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Author: Michael W

I've just come back from a night out approaching women on the street, in stores, clubs, and bars, with a buddy of mine who is an excellent wing. I wanted to write this newsletter while everything was fresh in my mind. Everything I write is based on real experience, no mumbo jumbo b.s., so that you can apply the lessons for RESULTS IN THE REAL WORLD.

As many of you know, my main principle is to be THE MAN at ALL TIMES. I use that term a lot because in my opinion it captures SO MUCH of the ESSENCE of what it takes to succeed with women. I'll give you an example, and normally I avoid mentioning my own experiences but I think it's important to "keep it real" and give you real examples.

As my buddy and I were downtown on the sidewalk, I happened to notice this cute blonde girl (not that I prefer blondes necessarily at all, it just happened that way) in a variety store and told my friend I think I'll check it out.

No spending ten years considering it.

Ever do that?
Stop and spend ten years deciding WHAT to do, or IF you are going to do something?

I go in, there is a huge lineup, several girls actually blocking the way to her, as I bump past the other girls and maneuver around them, I joke "thanks for the dance" to each one (which is a great comment that I got from another student of mine who uses this whenever this situation happens) and find my blonde girl searching out the drink refrigerator. I open her by telling her my true story about how I was going to buy my five-year-old niece a Wonder Woman Barbie doll, but that the outfit with the red bitch boots and metal bra and S&M lasso and Wonder Woman's thong doesn't seem to be a good thing for a 5 year old unless I want her to be Britney Spears by age 6. But of course, maybe I don't know a thing since I am not a woman, and so maybe she can enlighten me.

She is laughing her head off now, and at this point I tease her for drinking junk cola and also for being on crack since she is so slim and eats junk. She starts to tell me that she DOES eat, and that she is SO hungry. I tease her more for her choice of candy bar, I slap her hand and take the candy bar out of her hand PLAYFULLY.

She laughs and tells me she will find something at least decently healthy. I tell her I don't trust her and she shows me this kind of fig candy junk and I bust on her for it. I tell her she must really be a crack addict and as she searches for money to pay for it, I tell the guy at the cashier that she's homeless and sings for a living but not very well obviously by the lack of money situation.

Now, at this point my buddy and I are genuinely looking for directions to a place, and we are already both proven as cool guys now, so we ask genuinely if she knows where this tavern is that we are looking for. She walks us part the way to it, all the while asking us questions like our names, what do we do, etc. We have fun with it, eventually sharing some info. Like for example I am a porn star, but my buddy is my ass double because I don't like showing my real butt on camera - otherwise I will only be known for my butt, and not my acting talent, and that I don't want to be treated like a piece of meat, even if I am a porn star.

As my buddy said later to me "that was CHOICE". Damn, I love that word "CHOICE".

Pretty soon, we are chatting like two people who have known each other a long time, and it gets to the point that she has to leave to where she is going- some concert. I tease her that it's probably not a concert, just a crack meeting, and I tell her it was fun meeting her and to share her email and number. I already know I might get resistance. She pauses and thinks about it. I can feel that it's almost as if she has had TOO much fun, and the whole thing is seeming surreal to her. She gives a few baloney excuses and tests, even joking that she is married, which I know for a fact she isn't, from experience with this stuff. (I explain how to detect this stuff in my seminar.)

Most guys might eject here. But you can't. It's not the way of THE MAN.

I can't follow her to the concert, or it's becoming a bit too needy.

I tell her to come with us to the tavern. She says she's late to the concert, so I play with her that we would never get along since she would be late all the time and then we would fight and have to makeup all the time. ( my buddy later reminded me that it would have been REALLY good to have told her about the makeup sex, but alas, live and learn.)

I ask her what kind of music the concert is, she tells me it's rock, which I actually like, so I tell her to get us into the concert for free, and she says she'll try. We all walk down and she tries damn hard to get us in for free, negotiating with the people at the front. Not bad, this girl is earning my respect now.

Anyway, in the end, they won't let us in for free and my friend and I aren't about to pay for some music that we didn't think was really that great, plus it was deafening and we figured we had more venues to hit. Even if a chick is involved. I tell her I have to go, it was fun, I get her contact info, she writes it down, and I kiss her goodbye.

A few years ago, I could not believe that this was even possible all in about 30 minutes.

Yet for my buddy and I, this was just the WARMUP for that night.

We went on to hit several clubs, bars, taverns, and several street approaches, even working on interactions with girls while IN LINE.

At one point, one woman was literally spanking me in front of several police officers watching the place, in a PLAYFUL way, and the cops of course didn't care less. I joked that I was going to put her under arrest, and then I spanked her butt back. This happened within about 5 minutes of meeting her. This started a spanking contest. And during those five minutes, she called me so many nasty names and kept jabbing me and touching me --which I know are actually her CODEWORDS for "KEEP DOING IT to me GUY!!!!!!"

(Note: You have to know the limits of how far to push this stuff, but this is something that requires calibrations skills, similar to how an operator of a robot arm has to make sure to use enough pressure to lift something, but not too much to CRUSH it.)

The ONLY reason I am bringing these details up is because I want to SHOW EVERY GOOD GUY ON EARTH HOW TO GENERATE POWERFUL ATTRACTION INSTANTLY with women.

I want every good guy to KNOW that I am not just writing articles from the comfort of my word processor. I APPLY this stuff in the REAL WORLD and YOU can too.

There REALLY IS a way to succeed, and you CAN learn it, with practice. I seriously WISH someone had shared ALL THE TRUTH with me so that I didn't have to learn it all the hard way.

For example, did you know that if you are chatting up a girl on the street and she suddenly asks you "where are you guys heading?" and it's already pretty late at night, that you should take this is a MASSIVE sign of her INTEREST IN you?????

That you should just TAKE HER AND HER FRIENDS IMMEDIATELY somewhere?????

It has to do with the fact that women are more subtle in their hints because of the way society conditions them, and also because of the fact it was late at night and they probably weren't satisfied with the experience they were having so far and wanted to end it with at least meeting some really cool dudes.

Sometimes, when I think about how EASY it is once you KNOW what is going on, it makes me SHUDDER at the way I was fooled in the past in either my past interactions or relationships with women.

I mean, if girls can really be THIS EASY if you JUST KNOW WHAT IT TAKES, then how seriously can you believe all that hogwash that women told you in the past about "not being ready", about "looking for a serious relationship" but just not with YOU, or worse, with you but as mostly "the FRIEND" while she was going hog WILD with some other guy who you thought didn't make SENSE for her to want to be with? (By the way, applying what I teach you will make you TEN TIMES cooler than that "other guy" could ever PRAY to be.)

In my HONEST opinion, this is the TRUTH regarding the OVERALL picture. I'm not focusing here on the EXCEPTIONS to the rule.

You see, I used to be a really "good guy" (not that I am a jerk now, just not an "equality" or nice guy), who always wanted serious relationships and thought women did too.

I didn't know that when many women tell you that they want a serious relationship, they are actually just telling you what they feel obligated to say, and are hoping you don't actually BELIEVE them. Also, that they are basically testing you to see if you are a guy who believes their b.s. And also, that if you DO believe their b.s. and you DO take them seriously too fast, and get into a relationship too fast, you are almost GUARANTEED to get SERIOUSLY ABUSED and LIED to.

And ALSO, that you are MORE likely to get a REAL relationship by NOT focusing on getting one with a woman.

And that when a woman REALLY wants a relationship, she will BEG you for one. It will have nothing to do with YOU wanting one.

If you met me in real life, you would see that I don't carry a chip on my shoulder against women, that I'm a pretty upbeat type of guy- HOWEVER . I will NEVER, EVER, EVER SUGAR-COAT the truth just to make guys happy with illusions in the short term but miserable when they are taken by surprise when they are abused or find out that they were lied to.

If I didn't understand how to attract a woman, and if I was just saying this, then someone can say "Ahh, he's just talking that way because he can't get women".

But you really can't use that argument on a guy who picks up several women A DAY.

On the contrary, I talk that way because I CAN and because I KNOW THE TRUTH.

And again, I say this NOT to try to win any awards, and NOT because I am bitter, in fact it's ESSENTIAL that you are NOT a bitter guy and a guy who enjoys life and enjoys women to be successful with women. I mention the above to let you know that in my opinion I am giving you a real and not "pessimistic" view of the situation.

Not everybody wants to hear the truth. But those that do will be protecting themselves from abuse, and will become INSIDERS to the secrets that most men will NEVER know about women.

And THAT way, you have a choice to meet women for fun, and if you want a SERIOUS relationship, you will not get suckered by a woman who PRETENDS to want one.

Again, I want to repeat that success with women is NOT about being a bitter angry guy. It's impossible to fully explain in one article, but if I had to describe it briefly, it's a combo of being SUPERIOR and DOMINANT, mixed with playful and relaxed. You must constantly be LEADING the show, allowing for intervals of her participation, while you carefully direct events to your desire.

And hey, not all truths are hard to swallow. Like for example, the fact that you can easily attract INCREDIBLE women, and actually, the MOST GORGEOUS women are often EASIER to get along with than the "moderately" gorgeous ones, because moderately gorgeous women have issues often, in the sense that they wish they were "10's", and will act extra snobby AS IF they were "10's" in an effort to convince THEMSELVES they are the greatest. Interesting, huh?

And if you haven't yet downloaded my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women, then do that immediately. This book lays the roadmap that you need for taking things all the way from how to meet women to getting physical and relationships. This book is where it all begins, your foundation to your incredible future with women.

Download it now at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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