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Lies That Were Told To You

Author: Michael W

Damn. If there's one thing I really can't take, it's dishonesty. And one of the biggest areas where there has been a cover-up of the truth is the whole topic of what women today really love in a man.

Of all the areas to not tell the truth to a guy about, this one's gotta be one of the worst, with huge ramifications to a guy's self-esteem.

I think the single greatest criminal element to the big lie is in pop music. Not talking about hard rock here or heavy metal- no sir. I'm talking about typical pop. You hear all these lame excuses for men singing about how wonderful some woman is, and how soft and nice he feels regarding her.

And you might get the idea that being all soft and nice is how you get some wonderful result.

Excuse me while I puke.

Listen, this type stuff is responsible for more masturbation and depression than anything else. There are other culprits too- some of the major "relationship" experts out there, including some male authors, who blame everything on men, really should be tried for treason against all men.

The REALITY is that a woman's sexual and emotional interest in you is DIRECTLY proportional to your LACK of interest in her. That is NOT to say that you should be MEAN to a woman, but if you approach a woman and for one SPLIT second she thinks that you are thinking too highly of her, you are FRIED. You are TOAST. You are HISTORY.

Again, I'm not saying to be a jerk. But you SHOULD be just a TOUCH more arrogant than the woman you are speaking to.

And trust me, please trust me, chances are she is PLENTY arrogant.

Unless you think that the idea that a man should pay for a woman who has done nothing for him is cool.

Unless you think that the idea that a man should first prove himself to a woman, and then let a woman take her sweet time to compare him to a thousand guys and then maybe, maybe get back to him, is cool.

So YES, be arrogant, but in a CONFIDENT way that says you KNOW she wants you.

That's why TEASING in a PLAYFUL way is so important.

It's kind of strange, but in a way, women are actually encouraging a society where men are more likely to become "womanizers", since it's only with those skills that you can hold on to most women these days.

Yes, really.
At least in western culture, that's how it is.

You see, when women see that you really could dump them in an instant, and that you could easily and at any second have sex with a dozen other gorgeous women who are crazy about you, that is when suddenly she will be acting all sweet and nice and good.

She might start treating you so well, that you might even suddenly be humming one of those wussy songs on the radio. And you might REALLY think that you have some kind of "special" woman on your hands.

When in fact, the degree that she acts fantastic and "special" is proportional to the degree that you really could get another woman like her in an instant.

In other words, to the degree that you realize she is NOT special.

Does any of this make any sense?
Is it logical?

Of course not.

But I'm here to call a spade a spade. Remember, I hate dishonesty. One of the greatest problems facing men these days is actually not women- it's MEN.

You see, since men everywhere are kissing up to women so much, they have created a bizarre society where there is an "inflation" regarding how men perceive the value of a woman's affection. And of course, women start to believe all that great publicity, even though it's all based on a fallacy.

So what happens is that women are so spoiled by men, that the only type of men they respond to at all are the men who are a CHALLENGE.

Think about how really rich people sometimes enjoy to "rough it". Or think of how in modern times, kids play video games of war for excitement. People who have really lived through horrors and wars, however, really appreciate peace and tranquility and harmony.

Get it?
So women, who are extremely spoiled by ignorant men, need a little "excitement" and "drama" and "challenge". So give it to them, for crying out loud.

Making it easy for women is like helping the kid win the game by taking over the controls and winning it for him. You end up pissing the kid off, not making him happy.

Now, all this takes an interesting turn when it comes to relationships, which is another area full of b.s. in modern times.

Lately, I've been focusing a lot on just the art of the pickup, but relationships are an important part of who I am and what I coach as well, so it's about time I discussed a bit of that here.

On one hand, today you have the "macho" dudes who pretend that they don't even want relationships, on the other hand you have the wussy dudes who kiss up. The reality is that relationships are far trickier than just being able to attract women for sex. The reason is that we are living in a society that is focused on "me" and nothing else.

This goes completely against the whole concept of what a relationship is- two people coming together to share their lives so that the SUM is GREATER than their individual parts and obviously well worth the effort. So what happens today, is that everyone wants a relationship, but they also want to be single at the same time.

This is how you get situations where couples go on separate vacations, have closer connections with people at work than they do with their spouse, and create such bullshit terms as "quality" time as opposed to REAL time. And how you get situations where it's perfectly normal for couples to separately hang out at clubs where the vibe is all about picking up and being single as opposed to being together.

But of course, it's all about "dancing" as the euphemism goes. It's also how you get a basic vibe of "what can you do for ME" right off the bat.

And it's how you get a society of internet dating because people are too busy with themselves to have the time to go through a natural process of getting to know someone.


Give it to ME.

And then people wonder why relationships don't last today. They wonder why the divorce rate is so high. Women wonder why they are more depressed now than they were BEFORE all this "progress".

Now, again, I'm going to get hell for this, but I call a spade as I see it. Sometimes, there is such a thing as black and white. But calling a spade a spade today is dangerous.

It means facing reality, and having to make choices and realize that everything has a price and that you can't have everything.

Also, sex SELLS.
But it's much harder to use sex to sell a product or service if people are ALREADY happy and content.

So if everyone was in a good relationship, people would start to say the heck with a lot of other things- they wouldn't need as much bling bling to impress people, they wouldn't need to buy so many things and services.

Products are sold on perceived NEEDS.

One of the greatest needs is a sense of connection and self-acceptance.

So if you feel good about yourself, and if you have a great relationship, chances are you do not feel the need to buy the ACME 3000 latest sexy mouthwash invented by DeEffeminate Designer, you do not need the latest sexy car, you do not feel the need to subscribe to the latest men's magazine that tells you what an idiot you've been for not reading it all along, and how you hardly match up to the effeminate male models in it's pages, and how you really better read the article on p.122 about what gel to put in your hair.

It's simply not in the interest of a lot of business for you to be happy, and for you to be in a stable relationship. You have to have the NEED to impress in order to be exploited by all the crap out there.

This is why today you hear a lot about how supposedly nothing is black and white anymore when it comes to morals.

Of course they want you to believe that- THAT way you can feel GOOD about cheating on your spouse, or at least doubt your commitment to them, and also it can help to make you feel a need to buy the latest b.s. product to make you "impressive" to the opposite gender.

So that is why today, it seems there is NOTHING that is "wrong". Everything is just a matter of perspective and opinion, except one thing:
Whatever happens, the general b.s. of today is that you are NEVER responsible for your actions or the consequences.

You see, that way, you can keep on screwing up, so that you will constantly be unhappy and in need of some product.

So the POINT is that if you want a relationship that will thrive and stand the test of time, you better make sure to find a woman who's already happy and has high self esteem, and who values the joy of a relationship more than getting cancer while shaking her butt to a zoo of drunken wobbly people at a smoky and deafening club.

Okay, time to wrap this up:
Ultimately, I'm not even here to make you meet women, or have sex with women, or get into a relationship.

I'm here to give every good guy out there back his self-esteem. If you're in a relationship right now and taking abuse, and you think you could never find someone better, it's time to IMMEDIATELY get out of that hell NOW.

You can INSTANTLY change your life and meet other women, better women, TODAY. And not just meet them, but you'll be triggering chemistry in them for you.

It takes some work on your part in addition to the information I will show you, but I sincerely feel the results are worth infinitely MORE than your investment in time and money.

What I have found is that this area called "success with women" can be a major psychological barrier to your own self-esteem if you don't have it down pat.

It's because as a society, we tend to associate a lot of how worthy you are with how you do with women. It's b.s. of course, but when you see how easy it can be to be awesome with women, it's like having a huge weight taken off your shoulders. And then you can go back to your real life and focus better.

There are two ways to go about this:
If you haven't read my eBook, that's the place to get started. It's called The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

This book is the real deal, it tells you what you really need to know about women today and also about how to approach women and start conversations, how to get into the right state of mind, how to smoothly transition to getting physical, and how to select the right woman for a relationship as well as important concepts to apply for relationship success.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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