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Superior And Genuine

Author: Michael W

While a lot of guys out there like to make you think that you have to be this hyper macho dude who never is “good” to a woman, and who like to brainwash you into thinking that the only solution is to “one night stand” women and dump them or face being emotionally hurt, the truth is that there actually IS a WAY to attract women and work toward successful, rewarding relationships.

Success in attracting any woman, long term, boils down to conveying that you are both superior AND genuine.

But HOW you go about doing this is what makes all the difference between success and failure.

The problem is that “nice guys” focus only on being genuine: They focus on how they will be there, how they will care, how they really love her, how awesome she is, etc.

Well, let me ask you a question:
If a woman who you had NO interest in kept demonstrating to you how nice and genuine she was, how much difference would that make to you, in terms of attraction? Honestly, how much?

It would make almost NO difference. It would NOT make you attracted to her. In fact, it might make you even more weary of her. You see, being genuine only becomes important AFTER the attraction is already there.

Because you have to WANT something first before you can be concerned about it being something RELIABLE.

Now, let’s say there is a woman who you find absolutely stunning. Think of a SPECIFIC WOMAN, right now. Okay, now, imagine SHE started to show you how GENUINE she was. Imagine her doing things like writing you a love letter or baking you cookies, etc.

THEN you would REALLY appreciate it, right?
It would make her even BETTER.

But what if you found out that she was NOT interested in you, if you found out she was only playing games, you might not only not feel attraction, but actually you may very well feel REPULSED.

You might feel what they call an AVERSION. A feeling of staying away from that which is DAMAGING.

In the real world, when I approach a woman who catches my attention, I open her up focused on 100 percent ATTRACTION, conveying every cool quality I possibly can.

THIS is where things like being confident, cocky, having a laid back demeanor, confident resonant voice, not being too serious, being dressed right, laid back body language, and so much more, all come into play. These are all signs of SUPERIOR VALUE.

Ever wonder why confidence works?
It’s because, on an evolutionary level, you are conveying that you have SURVIVAL VALUE.


Now, remember that survival is about more than just surviving the elements.

It’s about attracting the other gender as well.

And therefore, every facet of our brains, our creativity, our wit, are sexy as well. And that’s why when you can display these traits, you are triggering attraction in a woman.

Ever wonder what makes a famous rock star so sexy to women?

He’s conveying:
Musical skill.
His fame is proof that others ALSO agree he has worth.
The lyrics themselves are conveying language skill.
The lyrics are often sexual, and often, in the case of hard rock, confident.

Notice that none of the above mentioned looks. Of course looks are just one more factor, if a guy happens to have them, but they are just ONE factor out of many.

In fact, it’s very possible to FREAK out a woman by conveying EVERY attractive element, unless a woman is very very very confident.

That’s part of the reason you see women screaming and fainting at rock stars, although these days it’s happening less because of the mass production and predictability going on in the music biz. The forces of attraction are so strong when applied, that unless you ALSO make a woman feel that you are GENUINE, she will feel like you are just a “player” who wants to use her.

Now, I know a lot of guys will doubt me on this. They can’t believe that there can be a problem such as a woman feeling TOO MUCH attraction to the degree she shuts down and heads for the hills.

But the truth is, for all the good guys out there who want to treat women well, it’s GOOD to treat a woman well, but only AFTER you have CLEARLY COME ACROSS AS TOTALLY SEXY.

And THAT is the key to REAL romance. To REAL long term passion.

The never-ending balancing between conveying genetic SUPERIORITY which includes things like wit and creativity on one hand, and all those OTHER things like loyalty, trust, affection, romance, genuineness, etc, on the OTHER hand.

Jerks can sometimes get the girl for the night, but lose her in the future, when she feels like she is not being loved. And of course, nice guys come across as lacking something, and can’t get the girl in the first place.

Hence, the answer to what women REALLY want. They want a guy who conveys as many superior traits as possible, and who will ALSO be genuine.

I believe EVERYONE not only has the ability to hone confidence, which is crucial for the pickup, but I also believe that everyone has talents that can be developed, and that are sexy. Your MIND is the key to success here. Not only can your mind improve the look of your body, with things like exercise, but also your mind is the key to all the other abilities. So if you are not a magician or singer, that’s PERFECTLY OKAY, because you don’t have to be SOMEONE ELSE.

However, you DO have to be the best that YOU can be.

I REFUSE to believe that there is a SINGLE person who has ZERO excellence potential in them. There is no way his genes could have made it to this point in time if he truly had no potential.

This is the reason humans have developed into this wacky and wonderful and sometimes horrifying creatures, their abilities are so powerful they are able to do anything, both good and evil.

You have to learn to develop yourself, and use your mind to not only ATTRACT a woman, but also use that MIND to convey your “GENUINE-NESS” and all those other “romantic” things as well. Remember though, that you can’t have romance without ALSO having superiority.

That’s why women’s heroes were KNIGHTS in shining armor, not WUSSES in shining armor.

Remember, your MIND is evolution’s tool for attracting women. The truth is that women DO love romance. You think movies like Titanic become the greatest blockbuster of all time for nothing??????

Just remember, that in that movie, Jack Dawson is not just in love with Rose, but he is also THE MAN in his sense of courage, wit, humor, and creativity.

It’s really crazy sometimes when I think how as men we learned all the wrong lessons from Hollywood, when in fact if we just observed the WHOLE story, we would have seen that THE MAN was very much alive in those creations.

Rose loves Jack because Jack is definitely conveying tons of superior traits, but also is fantastic at conveying his feelings for her through his paintings, his affection, his conviction.

By the way, if you remember the first scene in that movie, where Rose is about to kill herself by jumping off, Jack teases Rose when she says that he is crazy- he tells her something like: "With all due respect maam, you're the one about to jump off".

Think about what this implies. The guy is confident enough to turn around her negative comment in a way that is solid, yet his comment is not MEAN and not bitter, it is the sign of ultimate confidence. To a hot woman, a guys who just get bitter and angry at her is a guy who is upset for not getting any, which only makes her feel more like a hot commodity. So Jack doesn't get pissed, he just controls her in a superior smooth and even funny way.

And this is just ONE aspect of conveying superiority.

I could go on and on about his body language and tonality and expressions.

Believe me, although it was just a movie, in real life, a Jack Dawson would attract women just as easily, even if he didn’t have his movie star face. Oh yeah, one more thing- I guarantee you that the instant that guy’s face became famous, suddenly a lot more women thought he was great- pure SOCIAL FORCES affecting human PERCEPTION.

I used to get low self-esteem sometimes based on trying to compare myself to other people who were more successful with women than I was. I remember in high school reading in girl’s yearbooks how one girl would sign the other girl’s book saying how she hopes she gets her dream tv star/model guy, etc etc…

I would think to myself, damnit, how can I compete with these guys???

Well not only was that a ridiculous fear since these girls only felt that way because they hadn't met any guy with any "skills", but more importantly, those movie star guys’ power of attraction WEIGHS OUNCES next to the INFINITE WEIGHT and INFINITE POWER of what your mind can create to trigger attraction. Otherwise, the guys who are movie stars wouldn't suffer breakups like everyone else!!!

See, they aren't these demigods of attraction like everyone thinks. It takes skill, looks and fame is not enough, especially long term. Remember, your whole brain evolved mostly to attract women!!!!! So stop driving yourself nuts on external things when in fact the thing you should be MOST focused on is using your brain to develop yourself, in every way from emotionally to creatively, to attract women.

It’s been proven that most humans use only a tiny fraction of their brain’s capacity, in fact even the folks who are using it more than the rest are still using it very LITTLE.

You CAN attract and KEEP the women you want. I do recommend however that you think about what you want, because attracting the wrong woman, such as a dishonest woman, is not the way of THE MAN. Why on earth would THE MAN want to have a dishonest woman attracted to him?

What you MUST understand at the same time is that developing your emotions and your mind to the level required for this powerful level of attraction takes WORK and there are NO “SHORTCUTS”.

To be honest with you, you WILL notice results right away, however at the same time, I highly recommend that you don’t just take the first results you get and then bail out of your learning process, because the level of self-growth is so phenomenal when you just stick to it long term. The less work you put into practice, the less lasting the results will be. You see, this is not about focusing on changing women, it’s very much about focusing on rebuilding YOURSELF into the kind of guy that women cannot HELP but feel attracted and connected to.

The kind of attraction I am referring to is so powerful it's simply NATURE in action.

And if you would like a head start on this process, I have put together a special eBook on how to get your mind in the right gear, which is CRITICAL for success with women and for your development as a person.

Inside, I have also explained crucial things about how the mind works so that you can use this in your FAVOR. At the same time, this book also explains how to approach women and not trigger their socially programmed defenses that say “I don’t talk to guys”. You will learn how to approach women and attract them, and there is even a special section on relationships with info that I believe is not in any eBook out there today.
Download it now at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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