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Rediscover Emotional Control

Author: Michael W

The power of bringing women into your reality has nothing to do with being a cheap pickup artist.

The ONLY reason that “faking it till you make it” is sometimes a good strategy and a good starting place, is because it allows you to finally STEP a bit OUT of the REAL FAKENESS, i.e. the OLD you.

Trust me, about 90 percent of the OLD you is NOT THE REAL YOU. Especially the CRAPPY emotional stuff, it’s NOT YOU.

It’s CRAZY to think that it IS you. Your emotions and mind are the product of MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS, of YEARS OF REFINEMENT.

Do you think it can POSSIBLY suck after so much INSANELY POWERFUL DEVELOPMENT??

The PROBLEM is just that the EMOTIONAL WIRING is SO STRONG, SO POWERFUL, that in today’s times, which have changed from life millions of years ago, you need to know how to PROPERLY TAP AND USE THOSE EMOTIONS.


It’s got a lot of speed, a lot of power, a lot of potential, but you MUST KNOW HOW TO “DRIVE” AND “OPERATE” and MAINTAIN, AND NURTURE THIS SUPER POWERFUL PIECE OF SOPHISTICATED HARDWARE.


So it lays there, SCREAMING OUT IN SILENCE, “USE ME PLEASE, LET ME HELP YOU BE ALL YOU CAN BE!!! LET’S BE A TEAM!’” But it’s speaking in sign language, you can’t HEAR it scream, and it’s covered with your head and stuff, so you don’t SEE it screaming it for your attention.

It’s MORE than a FORMULA ONE, actually. It’s more like an F-16, and yet as guys we are most of us like babies, not knowing the first thing about how to FLY it or CONTROL it.

Most people are like babies when it comes to properly tapping and using their emotional power.

And that’s okay, we are all like that before we learn. The main thing is to LEARN, so that we are NOT babies anymore.

There is a REASON a pick up artist is called an ARTIST.

Most guys out there are NOT pick up artists in the full sense of the word, including the guys who CALL themselves “pick up artists”. It’s become in vogue lately in some circles to call yourself a pick up artist, kind of like how it was in vogue at one time to say you are into “new age” medicine/energy.

Personally, though, I don’t like the TERM “pick up artist”, because it actually has come to mean, in my opinion, creepy insecure guys who need to be validated by getting women as conquests, or by ruining other people’s good times.

And most of these guys tend to go for women who drink, smoke, often take drugs, and are basically LOOKING to get some short term physical stuff, so it’s not exactly an ART to that, it’s more just becoming CONGRUENT to that lifestyle, which is not something you really want to do if you are ABOVE that lifestyle. Still, though, even in those environments, OBVIOUSLY, having SKILL helps a TON, it’s just not that NECESSARY, since the whole culture is based on MANY short term hook ups. Thus, the standard is EASIER.

But when you are truly a master of attraction and creating emotion, you then are an ARTIST, you get to express yourself in effective ways that are totally TRUE to yourself and are also EFFECTIVE.


Get it?

This is not the McDONALDS “mass production cookie cutter formula” of attraction and seduction. Instead, this is the ROLLS ROYCE of attraction.

To make this all work, you have to reach into places internally that DRIVE YOU TO EMOTIONAL HEIGHTS.

And you have to LIVE THAT WAY, to the HILT. You can’t live it half-way, a little afraid of living it. You have TO DIVE IN, TOTALLY.

Otherwise, whatever negative emotion that is holding you back (i.e. FEAR of letting yourself fly OUT of the repressive personality that you have held onto for so long) is actually being EXPRESSED and it SUCKS and RUINS everything and actually REPELS women.

So you have to live it TOTALLY. If you DON’T, you are not REALLY anything except all the negative emotions you are giving off, which are the same emotions that are holding you back from diving in totally.

This is why it’s so important to WATCH YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND WHO YOU HANG OUT WITH, because they will AFFECT your mindset.

When you do this stuff right, you become LARGER THAN LIFE, and nothing else matters. But you have to go the full distance, and you have to mean it.

It’s interesting how the actors who have the most charisma are not necessarily the greatest “actors” in the “official” sense. Yet the truth is the reason they have charisma is because they are NOT acting. Rather, they give off a certain vibe naturally.

Could people imagine anyone else playing Rocky but Sylvester Stallone?

That’s because he is totally congruent to his performance, and even though obviously Rocky is a created character, there are tons of consistencies between the character and the real Stallone. For example, a childhood where he was made fun of because of his name, physical challenges that had to be overcome, including partially paralyzed facial muscles, a father that didn’t believe in him, yet this guy never stopped believing in himself and in the power to rise above it all.

And in real life, he always used his power to help tons of other artists who had the heart, trying to get somewhere, from musicians to struggling actors to boxers to athletes to you name it. In fact, his movies created stars out of tons of unknowns.

So the real guy was not that different from the character. And even if a guy doesn’t know a THING about the real guy, it doesn’t matter, because his performance OOZES the truth about him anyway, in terms of his character. Yeah, you could say it’s all acting, but in this man’s case, it’s obviously more than that.

In many ways, the guy is NOT acting. And of course, in real life, everyone also knows how this guy not only helped to make working out popular, but also motivated tons of people to overcome their own challenges.

So is it any wonder that this guy attracts not only women, but super high QUALITY women? He has created something larger than human, he is an IDEA, an INSPIRATION.

And I could extend this to many other individuals. For example, a certain rock group called Guns’nRoses. These guys, before they broke up, they all LIVED their music, they were COMPLETELY about the music. They were so nuts about living rock and roll, and totally EXPERIENCING the emotional high of women, sex, rock and roll, and unfortunately drugs and alcohol, (which combined with other things, ultimately had tragic consequences for the band) that their IMPACT was beyond belief.

Also, no manager wanted them because they were too wild and nuts, which just goes to prove how making money was not their primary drive. It was about the MUSIC, the EXPRESSION of burning emotions, and it was about the LIFESTYLE they lived.

Nothing FAKE about them. They TOTALLY FELT THE EMOTION and totally EXPRESSED IT, and gave others the joy of what that feels like.

It was not about money first, it was about ROCK, and LIVING IT and not giving a damn about anything else.

Not being AFRAID to LIVE the LIFE of ROCK AND ROLL, no matter what financial risks that took, no matter what anyone else thought.

Talk about congruency and conviction. They dressed their own way, talked their own way, and played their own way, and meant it all completely.

As opposed to the manufactured bands that are all “acting” and never have any “staying” power because people sense after a while that they lack congruency and conviction and this destroys any emotional impact.

What does this have to do with YOUR interactions with women?


And it starts WAY BEFORE you even leave the house to talk to any woman.

Everyone is so focused on “this tactic and that tactic” and are ignoring the foundation.

Hey, if you want the McDonalds of pick up, go right ahead and follow that style. And you’ll end up with the McDonalds of chicks.

If you want the highest quality women, then you have to become something better than you were before, you have to actualize your full EMI – your Emotional Impact Potential.

There’s TONS more on this I want to discuss, but there’s also something ELSE I want to get to, which is a certain power that WOMEN have but is not LIMITED to women. We only THINK it is limited to women.

What am I talking about?
I’m talking about BEING SEDUCTIVE.
I’m talking about using CHARM.
I’m talking about the idea of USING your power in the most EFFECTIVE ways, that women have known since time immemorial, and that men have largely ignored.

You see, it’s not something UNIQUELY feminine to be seductive, we just THINK it is. And this HARMS us as men.

In general, men slobber after women like idiots, and GIVE AWAY all the power and sexual tension over to women.

Why do we do this?
We do this because a million years ago, we could probably afford to. See woman, grab her by hair and take her to cave.

Doesn’t work that way exactly anymore.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:
The whole idea of a strip-tease is something that in general we equate with women.

But I like to think of the strip-tease as actually a good symbol for how women behave with men IN GENERAL, not just stripping.

They don’t just “give it away”.
They give you a hint of interest.
Then they act coy.
They show you only little by little, physically and metaphorically.
They reveal only what they want to, when they want to. They are in control.

The reason why male strippers are not nearly as effective on women is because women already KNOW they can get men to do that AS FAST AS THEY WANT, because most men are ridiculously EASY. This is why male strippers for women are usually catering to unattractive women or girls on their 18-21 birthday type thing. It’s a JOKE to women, it’s a PARTY thing. But for many guys, it’s a regular serious part of their life, because FOR REAL it’s so HARD to get women to do ANYTHING for them. The stripper is not a joke, it’s not just a party thing.

The difference is so huge, it’s crazy. And trust me, it has NOTHING to do with what is “natural”. This is not any more natural than it is for men to successfully kill themselves more often than women do after a breakup.


Yet that too is the SOURCE OF THE CURE.

You have to learn how to effectively use YOUR POWER AS A MAN.

Now, the thing is, you don’t want to copy women exactly, or you can come off as gay. The idea is to USE YOUR MASCULINE POWER with insight, wisdom, and TIMING.

Think of a snake ;)
Seriously, you slowly slither your way to a woman, not actively giving her any power at all, only showing her brief GLIMPSES of your intriguing and compelling personality, you don’t GIVE it all away to her, you don’t give her much at all, in fact. And then, then, when the moment is right, you POUNCE, you TAKE HOLD OF HER METAPHORICALLY, and YOU lead that woman all the way HOME, metaphorically AND physically.

THIS is a glimpse into the MASCULINE power that women find exhilarating, thrilling, and overwhelmingly sexy.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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