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The Only Thing That Counts

Author: Michael W

Have you ever been in a situation where an absolute hottie was in front of you, and you just had NO IDEA what to do? There she is, standing there, or maybe she's just walking by, or maybe you've even known her for a while- and you STILL don't know what to do?

I used to have that feeling a LOT.

That feeling of MASSIVE frustration, where BURNING DESIRE meets ZERO results. Let me tell you something: When it comes to women, I believe no heterosexual guy on earth is lazy.

If a guy does not succeed with women, it has nothing to do with him being lazy about it. Most guys have spent TONS of energy and time trying to get a woman to appreciate them, to desire them.

Sexual DRIVE is why you see guys going out to clubs, week after week, or spending good money on online dating services. Heck, it's why guys have made the porn industry a billion-dollar business. Sexual drive is worth NOTHING if you don't know how to STEER it intelligently. When you KNOW how to steer it, then suddenly you can spark CHEMISTRY with women easily at the club, online, at the bus stop, the pizza shop- ANYWHERE.


Look, you can have a ROCKET POWERED car that goes 600 miles an hour, but if you're going in the wrong direction, you ain't never getting to your destination. The FUNDAMENTAL problem is that most guys do not realize that SEXUAL ATTRACTION is JUST as strong a drive and as powerful and overwhelming for women as it is for MEN.

So since men think that women are not as sexually driven just as men are, men do not appeal to women's SEXUAL DESIRES. Not only that, but most men don't even know HOW to appeal to women in a way that sparks FIREWORKS for her as well.

So what men do is learn how to appeal to women in every way EXCEPT sexually. They learn how to be a friend. They learn how to give gifts. They learn how to do favors. They learn the best places to have fancy dinners. These things may be useful AFTER a woman is ALREADY crazy about you, but in terms of creating CHEMISTRY, all these angles are TOTALLY USELESS.


Take a long look at that sentence above, let it sink into the deepest recesses of your soul.

The reason men try to appeal to women's sense of logic instead of sexual lust, is because men HOPE that one will lead to the other. A guy tends to HOPE that by giving a woman many logical reasons to be with him, (such as being really nice and buying her things and acting all proper and conservative) the woman will then spend time with him, and then "bingo"- she will "WANT" him!

But that NEVER happens. And never will.

It never will, because those things don’t create sexual attraction, and women are just like men- they want to feel just as turned on by YOU as you feel turned on by them! Why should YOU be the only one having any fun?

And this is where life gets GOOD:
There IS a way to actually LEARN how to REALLY DO THIS, no matter what you look like, no matter how old you are, and no matter what kind of money you make.

After seeing TONS of results in my own life and in the lives of my customers and clients, I am absolutely convinced that SEXUAL ATTRACTION is based on giving off the aura of ONE THING and one thing only:
It's the ONLY thing that counts, and I call it "the aura of SUPERIOR INTRINSIC VALUE".

When a man has this, he is “THE MAN”.

And giving off that aura has NOTHING to do with buying a woman gifts, doing her favors, having a fat bank account, being born with good looks, or being a bitter jerk. NOTHING to do with it at all.

Instead, it has to do with giving off the aura that you are THE SELECTOR, not the SELECTEE.

The selector is SUPERIOR, he has CHOICES, he has no need to "bribe" a woman with anything- his mere PRESENCE with her is enough to get her heart POUNDING with desire. The problem today is that guys don't realize that women are interpreting most of men's behaviors, including SUBTLE actions you would never guess that you are doing, as signs of *INFERIOR* INTRINSIC VALUE!

For example, a guy that goes up to a woman he doesn't know, and starts giving her compliments about her beauty. And then posing no challenge, and giving off a general vibe with his serious voice tone and body language that he is ready to WORSHIP her. When a woman thinks the guy will worship HER, she feels that he is REPULSIVE, that he has an aura of INFERIOR INTRINSIC VALUE.

When a woman thinks a guy is "trying hard" to pursue her, she does NOT think "oh that's so romantic". She instead thinks: "He must be undesirable- otherwise he would have other desirable women and not be trying so hard for me".

This is hard for guys to understand, since guys do not get kissed up to by women, (unless they learned the secrets of SIV and how to be THE MAN). And since most guys don't feel so high about themselves when it comes to women, guys therefore APPRECIATE any nice thing a woman does. It makes them feel "Wow- that hot woman likes me! I feel good about myself now!"

But women who are attractive feel like EVERY guy wants them- so big deal if a guy does a favor for them. Women get no rush out of that- it doesn't make THE WOMAN feel SPECIAL if she figures it’s a REJECT who wants to be with her and be nice to her.

You see, women figure if the guy was SPECIAL, he WOULDN'T feel the desire or need to do them a favor (just as most women don't feel the desire to do so for most men) and if a guy HOLDS BACK from being so "good"- PRESTO- now a woman feels he IS special, and now she WANTS him to desire her, and NOW she WISHES he WOULD do her a favor!

This is just ONE example. If you want to be TRULY successful with women, you need to learn ALL THE WAYS to give off the MOST POWERFUL AURA that SILENTLY OOZES with the message "I AM THE APEX OF EVERY WOMAN'S SEXUAL DESIRES". You need to learn how to easily make this a natural part of your life, so that it's happening at every stage of the game- whether you're approaching her for the first time, going out for coffee, talking on the phone, getting physical, or having a relationship.

It needs to be reflected in very specific ways in how you talk, walk, how you joke around and even in how you dress. You would never guess what these ways are based on logic. And the wildest part of all this is that you will realize this is your truest self, the part of you that was "brainwashed and put to sleep" and now finally reawakened. Your interactions with women will FEEL right, and far MORE natural than before.

If you want to learn how to do this and get a whole new life with women, I can think of no better way for you to start doing that than by downloading my eBook, "The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women", NOW. You can start using the ideas IMMEDIATELY- the very NEXT woman you meet, whether it's at a party, a club, the elevator, or even online!

This book is the foundation, where it all starts.

And it even includes real support, where if you ever have a question about something specific you read in the book, you can email me and you'll receive an answer from me within 24 hrs.

It's absolutely guaranteed, so take action and download it NOW at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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