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The Real You

Author: Michael W

Okay, I’m going to set the record straight once and for all on a very, very big question:
“Can you be your REAL self with women and spark massive chemistry?”

The answer is…..YES.

The reason why so many men FAIL with women, is NOT because they are being themselves, but rather because they are being SOCIETY’S BRAINWASHED VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

Trust me, there is absolutely NOTHING natural about kissing up to women, about flowers, about getting your heart broken with romantic fantasies, about having boring conversations about where you work or how many brothers and sisters you have, or about 99.99 percent of the music you listen to or the television shows or movies you watch.


You were TAUGHT by your environment that THIS is the way to behave with women. You were TAUGHT to get depressed and lose self esteem when only few girls out of billions reject you.

But all that stuff goes against your NATURAL IMPULSES.

So what is the REAL, natural “you”?

Well, it’s a lot closer to the way your ancestors behaved than the way most people today behave. Look, at a very fundamental level, we are no different than our ancestors of a million years ago. For over a million years, men behaved like MEN. Then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, men started to act very differently. Suddenly, men went from being tough hunters and from working the land hard, to becoming full time female ass kissers.

It would have looked pretty ridiculous if the man of a million years ago came home with some freshly hunted meat, only to start being berated by his woman, and for him to tolerate the abuse or start trying to kiss up to her for her to behave. Actually, a woman would probably not have been so insane to even act that way in the first place.

And though our environment has changed, the reality is that women still want a guy who takes no crap and who has a healthy sense of self-esteem. Because any guy who does not have those traits is less likely to survive. A woman is looking for a guy who can be a leader, not in need of leadership from HER.

Think about it. Deep down, do you feel like kissing up to women? Does it feel good? And when you hesitate before approaching a woman, what exactly are you fearing? “I’m going to look like an idiot?” The only reason you think you are going to look like an idiot is because you were TAUGHT that this is not “right” or socially acceptable.

But deep down, YOU know that you WANT to talk to her!!!!!!!

So the REAL QUESTION becomes….are you going to be YOURSELF, and follow YOUR GUT instinct, or are you going to follow what everyone ELSE seems to be saying?

Are you going to allow your self esteem to be ruled by YOUR values, or by THE BRAINWASHING ENVIRONMENT?

So YES, the answer is to be YOURSELF. Your REAL self.

The part of you that sees a woman and says, “Man, I’d love to jump her bones” and makes you feel good. This is your natural real self. Your natural reaction. It’s pretty simple, actually. 

It puts you in a good mood, gives you energy and motivation for life, and thus makes you EXCITING to women.

Think about it, when you are in an awesome state of mind, when your self-esteem was skyrocketing, have you ever noticed how women respond to you much better?

It’s NOT NATURAL to start feeling apologetic for being sexually attracted, (especially since women are sexual beings just as much as men) and to start to try to “make up for this sin” with chocolates, flowers, and favors, and ass-kissing. Women want MEN, regardless of what your environment is telling you. They don’t want a guy who feels like he is somehow inferior or is sinning or is guilty.

So, for example, if you see a woman you’d like to talk to, just realize that this whole feeling is natural and does not require approval from anyone. Take the energy from your desire and just ENJOY your little interaction with her. Have FUN.

And a great way to have fun with a new person is to tease them playfully. Once you’ve started the conversation, you can get to know each other a little better and arrange to meet again.

No one said this man-woman stuff had to be HELL. It’s actually supposed to be fun, a prelude to even more fun…

So be your REAL self, and ENJOY yourself.

Now, in order to get back to your NATURAL self, and back to your healthy instincts, you must first DE-BRAINWASH yourself. This requires many steps. All the falsehoods that you have accepted as reality must be proven as actually false. You also need to learn the TRUE NATURE of women. It also helps if you have specific strategies of EXACTLY WHAT TO DO when you see a woman you’d like to speak with, just in case your mind goes blank.

If you would like to accomplish this, and be more successful with women than you thought possible, I seriously suggest you download my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

You could be reading it in MINUTES from now and start using the ideas TONIGHT. In the book, I show you how to meet women anywhere, how to get a woman’s contact info, and how to “get physical”. I also explain how to KEEP the SEXUAL ADRENALINE pumped so that you’ll BOTH keep the SPICE going in the bedroom and everywhere else.
Of course, it all also comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel the ideas are useful, just send me an email and I’ll give you a refund.

I’m THAT convinced you’ll find it very useful.

Download the book at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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