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Author: Michael W

Some of the most powerful learning I had regarding how attraction works and how our culture has affected the way women think, and some of the most powerful insights I learned on how to best instill the skills and knowledge to other guys, came in very INDIRECT ways.

For example, when I was in university years ago for my first degree when I was studying Political Science, I had TONS of hotties all around me on campus. The problem was, this political science stuff included courses on feminist theories by professors that I took SERIOUSLY since everyone else was as well, and I thought this was "normal".

I honestly was brainwashed to see everything around me as some form of subjugation of women at the hands of chauvinist men. Even the act of sex itself, the most natural thing, was explained to me as making women submissive in an unfair way, because the woman has to open her legs! Even the more moderate feminist thinkers still had some pretty messed up stuff, but the radical ones truly wanted to restructure society in every way to get rid of the "evil patriarchy" that men had created.

Seriously, I am not kidding you about this stuff. Even though now, when I look around, I see if anything, a "matriarchy" not a patriarchy. Women who basically turn their men into supplicating beta-males who do everything they can to provide for them, and then of course these women then lose respect and attraction for these guys, and when they dude gets dumped, he ends up wondering where he went wrong, in fact he usually tries even HARDER to be MORE of a beta-male in an effort to please her and provide more for her.

More men commit suicide over lost relationships than women do. More women are in universities than men. It's also perfectly fine to make jokes about men but not about women in public discourse. And even though women now virtually all have jobs, men are still trying to pay for women to impress them as if women were still back in the 1920's. And when women are in their prime and attractive, their desire for a "serious" relationship and all that "noble" stuff is ONLY triggered by guys who REALLY "GET IT", otherwise this whole idea of women wanting relationships is pure hogwash.

Hardly a patriarchy, but quite possibly a matriarchy, especially as mothers teach their sons to be supplicative as the strategy for attracting a woman. Women don't do this intentionally, but what they are teaching their kids very often is how a woman would want a man to behave IF SHE WAS ALREADY ATTRACTED TO HIM, and not how to actually create the attraction that is so crucial in the first place.

So, in those years in university, I was in the BEST environment in terms of having INFINITE hotties around me, and the WORST environment in terms of the BELIEFS being inculcated into my head.

And in retrospect, I realize now most students really are just trying to pass and not really deeply caring about anything else including the content of their classes, but with my personality that likes to dissect things and learn stuff, I took it ALL IN. But then again, it seems from the way most guys feel a lack of value when it comes to their worth when trying to pick up a woman, well in many ways MANY guys have bought into the hogwash.

This is one of the reasons, why even now, YEARS later, I work SO HARD on emphasizing your INNER STATE, which is also product of your BELIEFS. And it's not enough to just be "POSITIVE", as unless you are ALREADY IN THE KNOW and know how all this works, you have no idea what being POSITIVE means when doing a pick-up or interacting with women.

For example, without insight, a guy might see another dude interacting with a girl, and the dude might be DOMINANT and TEASING her and yet also be comfortable with physical contact with her, and he may be pushing her away literally and metaphorically, and yet all this can be a very POSITIVE thing and come from very POSITIVE vibes. But if a guy doesn't understand it, he might think the guy is just being a jerk, a very NEGATIVE person, etc.

And yet, don't get me wrong, your inner state is the place where it all BEGINS, but then there is ALSO the layering in of all the other aspects of attraction, from the way you learn to also create a MAGNIFICENT connection that would blow to smithereens the typical robotic and fake "connection" tactics that "pick up artists" like to boast about. And of course there is the way you present yourself through the clothes you choose to wear, to the style of humor you use, to the places you hang out, to the LIFE and LIFESTYLE you create for yourself, and much, much more.

So I learned the HARD WAY that attraction is not just about being positive. I also learned that it's not just about LOOKS. And by the way, I really mean that. Do you know the actor who plays the new James Bond, in Casino Royale? His name is Daniel Craig. Anyway, if you do any research, you'll see that BEFORE the movie came out, there were TONS of FANS, never mind just "regular people", but die-hard FANS of the James Bond films, who were VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to him being Bond.

Do you know what a lot of them said?
They said he wasn't "good looking" enough or cool enough to be Bond!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, AFTER the movie came out, he was hailed as the BEST Bond since the very ORIGINAL by Connery!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly, NO COMPLAINTS about him in any way, even from the most die-hard fans. Suddenly, everyone agrees this guy is the epitome of Bond. And no one even REMEMBERS the whole thing about "looks", in fact he is clearly considered by women to be "very hot".

His ability to project COOLNESS is what changed everything. And by everything, I mean people's STATES of mind. He oozed charisma, power, and edge. I won't get into the story issues, but as an ACTOR, he was fantastic.

Powerful enough to change people's PERCEPTION of him. And often, a great actor is actually NOT acting, he is BECOMING that person, this is known as "method acting".

Since day ONE, I have been CONSISTENT in emphasizing REAL development of the traits that attract the hottest of women, opposed to following trends that emphasized all kinds of hogwash.

Again, a lot of this goes back to my experiences in university the FIRST time around, which took me YEARS TO EVEN REALIZE that I had been brainwashed!

When you are brainwashed, when you are TRULY believing in something that is false but you don't realize it, you can have MOUNTAINS of evidence pointing out the TRUTH to you, but you STILL won't see it! You will rather explain how that TOO is simply a proof of what you have been brainwashed to believe.

So for example, if I would see a guy behaving in a dominant, teasing, playful way with a woman, and the woman was getting emotional and giggly and would become his girlfriend or one of his girlfriends, I would assume that the girl was nuts, or that the guy was somehow "fooling" the girl that it was all a joke, when in reality he was a "jerk", and that she would eventually find out and dump him. The truth though is that most of the time, it would be this guy who dumped HER.

By the way, it's not like I never had any results with women, and I did approach like crazy then, even though my heart was pounding, the problem though was that I totally fumbled the ball because I believed that the FIRST ingredient in attraction was RAPPORT, rather than in fact BREAKING RAPPORT!

And it took a lot of time to fine-tune just how breaking rapport could be not a malicious thing, but rather a playful, dominant, sexy thing that created just the right tension that makes a woman YEARN for more.

Again, though, all this stuff had nothing to do with learning a line, a secret "tactic", or any other sneaky stuff. It had to do with MASSIVE change INTERNALLY and then on TOP of that external changes as well.

And yet those changes were not the kind of changes that meant sacrificing who I was. The only part of "me" that I "sacrificed" was the "me" who thought that life was about being a punching bag for women, out of the belief that I thought men were supposed to PROVE themselves and their worth and goodness to a woman.

As if women were automatically entitled to being the selectors, as if they were morally superior to men. And as if women actually FELT ATTRACTION to the idea of trying to "win" her approval harder than any other guy. And I could go on with a thousand other "as if" beliefs that I had.

The resulting stress of getting no results with the women I was interested in led me to be FORCED to learn how to DEAL with the stress. As a "go getter", I still wanted to excel in my studies, so I self-taught myself all kinds of relaxation and meditation techniques through raiding the library's stash of books on relaxation and stress by all kinds of psychologists and authors on meditation.

Anyway, let me fast forward:
A couple of years ago, I went BACK to university, this time for a degree in education. In many ways, the "system" was still politically correct, but the GREAT thing was that I was now AWARE of it, and so I could now SCREEN for the good stuff on how to teach, and I could filter out the hogwash.

And some of the biggest things I learned besides the actual "teaching techniques" is that that you can never stop LEARNING how to be a better teacher, and you must always strive to understand the personal situation, including emotional status, (and you must learn how to help the student achieve the best state of mind and self-esteem) and the best mode of learning, from the perspective of the STUDENT.

And that it's crucial to use a VARIETY of teaching methods depending on the student. That's why I don't just create a new product that is just some rehash of another product.

Rather, I put in YEARS of work on creating something USEFUL and DIFFERENT before releasing it. The idea is to IMPROVE the DIVERSITY of learning resources, not just to make MORE of the SAME.

The first most important step is changing your states that you constantly are putting yourself through unconsciously without even realizing it.

For example, very often guys take on things that women say at FACE VALUE. And things women write, at face value. Guys will look at a profile of a woman on the net, check her "specifications" on what she wants, and they are actually HYPNOTIZING themselves that THIS is what she must have, that this is what she needs, as opposed to emotionally BLOWING all this stuff out of your own emotional real estate! You have to learn to TAKE OVER these trivial "frames" that women will set, where YOUR INTERNAL FRAME is stronger and more compelling to YOU than her frame of what she thinks she needs is to her.

And the truth is, very often, the frames that women have on what they want or need or are attracted to are extremely FLIMSY, but because most guys never even REALIZE that they can naturally attract a woman to the point that all her "requirements" are a joke, they never even provide a challenge to the woman. It's really sad to watch, imagine Darth Vader saying to Luke "You will lose", and Luke saying "ok" and putting his hands up and surrendering the universe
over to him!

That's what most guys are doing with women, total SURRENDER of all their own power that they could have, without even REALIZING it. Guys don't realize how much attraction power they could really have with women.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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