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How To Create Attraction In Her For You

Author: Michael W

The only way you should want a woman to be with you is because she is actually feeling ATTRACTION for you. Women may be with guys for all KINDS of reasons, but the only reason YOU want her to have is because she is ATTRACTED to you.

Before I get to get the "how to" in just a second, just realize first what attraction IS. It's a desire for something that we feel will feel GREAT. And so there are many great feelings, but one of the most POWERFUL ones is EUPHORIA, right?

If you think of the strongest drives, they are all related to EUPHORIA, the release of tons of ENDORPHINS internally that just FEEL AMAZING. So powerful are these feelings that some people resort to DRUGS to feel these emotions. They can become physically and psychologically ADDICTIVE.

In experiments with mice, that were hooked up to a wire that stimulated the sex regions of their brain, they would keep on TAPPING the button that stimulated this region, they would keep on tapping it to get that EUPHORIA. They wouldn't STOP tapping it even when they were STARVING and dying also of THIRST, even though they had water and food available! They just "sexed" themselves to DEATH!

Now, I know that actually sounds very morbid, and it's sad what happened to those mice, but it's a CRUCIAL lesson that we learn- we will do ANYTHING for PLEASURE and that FEELING GOOD is more important to us than ANYTHING ELSE, INCLUDING logical things like food, shelter, and life itself!!!

So the BOTTOM LINE in attraction, is PLEASURE. Sex is only MEANINGFUL because it gives pleasure. And, in FACT, the pleasure of sex depends on MANY other factors besides the act itself- it depends on the STATE you are already in BEFORE you engage in it. If you are feeling emotionally shut down, then sex won't feel like all that much either.

The question then is:
How do you make YOURSELF the source of PLEASURE?

And the answer to that is that you have to be able to give women the only gift that REALLY counts:

Yes, I said INSANELY pleasurable.
Do you know how much PLEASURE you can pack into almost ANYTHING? Any activity? Any where?

This stuff is INFINITE, there are INFINITE levels.

This is about so much more than just "being nice" or "being not nice".

Most guys due to brainwashing of what life is supposed to be end up get messed up at the very FIRST level- the level of how he perceives himSELF and his own life!

I just got a letter from a client who was attempting a pick-up of three girls at a subway train station- he was getting them LAUGHING their heads off talking about shows that women watch, when a vagrant kicked my client's hockey stick onto the tracks and started yelling at him.

Instead of getting PISSED, my client rolled with the situation, laughed, then continued the interaction, which only got the girls not only attracted but also feeling more bonded to him (they were actually trying to find ways to get back the hockey stick!) and impressed with the fact he was not shaken out of state and sympathized with the guy.

Even though they had phones and paper and pens, they ended up writing down their phone numbers right on my client's hand, as an excuse to touch him!

Ever see guys who get all angry in traffic and all road raged? NOT cool, it shows that someone ELSE is in control of their lives, and it also simply creates a bad kind of atmosphere that ruins any potential for feeling GOOD. It's NOT pleasurable or cool. Imagine how cool it would be if some weirdo was HONKING and yelling like crazy at you and at others and a chick was with you in your car -- and you were TOTALLY COOL and calm and you made a little joke to her like "somebody forgot to take their laxative today".

What I want you to do is to adopt a totally NEW FILTER for "REALITY". The truth is that there are BILLIONS of things going on at any time, so there is no "one" reality anyway-- you might as well choose the one that best SERVES you and the reality of the chick you are interacting with or picking up. The reality that FEELS AWESOME.

Feeling good does NOT mean you will care LESS about those who need help, in fact the people who help the most are the ones who DO FEEL ABUNDANCE already in their lives.

Also, when a man gives a woman a compliment from a place of internal abundance, it NEVER makes him look inferior, but the problem is that so many guys ARE feeling uncomfortable, bitter, etc. from past negative experiences with women that they cannot give a compliment from this place of abundance, which is why it's so important to realize the difference between being a good guy and being a "nice" guy.

So when you see a woman you'd like to chat to, you have to take a LOT of what she says back to you as though it means something AWESOME about YOU and about LIFE.

You have to lead the conversation to GREAT feelings, not mediocre ones. And then later you can give her compliments too when she's in the same awesome zone as you are.

So EVEN if she says something like "Ummm I don't talk to strangers" (which is far MORE harsh than anything you are likely to hear a woman say to you as most women are NOT mean and in fact many many women are pretty damn nice) you should NOT let that affect your state because if you do let it bring your emotional state down, you are actually bringing HER state down as well, because states are CATCHY!!!

Remember, you want to KEEP the PLEASURE ENDORPHINS going!!!

So, instead of getting pissed or upset or defensive or feeling dejected, do what almost NO GUYS ever do- INTERPRET IT AS A COMPLIMENT!

Say to her:
"Well I can certainly understand that, because in the rare case you met a guy as sexy and awesome and desirable as me, you would then be melted to butter! Totally defenseless against your desire for such a great guy! I totally understand!"

Do you FEEL me here?
This is not only FUNNY, which is GREAT, but it's also ATTRACTIVE, as you are showing EXCELLENCE in many ways, you are showing that you have value, you are showing that you are not deterred, you are showing that you have a great sense of humor, you are showing that life with you will be PLEASURABLE and FUN!!!!

Do you know why women often love musicians?
It's only because they create PLEASURABLE feelings!!!

But you can do this even MORE powerfully than they do if you understand the KEY to all this is PLEASURE, and that music is just ONE route to it, while you are learning from me TONS of ways to create that pleasure. And in fact, you can use other's music to make YOU more pleasurable as well by playing their most fun music when you are together!

In fact, the more stuff any woman tries to throw your way in a pick-up, the MORE you get to CREATE MORE ATTRACTION you get to create for yourself by letting it all slide off your back and showing your TEFLON and BULLETPROOF perspectives of life that PROVE to her just how INSANELY PLEASURABLE life with you will be with you if she were to GET ALONG instead of trying to bring you down!

So you can't LOSE!
If a woman appreciates you right away, that's AWESOME. And if she doesn't, she usually WILL if you do this stuff!

And most women are NOT mean, most women actually are pretty nice, so I'm giving you harder examples than you are likely to find in reality, which should be even more ENCOURAGING to you.

Here's another thing that's important to creating PLEASURE even in the initial pick-up: Show her that you don't have any sexual hang-ups or issues.

So don't shy away from a dirty joke or comment, as long as it's FUNNY and not MEAN spirited!!!! Don't shy away from having any sexual topics in your conversation, as long as it's all in the spirit of GOOD TIMES and not in terms of being controlling, feeling guilty or bad or not good enough (from either a man or woman's perspective) or anything like that.

And if you YOURSELF feel questionable about these topics, then it's even MORE important that you get this stuff MASTERED within, which is something I also focus on in my programs. If you feel weird about it yourSELF, then of course women will feel uncomfortable as well, since as I always say, emotional states are CATCHY.

If you find yourself getting frozen up from starting a conversation, then have one brief universal opener that you can start anywhere, because the truth is that you can do a pick-up off of almost ANY opener, as long as you TAKE that interaction somewhere that FEELS GOOD, and feels good FAST.

You have to be FEELING it in order to do this, so you have to adopt these perspectives for YOURSELF.

You can NEVER LOSE by adopting these perspectives. Even if a woman IS genuinely trying to be MEAN, this stuff IS attractive.

And the thing is that because men and women DO want to impress each other, we are all afflicted with a bit of brainwashed insecurity when it comes to attracting the opposite gender- and it is THAT insecurity that screws up our perspectives, we end up seeing the WORST which ends up making US behave in the most defensive or screwed up ways.

So, for example, a woman might say an INNOCENT joke to you, but because of a negative filter and perspective, we end up reacting in ways that are very defensive and protective, and we will respond in a mean way. I bet you can think right now of several times that a woman said something to you, where she was actually NOT guilty of anything but you THOUGHT she was, and your angry reaction made her feel HURT which made her get equally pissed at you!!!!

Do what they do on the Flintstones version of boxing where the guys use BATS to whack each other on the head, but figuratively WHACK your own head when you catch yourself slipping into those screwed up perspectives, because those perspectives will OBLITERATE your ability to come up with EUPHORIC PERSPECTIVES!!!!

And remember, whether you choose the screwed up perspectives or you choose the EUPHORIC ones, they are BOTH up to you, and you can make EITHER one reality, so the reality is up to YOU.

And if you want to BECOME the kind of guy who can do all this stuff INSTINCTIVELY without thinking, so that this is natural for you, all you have to do is be willing to LEARN. What you have read in this article is just skimming the SURFACE of the infinite ways to creating EUPHORIA, to pack more pleasure into EVERYTHING and every MOMENT with women than most guys do in a LIFETIME.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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