ENSURE change. So a guy that is way too serious should at first lean on the side of MORE FUN rather than more serious whenever in doubt. Similarly, a guy who is TOO BURSTING WITH FUN AND PLAYFULNESS, to the point that he is coming across as on SERIOUS DRUGS, well he should lean on the side of being "serious and normal". But the truth is that BY FAR most guys are too serious when it comes to their vibes/pick-ups with women.

Perfect calibration of where exactly the line is takes practice, but it sounds like you've got it down PAT now. I love the supermarket candy aisle stuff you shared- it's TOTALLY the right vibe. And also, it's really important that you reserve that for girls who are pretty hot, otherwise they might think you SERIOUSLY are being a TOTAL PRICK, because they probably would feel too self-conscious and feel BAD from that. But you already know that, so cool, I'm just making it absolutely clear to the readers here.

And to answer your question about using as little game as possible, and how this means being SELECTIVE in what you use, the answer is YES.

Now, with practice, you develop an INSTINCT for this, so that you don't have to think consciously much about what to do, about what is the best thing to do, etc. But YES, it's about being selective in what you do, as opposed to doing NOTHING or simply using any one random principle and calling that "minimum game".

So for example, I was heading home once on a quiet Sunday night from a club where there wasn't much happening, not too many girls there. So I was looking to see what else was going on in the area.

I pass by a hot-dog cart, and there are two girls there, both VERY NICE if you know what I mean. Anyway, I could just feel that the vibe at this hour was very laid back and chilled out, things were quiet.

So I opened up the hot dog vendor, dangling an obvious bait. I asked him for directions that I knew he wouldn't know, because I made up the street name. The girls started to get into it, telling me that they only knew the name of the street where they lived.

So I just said "Oh, is that Sesame Street?". Just pure relaxed playfulness, with a sprinkling of light tease.

They "get it" immediately, and play right along, with a little talk about neighbors being Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch, and with me making it clear that Oscar's bottomless can RULES. I mean, I would LOVE to have a place like that.

Sometimes girls will NOT provide major resistance. Funny thing, these girls were university educated, both with good jobs. Cool. Not that money matters to me when it comes to women, (seriously, it doesn't) but it's always nice to see that this stuff actually works BETTER on attractive, intelligent women who are not desperate in any way.

Again, environment and timing also plays into a situation.

At the same time, I know that if I escalate too fast here or look too eager, they will feel "cheap". So I help them out by walking a bit off, then turning around and telling them that a poor guy can get lost and hurt in the big city trying to find his way home, and that I needed them as my bodyguards to escort me as we searched for my car wherever it was parked.

I made sure to have both the girls flanking me, as I playfully had my arm around each of their waists, and I kept taking the wrong routes, giving us all plenty of time to chat and build connection and even kiss the really nice one.

As we chatted and built up contact, some dude driving by asks the girls if he can offer them a "lift". Anyway, the girls hold me tighter and tell him "We're lifting him pretty good already". Man, that's the BEST. When the GIRLS do the work of getting rid of other guys FOR you.

And the way to do THAT is to simply make the interaction great to begin with, that way the girls WANT to KEEP you and they want to keep everyone else OUT.

By the time we reached the parking lot, the connection was so strong that we all drove to their apartment. And the next morning I found out my preferred girl had left her camera in my car just in case, to make sure we would hook up later.

So, in all honesty, there was nothing too complicated there, but what WAS done was all THE RIGHT STUFF. What's that line from Hertz? "We don't want to be the biggest, just the best."

Same thing here in pick up, it's not about showing how many moves you have, that will actually BLOW YOU OUT. It's about GETTING THE RESULT.

If this is a goal you'd like to achieve, and you are prepared to work on it, instead of looking for a "magic line" then it's time you got yourself the finest education you can possibly get on this topic by ordering my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program. It's at:

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

And if you haven't already downloaded my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then definitely do that immediately. It's the foundation, where the journey begins.

I have spent literally YEARS learning these skills the hard way, trying just about EVERYTHING until I broke through to what really works. And the great news is that it CAN be taught, it CAN be learned.

And you can start to understand and learn by downloading my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, here:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

One more thing about me- I don't just know this stuff, I know how to teach different types of people. I'm a professional and certified teacher, a graduate of one of the most vigorous teacher education programs in the world.

The way I look at it, if you are serious about improving your skills in any area, it's about getting an education in that area. With me, you are learning from someone who has BOTH the practical experience and yet also understands the best pedagogical practices for learning and teaching. This becomes even more powerful in my live coaching programs where I can meet you and get feedback from you to make sure that I explain and demonstrate things in a way you understand. And in my one-on-one programs such as my bootcamps and consultations, I will gear every SECOND of the program to suit your particular learning style.

It's a WIN-WIN situation.
Download this special book right now at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Inside, you'll learn:
-How to trigger attraction instantly.
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Till next time,

Michael W

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