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The 'P's To Success: Prepared, Playful, Particular

Author: Michael W

Sometimes, guys who have some experience meeting women still make certain common mistakes. I'd like to approach this from a positive point of view, and focus on the things to do instead of just saying what NOT to do.


This means be prepared on ALL LEVELS. So not only should you not leave the house dressed less than your babe-magnet best, but you must also be MENTALLY in the right state of mind.

That means adopting the attitude of "I am going out now, and if I see a woman I want to talk to, I WILL talk to her, and I won't give myself ANY excuse not to. And I also know I have everything it takes for a woman to want me."

Now, to FURTHER strengthen your mental state, you should adopt a LIFESTYLE that augments these affirmations- I personally am VERY careful about what I watch on TV and listen to on the radio and who I spend time with, in order so that my mind is not polluted with negative or destructive thoughts. (Ever notice how many pathetic examples of men in terms of their submissive attitude toward women are all over the place on TV?)

In my eBook, I have an entire section on fueling your mind for success- for now though, remember to do your BEST to adopt this frame of mind before you even leave your house.

There is another level to being prepared as well. When you meet a woman, you usually have to open your mouth and actually say something. And although with practice, you will get better, why not think about the random situations where you meet women, and write down some basic ideas of what you can say to her.

Eventually, you will realize you don't need to do this, but in the beginning, it can help your confidence to actually have some idea of what you are going to say. So for example, if you are at the supermarket, and a woman is in front of you, or behind you, do you right now freeze up and have nothing to say?

Well, think about it NOW so you won't have to go through this agony again! You might tease her on something she is wearing, something she is doing, or even something about the situation that's kind of ridiculous. Write your ideas down!

Those situations will happen again, and you will have ideas for them ready instantly.


In some situations, you might feel awkward about saying anything to a woman, you might not know what to say, you might think the situation is not appropriate for picking up.

I used to let these fears stop me. Since I couldn't think of something awesome to say, or because I thought a situation was too difficult, too awkward, I didn't say anything.

But then I realized something: The only reason I was so concerned with the "perfect line" or with my fear of being rejected was because I didn't want girls to think that I was a loser.

I didn't want them to get the idea that I might be interested in them, because if I wasn't really interested in them, then how could they reject me? I just wanted to have the perfect line so that I would come across as perfect, and of course then they would want me.

Well guess what? There's nothing wrong with a woman thinking you might be interested in her, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT COME ACROSS AS A BAD CATCH!

And the way to show you are a "GOOD" catch is to NOT be serious. "Serious" approaches can sometimes seem like "desperate" approaches, since a woman will subconsciously think, "Why is the guy so serious? Does he not already have plenty of women around him?"

Unless it is OBVIOUS that a woman is interested in you already, (in that case you can be more direct) serious approaches make women wonder if you are a loser since they wonder why are you placing so much SERIOUSNESS on it in the first place!!!

After all, “If he was a good catch, he should already behave as if he HAS tons of women, right?” So how serious would a guy who is a GOOD CATCH be about this specific ONE approach at this specific moment?

So NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION, just be PLAYFUL i.e. at the fruit section of the supermarket- "Does anybody really eat 8-10 servings of fruits a day?" is FINE.

And no matter what she says, you can TEASE her on it. If she says that she does, you can ask her if she's a real goody-goody two shoes and also drinks 8 glasses of water a day, and does she dot all her i's and cross all her t's.


So just about any playful banter, that is NOT SELF-DEPRACATING will do.

This works even in "complex" situations, such as when you want to speak to one girl when she is with her friends/family etc.

I was in a long supermarket check out line once and a beautiful young woman in front of me was with her MOM and still I couldn't resist. Now when a girl is with her MOM, you have to consider that her mom may be a little protective naturally. You can be sure that if you don't get her MOM on your side, you can FORGET about the rest.

So I look for something playful, and lo and behold... Up ahead in the line, there was this old lady who wanted to get through with her buggy to the other side of the supermarket, but she didn't think of asking for anyone to move, she just kind of RAMMED her way through lol...

Now as a few people were bickering silently, I broke the tension with her mom by saying something along the lines of "She just came back from Jerry Springer/ the whole thing is being videotaped silently and is being sent to America's Funniest Home Videos- it's how the supermarket makes most of their money.." etc I said this to both of them, mom and daughter, especially focusing on her mom to help get the mom at ease.

This got her mom talking to me about how rude some people can be, etc, and now I have the mom chatting it up with me, totally relaxed.

Her daughter joins in, and after a couple of minutes more with her mom I tease her daughter about her bright pink purse and ask her if she was inspired by Legally Blonde. Daughter starts laughing, trying to blame it on her mom, and now I've broken the ice with both of them, and having a fun conversation with her daughter.

Using a little tact, when her mom is a few steps away pre-occupied paying for the groceries and bagging them, I get the girl's email.

Now this does not ALWAYS work, but the playfulness helped break the tension and keep things fun and not serious.

When in doubt, playful is the way to go. Now, just remember that playful does not mean UNCHALLENGING, or BORING, or SELF-DEPRECATING.


Every guy is slightly different in his particular situation- and based on his specific strengths, his specific environment, and his personality, he should TAILOR his approach to success with women based on these factors.

If a guy does not enjoy the club scene since he doesn't smoke and doesn't drink and doesn't follow the music, and isn't a "party" animal, he really should not focus his efforts on such an environment.

It's not about showing off, it's about getting what you want and being congruent with your personality so you can relax and enjoy being yourself.

If you are a naturally funny guy, you should use your humor with women. (but use it to playfully TEASE her, not to make fun of yourself!)

If you are a more serious guy, then use that to show a woman that you don't need to smile to get her attention. If you are a driven type, then be that man, the ambitious driven type. This gives you an edge when it comes to dominance.

And don't be afraid to experiment to find out what works best for YOU.

I enjoy meeting women in regular everyday life situations like grocery shopping, bookstores, malls, etc, because it's more relaxing since I'm already there and am not expending much energy in the process. Also these women are there not in order to show off as they might in a club.

By the way, I've noticed that the places where I expend the LEAST energy I usually get the BEST results- whether it’s the post office, mall, or train.

I have actually experimented and found that certain malls and stores just FEEL more my style than other malls, and of course I will have even better results there.

So the bottom line to remember here is that there are tons of individual things like: -Where the women are in YOUR area.
-When are you at YOUR best.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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