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Larger Than Life

Author: Michael W

There are many systems and methods out there in the marketplace that claim to teach you how to be more successful with women. But what I have found, after spending years researching this topic, is that there is far, far too much emphasis on "techniques" and "lines" and "acting".

There are many problems with that approach. First of all, it does not feel natural. And although every man wants success with women, he also wants to feel he is dealing with a human being, not a robot who can be programmed to do his bidding.

Second of all, it requires memorization. You have to remember a line, how it's supposed to be delivered, and when you are suddenly in front of a woman, you can easily freeze up and FORGET what to do.

Also, tons and tons and tons of men are shy around women, and so no matter how good a "technique" is, the paralyzing fear of shyness will prevent a shy man from carrying out the "technique".

I can state all the above because I encountered those problems myself. It took years for me to realize that the most powerful resource for success with women rests not in your isolated technique or your individual "lines", but in YOU.

Yes YOU. Who YOU are. Most people don't realize who they truly are. You are not your job. You are not your height. You are not your weight. You are not your past history.

I am not being cheesy here. Do you really believe that you are just those things above?

Or is your greatest individuality, your truest identity, all the TRILLIONS of thoughts and dreams and ideas that are constantly flowing through your MIND? Okay, it might sound like we're heading into THE MATRIX land here, but I was on to this WAAYYYYYYYYYYY back. (really!)

You see, you are so much, much, much more than what you have been conditioned to believe about yourself. Now what does all this have to do with being successful with women?

The connection is that your THOUGHTS are the truest identification of yourself, and your future.

And WOMEN KNOW THIS on a very INTUITIVE LEVEL. They can SENSE your beliefs about yourself, through the most subtle cues in your movements and voice tone, etc.

Women are very turned on by men who have the right ATTITUDE, for REAL.


Your thoughts, your emotions, are UP TO YOU. No one ever said it's easy, but it's TOTAL DEMOCRACY when it comes to having your own thoughts. No one is forcing you to think like a pathetic person.

In my book, I go into excruciating detail about what kind of person you must be, regarding your behaviors, particularly your emotional strength, in order to attract women.

I would like to give you a glimpse into the type of MAN who is the ULTIMATE ATTRACTION FOR WOMEN. How do you define this type of MAN?

In those three words, lies massive significance. Fully absorbing impact of those three words could take hours, literally.

To truly be larger than life means that first and foremost, you take that step in your MIND.

Imagine, if you will, that you were JAMES BOND. Forget the weapons, the cash, the women knocking at your door. I mean imagine that you were James Bond, but absolutely nobody else knew.

You would probably be a totally different person in just about every aspect of what you do, not just how you behave with women. Even the way you would do something as simple and mundane as ordering a pizza over the phone would be different. Your voice would be clearer, calmer, more confident, almost as if you were superior, but not because you were trying to show it.

You would probably be far, far more resourceful in your life. You would complain less, and do more to improve your life in all areas, whether it was your career, your social life, your health, your physique, your knowledge etc. After all, Bond simply doesn't complain, he is a man of confidence and ACTION, not a man of complaints and fear.

And of course, with WOMEN, you would be totally in control of yourself as well. You would NEVER get into a petty argument with a woman, you would NEVER get intimidated by something as deceptive and fleeting as BEAUTY, and you would NEVER DOUBT your worth for a SECOND.

After all, you are LARGER THAN LIFE. When you are LARGER THAN LIFE, you are on a different mental plane of existence.

It would be absurd to bring yourself down to pettiness. When you are larger than life, women are just a small part of your life. You become interested in various hobbies and activities, and you have the confidence to constantly GROW as a person.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, you are LARGER than any individual experience you encounter, so you would never get fazed by a woman.

Every change in your physical reality begins in your mind. Think of any object you own that you bought that was real expensive. It started with the DESIRE in your MIND to have it.

And if you think I am being one bit sentimental, I'd like to back myself up with some cold hard concrete facts. In a comprehensive study of people (This is all documented in a book called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE) who were successful in their lives, it was revealed that the most accurate
predictor of a person's success was NOT their I.Q.

Nope, intelligence in the old fashioned sense just ain't that important to "making it" in the general sense. Do you want to know what was far more important to predicting someone's success in life?

It was EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, meaning the ability to handle your emotions positively.

Yup. As The Beaver used to say, "No foolin'!"

It's my belief that women, somewhere along the way in our million year evolution, picked up this fact on a very primal level.

After all, if men who had the right personality were MORE LIKELY to be the successful hunters, family defenders, fathers, etc, then it only makes sense that evolution would shape women's sexual nature to be attracted to men with that LARGER THAN LIFE, NOTHING-CAN-STOP-HIM PERSONALITY.

You don't have to have a million dollars or a fancy car or have the greatest looks. Absolutely not.



EVERY DAY, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OF A WAY, STRIVE TO IMPROVE YOURSELF, BE IT YOUR HEALTH, YOUR CAREER, YOUR SOCIAL LIFE, YOUR HOBBIES, ETC. What you have to do is DUMP all your fears, because it is those very fears themselves that are holding you back.

Women are not attracted to money. They may USE some men for their money, but they are NOT ATTRACTED to it.

Women are NOT attracted to a man who is ruled by fears, no matter how good looking he is.

The irony is that what holds back men from succeeding with women is the fear that they won't succeed with women!

If you want to OBLITERATE all the fears holding you back from success with women, I suggest you read my book, "The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women". I clearly deconstruct and destroy the harmful myths that hold most men back with fear, including the myths revolving around money, looks, and being a "nice guy". I also show you how to adopt the right mentality for success with women.

And I take you step by step through the process of getting numbers, emails, dates, and "getting physical". It comes with a money back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, just let me know and you'll get your money back. To be blunt with you, most guys would rather put up a fight than let anyone take the book away from them for any price.

I spent years learning all the knowledge that I packed into my book in an organized fashion. I've written the book so that it can be used as a steady reference book to answer your questions about meeting, dating, and getting intimate with women.

You can begin reading this important information within MINUTES of now.
To download the eBook, just go to:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Over the course of one million years, man has adapted and evolved powerful strategies for attracting women.
Now, you can learn them all in just a few hours of reading and practice.

Make the decision to become more successful with women NOW. You really can have success with women- the choice is now in your hands.

Till next time...
From someone who's been there,

Michael W

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