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Her Emotions Create Your Success

Author: Michael W

When it comes to actually approaching a woman and successfully picking her up, there's nothing like learning from the nitty gritty, from the real thing, which is why I put such a huge emphasis on constantly developing my own skills, why I teach guys in person, and why everything that makes it into my materials must first pass the ultimate litmus test, which is:
Does it work in the "The Real World" of women?

So on that note, I'd like to share some really useful email letters from guys that are out there using my materials and programs and bootcamps, and are willing to share with you exactly how they have been applying what they learned to pick up women and keep them attracted. Lots of nitty-gritty.

***Success Story 1***

Hey Michael,
(I've already written in a couple of times. I won't be offended if you don't respond. I'm just trying to help. I'm really getting into this stuff and it's really fun. It's good. I'm enjoying life, and I want others to do the same.)

I just felt like writing in. Bought your eBook a couple of months ago. It blew my mind. It's taken me a while, but I'm starting to get this stuff. The two things that have helped me the most are music and wardrobe.

I did what you said, and now, I only listen to music that is geared for "The Man". I find that R&B and hip hop is really good because a lot of those artists sing about being a man who is worth being with-they talk about being a go getter.

They talk about seeing a girl they like and getting her. They talk about ignoring the haters. They talk about believing in what they do for a living and being successful and loving what they do. And they frame the situation and make it clear that women are the ones who want them and do things for their attention.

I recommend "I'm a Flirt" by Bow Wow and "If I Wanted" by usher and j. timberlake to set it off. When you immerse yourself with this music, you really do begin to think and more importantly feel that you are a valuable person. You really do feel it. It becomes instinct to know you are the hottest guy or the most worth-while guy no matter where you are.

Also, hip hop and R&B artists have no problem taking their lyrics to the bedroom.

Wardrobe is also key. I did what you advised and pushed the envelope. I recommend spending the money and dressing as sexy as possible. Jeans and a button up aren't going to cut it-at least at first. Go the whole nine-shoes, dress pants, sexy shirt, and a blazer-dress to impress.

Because what happens is when you're hot, girls compliment you. I'm talking about like ten girls complimenting you a night (and guys). I've had girls tell me I look so hot that they don't want to take their eyes off me. What happens is, when you hear this, you start to really believe this and feel it. Then, you have no problem going up to a girl or girls and saying, "hey, I heard you ladies talking about how cute I am, so I figured I'd listen in," lol.

Or, when they are talking, you can interrupt them and say, "ahhh, can we just talk about how hot I am," pffff. You say this jokingly, but at the same time, you're dead serious.

You really feel that you are the hottest guy in the bar and you have no problem letting them know it. They'll know. you'll be looking straight into your eyes when you say it. I was flirting with a girl the other week. I told her that because I was the hottest guy in the bar, she should buy me a drink, and she did. Saying s**t like this is so much more fun than trying to come up with some impressive s**t to say. And it all becomes really fun.

I'm working on the conversation/escalation part right now. It's a tender balance between the two. I tend do dominate the conversation too much. It's usually a little too serious. I'm learning to break it up with teases or fun stuff. I'm still holding back too.

Being a physically sexual person has been a problem for me since day one. I'll get over it. It's just a matter of confidence, practice, and fun. Oh yeah, I have the utmost respect for women now (well, those who aren't mean people anyways). I really do. It's all about having fun.

"If I wanted, I could take you from your man. Please believe it. With my eyes closed, I could have you eatin' out the palm of my hand, and all your little girl friends too."
- Usher and J. Timberlake
Later Man,

***My Comments***

Whoa, a lot of stuff to comment on here. Normally I don't print huge letters but this one had so much good stuff in it that I had to.

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your experiences in using the eBook.

Music is a very powerful thing, and without realizing it, most guys are getting brainwashed by all sorts of weak-messaged music that promotes handing over your dignity and your manhood over to a chick.

It sounds like the examples you gave of music are far more empowering, and it's important to get the spirit of the message rather than take every word literally, or you could end up with an attitude that gets too arrogant, but for most guys --who are coming across as total pushovers for women by worshipping the ground they walk on, and by being too serious with women right off the bat, as if she is such a great thing before the guy even knows a THING about her real personality --- guys absolutely need the right emotional fuel to take them in the right direction.

Bottom line is that although music may be a matter of taste, no guy in his formative stages of getting good at the game, should ever listen to kiss-ass music, regardless of what genre:
Rock, rap, whatever.

Guys need to feed their minds and emotions with songs that promote the internal feeling of being:

1."A man who is worth being with..."
2. "A go getter".
3. Allowed to, as a man, "See a girl you like and get her".
4. Focused on your own goals with women and "ignoring the haters."
5. Passionate "in what you do for a living and loving what you do".

And the other stuff is great too:
"Framing the situation and making it clear that women are the ones who want them (the men) and do things for their attention".

All excellent stuff.

What you feed the mind, particularly what you feed the emotions, the mind will create in results in reality.

So feed it the kind of music that is consistent with being, as I say in the book, "The Man".

And regarding "taking their lyrics to the bedroom", the spirit of this is not being afraid of being sexual.

As long as you don't act needy or scummy or creepy, or ever make her feel cheap, it's vital that sexuality is clearly inherent in your vibe. A lot of this comes from your tonality.

Of course, this is explained in full detail in my programs, at:

The Dating Wizard Website

And, yes, as I explain as well, wardrobe is key. Pushing the envelope, without breaking it, is good.

The reality is that I often do wear jeans, and do great pick up, but I don't only wear jeans, especially when I'm going out to a kick-ass club. Also, there are all kinds of jeans, so it's something to consider as well, you can find jeans that stand out in a cool way.

But again, yes, the bottom line is "go the whole nine yards" to find the clothing that is cool to you- shoes, pants, sexy shirt, accessories, etc.

And yes, when you dress well, you get compliments from women, and it does make you sexier, and it does build up your inner game when you hear this stuff all the time.

And so you become more congruent when you pull off the fun cocky stuff, because you feel warranted in your new identity - "you start to really believe this and feel it". So your remark to the group of girls, "hey, I heard you ladies talking about how cute I am, so I figured I'd listen in," sounds like you are really one of those playful confident masculine dominant guys, because you are now.

I also loved your comment to the girls when they are talking, and you interrupt them and say, "ahhh, can we just talk about how hot I am," pffff.

LOL. Good stuff!
And yes, the combo of saying it "jokingly, but at the same time, you're dead serious" is golden.

You also touched on something else: eye contact.
"You'll be looking straight into your eyes when you say it."

Being able to do this is crucial. Most guys shy away, they can't hold the eye contact, so learn to keep it.

Not like a psycho who stares at her for ten minutes without blinking, but who is able to look right into her eyes without flinching.

Doing this with a woman who is hot is crucial.

Regarding your current sticking point of balancing the conversation/escalation balance, a good rule of thumb to remember is that if you open strong, with dominance, good vocal projection, and playfulness, you usually can within a couple minutes chill out more and let them contribute to the conversation so that it's not just you talking.

This is why it's so important to open strong. If you open weak, you won't gain attraction even if you talk forever, and that's when you find yourself having to talk all the time, as the woman is not feeling attracted enough to start wanting to contribute.

In fact, by talking louder, and hence adopting the physiology of confidence, you will then also often find it easier to access the psychological state of dominance, sexuality, confidence, and even playfulness.

Of course, this is a huge topic, and it's impossible to get into all the massive details here, but this is one helpful way to get into the right emotional state. Force yourself to adopt the voice of confidence, and you will soon start to feel more confident.

Regarding being a "physically sexual person", you have the right attitude:
It is a matter of practice, and getting comfortable with physically escalating. And remember, once you trigger the attraction in her (which you can tell from her smiles, touching you, asking your name, etc) that's the time to escalate physically.

Although in daytime environments, like picking her up at the bookstore, you have to scale back the physical contact or you will seem weird.

It's not the same when you are in a club in a booth just with her and you and you can easily kiss her.

Thanks again for your letter, and let us know how your progress is going!

***Success Story 2***

Alright Michael, quite simply, mad props to you.

I just finished listening to your CD Set about two weeks ago, and the reverberations are still shaking within me, so many things I am still soaking in and so much that I am using it's insane. I've already put a lot of the advanced ideas into action.

Let me give you an example:
Instead of relying too much on "memorized lines", I have followed your approach and have learned to take maximum advantage of the environment and the timing of the situation, which allows me the flexibility to do the best thing for that moment in time.

This has opened up so many more doors and allows me to gear things perfectly for the situation, for better than any memorized line or routine could ever do.

And I'm far more congruent in my delivery, since I know in fact that I am not making up a line, so I don't feel cheesy, and therefore the chick doesn't feel I'm being cheesy.

For example, riding the bus home the other day, I noticed a girl reading a "Kaballah" magazine, and I know that Madonna is into all that stuff, so I teased her immediately on it, "So you think you're Madonna now, huh?" She laughed first, but then it got into whole interesting conversation about this mystical stuff that she's studying, and the impact on everyday life that it has, so I managed to not only get a tease but also a great topic for rapport at once. I wasn't the cheesy pick up artist by the time we finished talking, but rather a guy who has balls and playfulness but and also a guy that is able to talk about anything with her.

I got her number before I got off the bus, called her the next day, warning her not to try to convert me into a cult, and she laughed and then agreed to meet me for coffee later tonight, but I teased her again that I was going be bring my anti-cult book with me and that I would not tolerate her hypnotizing me to try to get me into bed with her. LOL.

Looking forward to that.

Another thing that I learned from your CD Set, which I can see might be an even bigger turbo boost for my successes in the future as well, is the importance of using all emotions, of making a woman feel the right emotion at the right time. When I first read your site, I didn't totally understand what you meant by all these emotions and how important it is to pick up and to attraction even long term attraction as well.

But after listening to your CDs, I totally get it and have used it, for example, now, at all times in the interaction with the woman, especially during the pickup, I can feel where she is at emotionally and I have so many more things that I can do to keep the vibe going smoothly and her feeling great at all times.

On Saturday, I met this girl at a coffee shop, she's 24 and ten years younger than me. After opening her up with a bit of a tease, and then fluff talking for a bit, she seemed to show a lot of interest, smiling, qualifying herself to me to try to win me over, etc, so I figured it was a good chance to escalate to arrange a second meeting, as I had to go meet a friend then.

She suddenly throws out "you're way too old for me" and before getting your CDs. No problem, I just laugh it off and tell her of course, in woman years, she's actually older than me. She immediately comes back with "I know...I know!"

I can't believe it, in the old days I would have felt like jumping off a building, and now, by letting her resistance slide off my back and then reframing it, I have a girl who is f***g hot telling me she knows she's "older" than me!

Anyway, with that out of the way, we chat some more, I tease her some more, figuring she needs it, but then I went too far. Teased her a little too hard. Something that I would not have been able to sense properly before your CDs. Previously, I would have figured she is just "sh-t testing" me. But now, I realize that sometimes a woman actually is feeling bad.

And also, previously, I didn't know exactly all the ways, and the best way, to make her feel good again without coming across as a sorry, apologizing, inferior, ass-kisser.

So what I did, thanks to your CDs, is restored her dignity and self-esteem as you explained in such illustrious detail, and simultaneously preserved my superior status.

What I did was use "call back" humor from something that happened earlier. Earlier, while we were fluffing and in rapport conversation, she was talking about how she comes from a Mediterranean family that is very loud and I was teasing her before that I would make her feel at home by yelling at her a lot.

So what I did then was say to her "Sorry, dork! I'm really sorry!"

This had the effect of restoring her dignity, because I did say sorry, but in a dominant tonality mixed with playfulness (the power of combining states and showing this through tonality which I learned from your detailed explanation and examples in the CDs) that was still masculine and superior, and also it got her laughing hysterically because the shouting was a reference to the earlier humor about her family being loud!

So she now was in a great state from the laughter. Plus, the "dork" comment showed that I'm not about to become an ass-kisser even though I apologized, and at the same time it's not a mean thing either. She got her dignity, I kept my status, and she's feeling great.


It worked like a charm, she was laughing and she grabbed my lapels as if she was going to strangle me, but in that way where you know she really loves you, as she was smiling, and rubbing herself on me!!!!!

You rule, man.

I would never have gotten this kind of mastery without your advanced material, and now I can't wait to take your Real World Bootcamp!!

I honestly can't believe what you have accomplished here, it's extraordinary, and if any guy is reading this, let me add that I am a "regular guy", not particularly anything, i.e. wealthy, not some "model", I simply started with your eBook, was massively impressed, and have only recently started getting into even higher gear now with your CD Set. And so far, I've only used about 2% of what I've learned from the CDs! There's so much in there, it's going to take time to absorb it all.

I'm sure that in the next few weeks, I am going to obliterate a ton more previous obstacles as I digest and apply more of your stuff.
Brian K.

***My Comments***

Thanks for the props on the CD Set and for HELPING other guys out there with your specific examples.

It was a long letter, but again, it was useful since you you focused on what you are doing, and it's all good stuff.

The point about using the environment is key. It doesn't mean you have to always use the environment, but to ignore it is ridiculous, as so many times it is so rich with potential for conversation. And, by not being limited to "lines", you become more aware of what is going on in that moment and more alert to how to maximize the moment, whether it be that she is looking for change while getting on the bus but can't find any change, (this was a golden opportunity that happened to me with a chick, so I teased her on being homeless (I was sitting at the front) and she laughed even as she continued searching for the ticket, and then when she finally found her ticket, I told her that no one wanted to sit next to a homeless girl, but that I felt sorry for her and that I would sit down with her if she promised not to pickpocket me.

Pure on the fly stuff that doesn't seem cheesy since it's real, based on real life that is unfolding at the moment. You don't feel weird using it, so it doesn't seem weird to her either.

The reason you don't feel weird is because it's not weird: It's simply you interacting with the real situation.

And as I'm sure you realize, there are about a bazillion applications of this, as it allows you to adjust for any of the infinite variables that may be present when you want to approach a woman.

The "realness" of the situation makes it even easier to get into rapport, because there isn't as much of a sudden "shift" in gears, as the whole thing has been more "grounded in reality". As opposed to having a "line" and then going into being more "real".

And great stuff with the teasing, yet knowing when to back off and restore her dignity when you sensed it was going too far. Using the call back humor while simultaneously using the dominant tonality and apologizing was the perfect mix.


I look forward to hearing your continued progress, and to taking your game even farther in person!

And if you are reading this right now, I assure you that this is just a sliver of all that you will learn from my programs.

If you are just starting out, then the first thing you need to do is get my eBook-
it's got tons of exact strategies for how to approach women successfully, how to overcome your inner fears, how to turn that approach into a date, and how to turn that date into something physical. And how to take things beyond this stage as well.
It's at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

And if have already read the eBook, it's time for you to move to the mastery level with my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set.

This Program is the most powerful, comprehensive, portable program on the planet. You will learn at the most In-depth level the full power of attraction. You will learn crucial insights into women's psychology, you will learn how to master your own internal emotional state around women, you will learn how to advance an interaction with a woman from first seeing her all the way to getting physical quickly, and you will learn to give a woman the emotions that she craves more than anything else. You will learn how to take an interaction from A to Z whether you meet a woman on the bus, online, or at a club. And much, much more.
It's all at:

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Till next time,

Michael W

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