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Who Has The Power? Men Or Women?

Author: Michael W

If guys knew what it felt like to be objectified as physical objects, they would understand how stupid and creepy they seem to women when they view women that way.

It’s hard for a lot of guys to BELIEVE that the things I discuss and reveal are actually TRUE. Maybe it’s important to see what OTHER guys out there are saying about my stuff:


The knowledge you share with all men and women is extremely important. I really appreciate you did write this book. I have had some intuitions that some things were a bit strange between male/female dynamics and this made me tie up everything, now I get the whole picture. In other words, your book helped me see the light, I see life in different perspective now thanks to you. You are the master, no doubt about it, thank you man, you are a damn brilliant genius, and I am not telling bullshit here, you are, you figured it out as I did in my past, but just could not swallow it, but your style of writing, your practical examples made me think again my own discoveries, and you are correct, whether we like it or not. I admire more the fact that you wanted to share this knowledge with us.


One question, do you have the female version of your book? I am very curious to read it, do you plan to write one as well... Please use this comment in your newsletter if you wish, you deserve it.

>>>>>My Reply<<<<<<

First of all, thanks for your incredible letter. The first thing I do whenever I get a letter like this is to remember that anything I have learned is because I was able to stay humble and stay hungry. So I appreciate the master comment, but rest assured I am still obsessed with learning a whole lot more about this topic. As far as I am concerned, learning never ends.

As far as writing a book for women, I have no immediate plans for that, but I think the main issue women have is not attracting or getting guys, but getting the RIGHT guy, a guy who is really cool, exciting, masculine, fun, and yet STILL a good guy.

Which brings me to a VERY POWERFUL point that EVERY GUY should think about (and why your letter is extremely relevant in so many ways):

Women actually don’t nearly have it as “made” as many guys think.

When most guys see a woman who is attractive, they think, “How on Earth can that woman over there, OOZING with hottie appeal, be interested in me????”

The guy keeps thinking “What do I have to offer, since after all, EVERY guy is probably interested in her as well!”

They keep thinking that things are ONE-SIDED.

But the truth is that EVERY issue has the seeds to its own SOLUTION hidden inside itself.

You see, you have to understand that the whole PROBLEM to begin with, i.e. the “great challenge” of attracting a woman was CREATED by the fact that every guy FEELS that women are these insanely SUPERIOR beings, and these guys feel that as guys we have nothing to offer in return, as in a fair exchange of value.

The problem is that, due to NO FAULT of their own, guys have the WRONG PARADIGM of the reality about women.

This wrong paradigm that men use to try to understand women, especially women who are incredibly attractive, is what CREATES the problem in the first place. Not just a problem for MEN, but THE PROBLEM FOR WOMEN! Yes, I said WOMEN!

Listen, women are FED UP with guys who view them as just sexual creatures.

You probably, at this moment, have NO CLUE at to what this feels like. Maybe you think it would be AWESOME to feel this way. I’m going to PROVE to you otherwise, right here today.

The IRONY is that the “nice guy” who kisses up to women who are attractive, is in fact EXACERBATING this problem of being viewed as a sex object only, because women know that the only reason the guy is doing his kissing up is because HE VIEWS HER ONLY FROM ONE DIMENSION: i.e. Her being a super hottie.

Not only does it make him seem inferior, but it also DEPRIVES HER of the potential for feeling VALIDATED for everything ELSE she is besides her physical looks.

So he ADDS ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD EMOTIONS to her existence: Since he is ONLY interested in her looks, which she ALREADY knows she has, he is giving her NOTHING in terms of self-esteem feelings.

Plus, he is seeming REPULSIVE since his comment is seen as a reflection of his inferiority.

After all, if he was truly a cool guy, it would be EASY for him to have MANY women to choose from, from which he could be with. The fact he is caught up on her LOOKS says he can’t get any woman with looks. And women know that it really isn’t that hard for a guy to get a woman who is attractive, if they just understand what women really respond to. And you can’t blame women for not realizing that for guys it’s really hard since guys have been brainwashed by society, culture, etc.

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that as a gender, guys would not behave as needy as they do had they not been brainwashed to believe that women were simply sexual objects of various calibers. Also, if guys KNEW what it felt like to be objectified as physical objects, they would UNDERSTAND how STUPID and CREEPY they seem to women when they view women that way.

See, if a guy is able for a moment to MOVE BEYOND being his brainwashed self, and stop acting so needy for women who are hot, he might be able to actually IMAGINE what it’s like to be the kind of woman he is constantly pursuing.

Imagine if you were a CELEBRITY, for example. And everywhere you went, people were SCREAMING your name, wanting your autograph, etc., etc.

And then you find out or you realize that actually they know NOTHING about the real you. All they know are your movies which are CHARACTERS you played and not the real you. And the fans keep writing into you about how they LOVE you.

And you are saying:
“What the *&(^!!!???” How can you LOVE me, you don’t even KNOW ME! You only know ONE part of me, a part that I have shown on film, a character I have projected, you don’t know the REAL me inside at all!! It’s totally superficial, and has nothing to do with my thoughts or feelings! It’s not me!”.

And then imagine the fans keep on telling you, “But it doesn’t matter! I LOVE YOU! You are the GREATEST! I will do ANYTHING for you!!”

And imagine they start hanging around your celebrity home with signs saying how much they love you and worship you.

Creepy, no?
At FIRST it might seem a bit cool, but let’s be real here, you would be CREEPED OUT pretty damn FAST by this, just like all celebrities are.

And if you can appreciate that, you might have SOME idea of what women feel like when guys view them from this one-dimensional prism- a prism limited to their physical selves.

Guys think they are making women feel GOOD when they do this, but they are actually making women feel BAD. They are making women feel bad because the message is insulting and it also reflects that the guy is a desperate loser, even if in many ways he may be a very cool guy but she has no idea about that since all she knows is what he projected in those first few moments. And who can blame her? The fact is, usually the woman is right- guys that act that way ARE needy, they ARE uncool, they DON’T understand what is going on.

And the important thing to realize is that you don’t want to just be the guy who is ACTING and pretending that her looks aren’t the end all and be all, you want to REALLY GET THIS INTO YOUR BONES so that you really do start to see the big picture.

And the negative effects of focusing on her looks or even FEELING like focusing on her looks sets up about a million other problems. For example, how the hell can you create the frame of DOMINANCE that is such a turn on for women if you are setting the frame from the get go of her being in control, and in control as a result of her LOOKS, no less! I mean, it would be sucky as heck even if you were to be kissing up to her because of her intelligence, but at least that would allow you a shred of dignity because it might imply that you have tons of women but just no women who are really intelligent. Still, incredibly uncool, of course, but not as horrifying.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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