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How To Make This Culture Work For You As A Man

Author: Michael W

There are a lot of things going on these days that on the SURFACE seem like women have it made, as if men are getting the biggest raw deal of all time.

This is what I actually thought for a long time.

Things like men being expected to do all the work of approaching women, things like men being expected to pay for women on dates, and yet at the same time women demanding 'equality' when it comes to everything else. Basically, women getting SUPERIOR treatment is still in vogue just like the OLD days, but yet women want to ALSO have things like “equality” when it suits them.

The ol’ “have your cake and eat it too” thing. All that stuff sounds pretty “unjust”.

But guess what?
You can turn all this AROUND to work in your FAVOUR!

Now, for a moment, before I get into HOW to do this, I want to make it clear that I am not into the idea of taking ADVANTAGE of women. In fact, I believe that when women suffer, men suffer as well, because any relationship is only as strong as its weakest link. When women are emotionally strong and healthy, it’s only a good thing for men too. And the irony is that I believe that the current state of our culture is actually HARMFUL FOR WOMEN, even more so than it is for men, and of course this is not good for men.

The harmful things I am talking about are not positive things like women having the vote, etc, obviously that's a good thing - what I am talking about has to do more with trends like women entirely abandoning concepts like genuine modesty and restraint. Women used to be the gatekeepers of a lot of good values, but no longer. In their race to be like men, women have abandoned the baby with the bathwater and totally renounced EVERYTHING from the past except the idea of men kissing up to them. A great book on this is A Return To Modesty by Wendy Shalit.

I just don’t believe that men and women should try to BE each other, which is what you have going on today, with women trying to tout equality to mean that they can get as stoned, burnt out from partying, and messed up as any dumb guy could ever get himself stoned and messed up, and also with many men trying to become as effeminate as any woman could.

Most of the modern changes in culture have also created more problems for women by confusing the hell out of them in terms of values, so what tends to happen is that girls are torn apart by conflicting values- they are told “be free to party and get stoned and drunk” and yet they also know that guys don't want sluts for girlfriends. Then they are told “be a career woman”, and to be 'independent' but then they also know it's “family first”. They they are told “individuality counts the most” and that all guys are evil pricks who just want to control women, until women find themselves in rotten relationships or constantly single because of their overblown egos of individuality, the result of their female peers pressuring them to be 'independent' aka single and miserable like they are, and believe all kinds of insane stuff about all guys, or because they chose the “cool” guy that was “uncontrolling” and who let them party and be 'independent', only to find out the only reason he lets them party is because HE is unfaithful and partying and sleeping with other girls himself.

By the time many women mature, if they mature, they have been clinically depressed, taken at the very LEAST psychologist-prescribed anti-depression medications and have often taken more illegal drugs “just for fun” than you could imagine, plus their looks are going out the window, and only THEN do they realize, IF they even realize, what most GIRLS knew at 16 when they were still hot, just a few generations ago:

To CAREFULLY choose a good man, EARLY, and to treat him with respect in order to keep him.

But the fact of the matter is that era is GONE.
LOGIC is completely gone.
Women WILL continue to actually FIGHT to maintain a value system that is quite absurd.

But what if you could MAKE ALL THIS WORK IN YOUR FAVOUR??????

Imagine, you can turn this all AROUND to work in your favour so MASSIVELY, that I believe it puts MEN in an incredibly SUPERIOR position overall, but almost no woman will ever have the guts to come out and say that things actually made more sense, overall, a hundred years ago!

Let me give you a few examples of how all this modern stuff has made things EASY for men. And, keep in mind how ALL this stuff works not on logic, but on FUELING a woman’s EMOTIONS. Logic is no longer a force to rely on, you must COMPLETELY turn all power sources over to the realm of emotion.

Here we go, with some prime examples:

This is actually an AWESOME thing, because it means that that you, as a man, can CHOOSE whichever woman you wish to approach!!!!

I mean, think about it, the world is your oyster! If you know how to do this stuff, your choices are INFINITE.

Even the HOTTEST woman does NOT have this power. She can only do her best PASSIVELY to try to get the attention of a guy she likes. Very, very few women ACTIVELY pursue a guy they don’t even know at all, and for good reason- they know that most men will be weirded out by it and plus most women would feel weird themselves about doing this.

It’s just not the way women have been cultured.
You see, women EXPECT you, as a man, to do the approaching.

In fact, women tend to ENJOY it when a guy does the approaching, when he does it RIGHT. It's the stuff she's been weaned on since childhood in the sense of all the romance novels and movies she's ever read or been exposed to.

And the reward you get for this is that you have tremendous ACTIVE power, instead of just being like a woman and sitting there looking as good as you can and HOPING that a cool guy will do the approach. And 9 times out of ten, when a guy finally does approach her, it’s usually a total jerk off or drunk who she just finds ANNOYING or it’s some weirdo who is equally undesirable.

If good guys just realized their power as a man, they would be doing a HUGE FAVOUR for women by helping them out so that women had some other choice besides the drunk dude and the jerk off.


Some guys feel they have lost some power because of this “equality” business. I made a big realization that this was actually nonsense because with women having jobs and being everywhere at all times, it means that not only can women can pay for stuff for me lol, but more importantly, it means that women ARE EVERYWHERE. It’s not like the old days where women were only at home, women are everywhere all the time. The restaurant, mall, club, hair salon, it’s crazy. And because of all this equality stuff, I love to tease women into paying for things for me, although I never act like a cheapo, it’s hilarious to play on this one, as women love the idea of having independence and power, so I get to not only pick them up, but have them buy me my coffee or whatever and they LOVE it!!!!

It’s great also for using this idea to help prevent yourself from getting taken for a ride – you don’t have to PURSUE women by buying them things like in the old days.

The Peer Pressure Of Other Guys Who DO Kiss Up To Women

This is really fantastic. Because the more that guys kiss up and act submissive toward women, the more it makes a guy STAND OUT by NOT being that way. I remember having girls argue with me that their LAST boyfriend bought this and this for them, and blah blah blah. To me, I just laugh at this stuff, because I know that what REALLY counts is simply making sure that women have an awesome time when you’re with them, and that doesn’t come from buying them things. I might say something like this, with a smile: “So, he bought you all these things, and where is he now? Poor dude, he’s probably working a third job saving up to get you something right now!!” And of course she’ll laugh at this. End of argument.

And of course, as you all know, I learned all this the HARD WAY, because I used to be the most incredibly appreciative guy on the planet, but women simply CANNOT appreciate an appreciative guy before they even know they WANT YOU. Once you have a woman attracted, it’s okay to do some “nice” stuff for her once in while, IF SHE IS A HIGH SELF ESTEEM WOMAN who believes she is worthy of it. This is a whole other topic in itself, but let me just quickly add that if you are dealing with a low self esteem woman, any good stuff you do for her will quickly be forgotten and interpreted as a sign of YOU being low value, because in her mind she feels she IS OF NO VALUE, so any guy that LIKES her, in her mind, is unworthy himself.


For example, these days women are not so concerned as they used to be with CONCRETE matters of survival, they are far more into exploring their “options”. And now that women have been brainwashed to believe in entertaining FANTASIES more than ever, guess what one of the BIGGEST FANTASIES they have is?????


Goodbye logic, hello fantasy.

And that means by FEEDING into that fantasy, by approaching a woman and giving her the fantasy, she will be SO MASSIVELY IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA, that she will HELP YOU ALONG IF YOU JUST DO IT RIGHT, simply because of her massive wishful thinking that it’s happening to her just like in the novels she read or the dream she had.

Yup, I’m serious about this.

And if you want to learn how to *BE* the man she is dreaming of, I can think of no finer way than to take one of my highly specialized live programs. You will graduate from these programs a different man, who is able to turn EVERYTHING into his favour with women, no matter how challenging it may seem to others.

The first step to getting this ability under your belt is to soak in the information in my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women. Inside the book, I go into full detail EXACTLY how to become the type of man women are universally attracted toward. You will find out all about the TRUTH of your inner state and exactly how to build it up to where it needs to be. And of course I go into exactly how to approach women, how to get physical, and how to deal with the tests that women MUST give men.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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