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Special Women

Author: Michael W

A lot of guys, I would venture to say that actually MOST guys, would really like to find one amazing woman that they could actually develop something "special" with. Now, this is kind of a "taboo" topic in the "picking up girls" field, because supposedly all a man is supposed to want is to be "banging" new chicks every night.

The reality, however, is that although men are naturally polygamous, most of us at one point or another want to enjoy a feeling of connection with a cool woman beyond just the one night stand. In other words, most guys would like to meet a woman who has it all- really attractive, fun to be with, has her act together and who has some important values in common with you.

The problem for most guys, though, is that they really don't understand that no matter how "special" a woman may SEEM to be, it's almost COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to how she will treat YOU.

What do I mean by this?

What I mean is that if you want a woman to treat you well, you might think you should look for a woman who seems to be kind, caring, charitable, etc. In other words, a good person.

You figure since she is an overall good person, she'll probably be good to YOU as well.

You might think that you can count on her to be as nice to you as she is to everyone else, right? You might think that you can be "nice" to her, and she will reciprocate by being "nice" to YOU, RIGHT?


You see, I can't blame you for the way you think, since it appears to be logical.

But guess what?

Logic is a HORRIBLE thing to apply with women. The reason logic is so horrible is because our BRAINS and our SENSE OF SEXUAL CHEMISTRY is NOT based on our current environment- instead, they are still rooted in the environment of one million years ago! Our INSTINCTS, our emotions, have NOT caught up with the times. One million years ago, it all made sense. In THOSE days, no one would ever DREAM to think that a man being "nice" and desirable would somehow mean buying presents, kissing a woman's ass, and tolerating any b.s.

In those days, a man was considered "nice" if he was a BRUTAL DEFENDER of the family, a ruthless hunter, reserved in his emotions and cool and calm for the demands of survival in the wild. THAT'S what women felt was "nice" and desirable from a man.

You see, TODAY, logically, those traits don't SEEM "nice", they actually seem PRIMITIVE. But in many ways, our emotions ARE primitive, and that includes women's emotions. You see, when a woman is kind to others, i.e. let's say she cares a lot about the homeless, it is easy for you to fall into the trap of thinking that she will be nice to you as well, and have sympathy for you as well, and therefore want to give you her sexual desire.

But when a woman is being a "nice" person, it has NOTHING to do with what she finds SEXY in a man. She does NOT find the same behaviors of "niceness" to be SEXY when they are exhibited by a man. For example, when a woman is helping someone less fortunate, let's say a beggar, by giving him some money, it is her SYMPATHY. She feels NOTHING sexual for him, most likely she feels he is repulsive in a sexual sense.

Now, I'm NOT saying to become a selfish mean person who she could never appreciate on a "nice" level, I’m not suggesting you become a royal prick or cruel person, but I AM saying do NOT emphasize any "NICE" characteristics when you are with a WOMAN. Most men make the terrible mistake of trying to appeal to a woman's sense of being "good", a woman's sense of being "nice" by doing NICE things for a woman, hoping to get reciprocation from her.

But the truth is, you should NOT be appealing to this side of her, since it runs COMPLETELY COUNTER to her sense of SEXUAL DESIRE for a man. By trying to "woo" her with being "nice", you are, on a sexual level, telling her that you have NO MASCULINE TRAITS, that you are instead are trying to "beg" her for her companionship by doing favors.

A woman wants a man who seems like a MAN- and in her brain, a man is THE HUNTER, THE EMOTIONALLY COOL, THE CONFIDENT DEFENDER, THE BRAVE.

"Nice" is really not part of it. And actually, "nice" in the sense of begging for approval from anyone, including from her, and constantly trying to win her affection, or being "clingy", actually seems to her more like you are NOT truly NICE, just truly PATHETIC.

And NOT a MAN.

I don't just mean this in a cliche sense, I actually mean it literally- it's like she cannot DETECT that you are a man if you behave too "nice".

Ever see those sci-fi or supernatural movies where the characters have "cloaking" mechanisms to become invisible? Well, when you DON'T convey your MASCULINE traits, it's like you are "cloaking" the fact that you are a MAN. Her EYES may tell her you are a man, but her GUT, her HEART, her VISCERAL SEXUAL DESIRE, tells her you are NOT. And her EMOTIONS, particularly her SEXUAL DESIRE, are the only things that really count when it comes to success with women.

So what does this all mean regarding meeting a SPECIAL woman?

What it means is that, YES, go right ahead and date A LOT. You SHOULD find a "special" woman, a woman that you can respect, who has virtuous qualities, etc. but: DON'T FOR ONE SECOND RELY ON HER "SPECIAL-NESS" in order for her to treat you well. Instead, you must be RUTHLESS about CONSTANTLY behaving as a NATURAL man behaves.

That's right, underneath all those effeminate learned behaviors that you grew up with that told you to kiss up to women, is the MAN that really feels that's all BOGUS...

He feels like TAKING CHARGE, like MAKING DECISIONS, like NOT TOLERATING b.s.,...and he also feels like LOVING a woman. Yes, I said LOVING a woman. Because LOVING a woman is NOT the same as KISSING a woman's butt or asking for her approval.

Normally, your natural self would NEVER worry about the trivial displays of drama that women create to test you. (Like when women complain for no good reason about everything from A-Z.) Your natural masculine self would just SHUT HER TESTS down as easily as you would blow out the light on a single birthday candle.

And guess what? Women deep down are HOPING that you really WILL take control and not actually CATER to her dramatics- they want you to CALMLY lay down the law. Women want to know that you cannot be manipulated into ANYTHING by ANYONE, including HER. It makes her feel like you are a MAN. Let me tell you something: Before I dated a ton of girls, I would've told anyone who told me this that they were off their rocker.

So if you don't believe me, that's fine. But next time you find yourself running into a problem with a woman when you are giving her everything you can to please her....think about this again. I really am here to help, because I went through hell and want to spare others the agony. There are easier ways to make money, but I am driven by an almost obsessive desire to teach others what I learned the hard way.

So, the bottom line is, if you want to meet someone "special", then there are two things you must do:
First, date a LOT. And be very selective not only for looks, but for character. If you are looking for a long term relationship, find out if she would be a good match- does she have close friends who are party animals and hit the clubs every night? That wouldn't be a good influence for a long term
Does she have a temper problem?
Is she responsible with money?
Does she show you respect?
And on and on...

But here is the SECOND PART:

If you want to KEEP her "special", you must STAY IN COMPLETE CONTROL. If she starts to complain without good reason, if she starts to act up, if she does ANYTHING that doesn’t feel right....chances are she is TESTING to see if you are STILL a man. She wants to see if you are STILL as masculine as when she MET you.

Remember, with women, it's not so much your BODY that tells her you are a's your MASCULINE DOMINANT BEHAVIOR.
You must BLOW APART all her attempts to control you- and all her complaints and misbehaviors are attempts at controlling you. These misbehaviors and attempts at control by her are nothing more and nothing less than her TESTING your masculinity.

If you always immediately SHOW her you are A MAN, and she will go back to treating you WELL. Allow me to add, that you must BLOW APART these tests from women with TOTAL CALM on your part. Part of testing testing you to see if you LOSE YOUR MASCULINE COOL.


Right there is one of the greatest secrets to relationship success. Yelling and screaming conveys LOSS of control. (Okay, once in a while, it happens to the best of us, but keep it to the bare minimum)
And THAT is how you will KEEP her "special".

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Till next time,

Michael W

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