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The Real Magic With Women

Author: Michael W

I love being mesmerized. It's fun. If you ever see a guy who is really great with women, it can seem like magic. Let me tell you what the real magic is. It's KNOWLEDGE.

But it's knowledge that is a SECRET to most people, so what happens is that the only explanation left is "magic". So let me tell you a few things that most people don't know.

Most hot women, and even the women who just THINK they are hot, lol, are in a completely different category of women.

All the stuff you hear about what women want is NOT true about THESE women. So much of success with HOT women is simply knowing the COMPLETE truth about their REALITY.

This is WAY more important than ANY "technique".

If you KNOW the REALITY about attractive women, in terms of how they have SUPER EASY access to INFINITE guys, and INFINITE validation, and how MOST GUYS HAVE NO CLUE about what is going on, and how women take ADVANTAGE of this, and how difficult it is for them to be seriously committed and respectful long term to ANY guy, then you IMMEDIATELY switch into a completely different mode internally regarding how to feel and behave around them.

For example, if you KNOW how NOT NEEDY women are, if you KNOW how many men they have at their fingertips, you realize that UNLESS you take a SIMILAR perspective and attitude toward WOMEN, you will come across as a COMPLETE LOSER or as a possible DOWNER to their life if they let you in it. i.e. they are concerned that you might want a serious relationship while they would like to get their fill of just partying it up, and that would be BAD BAD BAD- that is, unless they suddenly feel you are so cool and would LIKE to have a relationship with you, after being with you and finding out how not needy you are, etc.

Are women "cocky"?
Why YES, they OFTEN are.
NOT because they read a book on it.
It's because they are CONFIDENT AS HELL when it comes to GUYS.

Are women "slightly arrogant"?
Why YES, they ARE.
Again, NOT because they read it in a book, but because your typical clueless guy MAKES hotties spoiled.

Are women impressed with guys who aren't afraid to bust on them? Why YES, because most guys are so serious and LIMITING to their FUN, because most guys are so in love with a hot woman that the guys become all obsessed with having a relationship. To the hottie chick, that makes these guys boring and stifled.

Hotties find it REFRESHING and STIMULATING to meet a guy who is funny, playful, not demanding yet challenging.

It actually all makes SENSE.

This has less to do with how women are biologically (although there ARE psychological differences in men and women biologically, this is a proven scientific fact - just read Restak's book "The Brain" for more info) than it has to do with the simple REALITY of their situation socially, from how most guys treat them.

Do hot women need science to catch guys?
No, they sure as heck don't.
That's because guys have the attitude that women are precious, and women know that guys have that attitude.

Because of this, even COOL guys are forced to INITIATE action (whether indirect or direct) and approach women, because otherwise the chicks would be perfectly content to do nothing but RECEIVE from all the guys who DO chase.

See how everything comes not so much from a magic technique but from KNOWING the TRUTH about what is going on with women?

That is why NO MAGIC TECHNIQUE on EARTH is going to make most of these women become good relationship material. That's because all the "techniques" simply are ways that you WOULD BEHAVE ANYWAY if you just knew the TRUTH.

I am willing to bet a MILLION BUCKS that if your typical guy just knew the TRUTH about most hotties, guys would IMMEDIATELY STOP kissing up. As a matter of fact, I bet a lot of them would just STOP being interested altogether.

It wouldn't be a magic move.
Rather, it would be simply the result of having KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.

But of course most people would rather block out the truth rather than change their paradigm of the world, so you could yell all day in a dude's ears about the truth about women, but he probably won't listen till he finds out himself.

This is why I think the whole idea of guys who specialize in "stealing girlfriends" is ludicrous.

Your typical young hottie doesn't need MUCH to have her boyfriend pushed out of her mind. All they need is to have a nice argument with her boyfriend and hence a nice excuse, and the feeling that their boyfriend is not so superior.

Remember, attraction is all about SIV.

That's why painting the boyfriend as a stereotypical ass-kissing guy is the ultimate destruction because it makes him seem like he is inferior, thus killing the attraction.

If I'm with a woman, and another guy tries to make me look BAD to her, as in NOT NICE, I know he's actually making me seem SEXIER. It's the guys who tell your girlfriend that you are a NICE GUY that you have to watch out for lol!!!

The reason I've written this is for any guys who are new to the scene, because I remember getting very intimidated by all the complex jargon and "PSEUDO-science" floating around over the last several years on how to attract women.

I actually studied for a while something called NLP over a decade ago. Supposedly it was the magic formula for getting people to do anything. First of all, I didn't like the idea of manipulating with people's minds, it felt CREEEEPY. Second of all, it felt awkward. Third of all, all the guys I knew who WERE successful with women didn't use ANY OF THAT STUFF!

And no, it wasn't that they were all "good looking" whatever the heck that means.

But to be honest with you, I tried it anyway, all the pseudo science. Hey, I was desperate to get the hottest girl in my high school! I couldn't give a damn about influencing people's minds, I just wanted this one sexy petite chick!

Well, well, well, guess what...I honestly think I made things WORSE by focusing so much energy on trying to FIGURE HER OUT, instead of just being THE MAN who pretty much ALL women want.

Fast forward to well over a decade later:
My conclusion is that when it comes to hotties, YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE FOUNDATION, the DNA of the SITUATION occurring today- the TRUTH about how these hotties live and why they live that way.

THAT is why you hear about all kinds of MAGIC techniques to get women, but there are no MAGIC techniques for relationships.

Well, well, well, guess what?

That includes hotties too! You don't need to brainwash them into it!!

You just need to understand the SITUATION they are in and the realities involved, socially. Most of the time, HOT chicks already WANT to cheat on their BOYFRIEND, it takes very little to get them over the edge.

I know this sounds rough, but it's the truth.

I actually am against cheating anyway- if a chick has a boyfriend, she is not getting with me. But that doesn't mean that hotties aren't "cheating" a LOT, either in spirit or in action.

That's because most likely the guy she is with is a typical guy and wants a serious relationship because he VALUES her a lot, since she is so HOT. And of course he probably doesn't like it that she wants to shake her butt to every guy. And of course she doesn't like it that he doesn't like it, etc etc. It's now like a time-bomb.

Now, if the dude knows the REALITY, and knows how to keep himself a challenge (and a fear of LOSS, since it's ONLY the fear of loss that prevents anything from being taken for granted) so she cannot take him for granted, if he is cool and super confident, she might value him a little more, but again, this is rare that she is with such a guy.

Now, do you know why do most guys do NOT know what is going on?

I'll give you a hint- it's because attractive women don't WANT you to know the truth!

Think about EVERY effective "magic technique" you know for being successful with women. And then think about how all that is happening is that it takes into account the REALITY of what is actually going on with attractive women.

Very hot women don't want to appear as easy, otherwise they would lose the respect of all the NICE GUYS. They would lose all the INFINITE commitment and INFINITE love and INFINITE emotional security that your typical guy offers them.

Trust me, even these NICE GUYS would STOP being so nice if they knew that while he was serenading them with thousand dollar dinners and romantic poetry, (and NO sex) she was having wild sex with a guy who was a refreshing challenge and made HER earn HIS attention!

If the hotties weren't careful, if they didn't keep it all a SECRET, then EVERY guy would WAKE UP, and be in on the truth, and it would be open season for every guy to game any/all women without kissing up!

No more favours!

That's just part of it.
The other part is that women feel that if a guy is being so nice, they can't picture him in a sexual light.

Catch my drift?

Bottom line is that by far, it's MOST critical to know the TRUTH about women.

And there are many truths, many facts, that guys don't know about women.

"The truth shall set you free."

That way, you will be more relaxed around them, you will not pursue impossible goals, and in general you will behave in RELEVANT ways to them- i.e. relevant to REALITY.

What usually ends up happening once you understand the FULL reality, is that you have so much fun living their lifestyle -i.e. a FUN lifestyle, that you end up being the same as them in many ways i.e. you become "spoiled" and "arrogant" and "overconfident" and everything becomes about FUN, and being PLAYFUL, naturally, from having so many women begging for your attention...just like hot women become focused on FUN, being playful, spoiled and arrogant and OVERCONFIDENT naturally from having so many men!

When women talk about "jerks" that they are in love with, THAT is what they mean by "jerk". They don't mean cruel bastard.

Let me just give you a little example of how I might engage a group of girls in this spirit without having to lie to them, manipulate them, or feel weird.

Lately I've been having fun with a "Wonder Woman" topic based on something that happened in real life. I saw this Barbie doll version of our female superhero that I was thinking of buying for my 5 year old niece.

And then I thought about how crazy it is, this doll's got a SUPER MINI, miniskirt, huge red bright boots that would look perfect on a call girl, a metal red bright bra, she's got this S&M lasso, she's an exhibitionist flying an invisible plane...

Just TELLING this little anecdote to chicks gets them laughing like mad. You can open up the conversation by asking if they have a niece or little sister and you were thinking of getting a gift for yours...

THIS for me, is REALLY CONGRUENT with my personality because I actually love comics, superheroes, etc, and because it actually happened...

But I have different takes on the story- sometimes I will go and turn it into a mock argument with the women. I'll bust on them for liking Wonder Woman, and how they are bad girls for this and how I don't trust them.

I'll go on and on about how there is really only one famous female superhero (ok, actually there was a Supergirl Barbie too that was even WORSE!) and TONS of male superheros... and what does that say about Wonder Woman being a role model for girls.

And who Wonder Woman sleeps with, after being with Superman, he goes off to save the world, and meanwhile Spiderman swings in to pick up the slack. And will have fun with the women, teasing them for having little wonder woman costumes for Halloween and in their closet...and not trusting them, but at the same time not making them feel bad, because it's kind of cute that they like Wonder Woman.

Do you see what's going on there?
It's about being flirty, playful, unpredictable, challenging, fun, teasing, and charming at the same time.

Notice there was no being a bastard or jerk involved.

If you decide to use this, go ahead and have fun! It'll probably work too! But more importantly, start getting WAY MORE COMFORTABLE with who YOU are and just ENJOY yourself. Do things that are CONGRUENT with WHO YOU ARE, so that you don't come across as faky or weird.

The real magic is in the knowledge.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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