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Author: Michael W

A lot of guys think that success with women is about “fooling” women into something. As if women needed to be “conned” into being with a guy.

The reason guys think this is because they don’t the know the TRUTH about how women are, and what life is really like for a typical attractive woman who has seen all the macho stuff and the nice guy stuff a million times.

Well the truth is, you don’t need to “lie” to attract women, and you don’t even need to be a jerk. The problem though, is that most guys FREEZE UP THEIR REAL PERSONALITY when around women.

And some guys actually have had their personality “FROZEN” for a long long time.

Sometimes, kids have their self-esteem bruised as children and it shows in all their interactions. But the bruised self-esteem is not their REAL personality- underneath is the REAL personality that’s scared to come out.

Others just feel low self-esteem around women. And still others don’t have low self-esteem, but still act “artificial” around women, as if women were not fellow human beings with a sense of humor, and with a human attraction to that which is full of life and vitality.

A lot of these beliefs come from misguided concepts of women that were given to us as children. Simply put, women are not these fragile, immaculate, needy, weak creatures!

Yes, they are human! And they want to deal with your REAL personality- and for one thing, that means not being this hyper aggressive macho man, and also not being this ass-kissing wimp.


If guys just UNDERSTOOD this, they would go a long way to better success with women. When most guys are being “sweet” it is not authentic- it is ass-kissing. Let me give you an example of how to be GENUINELY “sweet”: After a woman has been really GOOD to you, reward her when she least expects it by SURPRISING her with something she loves. It could be her favourite cheesecake, or your deluxe massage.

THAT will have MEANING to her.

I believe that most guys unleash ZERO percent of their REAL personality when they are with a woman.

In fact, I believe that guys are actually CONVEYING the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of what they REALLY are, in order to not get rejected.

Reminds me a bit of that movie The Mask, with Jim Carrey, where he seems to be this nerd, but when he puts on a special mask, his REAL personality FLOODS out, and hot women LOVE him.

His real personality is FUN, it’s wild, it’s not mean and it’s not weak. What do you like? What do you hate? What are your favourite books and movies? Why? Do have a favourite sport? Why? What’s funny to you? Are you passionate about any issues? Do you have any passionate goals in life? What are the things that have had the greatest impact on your values?

All this stuff is part of who you ARE. It’s what makes you funny, exciting, interesting, unique, intriguing, and COMPELLING. But most guys come across as completely ROBOTIC with women. Like they were Mass produced off an assembly line:

They stare at a gorgeous woman for ten minutes and then, maybe, just maybe, they open their mouth.. and say: “Hi, you look beautiful”.

Now, to be HONEST with you, even THAT statement is more than most guys say. Most guys say NOTHING. And I can actually go up to a woman and tell her she is beautiful in a way that makes it clear I am NOT kissing up, and that instead
I am just confident about it and starting a conversation. It has to do with my tonality and pitch and pace and body language.

However, I don’t usually do this, and I don’t recommend most guys begin this way with a woman.

I mean think about it, how much does a generic compliment that she gets very often from every other guy say about YOU as an individual, especially to a woman that hears that compliment all the time?

It says very little about you, very little COOL stuff about you. And it usually also makes the woman feel a bit SUSPICIOUS if not BORED.

Most guys show one billionth of one percent of their REAL personality when they approach a woman or interact with a woman they want to meet. Instead of having FUN and ENJOYING the interaction, they worry about doing it PERFECTLY.

And of course, the desire for perfection SHUTS down the ability to be “natural” and relaxed.

Don’t get it SAVVY. Just get it SAID.

That way, you’ll eventually get savvy.

Sure, in the beginning, it can really help to have funny, interesting things memorized to say to women in different situations, so that you can be RELAXED enough to not have to worry about what to say.

But what will strike a woman as most powerful ultimately will be what no one else can do except you- and that is to reveal that one of a kind personality that is the product of your experiences, your life, and your mind.

Kissing up to women is not natural- it’s something learned.
Being bitter to women is not natural- it’s something learned.
Being nervous around women is not natural- it’s something learned.

You can UNLEARN all this stuff by taking small steps everyday at “sticking your neck out” in showing your REAL personality. So for example, if I see an attractive woman buying candy at the counter, I always think it’s hilarious, because I have these visions of them acting all restrained in public and stuffing their faces with candy in private.

It’s not about being hilarious- it’s about having fun. I might say “that’s it-you’ve had enough and now you’re ending it-with candy”. Or “nice- keeping the personal trainer employed”. Or “awww, isn’t that cute, a girl’s best friend”. Or “oh-oh, better buy a new scale” (if she clearly is attractive).

The point is that I am neither being a jerk, nor kissing up. I’m just having a good time being myself, knowing that women are humans and not fragile little immaculate glass creatures.

Being yourself is rare these days.

One of the main reasons women are often attracted to jerks is because at least jerks are being REAL. They aren’t trying to copy anybody, they don’t think or worry about getting a woman’s approval. The other reason is because jerks are a CHALLENGE- and women NEED a challenge in a world full of pathetically easy guys.

But you don’t have to be a jerk to be REAL and to be a challenge.

Women would rather be with a cool guy who is real, who is passionate about life, and who is not an ass-kisser than be with a guy who is a jerk. You just have to be confident in your OWN personality and not be apologetic for it. The irony is that the guys who have the least to be apologetic for, are the ones who are the most apologetic.

These days, everybody is trying to copy somebody. Some guys try to copy the rapsters, acting cool. Other guys try to copy the latest trend in clothing.

Put some thought into expressing YOURSELF in everything you do.

Express the cool things about yourSELF- if you love a certain type of music, don’t hide it. If you love a certain type of fashion, wear it. If you are funny, you don’t have to hide it. If that is not really you, copying someone is LAME.

Now, to TURBO CHARGE your sexiness, you need to understand something else too:
All of us have a certain amount of power to confirm a woman’s sense of sexual worth. Just as women have this power for men.

So for example, if a guy tells a woman she is beautiful, he confirms (usually for the trillionth time) that she has him too. If she GETS this feeling from him, it’s worth very little, but if she DOES NOT get this feeling from him, the PRESSURE is MASSIVE.

In other words, it makes her value a confirmation from him much much more, when it doesn’t come easily from him. This confirming feedback is far more powerful than the actual sex itself.

This is why if a guy is a “nice guy”, a woman does not need to earn his affection, since she ALREADY HAS IT. And so she dumps him as soon as she gets his confirmation that she is sexy- and so it ends before it starts. Sexual power comes NOT from having sex with someone, but from withholding the knowledge of whether you want to or not.

This is where you have to be careful. If this is done wisely, it can lead to explosive sex. If done without restraint, it can create stalkers, and obsessions.

You don’t want that.

But remember, MOST guys tend to GIVE ALL THEIR “SEXUAL CURRENCY” away to a woman, IMMEDIATELY. This is not wise, and as you may have noticed, women NEVER do this. They milk their sexual currency for all its worth.

How many times have you heard about a guy who is buying a woman all kinds of stuff, and who is being mistreated, and yet she has not even made it clear if she likes him or not?

The guy is banking EVERYTHING on her, in the HOPES of getting some confirming feedback that he is desirable, while SHE is banking NOTHING on him, while she gets EVERYTHING anyway from him- she gets his confirmation of her sexual worth, plus all the other freebie goodies!

In the end, you are your own best PR rep. You have to make the MOST of your worth, so don’t give it all away for nothing- that just leads to a woman under-appreciating you. Does this mean to never get “sweet” or “intimate”? Does it mean you should not try to develop a special “connection”? NO, it does NOT mean that.

But in order for a woman to APPRECIATE you being “sweet”, in order for her to WISH she can have a special connection with you, she must first DESIRE you!

Just being “sweet” right off the bat is MEANINGLESS to her. If she’s attractive, she has ENDLESS “sweet” guys who are desperate and that’s why they are being sweet. So it’s all a matter of not putting the cart before the horse.

This applies every step of the way from first interaction to getting physical, to marriage if you ever decide that is what you want.

And if you are reading this right now and want to know all the ways to SKYROCKET your sexual desirability to a woman, I suggest you take a personal one-on-one workshop with me, where you will get to learn and use this technology first hand in the real world. You’ll see how easy it can be to apply these concepts, INSTANTLY, on real women.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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