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Meeting Women On Campus, When To Kiss A Woman, & How To Change Your Reputation

Author: Michael W

*Letter From A Reader*

Dear Master Michael,
It's U. from Pakistan here. I have been using your eBook for picking up women at train stations, inside trains, in swimming pools etc. in Europe. But I have always been confused about one scenario, the universities.

My university is in Pakistan and keep in mind that the culture of Pakistan is similar to that of India if you know it.

So the question is:
In a university, where almost all women know you already (but I have no interaction with them ), therefore you cannot use the "get to know" opener, and another problem is that women are always in the groups of two or more. How do I open up in such a scenario keeping in mind that so far I have approached only those women who were sitting/standing alone and were total strangers. Plus, it also seems unnatural to me to ask them for a coffee coz we are already on the same campus and already know each other.

Kindly give me some ideas of opening up and asking for dates in what I call "university scenario" :-)

Your student,
U., Pakistan


Thanks for letting me know the stuff works in ALL environments and countries- Now, regarding your "campus dynamics" question, one of the most OUTRAGEOUSLY awesome things about being on campus/university is that it's EVEN EASIER than meeting women that are "strangers".

In fact the main issue usually is if you have TIME from all your schoolwork to take advantage of the ocean of opportunity.

I wished I known this the first time I was in school lol. Well, when I went back for some courses I needed to take, I conducted a fun experiment: I just opened conversations with playful comments to every girl that I passed on campus that I was interested in- and literally had a 99% positive reaction. Girls smiling back, keeping up the conversation. The reason for this is since you are a fellow student, you already have them more relaxed, so you can skip the whole "cool" openers and stuff and still get good results. In fact, I had so many numbers at the end of the day, I honestly could not put faces in my mind to all the numbers. For the first time, I felt like a ditzy chick.

So if you apply what I teach you, you will be ULTRA successful in a college setting. And I agree with you, there is often no need for the coffee, since 99 percent of the time I have found that in college I can INSTANT DATE the woman right there and hang out on the spot, unless she is running to class.

Let's say I'm in the library, and a woman is sitting across the table. I'll just tease her for looking my way, (of course, I looked HER way lol) and tell her to concentrate harder on her studies! If she laughs, I'll tease her some more and tell her that at this rate, she's never gonna get out of university, and if she wants to chat, she should just say so.

Get it?
After this, I might get into some REAL "normal" chat, discussing what she's studying, etc, and then close off with getting her number or email, which should be a piece of cake after all that.

Find out all the details on how to do this in my eBook at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Which leads me to my second point:
Your mentioning of "asking for a date". I NEVER ask for dates.

It's critical to just have a good time chatting with women, and when you sense they are attracted, from the way they are smiling and touching and laughing or responding, you should suggest hanging out again. Simple as that. Of course, the things to do to GET them feeling attraction are what is of crucial importance.

Asking a woman for a date is far too formal, and more importantly, is making it seem like SHE is the superior one. As if SHE has all the power in the situation.

And remember, attraction is all about SUPERIORITY.

So just have fun with campus girls just like you've been doing with all the other women, and make sure to send in your success stories!

*Letter From A Reader*

I rarely meet women anywhere but the Internet because it works so well if you know what you are doing. My question is, is it better to kiss a woman before I leave to go home after the first meeting or wait another time?

I find that waiting may be better because it causes a woman to wonder what is going on... and it probably would increase her comfort level of coming back to my place during a future meeting.

I am seeing a girl now that I kissed on the first meeting and things are going great but I have also had women turn their face so I only kiss their cheek before leaving to go home after the first meeting. Whereas, I just got home from seeing a girl for the 2nd time and we still haven't kissed yet (she was comfortable enough with letting me come back to her dorm to watch a movie and maybe she wouldn't have if I kissed her).

Now this may be good, but at the same time she may think I don't have the guts to just take the lead and kiss her, which if this is what she thinks I can only imagine it being a huge turn off and may lead her to think of me as a nice friend if I don't take action soon. There are a lot of subtle things to consider here and when you realize that most woman can get creeped out fast by a guy they just met off the Internet, it can be difficult to determine how fast to take action even if a woman shows a lot of signs of interest. What has worked best in your experience?
Eric K.

*My Comments*

The truth is that the whole "kiss" thing is usually misunderstood by guys. Kissing can be a fun thing or it can be a serious thing. Or it can be both. I think that the reason guys get so caught up on the "kiss" thing is because it establishes a certain amount of sexuality. So guys want to "get to point B" and accomplish the mission.

Well, you can't get to "point B" without establishing both MUTUAL SEXUAL VIBE and also MUTUAL TRUST.

The TRUTH is that if you understand how to COMMUNICATE SEXUALITY, you can do it without even TOUCHING. Not that I suggest that this is NECESSARY, but just that if you BEHAVE the right way, a woman will FEEL very CLEARLY the sexual vibe.

If you are NOT behaving in a way that gives off sexual vibes AND creates mutual trust, then no matter WHEN you kiss, it won't work. So the REAL answer about
when to kiss is:
Once you have SEXUAL VIBE.
Once you have TRUST.
Once you have at least a minimum level of PRIVACY.

So for example, if you tease a woman in a fun way, if you both have some normal conversation and get to know a bit about each other, if you show SUPERIORITY through your tonality, your calmness, your expressions, your decisiveness, your ability to be playful, and if you lead her to a place where there is at least minimum privacy, then by all means, kiss her.

The whole point of my materials and services is to help you SPEED up the whole process of meeting women and sparking attraction and trust. So that you don't have to spend ten years to find one woman and another ten years to attract her. Instead, using the concepts I show you, you can often get to that level in 10 minutes.

Sometimes a concrete example helps:
Let's say I'm sitting with a woman I like. I've already been playful, we've already found out about each other, we've had some normal conversation, all the while I'm remaining laid back while keeping the sexual tension and being just slightly beyond her control i.e. not answering all her questions, using pauses with just the right amount of drama, the tonality of my voice, the expression on my face, etc. I might half jokingly say you can tell so much about a person from the way they kiss, and then she might say "Really, what can you tell? How???" So I might continue this a bit and say "ahhh you know, like if a woman wants you just for your money or if it's real passion" all the while keeping a mischievous look on my face. The eye contact I may be giving her will be very powerful at this point, and if she is hypnotized at that moment, I will go in for the kiss. It might be very passionate, and then, right after, I might tease her and say "you're definitely not in it for the money!" which is both funny and also kind of EXACTLY THE ATTITUDE you should be conveying. It makes a woman feel that you are not taking things TOO seriously just yet, which is very RELAXING for her and yet also retains the CHALLENGING aspect. It's the way of THE MAN. It's not "oh god, I love you, I love you, when do we get married".

Of course, now, 10 thousand guys are going to use this line, but keep in mind it is my FRAME of mind and my understanding of how women grow up and their psychology that allows me to come up with this stuff.

So, to answer your question, establish sexual vibe/tension, trust, and some privacy, and then kiss

*Letter From A Reader*

Hi Mike-
I have an anti-seduction question. I'll bet you've never before gotten a request for advice with a woman you're NOT attracted to.

Long story short: I love my female friends. They give me access to lots of social circles where I DO find attractive women. But being THE MAN I trigger MASSIVE attraction in these ladies as well. I'm always sure not to give these women 'the wrong idea' but they still shit-test me like hell, and threaten to end our friendships (because I'm not 'into them'.) I've got no problem walking away if that's how it has to be. But I'd rather not.

Once you trigger attraction in women, it has to be managed. What the hell do we do with women we want around, but aren't interested in? Honesty is getting me nowhere. Their feelings can't be changed of course.

Glad to have these problems, thanks to you,
-Brad F.

*My Comments*

Congrats by the way for having the kind of problem most guys wish they could have! It’s great to see guys really applying what they have learned from the eBook and courses. To answer your questions, the answer really is to simply do as you have been doing, not leading them on, and yet continuing to be The Man in all your behaviors.

The only thing I might tone down is the actual teasing, because in many ways the teasing is really a form of sexual play, it's stage one of the mating game. It's a kind of display of superiority going on between the male and female, which naturally turns each other on. This is why when you meet a woman who understands how to tease back in that FUN way that THE MAN also understands, a way that is not malicious, it is so much DAMN FUN. It really is way to using our evolved brains (intelligence) to access the primal areas of our brains (attraction).

If women threaten to end the friendship, then in fact they are like frustrated guys, they are just frustrated but they in fact want you. Also, I believe that most women who would say such stuff like threatening the friendship are probably just teasing you and basically telling you they like you a heck of a LOT.

Great letter by the way, it really shows how powerful these concepts are and how this information works in the real world. For any guys reading this who doubt the absolute power of what I teach, think about what you just read in this letter.

*Letter From A Reader*

Hi Michael,
I am a novice at this whole thing and find myself struggling with the confidence factor. I have a tendency to draw a blank for openers. I would appreciate any topics, common observations or web sites that can assist me in this area.
- Tom Reed, L.A.

*My Comments*

The best thing to do right now is concentrate on level one: ACTION. And the best place to find info on it is right outside your door in the real world with real women. This is why I am such a believer in my workshops because they force you to get not only expert coaching, but also REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. That’s why even my seminars include the real world component.

So right now, don't even worry about the QUALITY of the action you take right now. Right now, taking ANY action IS A QUALITY move. So if you see a woman you'd like to speak to, don't even worry if what you say is going to sound brilliant or horrible. The truth is that although having really cool stuff to say may be the ULTIMATE level, your INNER STATE counts more than what you actually say. So, for example, if you are at the bank, and a woman is beside you in line, you can just make ANY comment about the line-up.

You see, right now, by simply TAKING ACTION, you will be getting stronger internally, and you will see that you don't have anything to worry about - women don't go and slap men in general when they are opened up with a conversation. Focus on your tonality, your posture, and less on the magical lines.

Now, once you have that down pat, once you feel comfortable starting conversations, you can focus on the next level, such as teasing with things like "you know, that bright red purse you got there needs a few batteries". Or "next time I come here, I'll bring a short book while in line, something like War and Peace." And once you get that down pat, you can start to incorporate your understanding of women and the social pressures they feel they need to conform to, etc.

So one step at a time, don't even worry about getting the number or the date, right now just work on getting TOTALLY comfortable opening no matter what, if you don't have anything brilliant to say. Total comfort in itself says VOLUMES.

*Letter From A Reader*

Hi Michael,
I've read through your book twice now, and realised not only all the power it can unleash in my present life, but gave me profound insights into where I went wrong before. Not just in the standard bar scene, but I've applied the techniques to online dating - I exchanged MSN-chat addresses with this one girl, then after a few minutes of chatting, she literally bombarded me with several questions at once...I casually answered one question, then switched subjects, to which she replied "why aren't you answering my questions?" Now before I might have said "hold on, I'm getting to them, don't worry" ...but instead I told her, "well, you'll just have to wait for the answers, I have to get going now" and I ignored her for a couple of days...she then sent me an email practically begging me to call her (and she's a cute girl, that is, if the photo she posted is indeed her!)

So that's my l'il success story so far, more to follow is inevitable :)

Now, I have a question give you some interesting food for thought at the same time: I've been wondering if a guy's reputation at a club may be a factor, if he was previously unsuccessful there...I'm in Ottawa, and don't have that many people to go clubbing with (I'm in my late 20s). I've been going to this one club in the last few years that has a mixed age crowd...and while I did get some success there (about 1 out of 4 times, and I would go maybe once every month on average).

On the times where I didn't do so well, I would act "clingy" when I was getting the brush-off signs from women...hoping with futility that they'd "come to their senses", not being THE MAN at the time...then hit on more and would feel myself overcome by desperation. Maximum 12 in one night I'd say. The odd night, when nothing turned up at the end, I would ask women to slow dance at the last song, and I even got a caustic reaction from a couple of them (rolling eyes, saying "I'll pass") - no doubt in retrospect b/c they saw my desperation that night. It was frustrating b/c I'm above average in looks, intelligence, and success, but just couldn't hack the club scene.

Now I can truly say that I feel a sense of destiny and direction women-wise, having read your book twice in the last week, and feel compelled to go back in that club to let the "new me" shine...but there's still that lingering cloud that I have some sort of reputation there for being a desperate fool. The max capacity is about 300, with 12 staff. So, although it's possible that some the clientele will remember my face, the staff may - I mean, when there aren't fights going on or a ton of people to serve, I'm sure they observe the antics of "desperate fools" and chuckle to themselves.

Conversely, there's something about going into a club for the first time, especially in another city... you feel much less inhibitions. When I went out to Calgary, I found that I was getting results left, right, and centre. I'm sure it also had something to do with the fact that women want a guy who doesn't appear available (i.e. a guy who is 2000 miles away :) I mean heck, I got two emails and phone numbers while I was there, WHICH WERE OFFERED TO ME and not vice-versa.

So what do you make about that...the whole dynamic of perceived reputation in a setting, and how it affects one's new state of The Man?
Ken S., Ottawa

*My Comments*

First of all, good work so far with the online dating. When you give women that right amount of mystery and challenge mixed with a healthy dose of playfulness, you are really giving her the greatest gift- attraction. Keep it up and let me know how it goes.

Regarding reputation at a club, the truth is that I think in your case it's not a serious problem. If you were being a mack daddy and taking every woman home from the club, then that might create a reputation that would make other women suspicious of you, but in this case here I think that the reputation is more of an issue just in your mind.

So if there are hundreds of women at the club, and most of them have NOT had any interactions with you, then just go right in and BE THE MAN. Don't worry about the staff, they will just be wondering how to get tips from you when you walk out with a babe!

And something tells me that the reason you did so well when in a club 2000 miles away is because of what was going on in YOUR mind, which then affected everyone ELSE'S perception of you.

See, since you were free of the worry of this big rep you thought you had, you suddenly BEAMED with superior value, it showed in your walk, your talk, your smile, and your tonality. And that probably made you more resourceful as well in what you said. You shined, to be blunt. Moral of the story:
CLEAR THE NEGATIVE $%#@ from your mind and PLOW STRAIGHT ON AHEAD, and you will have the SAME success with women in ANY part of the universe, including your home town club.

And if you are reading this right now, and would like to have the kind of success as the reader in this issue who now has to actually turn down advances from so many women, then I suggest you download my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

This book forms the founding principles and understandings of female psychology that are CRUCIAL for everything from how to approach women, to how to escalate to getting physical, and how to sustain the attraction long term. Not only will this book explain all the principles, it also shows you EXACTLY what to do, and how to do it.

Download it now at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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