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How To Attract A Woman And Keep Her

Author: Michael W

This article: Letters and success by guys learning from, and using "The Dating Wizard's Secrets To Success With Women" ebook.

Dear Michael,
Over a weekend I read your eBook. One week later I met a hot, rich, snotty blonde (probably an 8.5). I did all the Superior Intrinsic Value stuff as you explain. I really didn't care because she was so far out of my league. I accused her of all sorts of things, including being a kleptomaniac because she took one of my cigarettes without asking. With this she stood up, got in my face and told me to F-OFF!

Most men would of stuck their tail between their legs and said they were only kidding, begging for forgiveness. But I just smirked at her and handed her my empty beer bottle and told her I could use another. She stormed off to the bathroom in disgust.

She then comes out of the bathroom and marches over to my table, grabs my empty beer bottle, and comes back with a full one. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I don't buy drinks for men," she said.

To make a long story short, her friends were leaving and she had to go, I said "adios". She walked out, then came right back in and whispered in my ear, "you are coming with me and my friends to the next bar where I will buy you another drink. Then we are taking a cab back to your place and you will make love to me."

In the car ride with her friends she was all over me like a crazed nympho and to make a long story short, I never paid for another drink the rest of the night, and we woke up together the next morning.

While I was driving her home that next morning, she kept begging me to tell her what she could do so she could be "my girl". I answered "You're gonna have to earn it, cause I got 10 other girls asking me the same thing." It is almost too easy. For the past 10 years I've been your standard wuss.

A word of warning, if you truly don't believe you are the superior value, her tests will expose you.
Rick B.

Michael W's Reply:
Awesome stuff. Now, I know that some guys are probably saying "bull*(&!", but the truth is that letters like this are nothing new and not surprising. Yes, many guys indeed DO get results THAT FAST from using this stuff.

And that is just from the eBook alone. Can you can imagine the power that my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program will give a guy??? You know, I have to admit, the kleptomaniac thing brought a smile to my face. I think I'm going to use that one myself and add it to my repertoire lol. It's perfect, because it's NOT MEAN, it's f*(&ing FUNNY and shows CONFIDENCE. It's NOT BITTER.

Also interesting how you are aware of the fact that this worked because you REALLY DIDN'T FEEL YOU HAD ANYTHING TO LOSE. Although I don't recommend the belief of thinking a woman is out of your league, in your case you at least framed that belief in a positive way of you NOT BEING STRESSED OUT ABOUT IT.

As humans, we tend to only get stressed about things that we think are just barely out of reach, but not the absolute impossible.

And your CONGRUENCY with it all, being totally prepared to let her WALK AWAY, only made you THAT MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE to her.

There is a REASON why this stuff works:
It's because most guys WANT something from a woman, and this makes women feel PRESSURED. But there can be NO PRESSURE when there is NO FORCE, RIGHT?

Also when a guy is pressuring a woman, it makes her feel that he is needy and desperate and thus UNDESIRABLE.

At the same time, exerting NO FORCE does not mean to be an ass-kisser. It means instead that you are DAMN HAPPY being YOURSELF. All this makes her FEEL that you ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE DESIRABLE, and that you are FUN. It says you are HIGH VALUE.

It flicks many, many of her emotional "attraction" buttons ON. It makes her have to WORK to get you, and the more you WORK for something the more you appreciate it.

So congrats, dude, and keep it up.

I wanted to start off with that letter to give some insight into what creates attraction in the first place, so that there is no confusion as I dive into one of the most important concepts for successful, long term, satisfying, awesome RELATIONSHIPS.

A recent letter conveys the problem in most relationships:


Hi Michael,
Doubt you remember me; had a problem a few months back, had some great responses in my One to One Consultations with you that really helped.

Anyways I just want a bit of advice to find out if I'm normal? By the way your eBook has done wonders for a talent that I've always had and that a lot of us have but just don't know exactly how to use it.

Anyway I have a serious... "WANT what I CAN'T have" syndrome ( well that's what I think it is).

Now I've recently pulled a hot bird, drives a nice car and has a real good personality. When I first met her I was getting pretty bored of playing the field and thought I'd try see if I can actually maintain a long-term relationship as I usually I get bored after like 2 weeks.

Now with this girl I thought it would be different but its ended up just the same as the other.... she's got all into me.... wants all this attention..... keeps playing silly games to get it the attention, then when I say "you gotta go" she comes running back etc etc trying be such a good girlfriend.

I really am not into her how I was in the first week or two.

Now this seems to always happen to me. I'm starting to think if even J Lopez fell in love with me I'd go off her.. and that I'll never be able to do a long term relationship, even though that wouldn't bother me at the moment being 19 and all.

Do you think its that I haven't found the right girl for me or that I'm just a pure pleasure seeker and can't do relationships?? All this " I love you so much" crap has put me off her so much.

Sorry this is a bit of a long e-mail, but I know when I get into a real sticky situation in life that I can't figure out to do with women, you normally have the right answers!
Cheers mate,
Name withheld upon request

Michael W's Reply:
First of all, thanks for props on my materials and services. The answer to your question regarding "wanting what I can't have", is that instead of worrying about "wanting what I can't have", simply don't get into a serious relationship until you have KNOWN a woman for a good while.

Once you REALLY get to know her, let's say over several months, you will have a much deeper understanding of her personality, and you will probably also see if you two have more in common than just sexual chemistry.

And, by not seeing her too frequently, you prevent falling too deeply into that deep relationship zone.

Don't get me wrong, sexual chemistry is important, and is a HUGE part of what I teach guys to create, but a relationship is about chemistry PLUS other things. Even if she is JLo!

So the answer is to get to know a woman before starting a serious relationship with her.

This also usually means getting physical with her, otherwise you tend to get blown off into the friends zone. The exception to this is if she is a woman who SINCERELY has principles of no sex with anyone before being in a serious relationship, etc. Very rare thing these days.

Basically, if she is not a super religious woman, that will not be the case, so I do NOT recommend waiting before getting physical unless this specific situation arises.

So, by not allowing a woman to gain that ELITE status of being in a "serious relationship" until she has PROVEN that she is WORTHY of it, and you have BOTH proven that you get along well, you prevent problems.

By giving it the test of TIME, you'll know if she is "different" than the rest, if she has something that is "special" about her, that makes her a specially good match for YOU.

Finally, I will also say that it IS important to have maturity and not only want what you can't have, and learn to appreciate what you do have, but FIRST make sure you really KNOW what you have before jumping into a relationship, otherwise the whole "relationship" is very shallow and based strictly on validation.

A MAN looks for more than just getting validated by a woman, so if you TRULY share the VALUES for a good relationship, you will STILL want her even after you got "validated" by her desire for you.

In my own experiences, when I have gotten to know a woman over time, there were times when I found out I really did NOT want to continue things with that woman, and other women who I found out that I definitely enjoyed being with and that it was not just about her validating me, I simply enjoyed her company, her values, etc.

This brings me to a MASSIVELY SUPER HUGE POINT regarding anyone who wants to make a SUCCESSFUL LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP.

What I'm about to say will shock some of you. It will come as no surprise to a few of you. It is something I believe in WHOLEHEARTEDLY, and has been confirmed by my interviews with people who have been happily together for at least 10 years, if not longer.

If you want to make a relationship WORK, you need to also meet someone else who is ALSO MASSIVELY COMMITTED TO MAKING IT WORK.

Everything boils down to the power of DECISION.

Something else too:
SOME people are only looking to get into a relationship so that they can GET AWAY from who they really are, so they can LOSE their identity, as they lack self-esteem, and they hope to regain some sense of esteem from taking on a "new" identity.

The problem with this is that ultimately, you can never escape yourself, and so this is why developing a self-validating identity is so crucial, and of course in my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program this is one of the many advanced topics covered in FULL depth.

When most people get together for a relationship, they aren't THINKING long term. They are only FEELING what they feel at the moment. So if at any point in time those FEELINGS aren't there, it's goodbye relationship.

But the ludicrous thing is that keeping those FEELINGS BURNING STRONG for a lifetime takes INSIGHT, it also takes two people who know how to work on themselves and create a strong inner identity, and it takes WORK.

The same way anything else worthwhile in life takes work. School, career, fitness, you name it.

Here's another thing:
If two people want to make a relationship last, then they better be damn careful where they are spending their RELATIONSHIP ENERGY.

When I see folks in relationships or marriages who are spending a lot of their free time AWAY from each other, i.e. in bars, clubs, or EVEN spending too much energy socializing at work, etc, what I see is a WEAKENED NEED TO RELATE to their partner.

See, let's say I spend an hour everyday telling my female co-worker all about personal stuff, and then I get home to a girlfriend. Do I feel the need or desire to talk to her as much? After all, I have ALREADY told the stories, the thoughts already. And believe it or not, attraction on a sexual level has a TON to do with the psychological, emotional, and bonding/rapport elements, even for men, not just women.

Allow me to give an analogy:
Great writers know to NOT discuss their material with everyone before it is written. NOT so much because people will copy the idea, but MORE because the NEED TO TELL THE STORY or issue or whatever it is, it WEAKENS once you ALREADY HAVE TOLD IT.

They have NO NEED ANYMORE to RELATE this burning issue, this burning story, that was in their mind all this time, since they have ALREADY "RELATED IT OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM" from saying the story so many times, verbally, to others.

In a very SIMILAR way, a RELATIONSHIP is about RELATING, and when people spend their energy relating to other people all day, especially in subtle sexual undertones with members of the opposite gender, there is not much NEED to relate to their supposed "relationship" partner.

In fact, this does not even need to be about "cheating" in the sense of actually having sex with someone else.

It's simply about ELIMINATING THE NEED TO RELATE by getting those needs taken care of elsewhere.

Most women are known for having lots of girlfriends who they gossip with. Ever wonder why it's women who are able to move on to relationships faster after one breaks? It's because they CHAT ABOUT IT ALL WITH THEIR GIRLFRIENDS till they "RELATE" all their emotions and get it out of their system.

The truth is, if the guy and girl were LOCKED UP IN A ROOM TOGETHER with no one else to turn to, they would often be FORCED to relate to each other and not anyone else, and they would work out the solutions if both parties were GENUINELY interested in doing so in the first place.

It's NOT a coincidence that in the current era of weakened marriages and relationships, there just "happens" to be less and less TIME spent on this part of life. It's as if time was not an important part of a relationship, but of course everyone agrees that time is an important part of career, fitness, school, etc. Crazy, huh?

The fact is, that as humans, we need to RELATE. All that has changed now is WHO the relating is mostly done with, and how frequently the partners change.

People think the solution is to just "move on", and sometimes it IS, but more importantly, the solution is to gain INSIGHT into relationships and have a partner with EQUALLY INTELLIGENT insight and focus.

In this era of MASSIVE IGNORANCE, the results have been disastrous.

These days, sexual energy is being diffused everywhere and on everyone, and there is mass confusion of sexual desire with authentic relationships - - what is really happening in the "early stages" of relationships is usually just hormones.

This stuff is never enough to make relationships last. Never was, and never will be.

In cases where relationships LAST, the relating energies and sexual energies are focused on the partner. And it's not just the BLATANT MANIFESTATIONS of these energies, such as all out sex, that are reserved for the partner, but even the most SUBTLE manifestations of these energies, such as a sexual look, or sexual VIBE - are reserved exclusively for the partner.

When you see the celebrities who are always out on the social "scene", you know their relationship is headed for disaster.

So, before you make that decision to enter a long term relationship, not only do you have to know what kind of person that woman is, which means you can't jump into a relationship, but you both must also possess MUTUAL WISDOM regarding what I call "relationship intelligence".

So, on one hand, you have to be a MASTER of CREATING attraction using everything I teach, yet at the same time, you also need to have two people who understand this important quote:

"I didn't marry you because you were perfect. I didn't even marry you because I loved you. I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for your faults. And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage. And when our children were growing up, it wasn't a house that protected them, it wasn't our love that protected them--it was that promise." -Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth

If you would like to THE FULL SCOOP on attraction, getting physical, and relationships, so that you can get success like the dude in this newsletter who turned a hot, rich, snotty blonde into a woman begging to know what she could do to become "his girl", or if you just want to be able to have a stronger relationship, then you owe it to yourself to get the most ELITE training and education in the world on this topic:

The Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

This Program will give you the most IN-DEPTH and COMPREHENSIVE understanding of every aspect of attraction, rapport, connection building, and getting physical so that you can take your life to the level you want it to be with the women or woman of your choice.
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Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

And if you haven't yet downloaded my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then do that IMMEDIATELY. This book is the DNA for understanding the concepts and methods in all my other programs and services.

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

P.s Let me first state that what I do is not fiction. Not only do I do it myself, but I have also taught COMPLETE BEGINNER STUDENTS to accomplish what I do as WELL, in RECORD time, and all this has been VERIFIED and PROVEN by independent journalists, (as opposed to just making them up, which is what most "masters" are doing) which you can quickly check out yourself at here.

I take teaching very seriously, and it's not just something that is a "job" for me. It's about changing the planet. As my professor told me in teacher's college, "we can either teach for the world we live in, or for the world in which we want to live". And I want to create a world where men and women GET each other and get along in the BEST of ways.

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