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Power, Thy Name Is Attraction

Author: Michael W

Do you want to know the best kept dirty little secret?

Attraction is nothing but an INVOLUNTARY emotional reaction to someone who we PERCEIVE to have great POWER.

That's it.

POWER defines everything. It defines who is right, who is wrong, who is desirable, and even WHAT is "right" and WHAT is "wrong". This concept NEVER made COMPLETE sense to me till I finally saw the truth about women.

POWER is sexy.

It attracts. Everyone.

All the "sexy" things are just forms of power. For example:
1. Physical looks- sign of vitality, health, survival, ability to bear children, etc.
2.Money- obvious form of power.
3. Status- positions in society- again obvious form of power through level of control or influence over others.
4. Attitude/Self-Esteem- indicates power and ability to succeed in life; a guy who seems positive and confident may also reflect a powerful position or that he has a lot going for him now or potentially in the future, etc.
5. Intelligence---human ingenuity has been one of the keys to our survival as a species.
6. Having large circles of connections, etc.

And on and on ad infinitum...

But the bottom line is that TODAY, most men in our society have been STRIPPED of power, PRIMARILY BECAUSE PERCEPTION is power, and men have been brainwashed to PERCEIVE that they are LESS valuable than they REALLY are to women.

Also, things like testosterone and aggression a and muscle are NOT needed from a practical standpoint by women thanks to technology. (although machismo as an attitude can be sexy if applied in the right way and not in the caveman way)

Also, men are stripped of their power through brainwashing that women are all Disney-style innocents, hence the FLOOD of guys who are ass-kissers EVERYWHERE, guys who are willing to be IGNORANT "providers" to women, and who serve as psychological punching bags for women.

Also, a lot of guys today, they look at how their MOMS AND GRANDMOMS behave, because some of those women grew up BEFORE men became morons and spineless, I.E. before women could easily walk over your typical guy.

So men are unsuspecting of the TRUTH that is going on TODAY.

Sooooooo, when women get all this POWER, they cannot HELP but USE it.

ESPECIALLY since WOMEN are being BRAINWASHED into believing (or have brainwashed themselves in order to rationalize their behavior) that MOST men are "CONTROLLING", INSECURE, DESPERATE, SEX-CRAZED WEIRDOS/PSYCHOS/LOSERS.

Once a woman believes this, it becomes relatively easy to not only USE men, but to also feel GOOD about it.

Women have every need provided for- there are TONS of ass-kissers to provide emotional support, so of course the value of emotional support (read: boyFRIEND) goes down to almost zero, and they are instead just looking to be with the most POWERFUL guy they believe they can meet- whatever that combination is- attitude, behavior, looks, money, dress, connections, status, etc.

Even things like a fun upbeat personality- like being a confident guy who teases women, it's still nothing more than a sign of confidence and power and vitality.

Because most men grow up seeing how difficult it is to meet a woman who is not spoiled by all this, it is men who cherish relationships more these days, since it is so RARE.

I think a great example is Brad Pitt.

This guy is supposed to be the ICON of female desire- status, insanely recognizable all over the world, good looks, wealthy, young, and who does he go out with?

And who does he marry?
Jennifer Anniston, who is good looking, sure, but not some supermodel, stripper, or uber-babe.

Everybody knows if all he wanted was the uberbabe he could have had just about any frikkin woman on the planet, this dude doesn't need any tactics.

And there is no way in hell that he did not know his power, I'm sure his fan mail has included bras and panties and nude photos etc of chicks.

He KNOWS how INSANE things are, and he is TOO SMART to marry the typical "woman" these days.

Sure, for SEX, he can get anyone, but for getting serious, or anything requiring things like loyalty, he tried to bet his money on smart bet.

The truth is that most men have been stripped of their power, and yet the WHOLE THING has been PURELY PSYCHOLOGICAL, done through BRAINWASHING.

All from IGNORANCE and ass-kissers (who are not to be blamed, for they don't know) who believe women are special and more moral than men.

Hence the floodgates to corruption have flowed in.

Lest anyone read this post and think that I have negative feelings towards women, they are absolutely wrong.

I simply believe power corrupts, no matter who has it. Be it a three-year-old child who is spoiled by parents who over indulge the child, or be it an adult who comes into almost superhuman power.

Power is sexy.
Might is right.
Just as Thrasymachus said long ago in The Republic.

The way I look at it, it's just a question of WHO has the might.

So if we as men believe what is going on right now in society is "wrong", then we need to increase our power, both as a gender, and as individuals within our relationships with women.

I am so absolutely convinced that all relationships are power based, that to enter any form of sexual relationship without being CLEARLY in a position of superior power is like turning on the timer to a ticking bomb.

Women do NOT want equals. I repeat: Women do NOT want equals. They want a guy who they feel is SUPERIOR to them.

If you want to be an equal, I guarantee you that at best you will become a FRIEND of a woman. A male girlfriend. Also, one of the very reasons having sex with a woman is so much easier than keeping up a relationship is because it's easier to keep up the PERCEPTION of power for a shorter period than it is for a long one.

I think all pick up, and attraction itself, can be summed up in one sentence- conveying SUPERIOR POWER, and then letting the woman know that she has earned a chance to be with you.

Whether it’s called attraction, love, desire, loyalty, etc, it's all simply a human reaction to someone with POWER.

And today, women are not only KEEPING all their power, not only EXPANDING on it everyday, and not only MANIPULATING men with it, most men are GIVING IT all away, and doing it with PLEASURE.

And I REPEAT: Women are NOT "evil" in one tiny iota for this- it's simply the result of a massive power shift where most men have become SITTING DUCKS.

Just as women trying to look their best, wearing make-up, doing their hair, smiling, acting SWEET and INNOCENT, and feminine, yet acting HARD TO GET, are all "manipulations" designed so that men will give their entire hearts and devotion and power to a woman, so too is TAKING ADVANTAGE of the "sitting duck" situation designed so that men will give away all their power to women.

It's an unconscious process, by the way. But it's ALL PART OF THE "GAME" in women's minds, and it's RATIONALIZED to women's minds.

Of COURSE women are going to take advantage of sitting ducks.

The same way YOU would take advantage of a guy giving out million dollar bills in exchange for a smile from you.

Could YOU resist?
And hey, it's not even illegal!!!!!!
And most men aren't protesting it, they are HAPPY to be ass kissers, in exchange for a smile, or whatever else. This falls under what a friend of mine calls PEDDLING DECENCY.

Just as women are attracted to powerful men, one of thing that most MEN are attracted to is a beautiful woman who is also SWEET AND WHO SEEMS NICE.

Most men consider that feminine.

Now, do you REALLY think for a SECOND that women don't KNOW that????????????

Do you really think that women are stupid? That they would not ACT sweet if acting sweet will make them far more attractive?

There are also guys who DON'T find sweet women attractive, and if a woman finds out, she will quickly do her part to be whatever works, as long as he is what SHE is looking for.

But PEDDLING DECENCY is a HUGE strategy for women that gives women POWER.

Men need to smell the roses and get a whiff of the truth.

And since POWER defines everything that is right and wrong, if you are a man and you believe in something, it's up to you to fight for your beliefs because that is the only way to make them "right" in society.

That is what women did in the last couple of generations, and it should be an inspiration for men to fight for THEIR RIGHTS.

Ultimately, every element/tactic that works for attraction is a tool that helps us convey POWER to a woman, whether it is REAL or PERCEIVED. Every tiny action, tonality, movement, word, article of clothing, the image of the people you hang out with, is either INCREASING YOUR POWER, or DIMINISHING it.

As human beings, we can easily get addicted to this thing called power unless we are hyper aware of what is going on and that our brain is playing with us. In reality, the more power you get, the more you hunger to INCREASE your power.

This boils down to SURVIVAL mechanisms inside our brain. Consider human progress, and how we constantly strive to go further, do more, (even as we often create more problems in this process).

We all want to benefit from those with power, and so we are naturally attracted to them. With men and women, it becomes a sexual thing. Within our gender, it becomes a "charismatic" thing.

When we GET the approval of someone we consider powerful, it makes us feel more SECURE. It makes us feel good. Unless you ALREADY FEEL TOTALLY HAPPY, then NOTHING influences you. But how many people, whether men or women, are like that?

And since women tend to get FAR MORE approval from men than vice versa, women are only hungrier for MORE. Ever wonder what this does to relationships? Or what it does to a guy who is EASY?

He gets eaten up for breakfast and is forgotten by LUNCH. Ultimately, all this really has very little to do with sex. I really believe this. If it was all about the physical need for sexual release, people would just be happy with one person, or marriage etc.

But since most people are not secure, they have low esteem, and feel the HUNGER for more security, for more validation, for more POWER. This causes an INFINITE array of issues that DISGUISE themselves as sexual issues.

So, for example, in a relationship or marriage, as soon as sex becomes easily available and reliable, and there is no need to worry about it anymore, the focus becomes on getting MORE power and getting the approval of OTHERS. They seek NOT new SEXUAL stimulus so much as FURTHER BONDS WITH POWERFUL PEOPLE to increase their own power.

That is why people look for "spice" which is so often linked to psychological issues- i.e. any form of wanting to violate a "TABOO" is nothing more than enjoying the feeling of POWER over breaking a prohibition. Without a prohibition, there is no joy to break it. BREAKING it is an assertion of POWER.

The desire to assert control over whatever the hell is being forbidden. Take away the taboo or the prohibition and goodbye spice!

For example, turn ON the lights in a "naughty" dance club and GOODBYE the to "kick" or the enjoyment of it all. Ever wonder why clubs are "dark" atmosphere? Why they have names that evoke things that are "naughty" and taboo and forbidden?

Because it's a rush of POWER to feel like you are so powerful that you can BREAK 'the rules".

This is why kids who have no idea of the purpose of rules enjoy breaking them so much. All they know is that there is something forbidden, they don't know why, so they enjoy the rush and the POWER of being brats!!!!!

For most of us, sex is to a large degree all about ISSUES, relating back to INSECURITY, a need to feel ENDLESS approval from those with power. Since women have been brainwashed to believe men are assholes and controlling, women are often "rebelling" i.e. acting out on the impulse to REVOLT at the perceived "control".

Again, it's the insecurity, the need for more POWER.

Ultimately, everyone is just seeking that nice warm fuzzy feeling called security that comes from having POWER.

For a woman, love/passion/lust are all INVOLUNTARY feelings that ERUPT in full force when she thinks about a man with the ultimate combo of POWER.
The real magic is in the knowledge.

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Till next time...
From someone who's been there,

Michael W

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