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The Highest Level Of Dating Skill

Author: Michael W

On the surface, knowing how to attract women can seem like a simple thing, because if you ever observe a situation where it is being done RIGHT, it really doesn’t come across as strange. In fact, everything seems very normal. This is kind of like some martial arts that are NOT flashy, yet massively street-tested.

In fact, part of the WHOLE IDEA of a successful approach, pickup, or any other interaction with a woman is that it SHOULD FEEL NATURAL AND LOOK NATURAL.

However, that does not mean that there aren’t a LOT of things going on, a LOT of skills that are being applied. It’s just that they are happening so smoothly, so effectively, that it’s almost INVISIBLE.

This is the highest level of skill:
When it all looks EASY, effortless, as if the guy was not trying anything at all. The reality is that, at the highest levels, there really is a LOT to know.

And it's easier for me to teach all this in person because of the incredible SUBTLETIES involved, especially in a successful pickup, especially in a complex situation like a really loud club, with a girl who has all her friends around her, etc etc.

One of the contradictions to this skill is that while on one hand you have to be DOMINANT, at the same time you have to know how to be laid back, and how to use FINESSE to weave your way smoothly into, for example, a girl's group of friends and walk away with her or at least her number, email, etc. You have to have PERSISTENCE to not eject out of the situation, yet at the SAME TIME you have to ALSO BE VERY SURE to NOT come across as an inferior, as if you are some lackey waiting to do her bidding. Remember, attraction is about superiority, but not about being a jerk. This is where the ever important skill of knowing exactly how much tension is the RIGHT amount becomes critical.

These are all huge topics in themselves, but I'd like to riff a bit on something known as the "testing" that women give so well. You really need to have a thick skin to be in this game as well as have INSIDE KNOWLEDGE, especially to handle this phenomenon known as testing.

Otherwise you will get melted instantly at the first "shit test" a woman gives you.

So, what IS a shit test, you ask?
It's something that just about every girl will throw at you when you try to pick her up. Honestly. Almost every single girl that you will ever meet will most likely throw some shit tests at you at at least some points along the way from A to Z.

Women do this often without even thinking about it, it is the result of various social forces and evolutionary forces beyond the scope of this newsletter. So, what is an example of a shit test? Here’s one: You may open up a girl at a club with some casual conversation, and she may tell you something to try to throw you off. She may say “that’s a cheesy line”, she may say she has to go, she may even feign mock anger that you are interrupting her or her friends. Now, it takes SKILL to know when she REALLY means it, and when she is just shit testing you. And sometimes it’s BOTH, where a girl does mean it, but is curious to see how you will HANDLE it.

I've had girls tell me and my friends that I am interfering in their party/conversation/etc only to be having these same girls coming BACK for more within SECONDS. All because I knew it was a shit test, and I knew how to handle it. Sometimes women act as if they are NOT into you, to show you and to show their girlfriends that they DON'T allow themselves to get "picked up", and so they have to act "hard to get". But if you GO for this act of them being “hard to get”, you only REINFORCE their mental frame and now they must CONTINUE to be hard to get, since YOU supported their belief through YOUR behavior, even though deep down they HATE the fact you are supporting their behaviour, because deep down they really want to meet you!!!!

If you get offended easily, especially when you know that deep down the girl really WANTS you, you won't get anywhere in this area.

Sometimes a shit test occurs when a girl has to meet you for a first date, but is feeling a bit awkward about it since she is not sure if you are a “pick up artist cheesy untrustworthy guy”, or if you are a cool guy that just happens to like her and met her outside of the typical social circle of her friends. She might be late for the date, but if you get pissed off TOO EARLY before you even know WHY she was late, you can ruin a potentially good thing. Maybe she was late because she was so nervous trying to fix herself up to look good, maybe she is late because she's unsure of you, maybe she's late because she doesn't want you to think she's easy.

I’m NOT saying to tolerate disrespect, but I AM saying that initially a woman’s “SHIELD” may be up causing her to behave in a way that is NOT her normal self. It's something else if you allow a woman to walk over you, but until she KNOWS YOU, you really don't know what is going on. So until you are actually getting intimate with a girl and have some trust and rapport seriously going, it doesn't make sense to make conclusions so fast on everything.

It also takes FINESSE sometimes to handle a shit test. You have to show that you don't accept less than 100 PERCENT respect, but you have to also show that you are THE MAN and that you have enough self-security to not get too emotional so fast and also show her that you are totally aware of the fact she might be feeling a bit awkward, and MOST OF ALL, that she indeed might just be TESTING you to see HOW YOU HANDLE HER BRATTY SIDE. At at least a subconscious level, she’s thinking “Did he blow up before even knowing me?” “Did he treat me like a little camper who misbehaved, in other words, he was cool and composed and clearly in a confident position?” “Was he THE MAN?”

Often a sense of humor helps pass a shit test:
If a girl says to you for example, "It's my friend’s birthday, leave her alone", she might just be trying to show her friend that she is not forgetting about her, and that she is not going to allow a guy to get in the way of her and her friend. HONESTLY, chicks put MASSIVE emphasis on their friends. And think about it, if she is attractive, and most guys are clueless dorks, it’s really NOT worth it to her to lose her friend just to meet what might be another dork.

Think about that.
You have to be able to detect the vibe of what's going on, of course, which comes with experience, but also just KNOWING that this is a possibility as opposed to her really not wanting to chat with you is important.

So a good response might actually be to just call her on her shit, in a controlled way, calmly saying something like "Haa, you guys are tough, I need a tough girl that can handle me, who has enough confidence. This is a dangerous area and I'm looking for a bodyguard. A female bodyguard would be harder for anyone else to suspect, so that would be more effective than having some guy beside me. You can be like my own version of that show VIP! Which bodyguard would you guys be?" I've actually done stuff like this, and turned girls who were trying to show how cold, bitchy, and indifferent they were into totally receptive, attracted states of mind, disarming them this way, making them laugh and bridging into playful conversation. By reframing her behaviour as something SILLY rather than anything serious, she herself has to re-assess her own behaviour, and since she sees that I'm not some kind of overly serious guy trying to get her, and that I will just let the natural vibes do their thing, she feels that this is a guy who will not force anything, yet at the same time doesn't take shit, yet at the same time is fun and not taking the whole thing too seriously. That’s a whole lot more cool than anything else.

All this takes a combo of understanding what the right attitude really is, based on KNOWLEDGE of what is REALLY GOING ON WITH WOMEN, plus experience with the right amount of dominance in various types of tonality and body language, with the right understanding of using humor to convey subtle messages. It takes a solid understanding of the social forces acting upon women that makes women behave this way in the first place.

Sometimes it requires persistence to break through a difficult set of girls. You have to assert a certain amount of DOMINANCE to take over a set of girls while at the same “easing up on the gas pedal”- guys think that being dominant means to be this overly serious guy, but that’s not what it means here. It means being a MAN and controlling the situation in a way that shows you can be TRUSTED to hold that power. See, women DO want masculine guys, they just don’t want DORKS, CONTROL FREAKS, OVERLY SERIOUS GUYS, etc.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make in real life, even if they have TONS of THE MOST AWESOME memorized material to say to a woman, is that they come across as "weird" to women. As if they are cold robots spewing out words regardless of whether anyone was really listening or not. They are not CALIBRATING the response from the woman to figure out just what this woman is about internally and what makes her tick, they are not PAYING ATTENTION to what is happening and they are not being in the moment, they are not REALLY coming across as playful, they lack the TRUE comfort in themselves.

Now, because the material some of these guys memorize is so funny or intriguing, they STILL manage to keep the girls LISTENING, but the women can tell something is NOT right and eventually the guy gets blown out or the woman will easily "flake" on him later.

Another problem I notice is that a lot of guys get hung up on trying to be Mr. Super Don Juan Who Takes Any Girl He Meets Home On The First Night. Instead of just having a good conversation packed with all the right elements and behaviours, attracting her, and building up some solid connection and then meeting her again LATER that week, etc.

Look, dudes, the fact is not ALL girls go home with guys on the first night!!!! Sure a LOT do, but very often the BEST GIRLS DON'T. And I know that BEST might be a very subjective term, but I know from emails who the vast majority of my readers are, and I’m talking about the kind of women that aren’t on drugs, aren’t “party girls”, aren’t psycho, aren’t looking to use you for money, and have relationship POTENTIAL.

I think that maybe a lot of guys KNOW that deep down they didn't establish a good rapport/attraction with the woman they just met, and they fear that therefore she will "flake" later on, so they figure it's either all out tonight or nothing will happen. But if they just developed a good connection that felt NATURAL with the woman in the first place, then they wouldn't have this flaking problem later on NEARLY as much.

Getting all this stuff sorted out could take years of practice and focus learning it all on your own. If you would like to shave YEARS off of your learning curve to get all these skills developed in a matter of weeks, then I recommend you take advantage of the following opportunities:

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Till next time,

Michael W

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