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Author: Michael W

Grab yourself a cold one because this is gonna rock.

Do you think you're worthy of being the guy who women WANT?


Because if you do, then it only makes sense to let women KNOW that you are the BEST. Now, the PROBLEM is that most guys have been sold a bunch of HOGWASH, and I mean TOTAL HOGWASH, about how to SHOW that you are the BEST.

We've been told that the way to show women how awesome we are is to show them how NICE we can be.

How ATTENTIVE we can be. How FAITHFUL we can be. And on and on and on.

Well, we all know EXACTLY what what happens when you START OFF with a woman this way. Listen to me, when you are NICE to a woman, you are showing her that SHE has value, not that YOU have value.

Think about that.

By the way, this doesn't mean to start off with a woman by acting like a complete JERK, either. But that's another issue altogether.

Back to my point:
Okay, your GOAL is to SHOW women that you are the MOST DESIRABLE guy.

But yet what the typical guy does is NOT show that HE is desirable, what he INSTEAD does is make the woman think that SHE is the MOST DESIRABLE! Now the great IRONY of this is that women, especially women who are attractive, ALREADY think that they are ULTRA DESIRABLE.

Honestly, most chicks feel that they are doing the TYPICAL guy a FAVOUR by breathing the same air as him. Listen, we are living in a culture where men KISS UP to women, a culture that promotes the LIE that somehow a woman's sexuality is inherently MORE POWERFUL, more WORTHY, and MORE DESIRED than a MAN'S!


But PERCEPTION can create REALITY, and as long as men PERCEIVE themselves to be in a weaker position to women, men will indeed be in that position, as they kiss up to women and women take men’s affection for granted and do not appreciate nor desire nice guys.

Let me tell you the REALITY of an attractive woman:
She gets SO MANY compliments a day, that when she gets ANOTHER one from a guy, it goes in one ear and OUT the other, and is absolutely MEANINGLESS.

Well, actually, it DOES have some meaning to her- it means to her, in her mind, that he is a SUB-STANDARD, “TYPICAL MALE”. Guys just can't understand this since it's SO FAR AWAY from the reality that GUYS experience.

In other words, if a GUY got a compliment from a woman who was attractive, he'd LOVE it, he'd APPRECIATE IT, most guys are not spoiled this way. Most guys don't grow up in this culture getting compliments from women. Guys don't even EXPECT them, since as men we have this crazy belief that it's just not the way it's supposed to be, but that somehow KISSING UP TO WOMEN IS JUST "NATURAL"!

This is HOGWASH that women would just LOVE for you to BELIEVE! Trust me, I have been to other cultures, where the way women treat men is AWESOME!

SEXUAL ATTRACTION is nothing except ONE THING: It's about coming across as the BEST. THE MOST DESIRED. The SUPERIOR.

Listen, think of the most desirable woman you can possibly imagine:
Now, if SHE was nice to you, then you'd REALLY appreciate it. Duh, of course, right? Now, think of the most repulsive woman you can possibly muster in your imagination. Now, if she was nice to you, it wouldn't be as special right?

Of course right.

So you see, in order for your "nice-ness" to be appreciated by a woman, she must FIRST feel that you are the SEXIEST THING ON EARTH. She must first feel ATTRACTED to you, in order for her to APPRECIATE your act of "nice-ness". And guess what?

That is really NOT such a hard thing to accomplish! And I'll prove it to you:

Have you ever seen a "supermodel" or super hot actress on TV, and then seen her again, either in person or in another TV spot or magazine, and thought "Man, is that her? She don't look too hot there!" There's a reason for this, which I will get into in a moment. Or how about this:

Have you ever been madly in love with a woman? And you thought she was just the most incredible thing?
Let me tell you something:
I'm willing to BET YOU ANYTHING that she probably wasn't, on an objective scale, as "hot" as you thought. That's not an insult. IT'S JUST THAT WOMEN HAVE LEARNED THE ART OF ILLUSION.

And it's something they work damn hard to keep up. Only when a woman is a celebrity where thousands of snapshots of her are taken a day, do the chances of her messing up increase, and get noticed, but it gets lost anyway in the ocean of positive publicity. Women are EXPERTS are creating the IMAGE they wish to project. IMAGE is EVERYTHING to women, they are OBSESSED with who they hang out with, with how they appear to others, with how people may judge them- it is CRITICAL to women that they project the image that they are totally hip and desirable.

Ever go to a club and watch the women there? The attractive women are eyeing the other women like HAWKS to see how they measure up in comparison. Ever wonder why a woman gets really upset if she sees another woman is wearing the same outfit as her? It’s because it makes her look less unique and SPECIAL and LESS eye-catching. It HURTS her IMAGE.

Like I said, women are OBSESSED with projecting the image, the ILLUSION that they are the BEST. They have PERFECTED the art of PROJECTING THAT THEY ARE WAY SEXIER THAN THEY REALLY ARE.

Meanwhile, MEN have PERFECTED the "art" of making themselves seem way LESS DESIRABLE THAN THEY REALLY ARE. I'm not kidding you at all.

Women spend countless hours fixing up their hair, wearing the perfect clothing to enhance their positive features and mask their flaws. What does the average guy do? I'm gonna make an exaggeration here, just to prove a point:
He throws some water on his face in the morning and rushes out the door.

Now, this was all fine in a different era when women were not brainwashed to treat men like garbage. But now that women have been spoiled by men who were brainwashed to kiss up and by men who act as if men are indeed garbage, it's time to change the tide. Men need to get an entire makeover.

Go shopping to a really cool fashion store and get help from the young woman who works there and tell her you want to look as cool as is humanly possible. Get her advice for the best places to get other cool clothes.

Do it.

The reality is, to be honest with you, that with proper exercise and nutrition, and with the help of someone who knows what cool fashion and style is, men can actually change their look to a FAR GREATER EXTREME than women could ever HOPE to do. Men also tend to age less, which helps as well. Some women don't want their boyfriends to know this, because then their boyfriend would get all the women’s attention, and that’s a no-no. Women would rather keep things the way they are now: That THEY be the ones doing the flirting, of course, with OTHER guys, while their naïve boyfriend stays faithful.

Women would like to keep the status quo.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of physical aspects. In my book, workshops, seminars, and consultations I go into painstaking detail about these areas.

And this is just ONE DIMENSION of how women project the illusion that they are FAR MORE APPEALING THAN THEY REALLY ARE. The other way women project this illusion is through SPECIFIC BEHAVIORS and through their attitudes and demeanor. I'm sure you've heard of the "Alpha Male" as being the dominant male. Well, in this society, what you tend to see are "Alpha FEMALES" lol and almost every chick acts like she IS an "ALPHA FEMALE".

If you want to REALLY be “ALPHA”, start looking at how WOMEN behave. Women who are attractive, and often even "plain-janes", act AS IF they are truly superior beings. That is why it is so easy for them to shoot men down, they have too many men kissing up to them all the time, it's beyond their ability to cope with all the clueless men.

So women act superior in many ways:
It shows in their sense of humor; in their expectations of what guys should do for them; in the sense of "not knowing what they want" and just stringing guys along; and in the sense of simply wanting what THEY CAN'T HAVE, no matter how undesirable that thing would normally seem to be- i.e. wanting guys who are jerks, because JERKS are projecting the illusion of being desirable since they are so hard to get.

This is why so many good guys who learn a lesson still find themselves experiencing the following phenomenon:
The guy is laid back and fun and cool in the beginning phase of a relationship, because the guy finally learned that it makes no sense to rush things, but then he falls for the woman's BAIT: She tells him she wants "more"- she wants him to be more "serious" with her, more "loving", more "bonding", and LESS "casual".

And as SOON as he actually RESPECTS her enough to bring the relationship to that "next level" and she feels SECURE that he is REALLY HERS, she starts to treat him like dirt. The guy cannot comprehend what is happening, he figures something must be wrong, so he tries to be ever more accommodating and kind to her, thinking she needs love and understanding. All the while he is being appreciated LESS AND LESS.

Till it borders on PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE. I've received more emails on this phenomenon than any other single type of question. Guys fall for women's tricks all the time. And it's hard not to, as a guy, IF YOU DON'T KNOW BETTER.

What happens is that the guy is too busy trying to please the woman, for him to even REALIZE or CONSIDER that maybe SHE has flaws! Chicks know that by keeping YOU chasing THEM, you will be too focused on pleasing THEM and have no energy or time to even BEGIN to ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT that maybe she isn't doing enough to please YOU.

Chicks know this.
They just don't want YOU to know it.

And when a woman is not treating you well, the harder you try to please her, the more she will treat you like dirt, because you are reinforcing in her mind that SHE is the prize, that she is so desirable that you will kiss up to her even if she treats you like crap. And then your mind plays tricks on you: What's happens is that you start to BELIEVE that if you are putting in all this effort, and taking all this abuse, it can only be because she is so WORTH it.

Hence you start to fall even harder for her. And take even more abuse, starting a DEVASTATING cycle that will not stop until you either WAKE UP or someone wakes you up. Your mind is not logical, it plays tricks on you. It doesn't think that maybe what's REALLY happening is that you are just TOO BUSY to realize what a SNOWJOB is being pulled on you.

BUT I'M HERE TO WAKE YOU UP. I'm here to tell you now there is a better way.

It's time to realize that YOU can use EVERY SINGLE CONCEPT that women use, and then turn it around to convey that YOU are the best.

Hint: This is an art of subtlety. It’s not about acting like a rip-roaring character who goes around saying “I’m the best”.

Ever notice the SUBTLETIES of women’s behavior. Like, if you buy a woman a drink, she’ll say “thanks” and smile in a way that REALLY says she couldn’t give a damn and she thinks you’re a loser and feels you’re so pathetic she’s not sure to smile out of sympathy or laugh out of arrogance?

She conveys this with a combination of a TRILLION THINGS happening at once with her body language, tonality, and facial expression. And she’s so used to doing it, it’s INSTINCT for her now. I've discussed some major, powerful, and important concepts in this newsletter.

If you want to learn EXACTLY HOW TO APPLY these concepts to SKYROCKET your success with picking up women and getting physical, I highly recommend you begin NOW by downloading my eBook, "The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women". This book is the foundation, where it all starts. It's absolutely guaranteed, so there's no reason not to take action IMMEDIATELY.

It's at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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