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How To Not Avoid Rejection And Why

Author: Michael W

Dating requires risk. Dating the women you want takes even more risk. If you're not willing to take risks and talk to her, why should she bother? Risk rejection. Win the game!

It's been a while since I've BEEN in front of this computer, as rather than writing or dreaming up new products or marketing schemes, I've been DOING a lot of this pick-up stuff. So I decided I'd simply GIVE YOU some damn good tips that have made a big difference for me. Stuff that I've used as recently as today, in fact.


This is something that I have found to be MASSIVELY important, but that most people NEVER talk about, as if beautiful, ravishing, intelligent, non-stuck up, sparkling personality, warm women were EVERYWHERE.

I wish this was so, but the fact is, it's not. At least not in most areas.
No matter how good your skill is, it's USELESS without there actually being a large pool of women to CHOOSE from.

The fact of the matter is, if there aren't enough women to choose from in your area, you have to TRAVEL.

You might have to travel to the other part of town, you might have to travel to the other part of the planet, the fact is, it doesn't matter, whatever you have to do, the first thing is to have a lot of women to CHOOSE from so that you can find what you want.

If meeting the woman of your dreams is important to you, then you must embrace this fact and take action.


Me personally, I know EXACTLY what type of woman I am attracted to. I know what type of personality, what type of body, even what type of face. I know EVERYTHING about the type of woman I like. I even know what she SOUNDS like.

This doesn't mean I don't have any flexibility, but it does mean I know exactly how far that flexibility goes and exactly what I need to feel that OOOMPH factor as they might call it.

I know this not from theory, but from EXPERIENCE. This is an important distinction, because a lot of guys will dream up in their MIND a certain type of woman, but have never actually met the right quantity of women to actually know for sure what DOES and what DOES NOT work for them.

So, before you make up your mind on exactly what you want, you really have to get OUT THERE and MEET a lot of women, so that you know what ACTUALLY lights your fire, so to speak.

And if you happen to use online dating, you MUST meet the woman before you say yes or no in your mind, as IN PERSON is the ONLY way to know FOR REAL if you are interested or not.

A woman can look really hot in a photo and not be hot in person.

A woman can seem just "okay" in a photo and be way hotter in person. Or less hot, of course. But I HAVE seen it work BOTH ways.

In person makes a BIG difference.


A lot of guys confuse being a "gentleman" and being "civilized" with being NON SEXUAL in their approach, conversation, behavior, etc, when first meeting a woman they'd like to know better.

Don't be like those guys.
Instead, you're FAR BETTER OFF to go MORE sexual than less sexual, and you can always TONE IT DOWN if you've gone too far, but it's much harder to INTENSIFY the heat if you've never LIT THE MATCH to begin with.

You want to create a sexual vibe from the GET GO. Women ARE absolutely, indeed, very much so, MASSIVELY sexual beings. JUST AS MUCH as you are when you are at your craziest and wildest.

THIS is the dimension of a woman you want to REACH, and reach FAST.

THIS is how you prevent going into the friend's zone.

I ride the wave of this sexual feeling and it often CARRIES the whole pickup for me. It takes care AUTOMATICALLY of so many things, as for example, it's hard to NOT speak in the right tonality when you are feeling the hormones, the masculinity, the dominance.

Your mind is designed to LINK UP associated behaviors and thoughts. So when you GO SEXUAL in your MIND, your will ALSO do the right body language, the right tonality, and have just the right balance of dominance with playfulness. Your playfulness will be upbeat without coming across as a CLOWN.

Keep getting BACK to the sexual, without being TIRESOME. So whenever you do this, just make it GOOD.

For example, if a woman tells you, "I'm gonna finish late, can I call you even then?" You can reply "I'm an all night man ;)"

This is not only FUNNY, it's CONFIDENT, and totally sexually laced, and will get her feeling turned on, feeling happy, and feeling excited in anticipation, and feeling that you must be the man, and confident as hell.

This is a great one, and I just came up with it, not by sitting around at my computer, but by actually being in the moment, which is another point you'll see further below


A lot of guys are looking for a way to approach a woman without having to risk rejection.

And I know that what I am about to say goes AGAINST all the popular advice on ways to progress an interaction and avoid rejection.

But the TRUTH is, the attitude and the tactics of trying to avoid rejection will WEAKEN your WHOLE VIBE.

Instead, EMBRACE the OPPORTUNITY for GETTING the woman you want, and focus on THAT, rather than on focusing on how to prevent rejection.

You either learn all the ways to SUCCEED, or you learn all the ways to NOT LOSE TOO BADLY.

You CAN'T really do both.

And really, who cares about not losing too badly here?
What, are you risking millions of dollars here?
What does this attitude of avoiding rejection give you in this area of your life?

"Not losing too badly" in this area of your life is really just an EMOTIONAL PERSPECTIVE that is LUDICROUS, as the main thing is either you SUCCEED or you DON'T.

As Yoda said "Do or do not. There is no try."

Yes, success is NOT always guaranteed.

If you are focused on avoiding rejection, you WON'T do the things that are CRUCIAL for ATTRACTION.

You won't be SEXUAL.
You won't PUSH the interaction beyond the typical boring comfort zone.
You won't rock the boat at all.
You won't be edgy and playful and daring.
You won't invade her "personal space" soon in the conversation, in a confident way that actually turns her on with your confidence.

If a woman is sitting in a group of ten female friends, you won't work your way into her, you won't risk losing the approval of the group, you won't risk being rejected in front of them, you won't risk "pushing your luck" by moving to their table, or playfully telling them to move over because you have to tell her something,

You can't win BIG TIME if you are focused on that.

Instead, think of rejection as the GREATER glory (since you actually BATTLED VALIANTLY to get her compared to going for the 100% EMOTIONAL SAFETY option).

You are a MAN now, and that means that MOMMY can't always TUCK YOU IN and make all the boo-boos go away.

You see a woman you like, you don't look for the ways to AVOID REJECTION. You look for the ways to GET her.

In fact, if a woman sees you are looking for ways to avoid rejection, well THAT is uncool.

She's just a woman, and though she may be a feminine wonder that Mother Nature designed to make you feel ALIVE, (and I know what that can do to our minds), but still, she is just one woman, and there ARE many more. So rejection is NOT a big deal. Trying to AVOID it is the real problem.

That's the irony, if you don't want to get rejected, then EMBRACE it as a TINY COST compared to the AWESOME FEELING OF GETTING HER!!!!!!

A lot of guys think that being sexual may be giving her the impression that SHE is the prize and not you. But the thing is, as I explain in MASSIVE detail in my advanced CD set, ultimately you DO want a woman to feel MASSIVE SELF-ESTEEM. So, as long as you are showing super confident body language, tonality, and demeanor, then the fact is that your being sexual now will only FURTHER PROVE your confidence and your value, ESPECIALLY if you can add in a bit of playful spice to make this a FUN experience and not a "confrontation" at all.

So, once you are a guy who comes across with TOTAL COMFORT, EASE, PLAYFULNESS, AND CONFIDENCE, well then your sexual demeanor is WELCOMED and DESIRED.

The trick is to do this while still having a classy overall demeanor. A bit of humor helps. Think more Bond and less Jackass.

It makes her feel GOOD that a desirable guy WANTS her. And more than just that, it simply FEELS good for her to be aroused in a sexual way. And she wants more of that.

Buying a woman dinners and doing her favors does not arouse her in a sexual way, to say the least.


David Letterman is a GENIUS at this stuff. He has a way of being totally comfortable and casual and still FRIENDLY while poking fun at EVERYONE in a non-mean way, and he even does it to himself which shows he is secure.

He can FLIP the entire frame of something around in an INSTANT, i.e. if someone teases him, and he can show superior status, while NOT being a jerk. Most of all, he does this all while not only keeping everyone feeling good vibes, but actually getting them laughing as well.

This comes from an insane does of feeling comfortable with himself and of feeling playful vibes and of being pretty damn socially intelligent as well.

Being in the moment also means USING whatever is at your disposal at that present moment of the situation.

And you can't be in the moment if you are focusing on how to avoid rejection, as that's focusing on the future, and not being in the moment at all.

One more thing about being in the moment, is that even little tiny things are more powerful when they are happening right now. If a woman tells you something like "They called me into work for an extra shift because so and so was sick" and you pause with a relaxed smile and then say "And you are just such a generous soul" in a playful way, even though it might not be the most brilliant comment of the year, because it was in the MOMENT it will have way greater VIBE.


She tells you her friends already have a meeting with her? Well then you let her know that since they are her friends, they WANT her to meet a sexual guy like yourself.

She tells you she is busy on Monday because of a work meeting? Tell her she will improve her work performance because or the awesome state she'll be in from meeting you.

And so on and so forth.

Even if she doesn't cancel her other plans, this is STILL something that will enhance her attraction to you.


So, you're not rich?
Who cares?
Give her a great time in bed.

So, you're not a porno star?
Who cares?
Give her more passion in bed.

So, you're not a male model?
Who cares?
It means that she can feel like SHE is beautiful and that you're not full of yourself and that you'll take care of her in bed. She doesn't need YOU to be the beautiful one.

So, you think you're not that great?
Who cares?
Give your game THAT MUCH MORE focus and you'll be that much better and she'll drag YOU into bed!

And that's it for now, I'm stopping at 7 because I like the number 7. As a kid, I loved 7-Up. And Cherry Coke. Don't drink soda much anymore though. Man, being a kid ROCKS if you forget the bad stuff. I think if I was a kid again, I'd drink 7-Up and Cherry Coke and hang out with the hottest of women all day. Yeah....

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Till next time,

Michael W

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