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Prepare For Success Or Prepare For Failure

Author: Michael W

One of the best things about LEARNING these skills to be able to actually GET the kinds of women you want, or the kind of woman you want, is that you can do it on YOUR schedule.

So for example, you can focus on your other things, like work, and then, when you are finished that, simply FIND women, and then APPLY the SKILLS that you have learned, and GET the woman. In fact, once you have the skills, the BIGGEST thing then becomes simply FINDING the women that actually capture your attention.

Simple as that.

Once you GET these skills, you are PREPARED for success, you are READY for when you see an attractive woman you'd like to have in your life.

And really, the word PREPARED is the best word, because there are PREDICTABLE PATTERNS in almost EVERY situation of attracting the kinds of women that many men would sell their souls for.

And once you FULLY KNOW what to expect, you don't get taken by surprise by the kinds of things that women do that usually mess up a guy's game completely. These things become very PREDICTABLE to you, almost as if women are behaving according to a universal recipe of behavior.

Does this mean that all women are the SAME?
No, but what it does mean is that when it comes to the PROCESS OF ATTRACTION and how THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN who are attractive BEHAVE and what turns them on, and what works, the answer is YES, things are VERY universal.

Now just because these things are universal, doesn't mean there is a universal memorized response you can have for each situation, because the SPECIFIC way the woman will MANIFEST her behaviors ARE different from woman to woman, even though there is a COMMON PATTERN to all these behaviors that women exhibit.

That's why this is called a SKILL, not a memorized answer. In fact, it's the NUANCES of what you say, and how you say it, and the nuances of every last detail of your being, that COUNT.

They count BIG TIME.

This is the difference between for example, a guy who tries to copy a joke he heard a comedian on TV say, and the ACTUAL comedian who says it.

When the guy tries to copy it, it's not nearly as funny, and when the ACTUAL original guy did it, he brought the HOUSE down with laughter.

It's the difference between a movie that is a sci-fi FAVOURITE, and all the other pathetic rip-off versions of it that TRY to copy it, but miss all the important nuances.

At MASTERY level, what you say DOES count as well. It makes the difference between just being confident and coming across as not needy, versus ACTUALLY SKYROCKETING HER EMOTIONS by communicating superiority to her in every way possible, and yet still making her feel WANTED and VALUABLE.

These nuances are what makes this a SKILL.
It's what makes you able to CREATE.
And this CAN BE taught, it can be learned.

For example, one hottie that I had met, when I told her that I like fat girls, she asks me honestly, "Do you really like fat girls" and I told her that I liked the way they were creative and fun and not spoiled. (Again, totally true.)

She then starts to tell me how she was ugly in high school, and I told her "awesome" and I actually meant it. Pretty soon, I turned the whole convo into a playful but innocent sexual innuendo, that I like girls with fat personalities, and that I wanted to know how big her personality is.

She goes "It's HUUUUUGE."
And I tell her good, cuz I like girls with a wide-ass personality. That I don't want no boyish, bony assed personality from my girl.

All this has subtle levels to it, the PHAT instead of fat, the sexuality, the qualifying her for personality, the creativity in it, etc etc.

Plus, there was some solid rapport as well, because I didn't exactly fit in in high school either and we were both definitely "outside the box" type of people.

So it's the combination of KNOWLEDGE plus SKILL that makes you PREPARED.

KNOWLEDGE plus SKILL also comes into play every time a woman throws you a test. And it's almost like a UNIVERSAL truth that ALL women will throw you a CHALLENGE to make it more difficult for you to feel comfortable progressing the interaction with them, but the specific challenges will be DIFFERENT.

In almost all cases though, the challenge they will throw will involve trying to RUIN your state of confidence, of playfulness, of sexuality, of dominance, etc, etc, in some way or another. The thing to realize though by the way, is that to women, if this stuff they do DOES ruin your state, then you are CLEARLY NOT COOL and NOT fun, and NOT strong enough to be with them.

Sounds sick?
It's not really, it's only sounding sick because the FRAME OF REALITY that most hotties have is so strong that all this stuff to THEM would be a JOKE.

More on this later.

So for example, one woman might try teasing you on your name, or what you look like, or your choice of fashion, or whatever, to make it seem like she does NOT like you all that much.

Even though in reality the only reason she is doing this is because she DOES like you, and in her crazy logic this is her way of actually SHOWING you this and simultaneously being "cool" herself by showing she is not easy and that she is not desperate for you.

But if she was really not into you, why even bother TALKING to you?

Similarly, a thousand different women might throw you a thousand different types of tests, but the PATTERN of their tests is the same basic thing.

So it's not only important to know in advance that these tests are actually often an indication of women's DESIRE for you, but it's also CRUCIAL that you have the skills to BEST deal with the SPECIFIC test thrown to you.

Sometimes, ignoring her comment is the best thing. But USUALLY, the best thing to do is to INTELLIGENTLY reframe it as a compliment, in a way though that is EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING.

I will teach you how to do this, and how to make it most effective by keeping it BRIEF. The longer it takes for you to make the reframe, the worse. The trick is to respond with something powerful, witty, humorous, and that raises your own value, and yet do all this in as BRIEF a way as possible.

Let me give you an example of something that recently happened with me. A girl who I had just been chatting with for a few minutes, and who I had gotten feeling just the right amount of tension and yet comfort, she then tells me in response to something:
"You're a sicko."
My response: "What makes you so attracted to sickos?"
Her response: "I have issues."
My response: "I know."

The "I know" said in JUST the right deadpan tonality. A few minutes later, she is saying "I always go for the wrong guys".

But what she really means by "wrong" is the same way a guy might say before doing some skydiving, "I have the wrong hobbies" meanwhile he LOVES IT.

Also, when she said "sicko", she partially means it as a joke, and partially she says it because it's almost a RITUAL to her to have to NOT show too much VERBAL interest in a guy that she IS interested in.

However, she does show interest in ways that actually COUNT, such as qualifying herself and saying all the ways in which she is not boring, etc.

Make no mistake about it, the ability to respond best to each specific test, is a SKILL.

If a guy does NOT have this skill, he will not get the results he is looking for, he will get stuck in the mud, spinning his wheels and getting no where with the girl.

She will throw him a test, for example, and he will hesitate for a response. And when he does respond, it will be weak, it will be too verbose, etc.

And the interaction will FIZZLE and be OVER.

Again, just about EVERY woman WILL throw you these stumbling blocks, ESPECIALLY if she actually LIKES you.

If you're not PREPARED for dealing with this, you are asking for failure.

And responding with excellence to her TESTS is just ONE SKILL that needs to be MASTERED for getting the success you want with women. The reason I like to bring up the tests issue is because it's so fundamental and happens so fast and early, that if a guy doesn't get THIS skill mastered, he will get shut down almost INSTANTLY, even if he doesn't realize he's already been shut down in her mind as far as attraction goes.

You have to be PREPARED for all the things involved for successfully attracting a woman, or you are just preparing for FAILURE.

Okay, let's go on to another SKILL that is crucial to develop in yourself so can be PREPARED for full success so that you don't just have a good start, but you actually get the girl HOME and are able to keep her attracted for as long as you wish:

CALIBRATING the specific confidence levels of the woman you are interacting with, at ALL times during the interaction, and how these levels go up and down, and calibrating how much tension she needs, and how much comfort she needs to feel that ultimate balance between TOO MUCH tension and TOO LITTLE TENSION, also known as boredom or predictability.

You can think of tension as "uncertainty". And think of comfort as "certainty".

Like I was saying above, one of the reasons that to a woman who is attractive, testing a guy is not mean or being sick, is because to her, in HER reality, when it comes to DATING, (maybe not other things in her life), but when it comes to getting attention from guys, she is VERY BORED by most guys. There is almost NO uncertainty in that area for her.

Now, again, not all girls are exactly the same, but in general, if a woman is hot, this is the case. So she needs you to create, in THIS area, a certain amount of UNCERTAINTY for her, so she can feel EXCITEMENT and stimulation.

Just like when you go to the theme park, you want to get a bit scared when you go on that rollercoaster, you don't go for a rollercoaster that seems too TAME, right? You don't go to a horror movie so that everyone is feeling everything is so GREAT and happy and calm? You only want that at the END, because THEN you appreciate that feeling.

So there are EFFECTIVE WAYS that you can CREATE this uncertainty for her in this area, this area where she feels TOO CERTAIN she is ALL THAT. Sounds crazy, I know, but for a real hottie, she wants there to be a bit of TENSION around the idea of her being all that, so that there is a bit of STIMULATION rather than boredom in her mind.

Kind of like how the Emperor in Return of the Jedi is so overconfident that Luke will be defeated, that he actually LIKES it when Luke first starts to put up a fight.

Okay, fine no more comparisons between the Emperor and women who are hot, but I thought it was funny and I just had to do that. Honestly, most hotties are actually pretty good people, contrary to popular belief. You see, when people are given positive attention, they tend to feel good, and they want other people to feel good too. So hotties are usually wanting other people to feel good too, they are just kinda spoiled in some ways, and that's because men have spoiled them!

Now, just like you want to create just the right amount of UNCERTAINTY for hotties, on the things they are TOO certain about, you also need to create the right amount of CERTAINTY for the things that hotties are NOT that certain about!

And this is where a lot of guys who over-simplify the process of attraction get totally lost. This is ANOTHER area where I honestly have revolutionized this field. I'm not being egotistical here, it's just the truth.

In my Programs and Products, you will learn the BEST ways to create just the right amount of uncertainty AND the right amount of certainty. So for example, if a hottie is already feeling great stress and tension about a DIFFERENT area of her life, (not the issue of whether or not guys like her or not), and you are able to help make her feel GOOD in this area, it's a MASSIVE step, that will CEMENT her attraction to you, LONG term as well.

In this area, giving her just the right amount of CERTAINTY, so that she is not going crazy with anxiety, will be WELL REWARDED by her to you.

There are times when PLAYFULLY pushing her away as if you aren't interested in her is perfect, and there are some (rarer) times when doing this a little more hard-core and less playful is appropriate.

But you have to be able to READ the situation, this too is a SKILL.

Man, if somebody had taught ME this stuff when I was learning all the WRONG stuff from "gurus", I could have saved myself from a BILLION TONS of painful experiences with women.

One of the greatest tragedies, honestly, of modern times, is that a lot of good guys and good women are NEVER going to be together because a lot of men have been taught by "get laid experts" INCORRECTLY that ALL WOMEN are major party girls at heart.

This has caused massive MISCALIBRATION, and so by not calibrating properly for the other girls, these good guys have totally DRIVEN AWAY a lot of good women, and will never get another chance with them and may never get another chance with any woman, because they have been so brainwashed to keep on doing and believing the wrong things.

And what you have read here, is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, there is the whole skill of STATE CONTROL, of being able to bring out any state that YOU need to be in as well. From being a BEAST of dominance to being a PARTY ANIMAL, to being as SUBTLE and SENSITIVE as required, at the moment when it COUNTS.

There is a LOT to learn, and it's up to YOU to be prepared.

You have to realize that these skills are all about the EMOTIONAL IMPACT you are having on a specific woman.

Just to give you another example of an area that requires being PREPARED, is the area of how you DRESS.

The clothing and accessories you wear provide DATA for a woman's emotional sensors.

Is that data you are providing giving her the emotion called BOREDOM? Called NOTHING SPECIAL? Called YAWN? CALLED NO-VITALITY? Called NO CHALLENGE? Called, in her mind: "I can certainly tell that this guy is already under my thumb, absolutely nothing I don't know here, absolutely no mystery, no challenge, nothing cool".

Not sure if you saw the movie Batman Begins, but there are elements to that film that TOTALLY bear truth in REALITY as well.

It's fascinating how he realistically thinks about the EMOTIONAL IMPACT of his costume as he is designing the image it will project. In fact, the whole IDEA of Batman according to Bruce Wayne was to create something that couldn't be destroyed. It had to be an IDEA, something bigger than any person. The costume is just one part of his PROJECTED, YET AUTHENTIC, IDENTITY.

Every element, every detail, of the costume, is by DESIGN.

The emotions he strikes in people, are BY DESIGN. He PREPARED FOR IT, PLANNED FOR IT.
No accident.

In my work with Clients, in addition to everything else I do, I also help find the clothes and accessories that will project their identity most powerfully.

Women CRAVE to have a guy who UNDERSTANDS ALL THIS STUFF, who "gets it". They have a
BURNING DESIRE for such a man to come into their life, and IGNITE all their powerful emotions and make them feel ALIVE and EXCITED and WOMANLY.

The good news is that you can LEARN to do all this.

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If you don't take action, and remain without the skills, there will be plenty of folks happy to KEEP YOU IN THAT SITUATION, because it makes them feel good to have someone they can feel superior toward. So you have to ask yourself what YOU want, not what they want.

It's up to you to change your life.

Till next time,

Michael W

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