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Triumph Against Your Built-in Emotional Glitch

Author: Michael W

When it comes to success with women, there are many factors that count, including gaining the right knowledge and insights from things such as how to smoothly escalate an interaction from meeting, to triggering attraction, to establishing rapport, to kissing, to getting physical, to s-e-x, etc.
BUT what is even MORE important than gaining KNOWLEDGE about women and attraction, is getting RID of any EMOTIONAL “GLITCHES” that have been created in your mental program, when it comes to women.

What do I mean by "emotional glitch"?
What I mean is WHATEVER EMOTIONAL ISSUES a guy might have that is DILUTING the power of his PERSONALITY, when it comes to interacting with women.

And guess what?
Just about EVERY guy has these “glitches”, because it’s almost impossible to NOT have them in a society that gives contradictory messages about women to men, from the time we are small to the time we are adults. i.e. “Women want a guy who doesn’t just want sex” is one message, but then we notice that women’s magazines are FLOODED with articles on sex. We know that women actually talk about sex a LOT with their girlfriends. And we know that being non sexual with women may seem to be “nice” but it also seems to not work to build attraction either

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg.
There are THOUSANDS of contradictory messages.
And by the way, once you understand the reason for these contradictions, it’s a massive relief, as it all makes sense, and it’s not some evil force or some type of conspiracy, or anything like that.

So, again, just about EVERY guy is AFFECTED by all this stuff in a way that WEAKENS the vibe of his interactions with women. Unless he learns how to fix this glitch, he will often keep going in circles, repeating the same mistakes and not even realizing what his mistakes are.

This is a HUGE issue.

On the other hand, the reality is, that just about EVERY GUY who is NOT doing well with women, actually has MASSIVE potential to do amazing with women. And I promise you, this is not something I just say to make anyone feel good. It is the TRUTH.

For example, I've noticed that just about every guy who might SEEM boring, is actually NOT boring, if you JUST GET TO KNOW HIM and he actually feels COMFORTABLE with you. He is often actually VERY FUNNY, or VERY WITTY, or has some great talent, or is great at understanding things, or is very creative, or has some type of COMBO of the above.

The problem is, that when it comes to WOMEN, the guy can't seem to figure out how to APPLY his personality in that area of his life, OR his personality goes into "AUTO-SHUTDOWN" or "sleep-mode" and he is giving off maybe 1% of his "vibe" potential.

And 99% of the time, a HUGE reason for this is because there is an emotional "GLITCH", however SLIGHT it might be, it can cause MASSIVE problems when it comes to making any progress in his love life.

If this GLITCH could be REMOVED, suddenly he would start to make SPEEDY progress, and all the knowledge and insights that he learned about women would then go IMMEDIATELY into effect.

Think of it like a computer that has had the spyware and viruses removed and how fast it goes then compared to how it was being slowed down like crazy before.

When I work with clients, I draw upon my years of experience helping different guys, to DETECT the emotional "virus" that is the GLITCH holding them back from success with women.

It's not always an easy process for the guy, or for me, but it's ALWAYS worth it. There are so many different potential glitches, that it would take forever to try to list them all here.

But for example, some guys are holding themselves back from even STARTING any real interaction with women because they are convinced it will end in PAIN, such as the pain of REJECTION. And the visuals created in their MIND then get associated with ALL KINDS OF HORRENDOUS painful experiences going back all the way to childhood.

Other guys are holding themselves back because they feel that they will GET the girl, but that they can't KEEP the girl, and so that will HURT so much, that they don't even bother to START.

Other guys are holding themselves back because they feel the girl has to be PERFECT, and spending any time with a girl that is NOT perfect means, in their mind, that they are "cheating themselves" from achieving PERFECTION. And that they in fact may be being mean to the other person since after all they are with them even though they think they are so IMPERFECT, as if this is a big insult, as if anyone on earth is perfect, including themselves.

I could go on and on forever on this, but I'm sure you can start to see just how complex this emotional glitch issue can be.

The OTHER problem created by the emotional glitch issue, is that GIVING IN to the GLITCH only REINFORCES the power of the glitch. Because, after all, if you give in to the glitch, you have AVOIDED pain, and so that feels good.

By giving in to the glitch, you never even REALIZE that actually THIS avoidance tactic is the real pain, compared to MISSING the JOY of experiencing what you deep down would like to have with a woman.

The glitch is therefore one smart devil, it knows how to sustain itself forever UNLESS some third party comes in to RESCUE you from it. The glitch doesn't like a guy like ME coming into your life for obvious reasons.

Step one though is for you to be AWARE of EXACTLY what the glitch is, so you can learn how to best ELIMINATE it.

Am I some type of God?
I do, however, have a lot of experience, and I've helped a lot of guys to GET RESULTS in their life when it comes to meeting and attracting the women they want.

As the saying goes, I've put in my dues, showing it works not just for myself, but for my clients, over and over again.

On a related note, I want to talk a bit about one easy way to help DEAL with a "glitch" that you can put into effect IMMEDIATELY. This does not mean that you should be ignoring the DEEPER INNER WORK on eliminating the glitch itself, which is one of the many crucial factors for success with women that I deal with in my Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set.

Now, you may have noticed that in the process of picking up a woman, the guys who are good often tend to get the woman LAUGHING. This does not mean that you have to be so funny, but it should show you that the vibe that is conducive to creating attraction is consistent with feeling good, relaxed, playful, etc.

The PROBLEM though is that guys see this and then TRY HARD to be FUNNY with a woman.

This NEVER works.

If not for the GLITCH, the guy would REALIZE that this never works, but the glitch is such a painful mother-f****r, that it drowns out any messages from your intuition for better judgment.

Do you know TRYING HARD never results in being FUNNY?

It's because when you are trying hard, you are SEEKING a reaction from HER.

So the unconscious message being relayed by your most subtle expressions is TAKING OVER and saying "PLEASE LIKE ME BECAUSE I'M NOT LIKEABLE AND IT SUCKS." It's as if the joke is being silenced, while the sucky message about yourself is being BLASTED at full volume.

If you want to create an emotion in another person, you have to feel it yourself first.

For example, one of the most famous comedians on the planet, Jerry Seinfeld, LOVES being FUNNY even when NO ONE is around. So if he is driving somewhere, or walking down the street, by himself, he's THINKING about what's FUNNY, because he ENJOYS laughing and enjoys FUNNY STUFF.

He is NOT doing it just so he can tell it to others. He actually ENJOYS it himself.

Similarly, most artists and performers who are the best in their field enjoy the emotional experience (be it comedy, drama, intrigue, suspense, romance, ANY emotion they love to experience) even on its own without having an audience. The audience is what makes it ALL THAT MUCH BETTER though of course. Human beings feel GREATER emotional impact when everyone ELSE is doing the same thing. This is why you have concerts with tons of people, this is why religions have all the followers that MUST all worship together, etc etc. Ever wonder why people in a movie theatre laugh HARDER at a joke than if each person was watching it at home? It's because it FEELS MORE INTENSE, when everyone else is doing it. It's a form of "social proof".

But again, though, to be MOST EFFECTIVE, you YOURSELF must FEEL the REWARD so powerfully that you don't NEED an audience, that you aren't DOING it because you need HER response.

In fact, THIS non need for a reaction is a form of "IMPLIED SOCIAL PROOF" that you REALLY ARE FUNNY or whatever other emotion it is you are creating. Because, the subconscious thinking in her mind goes, "the only way someone can be SO into it on their own is if he must KNOW that EVERYONE AGREES he is funny".

Plus, she figures, there's no way you could be so non-needy for a reaction unless you were the "real deal". So this makes her FEEL like you are actually FUNNIER.

And the same thing applies with whatever emotion you are creating, i.e. if you are telling her a story that is exciting, and you clearly are not looking for her to be reacting to you, but rather that you yourself totally believe in the passion and the power of the story.

Similarly, you can't be seeking reactions from women no matter WHAT you are doing with them.

This does not mean you don't CARE about them.

In a way, it's the OPPOSITE!

CARING about someone doesn't mean you have to NEED their reaction!!!!

This is part of what makes a guy a "NATURAL" with women.

So, for example, instead of suddenly trying to "be funny" when you meet a woman, instead, LOOK for the humor in your LIFE, for your OWN enjoyment, whenever you can. This way, you'll develop a TASTE for enjoying this, and it will be no different to you than saying "hi" to a woman, except that this will get a way better response.

Humor will then become one more way for you to communicate anything.

And this idea of being in that head-space on your OWN and not for a woman, is NOT just for being funny.

Whether it's a COMPLIMENT you are giving, or being a playful challenge, or naughty, or WHATEVER, it has to be free-flowing from what you are actually feeling for REAL, and not from what you are trying to MANIPULATE out of her in the form of her reaction.

Once you make this LEAP, it's so liberating, as everything you do is no longer calculated, AND of course it actually has GREATER effect.

You realize that you can be GIVING, as long as it too is coming from a REAL place inside of you and not from a reaction-seeking place.

MASTERING this takes a bit of experience, and it takes insight as well.

And if you want to learn from someone who HAS that experience, and who can GIVE you these insights in a clear way, so that you can become the man you were MEANT to be with women, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of my services and products.

When you come to me, you are coming to a man who has dedicated himself to the most enlightened view of attraction and success with women and who KEEPS ON revolutionizing this entire field.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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