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Author: Michael W

If getting the women or woman of your dreams was REALLY as simple as memorizing even a 12 or 20 or even a THIRTY step process, seriously man, don’t you think EVERY GUY ON EARTH would do it?

I mean, THINK ABOUT IT: Follow recipe, get result. Hurrah. The FACT IS, IT JUST DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

Let me ask you ANOTHER question:
If the “game” was simply about TEASING women, then again EVERY FOOL would be doing this AND getting results.


Those things are just PART of a much MUCH bigger picture, and they aren’t even NECESSARY if you truly understand the bigger picture.


Okay, let me toss some stuff at you, it might seem WEIRD, but trust me, it has a HUGE point.

I don’t care if you are religious OR not. Personally, I’m not a very “religious” person in the “official” sense.

But let me ask you a question:

Just curious:
Do you think that the famous religious figures of history might have been VERY COMPELLING and INTRIGUING communicators?

OF COURSE they were.

And do you think they were really caught up in learning how to do “magic tricks”, or were obsessed with learning to tease, or give people thinly veiled insults in order to win their attention and respect?


And if they wanted to, do you think they would have had a problem attracting whichever woman they wanted, EVEN if they DID NOT have such a huge public following?


So if it their EFFECT wasn’t due to tricks or teases, they must have had something ELSE that got them a huge place in history, that caused them to change the course of history, that got people COMPELLED to want to LISTEN to them, to RESPECT them, regardless of what they might have looked like, regardless of how difficult the things were that they were asking their people to do.

I’m not finished.

How about a guy like Winston Churchill, even in the darkest hours of the war?

Do you think HE had some “magic lines” or scripts that he made sure to memorize for all his private social interactions with different people?

I’m going to CONTINUE with this:
Think of a SPECIFIC movie that you found INSPIRING AS HELL.

Maybe there is even a specific scene that encapsulates the climax of that emotion.

Do you think the emotional power was due to the line? Or might it be something much much larger than all that? Perhaps to do with the entire context of the story, the character, the situation, the challenge, the performance, and the conviction of the character?


I mean, the film, it’s not even REAL, it’s just IMAGES, it’s just dispersions of LIGHT flickering on a screen!

And yet you are FEELING OVERWHELMING POWERFUL EMOTIONS THAT ARE AWESOME AND ADDICTIVE, far more powerful and uplifting than most “real life” interactions you actually have with people.

I’m not even HALFWAY done yet.

How do you explain a singer like MADONNA, who has been at the TOP of her game for well over TWENTY YEARS!!

Wowing audiences and making them stay out all night in the cold and the rain to get tickets to her concerts.

As opposed to all the younger, hot Britney look a-likes that come and go?


Do you think these guys were getting the kind of women they were famous for, because of their wealth or looks?

These things may have helped, but I swear they were not main factor. Mick Jagger would have STILL been super cool with NO money.

There is something very STRONGLY in common to all the above phenomena.

There is something MUCH, MUCH much more powerful than lines, memorized routines, magic tricks, and all that stuff.

And it’s not JUST about having GUTS and being “DIRECT” and going UP to a woman and telling her you like her or whatever.

Again, OTHERWISE by now, if this “DIRECT” stuff were TRUE, it would have been REPEATED by MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of guys all over the planet.

The POWER rests in one’s ability to use EVERY RESOURCE YOU HAVE, including the ENVIRONMENT AND THE CURRENT SITUATION both immediate and universal, and the TIMES YOU ARE IN, to TAP INTO THE EMOTIONS of people, in this case, WOMEN. And of course the power rests in the identity you have built, and can build, for yourself.

The most AWESOME part of this is that the most successful guys with women and successful in fact with mesmerizing ANY HUMAN BEING, are NOT “acting”.

If they were “ACTING”, they would be INCONGRUENT, they would lack CONVICTION, they would NOT be successful in stimulating infinite and awesome compelling emotions.

You see, guys STILL think it’s all about “looks” because MOST GUYS have no insight into how create EMOTION and how to be COMPELLING.

So all things being equal, if a guy has no insight into this stuff, then all he has going into a situation is the emotional impact that is coming from his LOOKS.

Meanwhile, he is ignoring the most powerful RESOURCE ever known on any universe for creating emotional impact; the most powerful attractor ever devised: THE HUMAN BRAIN.


There is a LOT to learn.

And I certainly don’t tell guys to go out and look LESS than their best. In fact, I’ve learned the best way to make a guy look as awesome as possible and get in condition as well, from optimizing your physique to strategically choosing every article of clothing and accessory you wear to create emotional IMPACT.

But this “looks” stuff is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how to get MAXIMUM RESULTS with women.


Once you understand that the REAL KEY is to hit her EMOTIONAL RECEPTORS, or, more accurately, STIMULATE THEM, then everything starts to CHANGE in your mind.

Ahh, but you ask, is getting her EMOTIONALLY aroused the same as getting her SEXUALLY AROUSED?

And the answer is NO, it ISN’T. It’s BETTER.

Because massive emotional arousal can easily be TRANSFORMED into sexual arousal, but sexual arousal cannot easily be transformed into emotional arousal.

It’s better because if you think about it, there is ALWAYS going to be SEXUAL COMPETITION.

No matter how GOOD LOOKING for example, you are, there is always some other model around.

No matter how RICH you are, there’s always some guy RICHER.

So you see, you don’t really want to fight the “looks” battle or the “money” battle.

You should do those things for yourself. Make money and look good for yourself, for your health, for your goals, etc.

The thing about money by the way is that sometimes it can help you accomplish a lot of cool personal goals, (Just look at Batman! Okay, that’s a joke, partially.) but if you are trying to impress a woman with money itself, it’s not a pretty sight, very sad actually, with sad consequences usually.

If you are JUST striking her attraction buttons through “looks”, then things are going to get boring for her soon, believe it or not. In fact, if you had the most attractive woman on the PLANET at your feet, but if she did nothing ELSE emotionally for you but just “look good”, the irony is that she would NOT seem that great after a while. Your brain would adapt emotionally and not respond. Of course, if she is intelligent, she would learn how to keep hammering YOUR emotional receptors in a GOOD WAY and not an abusive way, to keep you intrigued and interested and this in itself makes the sexual attraction so much stronger.

Damn, I love this stuff, I really do.
And I love teaching it too.
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Till next time,

Michael W

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