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Real Men Are Emotionally True

Author: Michael W

Being true to your emotions allows you to be true to your personality. You can't 'fake it' with women and still get dates.

Do you know what the biggest complaint women really have about guys that try to pick them up?

It's that the guy is fake.

This is especially true outside of venues such as clubs, where there is more room for different openers, as long as they are congruent and upbeat, since it's understood to be a party style social environment.

And even the rare time that a guy gets some results from being fake, it never works long term, and the woman finds out, and then it's over.

The thing is, even when guys are being real, they often come across as fake!

The guy really does like the girl, but the girl feels that actually the guy would like any girl, and that he is just desperate. After all, what has he done to indicate otherwise? And from the weak approach he has made, the woman feels he probably does not have much luck with this, and that he is desperate.

One of the biggest ironies is that the guys who are jerks often at least seem real. The guy doesn't seem to be trying to hide anything. It's disarming sometimes.

But it doesn't have to be this way, at all. There is no reason why a good guy shouldn't do way better than a jerk.

In fact, good guys have access to a far wider range of compelling different emotions that they could bring a woman to experience, whereas jerks usually are very limited in their emotional capacity. I'm not even talking about emotional capacity in some "nice" sense. I'm talking about creative emotional capacity. For example, even the ability to appreciate different kinds of emotions, from bittersweet to euphoria to intrigue, etc etc.

All this stuff is cool stuff, if it ultimately is inspiring and feels real.

Jerks usually are very limited in this way, they keep their emotions limited to spare themselves emotional pain. But this also cuts off the ability to experience and give an infinite variety of awesome and different emotions to women as well. They can only talk about a very limited range of things in an emotionally relevant way. Very limited.

So let me give you a huge tip for your interactions:
Look for the emotionally interesting stuff regarding everything.

The human element.

And not just the human element, but the compelling human element.

If I'm walking by an old mall that they are taking down downtown, and a woman is walking by me, I might stop her and ask her if she has any memories of the place or if it's just me. I might explain to her the truth how when I was a kid I used to go to these theatres and even how in high school I used to skip school sometimes just to go to the movieplex there. She might tell me about her memories of the place and how she used to go there with her mom as a kid on Saturdays, etc. Then I'll talk about how this might be an important moment to see it for real before it's gone forever, and how these moments make you appreciate the best parts of your past.

This is a real conversation.
And it's meaningful.
And she can relate to it.

The thing is, I really mean every word I say. I'm totally congruent to it. I'm not trying to do anything, I'm being real.

I'm not trying to be a big shot when I do this. Yet, without me trying, the reality is that this woman can see the potential for experiencing emotionally satisfying interactions of many varieties with me, if after all in the span of 30 seconds, we already way beyond stuff like the weather or "hey baby, I like you".

That weather and "hi I like You" stuff is not emotionally "sticky" - it's not emotionally relevant, her mind and emotions are desensitized to it the same way you would be.

So whatever you said to her about the weather or your generic compliment just slides off her, it's not "sticky" at all.

And of course, that stuff seems fake and is fake!

Guys think that it's about getting her into bed, as if she is some robot. As if there is nothing else to deal with here. As if she doesn't have a mind capable of experiencing a billion other emotions, and as if those other billion emotions don't count.

What an insult!

And like I've said, even sex itself is actually mostly about the other emotions that combine with sex to really give it the kick!

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I really am incredibly proud of the developments I've made in this field, and I would like to help teach them to you as well, especially if you are one of the good guys. No good guy deserves to not have a great woman in his life.

The above example is just the tip of the iceberg:
A lot of guys think well how does that lead to sex??? Isn't that going to lead to just being friends????

The answer is NO!!!
What leads to being just friends is not escalating. You have to escalate and know how to smoothly
escalate the interaction to the next level, and escalate physically as well. You have to know how to transition into a more sexual dimension, smoothly.

But before you can escalate, you have to start on solid, emotionally relevant ground. This aspect of pick up is not given justice at all out there, because most of the material out there is only based on how to pick up party type of girls, who require less emotionally relevant depth.

But with most real women, when you get a this emotional relevance stuff down solid at the very beginning, the difference down the line to your interaction will be the difference between night and day.

It will make a huge difference, in things going a lot smoother for you.

In fact, by not starting with pure sexual stuff, you make the idea of sex with you far more appealing, because now she wonders about it, whereas if you put it in her face right away, all the mystery of "how will this lead to me being with this guy in bed" gets lost immediately.

There is nothing wrong with having friendly vibes, in fact it's critical. The idea is to lead the show as well in a masculine way.

To do this effectively, you have to know how to lead her and yourself into different emotional states, as well as understand crucial elements of female psychology and culture.

But it all starts with you being real.

The second you seem fake, it's all over. It's as over as a singer's career if they are caught lip syncing, as over to a movie's impact as a bad story or bad acting.

Think about how addictive even negative emotions are, i.e. sad songs, if they seem really "true" on an emotional level.

But to be real, you need to learn how to project the real you effectively. Because lots of guys are trying, and thinking they are being real, but are not creating impact.

It's not enough to have good intentions. It's a good start, and it's necessary in fact. But you have to know how to be real and know how to be effective with that "realness".

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Till next time,

Michael W

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