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The Secret That Women Take To Their Graves

Author: Michael W

There is something that MANY women are absolutely TERRIFIED of you finding out and telling the world. So terrified in fact, that if you ever decide to publicly tell the world, they will DENY its truth till the end of time.

The REASON they are so terrified of the general male population finding out this secret, is that many women are BENEFITING to a degree beyond your wildest imagination from men’s IGNORANCE about this secret.


What is this secret?

The secret is that TONS (it’s more than you think) of women, even women who are only half-decently attractive, are actually living the following life:

1. They have a man who is their “boyfriend”/husband.
This man satisfies their need for love and bonding. He also often provides gifts, food, and money.

2. They SIMULTANEOUSLY have OTHER men who they fool around with.

They do this because THEY KNOW, THEY DAMN WELL KNOW THAT PRACTICALLY NO MEN ON EARTH SUSPECT THE TRUTH that they are doing this, which thereby enables them to easily get AWAY with it.

3. The boyfriend is kept in the dark.
It’s easy to keep him in the dark since he cannot believe that she could be capable of being so

Now, is EVERY SINGLE WOMAN like this?

And if you ever happen to meet a woman who isn’t, she is a true woman of valor. (And before you are sure you are NOT with a woman like this, make sure you spend some real time with her, like we’re talking at least several months or years, not days or weeks. Most women are natural actresses, better than any male Oscar winners in Hollywood.)

But let me tell you something:
FAR, FAR, FAR more women than you think, are EXACTLY like the way I described.

Yes, FAR more.

Look, there are even special online dating services today that do nothing but specialize in helping WOMEN who are attached who want affairs only. So yes, absolutely, I am NOT exaggerating.

I’m not trying to cause a planetary panic, just trying to save good men from being suckered and also show the way to succeed with women. But how about the fact that you always hear women crying about some guy who was their boyfriend and cheated on her and how she wished she could just find a nice loyal guy? Sniff, sniff, boo hoo, sob sob…

And how about how you hear all women complaining about how “BAD” all men are?

For the MOST PART, it’s B.S. An act.

Yes, because it boils down to 2 things:
Women are attracted only to the men who are a “challenge”- often, the biggest challenge to a woman is when she meets a man who is NOT interested in her, and who often dumps her.

There are PLENTY of nice guys who these women could easily have, they just don’t want them. Second of all, the sob stories women tell you are mostly just a way to get the IGNORANT MEN,
which is most men, to feel all SORRY for the “virtuous woman” and to make HIM exclusive to HER, but not to make HER exclusive to HIM.

And if you think for one second that I am exaggerating, I urge you to think again.

Women have NO PROBLEM at all producing an OCEAN of tears, a BOTTOMLESS PIT of sob stories and rough childhoods, an ENDLESS CHASM of DRAMA….just to get you to KISS HER BUTT. And while a guy who kisses her butt may be useful to a woman for many things, women are just not ATTRACTED to such men.

And let me tell you something else:
As soon as you kiss her ass, she will JUMP on the opportunity to squeeze you for whatever you are “good for”.

So let’s say you’re RICH. Well then, she’ll tell you about all she NEEDS. And it will just happen to be ALL OF YOUR MONEY. (so no matter how much or how little you have, she’ll need at least all of it)

Let’s say you have PATIENCE and a GOOD HEART. Well then, in that case, she’ll just happen to need ALL YOUR TIME, and all your emotional energy and all your sympathy. Nothing less than all of it.

Why does all this happen?
Let me tell you a bit about a guy named Abraham Maslow.

He spoke about something called the “hierarchy of needs”. What that means is that as human beings, are needs work like a pyramid. At the bottom, are the foundation needs- food and shelter. Without these needs being fulfilled, we cannot even ACTIVATE the desire for any other needs.

But, once the need for food and shelter has been SATISFIED, we then AUTOMATICALLY activate the NEXT higher level need, such as sex. And once THAT need is fulfilled, we then automatically trigger the desire for the next higher need, such as social contact, prestige, etc. Well, when it comes to most attractive women, they already HAVE so many needs fulfilled, that they are SPOILED and so demand MORE.

So for example, they already have TONS of men who are total fools who stand around with their mouth open staring at them willing to worship the ground these women walk on. These women have tons of foolish guys willing to be in relationships with them, even though these women treat the guys like crap.

And the guy just goes on keeps on loving them.

So as these women’s’ need for validation and love gets fulfilled by these foolish men who are willing to love a woman who mistreats them, the women start to feel the need for more adventure. They no longer are worried about things like love. They start to take it totally for granted since there are a thousand fools on every block willing to love her. (These men have no idea what’s really going on.)

So, these women look for more stimulation and “fun”. Like cheating with other men, and just going to bars and clubs and just doing lots of frivolous things to keep their spoiled selves busy. Now, if suddenly finding a good guy became damn hard, believe me, women would be going NUTS trying to find a man who is faithful, etc, and would not even be THINKING about how to cheat, etc, since that need could not even be activated in those circumstances.

But thanks to all the men who are out there kissing butt, that’s not the case.

Now, don’t get me wrong.
These women are often very “intelligent” otherwise. They have real jobs, real education etc. As a matter of fact, more women are in college and universities than men. But if you were to compare the AVERAGE guy’s experience with college life and the AVERAGE girl’s, you’d quickly see
why college might be a more pleasant experience for women than for men.

And that’s the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century.

Most guys in college can barely get a date. Most women in college can’t keep up with all the offers. Does anybody in their right mind think that this has no effect on morale, motivation, stress, and persistence?

Most women grow up with TOO MUCH attention from men, plain and simple.

So most women, while they are young and attractive, cannot appreciate things like a man’s faithfulness. First of all, women are not interested in settling down so fast, they have too much “fun” offers that they can’t turn down. And second, since there are so MANY men willing to be faithful and who would never suspect that their girlfriend is cheating on them, many women take advantage of this and get to thus have their cake and eat it too.

Why are men so ignorant of all this?

That’s because culture and also the women’s movement (which did accomplish some worthy goals) did one heck of a job making men feel like evil demons. As if all men were womanizing cheaters. As if men were just a bunch of brutes who only used their superior muscle and strength to hurt women and not to help women.

As if women were these meek, helpless creatures with superior morals and values who didn’t even POSSESS selfish traits.

The effect of all this has been that MEN today have been turned into ABSOLUTE PATHETICALLY EASY TARGETS FOR WOMEN TO USE FOR SHOOTING PRACTICE. Men feel guilty about being MEN. They feel because of their size and strength, they must kiss up to women and be extra careful not to accidentally hurt their feelings.

Meanwhile, most women have ZERO psychological issues with SHOOTING DOWN MEN at clubs etc, especially when these guys are nice. And laughing and making fun of him while the girls adjust their make up in the bar/club bathroom.

I observe this stuff at bars all the time. Sometimes when I see it happen, I just want to SHOUT OUT LOUD to all the guys, “STOP KISSING UP TO ALL THESE WOMEN! If not for yourself, then do it for the sake of all mankind!”

Listen, when was the last time you heard about a woman committing suicide over a guy? Right, never.

But plenty of men have killed themselves over a woman. Makes you wonder about all those horror stories of how “bad” men supposedly are. Sometimes I get fed up with movies where the guy dies to save some woman he barely knows. It’s supposed to be all romantic and heroic.

I just say “why is he so stupid?” How does all this relate to success with women? Plenty.

When you are out meeting women, remember that attractive women don’t want to hear about about love and relationships BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE A SURPLUS OF THAT STUFF!

I don’t recommend guys “look” for relationships. Instead, have fun and meet TONS of women, and if you’re lucky, you might meet a woman who, after you’ve gotten to know her for a long time, truly seems to be genuinely interested in YOU. Not your money, not your ability to listen to her for infinity as she tells you nothing but all her problems, etc. And because it might take a long time to find that special woman, you’ll need to learn how to deal with the majority of women today.

And how do you deal with those women?
You don’t try to pick up a woman by getting into boring and serious conversations. You don’t get into that “evil” thing called logic or thinking about the future.

Instead, you focus on what is INSTANTLY PLEASURABLE. And what is instantly pleasurable is SEX.

But unfortunately, you can’t be as direct as that, because it’s important to these women that they feel they’ve FOOLED you into thinking that they are NOT as superficial as they are. So instead of just saying “let’s have wild sex” you FLIRT and convey that you are sexual INDIRECTLY.

And one of the best ways of flirting is TEASING. Busting on her. Being cocky. Playing with her. Giving her a hard time in a fun way. Being playful.

Notice a pattern there?
The pattern is that YOU are having FUN. You are not HER clown, to be abused by her. Rather, YOU are showing that YOU want to have FUN.

This says that you ARE fun, that you are looking to have MORE FUN, that you are CONFIDENT and will lead the way (so she doesn’t have to feel guilty), and it also says that you are NOT serious and NOT going to be another relationship that she is NOT looking for.

Because to be honest with you, she sure ain’t desperate to have a relationship, she probably already has more relationship offers than she can handle, and she really can’t see why everyone wants these relationships anyway, after all they are so boring and easy when you have guys kissing your butt all day! Fooling around is easy and immediate fun.

Hey, I didn’t make this society. I’m just pointing out the reality. Guys, you could be living like Hugh Hefner. As a matter of fact, that’s actually the EASIER option. It’s EASIER to have TONS OF WOMEN wanting to just have sex with you than it is to find one good woman for a relationship.

Sounds impossible? It isn’t.

If you’re sick and tired of being treated like crap by women, and if you want to be able to meet TONS of women and have more wild times than you DREAMED POSSIBLE, I recommend you download and read my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women. Inside my book, I show exactly how YOU can now enjoy the secret world that WOMEN have been hiding from you at all costs. This book is not just another eBook with half-baked ideas.

It’s jam-packed with concepts that have been PROVEN IN THE REAL WORLD to create attraction. It shows EXACTLY how to use these ideas to successfully approach women and smoothly transition to getting physical. You could be reading it in MINUTES from now and start using the ideas TONIGHT.

It's at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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