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Author: Michael W

Clarity is one of the most important things to me, personally. I hate it when people try to onfuse you into thinking they are so smart. So my goal is to help make things as SIMPLE as possible, because the reality is that even then, it's not that simple.

The first thing I want to clarify is that being able to successfully pick up a woman who is a total stranger from a COLD APPROACH is quite different from attracting a woman who is already in your social circle or who you have already been introduced to somehow.

That's not to say that there are is not any OVERLAP between both kinds of situations, and in my advanced programs I go into the ENTIRE spectrum of attraction, but I think we all know that there IS a difference.

One of the crucial differences is that you have to go from TOTAL STRANGER in her mind to "I WANT THIS GUY TO KEEP TALKING TO ME" in about 30-90 seconds. That's like a car that has to go from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds.


Yes, THAT'S THE LEVEL of POWER your "attraction engines" have to be able to generate for these "cold approach" pick-ups.

And that's not it.
Once you have her feeling "I want this guy to keep on talking to me", you then have to be ABLE to MASSIVELY AND QUICKLY shift GEARS, because her own ATTRACTION to you then automatically KICKS IN HER "SAFETY BRAKES" where she starts to feel WEIRD about feeling ATTRACTION so FAST for a TOTAL STRANGER.

So you have to be able to TOTALLY GO INTO A NEW GEAR now, yet it must feel like a TOTALLY SMOOTH transition, where you are now not concerned about getting her to feel raw attraction so much as feeling JUSTIFIED for having these feelings for you. She doesn't want to just feel ATTRACTION for you and then worry if you are going to DUMP her, or if SHE will regret getting closer to you because you two really have nothing to bond you together. She wants to feel that you two will be able to CONNECT emotionally as well, that it won't be LABOR trying to have a
basic DISCUSSION with you in general in the future.

So in this gear, you have to take care of all these issues.

This shifting of gears is just one example of the many examples of what SEEMS like contradictions when it comes to attraction, but in reality there are NO contradictions once you understand the CONTEXT of the various attraction concepts.

For example, you may have heard about how it's important to be laid back and chilled out and be yourself, and yet you also hear how it's so important to STAND OUT. So if you are so laid back and chilled, how do you STAND OUT??

This is just one area where only the guys who REALLY do this for real know what they are talking about, because real life experience provides the all-important context to give you the correct meaning.

So let me explain just one situation for example where the above applies, and how it's not a contradiction.

If I'm at a club, and it's not that busy yet, and there is a TRUE "9 or 10" there, I'm usually not going to jump into that. I'll chill out with my wingman, I'll let other guys run their typical needy game on her, I'll actually forget about her and just be social and chat with lots of people, till it gets busy.

By that time, there are often SEVERAL super hotties there, and this totally gets rid of the scarcity vibe as well, and I'll circulate and socialize and have fun with tons of people, so not only am I having a great time which of course takes your state up into the stratosphere, but I'm also building "social proof" from the best girls and the coolest people at the place. And while doing this, I always end up naturally bumping into the hottie from earlier that evening, in a very NOT NEEDY and not creepy vibe, where I really am in that state where I just want to have fun and party, so my interaction with her has ALL the right vibes.

It's one of my philosophies to NEVER jump for the situations that are OBVIOUS SITUATIONS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF, because EVERY GUY would normally DO THAT, since he feels he has her "trapped". I want to give women a chance to feel CHOICE and NO PRESSURE, so that when I DO roll in, it's clearly because I have TOTAL FAITH in my vibe and am not relying like a needy guy on the fact she is the only girl in line in front of us, etc.

So that's chilled out.
And yet, as far as standing out, my actual PICK UP stands out. It's got better energy, it's sharper, it's wittier, it's got stronger bonding, it's got more PARTY to it if at a club, it's got more CLASS if at a bookstore, etc. And of course, I'll choose my style, gear and accessories all in a way that stands out. And it's all PERSONAL choices that reflect MY personality in a way that is compelling.

Another contradiction is that this idea of being an ALPHA MALE is totally preached the wrong way by most "experts". For example, when I enter a huge set of girls at a club while they are dancing, I'm not thinking "I'm the Alpha Man gonna show them who's ALPHA" LOL!!! THAT'S LUDICROUS!!!!!

Instead, I go in without THINKING anything except LETS HAVE A F-ING GOOD TIME!!

And the ALPHA part of THAT is the fact that I have CONQUERED THE ONLY PERSON WHO NEEDS TO BE "CONQUERED" - AND THAT IS ME. I have conquered my own deepest demons that used to CARE about what other people THINK, and instead of caring what people think, I am goin in with BIG ENERGY that is giving VIBE TO THE STRATOSPHERE!!!

And I am EMBRACING their humanity as well, I am ACCEPTING them as they are, that we are all there to have a GOOD TIME.

The real "alpha warrior" has conquered the enemy that stares himself in the MIRROR everyday.

In fact, it's only then that you can REALLY make the most of all the OTHER complex things I teach for how to get a girl away from her friends alone with you (she will WANT to do this if you just set it up right, no TRICKS involved), how to attract in a way that makes you stand out, how to create a super-strong bond and connection, and how to attract whether you are at a bar, bookstore, club, or a public transit train or bus!

And if you are reading this right now, and would like to get the FULL picture, so that there are no more contradictions, I suggest you order my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set immediately.

It's based on YEARS of thinking about this stuff from every angle, and not only thinking but also TESTING it, the results of YEARS of BOOTCAMPS teaching guys out in the field.

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And if you haven't yet downloaded my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then do that IMMEDIATELY. This book is the DNA for understanding the concepts and methods in all my other programs and services.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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