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When Her Questions Are Controls

Author: Michael W

In another newsletter, I explained how attraction is based on what I call Superior Intrinsic Value, and how a woman’s attraction to you is based on how well you convey this SIV.

MOST guys out there, by their behavior, give women the impression that women are superior and men are inferior. They kiss up and give endless compliments, including false compliments, as if women were doing some act of charity by being with a guy. As a result, women get USED to this treatment, which leads to women displaying certain behaviors.

One of these behaviors is the act of asking questions to basically confirm that they are indeed superior.
Let me give you an example:
A woman points out another woman at a restaurant:
“Do you think she’s pretty?”


A woman “forgets” her wallet or money or debit card at home, etc. And then asks if you could “help her out” with this or that.


A woman you’ve just approached asks you “Do you approach all women in this place?”

In each of the above situations, the woman KNOWS the answer to the question, she doesn’t NEED you to tell her the answer.

Do you really think that she pointed out the woman in the restaurant because the woman was UGLY? Do you really think with the wallet/debit card situation, that she forgot her wallet at home? Do you really think that the pretty girl you approached thinks that you approach 90 year old grandmas?

All the questions are CONTRIVED.
The goal is not get answers per se.
The goal is to GAIN CONTROL.

How you answer these questions, or even if you choose to answer or not answer at all, will affect her assessment of your SIV.

So for example, in the restaurant situation, if you answer with anything along the lines of “Oh no, she’s not as awesome as you, and you are the most gorgeous thing on the planet” you have NOT actually changed her opinion of the woman sitting across from her in the restaurant ONE BIT.

What you HAVE done though is told her A HELL OF A LOT about your SELF. That you will kiss up on demand.

I’m not saying that a woman will never sometimes honestly feel insecure, and need a little ego boost from you. But if you are willing to constantly give her ego boosts for NOTHING in return, you basically are saying she is worth more than you. And most times, women are PLAYING when they do this with you, ESPECIALLY when you FIRST meet them.

Same thing with the wallet situation. She’s not asking can you help her out, she’s really saying “Kiss my butt”. Again, same thing with woman who was just approached - if she was not attractive, she’d be GLAD you approached and not ask you so many qualifying questions.

If she’s attractive, she usually thinks she KNOWS why you approached- so what she’s really saying is “I know you think I’m hot, so I’m going to be difficult and see how much you will kiss my butt.”

So of course if you say something like “Uh…(all nervous, as if you’ve been caught doing some CRIME) no, I uh…just wanted to ask you something….” Then all you accomplish is looking APOLOGETIC in the presence of a superior, thereby killing all attraction.

Instead, say something that shows YOU ARE TOTALLY comfortable and having a good time, and that she is WAY too serious if she thinks you are so serious about HER. The way to do this is to be PLAYFUL. Something like: “No, only girls that look homeless and need help”.

See how that works?
She basically at first thinks is this “another guy beneath me”? She’s a bit happy for a sec that she got attention, but then she quickly gets bored because she feels she already HAS your worship.

So when you act like this totally happy dude who is possibly just playing with HER and having a good time, whammo, she feels WHO IS THIS GUY? I need to find out so I can figure out how to get him to kiss MY butt! Congratulations, she’s EXCITED now. She WANTS you now. So watch out for the questions that are really just the attempts for CONTROL and SUPERIORITY.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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