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How To Make Women Addicted To You

Author: Michael W

Do you want to know what BLOWS AWAY everything else? Do you want to know what is so powerful that you could even VIOLATE some of the rules of body language for? Do you know what the whole POINT of things like body language is for?

Do you want to know the TRUTH about how guys who are NOT good looking succeed with women without having any type of good looks or money?

What I’m about to share with you is very powerful. I seriously hope you will use this for good to make your life better and then in your improved life you will be able to help others too.

The ULTIMATE POWER is the power to INSTILL EMOTIONS in others.

Emotions are so powerful that when we are feeling them we really are on a completely different plane of reality. Nothing else matters. Our brains simply DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE when emotions are running. All we want is MORE of those emotions.

We feel as if we NEED it to survive. It's truly the addictive fuel of life, and since MATING and SEXUAL ATTRACTION is a FUNDAMENTAL, INSTINCTIVE part of life, the role of EMOTIONS is ESPECIALLY RELEVANT when it comes to being successful at creating attraction and trust with women.

This of course is the reason why it’s insane to get into a relationship with a woman who is overly emotional to begin with, or a woman who is a party girl or a club addict type or who drinks and takes drugs, for these women are putting themselves into situations where they lose control over their better judgment and will do things they later regret. The trick is to experience the right emotions in the right place at the right time with the right woman, so you both don’t do something you’ll regret.

When emotions kick in, all the regular rules of the universe simply cease to exist. People will overcome their greatest fears, they will do the impossible.

Great leaders like Churchill have used this power for good. Others have used it to destroy entire cultures and civilizations.

Emotions are so powerful that they don’t exactly fall into a category of good or evil. One thing I can tell you is that all emotions are ADDICTIVE. Even the negative ones.

Of course, I don’t tend to recommend the negative emotions, although it is important that a woman feel that LOSING you is possible if she doesn’t treat you right, and that that loss would be a TERRIBLE thing. Now, a smart woman will KNOW this without you having to instill it in her, she will not take you for granted, but unfortunately, not all women (just like not all men) are that smart. So you have to rely on the power of EMOTION in many cases for not being taken for granted.

Emotions are our ancient link to our PRIMAL heritage, a time when we used our INSTINCTS far more than our intellect. We FELT what to do based on a deep INSTINCTIVE, EMOTIONAL response to external stimuli, whether it was an opportunity to gain food or shelter or sex or self-preservation, etc.

These emotions COMPELLED US TO ACT, because the feeling was so strong of what to do, there was no other choice. Kind of like how an enraged lion will tear a person to shreds without thinking about it if the person attacks the lion.

Do you know why musicians, for example, are so good with women?


Emotions of great ATTRACTION.
Emotions of great LOVE.
Emotions of great TRUST.
Emotions of great HOPE.
Emotions of great EXCITEMENT.

Who doesn't want those things????
(Major Hint for the entire population of normal guys who don't happen to be rock stars or musicians: One way to create these emotions in women is to FEEL these emotions yourself.)

The ability to feel emotional reaction to music is a vestige of our ancient past. Even babies appreciate music. It takes no “thinking”.

This is one reason why pick up artists tend to especially prefer dance clubs, because the women in clubs are ALREADY emotionally primed from the music pumping their emotions and putting them into a receptive state. Of course, women know that they are in a primed state and that’s why many women don’t trust guys they meet at clubs, because they are afraid that the guy might just be taking advantage of the situation and not being honest with them.

Which is why TRUST becomes a major requirement for guys that work the club scene. Unless the guy is dealing with ditzy party girls who really are so spaced out and high that they couldn’t care less about things like trust.

Knowing how to create TRUST is important long term as well. Relationships break down because of a lack of trust just as much as because of lack of attraction. Of course, some guys and some girls just want to know how to create trust artificially when indeed they SHOULD NOT be trusted in the first place, but that's whole other topic. The point here is that the keys are always EMOTIONS, and what you are doing to provide them.

The only reason people care at all for example about a person’s “looks” is because “LOOKS” is ONE way of triggering a powerful emotion.

But it’s certainly not the ONLY one.

This is why I truly believe that the development of the human brain to create things like art, music, or any other emotional stimulus is truly proof of how our brains are designed as sexual attractors. If you KNOW how to use your brain to trigger powerful emotions in women, you will have so much success with women you will really feel like you are living in another reality.

In fact, this is why it’s VERY possible to get a woman INCREDIBLY aroused without even TOUCHING her. It’s because of the emotions you are providing her without touching her. This is why you can come EVER SO CLOSE to a woman’s lips without touching hers and she could SWEAR she felt your lips on hers.

BECAUSE IN HER MIND SHE DID. All that counts is the emotion she FEELS.


Drugs are only popular because of the EMOTIONS they provide.

But what if YOU could be that drug?
What if YOU were the source of even MORE POWERFUL emotions?

The good news is that you don’t have to be rockstar or a famous artist to get the same kind of success as these guys get.

But unlike some people out there, I’m not going to LIE to you and tell you that it takes no effort, no practice, no development. Some guys learn this stuff fast, others it takes a bit more time.

The FIRST thing guys need to understand is that they must look at situations with women for what they REALLY are: It’s not about you FORCING anything to happen. It’s not about that.

What it IS about is PROVIDING her with the emotions that will lead to success. So, for example, OBVIOUSLY, one of the IMPORTANT emotions that needs to be fulfilled if you are stopping a woman on the street is a certain amount of TRUST. She NEEDS to feel a certain amount of trust that you are not a psycho.

At the same time, she also needs to feel that you are not a pathetic desperate case either. She needs to feel ATTRACTION.

The irony is that a lot of times a guy tries to accomplish TRUST by being really soft-spoken or complimentary as he says something to a woman he wants to chat up.

But usually this actually backfires and makes a woman SUSPICIOUS since she has heard all this stuff before, and the lack of confidence the guy is showing makes her FEEL that this guy probably is NOT socially experienced and maybe IS a psycho. EVEN if the truth is that he’s NOT.

And of course all this stops any attraction from having a snowball’s chance in hell of forming.

So he gets NO TRUST, and also gets NO ATTRACTION. She is feeling instead SUSPICION, POSSIBLY FEAR, AND REVULSION.

And she feels nothing else.

What is important is to create the RIGHT emotions, the same way an ARTIST DOES.

An artist is someone who STIRS EMOTIONS.

Now, hold on with me for a sec here:
I hate the term pick up artist.
Pick up artists talk about women in derogatory terms.
They use and abuse women.
They show off to other guys about how they “scored”.
They make fun of guys who don’t use women like they do.

They could care less about quality and it’s all about quantity and showing off out of insecurity.

They are driven more by the power of the ability itself rather than by building any connection with the women themselves. This is the dark side of the force. It’s not about women. It’s about power.

I didn’t get into this field to become a pick up artist. I did it for myself, because I tried so hard being a nice and good guy with women and always ended up getting burned for it.

Instead of being a pick up artist, I believe in being a provider of wickedly awesome emotions for those worthy of my time.

Now, the FUNDAMENTAL starting point for creating AWESOME emotions is YOUR OWN EMOTIONAL STATE. You must be in the right state, you must be STRONG internally. You must be COURAGEOUS enough to go for it.

Did you ever wonder why there has NEVER been a movie featuring an EMOTIONALLY WEAK character?

The reason is because we are NOT ATTRACTED to those who don’t even TRY.

The EMOTION of attraction, as I’ve said many times before is about superiority.

Even Forest Gump, who is not all that smart, and doesn’t look powerful, is one HELL of a courageous guy.

We are DRAWN to ROOT for his character. Because he has the WILL.

So before you make the COLOSSAL MISTAKE OF WARPING MY ADVICE and thinking that all you need to do is read poetry to a woman, all your emotional stimuli must be coming from a point of STRENGTH and NOT from a point of NEEDINESS.

By the way, the poetry thing is NOT hogwash, if you are TRULY talented. A little while ago, I happened to work with someone who was a student on campus in Montreal when Leonard Cohen was a student there as well, and he testified to how Leonard even at that time had girls like crazy around him because of his poetry. Keep in mind that this is a guy who was really into it, it was clear that he wasn’t using it as a “gimmick” although I’m sure it was still women that motivated his inspirations. But the main thing is that he wasn’t doing it in a wuss way, where he was seeking women’s approval.

My point is not to say to go out and write poetry or to make music, but to realize the power of emotion over all else. And also to realize that all emotion is the reaction so superiority, even if it is superiority in art.

Every male hero, every cool character has always had an edge to him, he exudes power in his emotional control and ability to handle stress.

This triggers the emotion of what we commonly say is the epitome of “COOL”.

It’s the real answer to all of this. Think of your own life like your own REAL MOVIE.

YOU are the hero of your own life. I don’t care what you look like or how much money you have, you need to have the WILL. THAT is the first ingredient for attraction.

Yes, WILL is attractive.
That's why being a wuss is a HORRIFYING mistake.

If you can’t muster the will to approach a woman you’d like to talk to, you can’t expect her to feel any more emotion in you than anyone can feel towards a character in a movie who doesn’t even muster the will to try to accomplish anything.

Imagine if Luke Skywalker was told by Darth Vader “it is no use to fight the dark side” and Luke just said “you’re right, I give up”. We wouldn’t give a damn about him!

Honestly, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. There are INFINITE SHADES OF EMOTIONS that are compelling, that you can create with an understanding of what people are drawn towards. Also, EXPERIENCING emotions together with a woman is a great thing to do. I don’t recommend going to a movie with a woman you’ve just met, just because it doesn’t give you a chance to display any of your coolness to her, but once you already know a woman well, and you KNOW how to be THE MAN, then going out to a truly awesome movie is an excellent idea. It puts both of you in a heightened emotional state that will only INCREASE the emotions between the both of you. That’s just the way emotions are, they like to bond with other emotions, kind of like atoms.

Attraction is not just ONE thing, as many would have you believe. For example, picture in your head the attraction a woman might feel for a wild badboy type race car driver, the attraction a woman might feel for a mysterious legendary figure, the attraction a woman might feel for a national military hero, etc.

And now, picture the attraction she would have if she ALSO felt a supreme sense of CONNECTION with that person. As if he and her had TOTAL synchronicity, as if they could reach each other’s minds.

And there is A HUGE other dimension that awaits you when you ALSO understand all the PARTICULAR realities of women in our society, including their need to appear a certain way because of culture, which means that you as a man better understand it or they will never open up to you.

The first step to getting this ability under your belt is to soak in the information in my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women. Inside the book, I go into full detail EXACTLY how to become the type of man women are universally attracted toward. You will find out all about the TRUTH of your inner state and exactly how to build it up to where it needs to be. And of course I go into exactly how to approach women, how to get physical, and how to deal with the tests that women MUST give men.

Download it now at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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