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The Power Of Choice

Author: Michael W

Some pretty amazing things happen when YOU know you have CHOICES with women. Your confidence increases, your sense of humor is unleashed, you raise your standards in what type of women you are willing to date, you become more challenging in a good way, your body language improves, your self-esteem rises to the point that you would never stay in a situation where you are being abused, and you develop an "aura" that attracts a woman within SECONDS of meeting her.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The other interesting thing is that when WOMEN know you have choices, they tend to be MORE attracted to you even though that might mean you have more choices with whom to possibly "cheat". So it's not only the fact that YOU gain confidence when YOU know you have choices, but there is also the fact that when women KNOW you have choices it also makes them more attracted to you.

This was a strange thing I learned years ago that at the time went against everything that made sense to me.

Many years ago, I used to basically cut off contact with other women when I would first meet a woman that I liked and wanted to have a relationship with. I would try to show her through this behaviour that I would be faithful, reliable, and dedicated, etc.

The irony was that this always ended up in women taking advantage of me and doing the OPPOSITE to me. In other words, the women I liked made sure that I did see that they would have other guys clamoring for their attention. (Of course when this happens once you are THE MAN, it is a sign of a woman trying to prove to you that she is desirable and often that she is insecure.)

The other irony was that the whole reason I did this in the first place was because I always heard how women complained of being hurt emotionally by guys and I had heard women complaining that men are cheaters, etc. I wanted to prove that I was a GOOD guy because in fact I WAS a good guy.

Unfortunately, most human beings do not appreciate that which comes too easy. And for a woman who is half-decently attractive, they DO get guys too easily. That's part of the secret that jerks know, and why jerks are hard to get, although you don't have to be a jerk do do this right as I explain in detail in my book and in my other services.

Women do NOT easily get guys that know the game, but they get other typical guys who like me in the old days are brainwashed to believe that there is a terrible inequality and that women have it terrible and that guys are evil and all women are pristine saints who are just looking for a good guy.

The reality is that there IS an inequality, but it’s the OTHER way around!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s an inequality in terms of KNOWLEDGE, in that good guys have had their minds WIPED BLANK of how to actually interact with women in a way that triggers ATTRACTION instead of creepiness or a feeling in her that the guy is a dork.

Let me give you an example of the power of having CHOICES that occurred just this weekend while I was conducting my intensive One-on-One Bootcamp. An attractive young woman was waiting for the train at the subway station and I mentioned to my client that he might want to apply what he had been learning earlier in terms of approaches for this situation. He asked for me to demonstrate, so I approached her using all the detailed concepts I speak about, but my main point here is not to focus on me or that but rather to focus on what happened. She seemed to be a bit less relaxed, as English was not her first language, and it can be a bit intimidating sometimes when two guys are so close to one woman depending on the time of day, the amount of other people there, etc.

Anyway, she was slowly getting more into the conversation, laughing, but I could tell she was still a bit uncomfortable, so I made it clear that I was not there to take advantage of the situation that she was by herself and let her walk in the train as she was still smiling, and I did not follow her.

As my client and I got in the train, I sat down beside this other attractive girl, totally laid back and began a conversation with her, again using all the principles I speak about. Now this girl was totally relaxed with it, and smiling and laughing and having a great time. Well guess what happened next?

Suddenly, from HALFWAY ACROSS THE TRAIN, the original woman from the subway platform starts leaning
in toward us from her seat and joins in the conversation, giving her opinion about something I had been talking to her about five minutes earlier! Normally that would have been a dead conversation by now. But no, there she is, smiling and speaking loudly as if we had never stopped chatting, even though the whole train could probably hear her. And trust me, she was not some psycho. She had just gone from being a shy slightly nervous woman to wanting to GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Pretty soon, we had both women in conversation with us, competing playfully for our attention, going from complete strangers to discussing things like who would be the better girl to marry depending on which girl was a better cook and had more money or ambition and was better with kids had the better education and who was just more fun to hang with. LOL.


This is the power that comes from both YOU knowing that you have choices, and from WOMEN knowing that you have choices. In the example above, by seeing another woman feel comfortable and trusting us and having a great time, the original woman felt a SURGE in all those emotions of attraction and trust.

This is where things sometimes differ between men and women. Most guys already KNOW women have choices, so when a woman keeps on proving to a guy that she has choices, it can make him feel that she is trying to be a pain in the ass and cause problems. Whereas with most women who are attractive, they DON’T think most guys have too many choices, so when she knows that you have choices, it makes her feel she is with a good catch.

Of course there are exceptions and once you both know that each other has value, it’s time for both people to chill out a bit if they are going to have any peace in a possible relationship.

By the way, if getting two women who are total strangers not only to you but to each other, can all be having a great time with you within 5 minutes, think about what can be done in a longer time frame in malls, bookstores, cafes, and don’t even get me started about the massive ease of what to do in a club!!!! I remember how in the old days, girls would try to make me jealous by talking about how they were going to a club with their girlfriends, etc, because in those days I avoided clubs and because I felt they were sleezy, I was uncomfortable in that environment and therefore didn’t have the practice to make it work to my advantage. These days however, meeting girls at clubs is like picking up apples off a tree, where the branch is at perfect easy to reach height.

These days, the last thing any girl I meet wants to do is even mention the word club to me. Instead, they want to do things like rent movies or just have fun together away from “all the crazy people out there”.

Life is ironic.

It’s great to know that other good guys out there are applying what they are learning here and getting awesome results too, as this email letter that I received just a couple of days ago shows:

***Letter From A Reader***

I was reading your website last Friday and thought the info on there was great. I even tried some of your tips and stuck to your advice. I could not believe the feedback I was getting. I never get numbers and I am usually in a corner drinking a beer. But that night I said, forget that and gave your teasing method a try. Well, I talked to almost every woman in the damn place and ended up with some numbers, it was great. I am and will buy your book, thanks for the help.
Roger T.,

***My Response***

Thanks for the plug! It’s great to hear from guys who are turning things around from the way it used to be. It’s great to know that instead of going for some jerk (who they don’t even know is a jerk) those women in the club are now hoping to hear from that cool fun guy they met who is NOT a jerk but instead is THE MAN!!!!

By the way, the talking to a bunch of women is a great idea, too many guys get too caught up with one woman, not only at clubs, but anywhere. Certainly at a club, I think it’s a great idea to talk to a bunch of women and find out which ones if any seem to have the qualities that make them worthy of spending more time. Other women will also notice that you have choices and this only makes them trust you MORE and feel MORE attracted to you. (This doesn’t mean to make out with girls at the club, though, and if girls see you making out with several other girls it will probably only attract the psychos!)

Knowing you have choices also makes you naturally do the attractive thing in other situations, such as internet dating. For example, if a girl online doesn’t respond to you contacting her, (assuming you did it RIGHT) then you will move on. This will often make her wonder what the heck happened and she will contact YOU because most guys will send her like ten emails a day telling her how great she is without even having MET her. This is ludicrous of course, but many guys do exactly that just because they think looks are everything.

It’s interesting to me personally that after learning these skills, a girl’s looks become just ONE factor to me, and not even the MOST important factor. Don’t get me wrong, of course I am attracted to looks, but if a girl was a few pounds more or a few pounds less, if she was taller or shorter I could care less - if she had all the OTHER attractive characteristics that I personally value. The irony HERE is that often very attractive girls seem to sense this about me and that only makes them try harder to prove that they are indeed quality people. Which is cool by me. I truly believe that a quality personality is actually even more rare to find than quality looks. Also, I have found that although attractive girls might be a bit spoiled in terms of ATTENTION, they are only spoiled in the sense that a kid might be spoiled from getting the toys he wants, but is not necessarily a bad kid. In fact, sometimes those kids who were really showered with attention are also incredibly giving themselves because they have not been LACKING and because they are SECURE in their own worth.

In fact, very often the "hotties" really DO have awesome personalities. What I’m saying is don’t jump to conclusions just based on looks alone.

When you know you have choices, you also tend to have the most effective PERSPECTIVES on any interactions you have with women and regarding women in general. Since you believe in your own worth, you will not take anything that women do too personally. Any kind of rude behaviour will reflect more about them than yourself, and also you will pass any tests that women throw at you easily, you will laugh at it the same way a superhero dude like Batman laughed as he watched a little kid who had the nerve to try to steal the hubcaps off the Batmobile!

In other words, you will feel that her “nerve” is harmless and laughable and in fact a testament to YOUR worth that she is even trying to do it in the first place.

YOU are THE MAN and the kid, or the chick, has no  power over you or your worth.

When you KNOW you have choices, you don’t RUSH into a relationship before you KNOW who you are dealing with, you don’t stay with a girl that shows she can’t be trusted or who breaks principles that you both agreed on or who tries to beat down your self-esteem, and you don’t go around being bitter or mean.

One thing I want to say here is that I do NOT believe in using the methods I teach to create abusive relationships. Like anything else, the point is to just show that you have worth, NOT to show that the woman you are with does NOT have worth. You have to be careful in how you use this stuff, which also means not pursuing women that have psychological issues or otherwise are not good matches for you even though you know very well how to attract them. It’s not an ego trip here, guys, so learn to hold out for the right women/woman who are the right match, and you will thus avoid all the negative drama that comes with choosing the wrong

Often, people that are most psycho or cruel deep down believe that no one of worth REALLY likes the REAL them. And more importantly, they don’t like themselves. They really feel so needy for approval that they resort to all kinds of warped games to get LOTS OF SUPERFICIAL APPROVAL from others. Stay away from these types of women even though you CAN attract them, because if you are so needy that you need to get such approval, you are on the dangerous path to becoming low self esteem yourself, and pursuing or interacting with such a person will only DAMAGE your self-esteem.

You ARE your environment, so be damn careful and make it a good one.

That TOO is a CHOICE.

When you know you have CHOICE, you suddenly SKYROCKET your skills with women. You don’t need to be MEAN and you don’t need to be this overly “nice guy”, you can basically do whatever you want because guys that have choices CONVEY that subconsciously in thing like their body language, voice tonality, to their sense of timing and intuition with women, so that they tend to do the attractive thing NO MATTER WHAT.

So the question becomes how do you reach that level where you KNOW you have choice? The answer of course is KNOWLEDGE plus PRACTICE. Knowledge is crucial, you have to understand the realities of women today and you have to understand the triggers of attraction, but PRACTICE is ALSO CRITICAL because practice hones your social reflexes, it hones your intuition, it lets you calibrate the woman in front of you better, for example it lets you know exactly how much teasing is right for her, and how much small talk is right, and lets you determine how relaxed she is or how nervous she is, when is the right time to escalate, to bridge to kissing, etc.

And if you want to get the KNOWLEDGE, the best place to start is my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women. Inside you’ll find out PROVEN ways to QUICKLY build attraction, and of course how to meet women literally anywhere, and how get a woman’s contact info, and how to smoothly transition to “getting physical”.

Download it now at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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