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How To Win Women Over

Author: Michael W

When a guy wants to get a girl who's hot, and on the initial surface he might just seem like an "average" guy, it's really important to realize that there is a PROCESS that must be done. If it were as simple as just TALKING to her, then EVERY guy would get the girl!

As I've said before, attraction is about EXCELLENCE, so that means this "seemingly AVERAGE guy on the surface" is going to have to GENERATE some pretty ABOVE AVERAGE SIGNALS about himself.

Now, one of the first things is to not even be dressed as "average", to not look average, which helps prevent being classified as average before you even start.

Also, the way you speak, your tonality, and the things you talk about, and the emotions you instill and inspire in her, all this must be excellent, not average.

But one of the biggest things, that I want to bring to your attention right here, is the way you react to any behavior of hers that challenges your worth.

The truth is, from a standpoint of attraction, (as opposed to from a standpoint of whether she is a nice person or not, which is a separate issue) it really doesn't even matter why she is challenging your worth, or even if she really means it or if she is just testing you.

The bottom line is that this is one of the big areas where guys mess up.

When a woman does not give the guy confirming feedback, when a woman gives a guy disconfirming feedback to his pickup attempt, it can feel really bad for a guy.

And this bad feeling is what really messes the guy up, because these bad feelings are immediately made transparent by the guy to the girl, in a bunch of ways, and every single one of those ways CONFIRMS TO THE WOMAN THAT THE GUY IS INDEED AVERAGE OR INFERIOR THAN AVERAGE, ETC.

She can tell that if he was really superior than average, if he really was desirable, he would not be reacting the way he is.

So, one key point is to prevent this from the beginning by immediately coming in as way better than average on every level possible. This is why my programs cover everything from the way you look to the way you sound to the kind of superior sense of wit and humor and many other important factors as well. BUT, one of the areas where guys tend to take the HARDEST HITS, and where they seem to not be able to pull out of, is when the woman doesn't seem to be "going" with it. In my materials, I cover how to deal with this in huge detail, but for here today, I want to touch on this important topic.

When a woman doesn't seem to be responding well, or if she CHALLENGES you, i.e. she says to you "do you try chatting to all the girls in the bookstore" or "is that a pickup line?" or "that wasn't a very good opening" etc etc etc, MOST GUYS MELT, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ONE OF THOSE GUYS.

The thing is, there are two levels to not melting. One is the actual VERBAL level, so that instead of apologizing, or kissing up with something like "Oh yeah, I know that line kind of sucked, but it's better to try something than nothing, right???"
(ugh!!! Just writing that apologetic crap made me feel like puking) INSTEAD the verbal message can be:

"Well you see, you have to be part of my my A-list to get the special stuff, so if I find out you're a great person, then you get to move from my B-list to my A-list. You can't just get promoted for nothing."


"I only use it on girls that like to ask lots of dorky questions."

This all shows that you really are NOT thrown off balance by her and that in fact, she is being far too serious and uptight, which under the circumstances of this causal environment, is a sign of HER lack of value.

So that's a VERBAL level.

But there is ANOTHER level, which is the expression on your face, the tonality of your voice, the way your body is tight or relaxed. And this is actually far MORE challenging for most guys than the verbal stuff.

This is where you have to put in your TIME IN THE RING, taking the "hits" with the right attitude AND with the right INSIGHTS so that you ultimately are TOUGHENED up and DESENSITIZED to it so that it really DOES NOT AFFECT

And, with simultaneously applying the wisdom of the right insights on how to trigger attraction, you really will no longer show any signs of stress or loss of self-concept or esteem.

You will develop so that you are not just "not MELTING", but that in fact you are LAUGHING. It's not enough just to "not melt", you have to be in ULTRA state still, so that your humor, wit, confidence, and all emotional resources are all still at peak levels - so that you can KEEP ON EMANATING the right SUPERIOR messages and vibes until you REFRAME her very perception of you.

Now, when a woman sees and experiences THIS from you, it forces her to do a DOUBLE TAKE, it INSTINCTIVELY forces her to RE-EVALUATE her whole PERCEPTION of you.

She can't HELP it, in the same way you would be forced to do a double take, a re-evaluation of a little kid who not only didn't fall down when hit by a big guy, but who actually is standing there smiling like it didn't even TOUCH him.

You can't help but feel AMAZED by it, a new RESPECT for the kid, etc etc. You don't look at this kid as some "kid" anymore.

So, next time you are chatting to a woman, WATCH YOURSELF for the way you REACT.

The first step is gaining AWARENESS of your OWN reactions.

Become AWARE of how your tonality may be rising up in stress or over-excitement, become AWARE of how you may be FEELING down if she is not jumping or doing cartwheels of enthusiasm for you, become AWARE also if you are getting too THRILLED from her POSITIVE reaction. And learn to NOT LET ANYTHING SHE DOES during the initial pick-up affect you emotionally at ALL.

Become AWARE also of what you are SAYING to her in response to what she says to you, and how much of what you are saying is a STRESSFUL REACTION and how much is a CALM reaction, or even better, a SUPREMELY CONFIDENT reaction, or even better, a SUPREMELY CONFIDENT AND PLAYFUL AND WITTY reaction.

Then, you can begin the process of STRIPPING away the reactions that are signs of weakness and inferiority, and replace them with reactions that are signs of EXCELLENCE.

And if you would like to FULL GOODS on how to do all this, as well as how to make the most POWERFUL and ATTRACTIVE impression on EVERY level, from the moment you see her to the moment you take her under the covers, to the time when you are deep in a relationship with her, then I seriously suggest you get my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program delivered to you NOW.

This Program will take you deeper into the world of attraction than anything you've ever seen before.

Everything inside this program comes from the experience I've had training hundreds of guys from all skill levels and ages in my One-on-One Bootcamps for years now, demonstrating and teaching pick-up for REAL.

AND it will explain how to keep things PUMPED emotionally so that she will be ADDICTED to you for as long as you want. AND it will show you how to develop the skills in a way that becomes very natural for you and requires no memorization.

And much, MUCH more.

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

And if you haven't yet downloaded my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then do that IMMEDIATELY. This book is the DNA for understanding the concepts and methods in all my other programs and services.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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