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The Instinct Of A Woman's Attraction

Author: Michael W

Most guys have no idea of what is really going on, what women are saying behind closed doors. Women will not come out and tell you all their secrets and all the truth.

On a fundamental level, most guys are making a huge mistake in the way they are trying to attract women. Guys are trying to appeal to logic. They try to show a woman how good they will be to her, because it seems to make sense that a person should want to be with someone who treats them well.

But the problem is that sexual desire is oblivious to logic.

Women are programmed by nature to feel massive sexual attraction to someone they feel is superior.

Notice I use the word feel. Not actually superior, but someone they feel is superior. What women feel are superior traits are often inferior traits from a man's logical standpoint. For example, men are hardwired to appreciate what is hard to get.

So for example, let's say in the past, (thousands of years ago) if a woman found that a man was hard to get, it was most likely a result of him being too occupied with other women who took up all his non-hunting time. The women he was with were attracted to his brute hunting and survival skills, (without being conscious of why they were attracted to it) and the other women who could not get him evolved to feel attraction for such a hard to get man, (without realizing why they felt that attraction) which made sense, since being hard to get was then a good indicator of having desirable characteristics for survival.

Today, however, it's very possible to have a man who could provide and impregnate her to have healthy children and yet not feel the need to go around with many females and be "hard to get". He could be superior, yet also be looking to meet the right woman and commit to her.

But women are simply not hardwired to feel attraction to a guy who is this easy to get. They will feel he is an undesirable loser if he is too easy to get.

So what happens is the jerk who is a total loser and never worked a day in his life, and who has no time for his girlfriend because he is too busy chasing other girls, has her going crazy for him because by simply being hard to get, he accidentally activated the switch in her head that makes her feel "This is a sexually attractive guy!"

See? It's not logical, but you can understand how it could have made sense, had the reason for being hard to get been different.

Without getting literary on you guys, the same principle of being hard to get is at work in the most famous romance of all time, Romeo and Juliet. They come from different environments and social classes that are forbidden to meet, thereby making both the guy and the chick crazy about each other. Both are hard to get.

Being hard to get is just one of thousands of concepts of attraction. The key point, though, is that guys are confusing what is nice with what actually triggers attraction, whether a woman wants to feel that attraction or not!

A woman cannot help but feel attraction when you activate all the behaviors and cues that trigger attraction!! And unless you display these cues, nothing else on earth will make one bit of difference.

Primal sexual attraction is not stimulated by getting a woman to consciously think about who she should be with. It's not activated by "good judgment". So forget about trying to appeal to a woman's sense of "good sexual judgment".

When men try to appeal to her sense of good judgment, they are trying to appeal to something that does not exist. It's totally beyond all rational thought. The problem is that what nature gave for women as "a sense of good judgment in guys" was actually designed for an environment that no longer exists.

The instinctive woman's programming for who to be attracted to is not actually helping women!

It ends up often making women attracted to guys who are horrible for her. Guys who treat her badly. So consider women's instincts as outdated, yet unchangeable. Which means that as men, we must deal with it and speak the language of that instinct.

Yes, it's nothing more than a instinct, designed to elicit in women the emotional response called sexual attraction when prompted by certain cues.

What are these cues?

These cues are the signs, that, according to her primitive outdated instinct, signify superiority. But the way most guys are acting with women today is sending the message that men are inferior, needy, undesirable. The effect of this has been that women are treating men like crap and men have no idea why!

As a matter of fact, men only make the situation worse by being even nicer in the hopes that women will respond better. Of course, this makes women feel even less attraction for men.

It's damn hard for women to find guys that activate their switches for feeling sexual attraction. Everything about the way most guys are says "I am not superior and I am needy for a woman's approval". Most guys will just nervously glance back and forth at a woman they want to speak to.

If they do work up the nerve to say something, the tone of his voice usually says "I hope you like me, I'll be really nice if you just are nice to me back." "Please don't hurt my feelings, they are so fragile because I need approval very badly and can't afford to be rejected".

His body language is all cramped up and nervous as if he's trying to disappear. His style of dressing usually shows no pride or personality. And if he is lucky enough to get a number, he calls the chick ten times a day. And he's dead serious, as if she counts so much he can't afford to screw up by relaxing too much for a second!

Since this has been happening on such a massive scale, it's reached the point where even cool guys are paying for the sins of the guys who have been kissing women’s butts. A lot of cool guys today are reluctant as heck to enter a relationship because many women are convinced that if a guy gets into a relationship, it means she can control him, and that he is needy.

The women then start taking advantage of the guy.

So, by staying clear of any relationship, he makes it obvious that he ain't needy for it, thereby showing superiority and commanding respect. The irony is that this is when women start to become all clingy and needy and really want to be in a relationship with the guy.

If you want to become successful with women, you've got to get a grip on the realities of the situation today with women and dating. Most guys have no idea of what is really going on, what women are saying behind closed doors. Women will not come out and tell you all their secrets and all the truth.

Ignorance is NOT bliss.
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Till next time,

Michael W

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