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Unleashing A Woman's Repressed Sex Drive

Author: Michael W

Women are attracted to a man who knows how to BLOW TO BITS any GUILT she may have about being a sexual ANIMAL, just like MEN.

Think about this:
For the most part, our society has REPRESSED female sexuality even more than it has repressed male sexuality. Women have been made to feel guilty for a long time about being HUMAN and SEXUAL.

Imagine, the most powerful drive we have as a species, and it being REPRESSED for thousands of years. Actually, men too have been repressed, but women even more so. So when women finally DO get a chance to BE A WOMAN, to let their sexuality go FREE, they go ABSOLUTELY WILD.

Here’s a great example:
Ever been to a strip club?
Sure, a few guys with beers are shouting, but most of the men are extremely laid back. Some guys even have BUSINESS MEETINGS while the show is going on onstage.

Now, let’s just contrast this with what happens when WOMEN go to strip clubs where men strip.
The women go NUTS. They SCREAM.

It’s a SPECIAL RARE EVENT for women, a rite of passage these days to mark their “adulthood” and sexual freedom at whatever the earliest admittance age is. Because all that pent up repression is finally let loose. It is an environment where they have PERMISSION to UNLEASH.

Now, think about how MOST men act when they first see a woman they’d like to approach. First of all, most men do NOTHING. Okay, but even the men who do approach women, they act as if they are INFERIOR to the woman.

The guy nervously approaches, and will either NERVOUSLY say something extremely BORING or DRY or GOOFY, or COMPLIMENTARY. Plus his eyes are darting nervously around, AS IF HE IS GUILTY OF SOMETHING. As if being sexual is not something he deserves.

Look, WOMEN FEEL GUILTY ENOUGH already about sex. If YOU don’t feel worthy of it, I can ASSURE you that she will not be able to associate you with having sex with her.

In HER mind, it’s like THIS:
“This guy thinks I’m gonna have sex with him?!! Yeah RIGHT. NO WAY! This guy expects ME to lead HIM to bed. This dweeb is a LOSER with a capital L! Yuck!”

Not only is a guy who does not lead look like a weakling, and is unsexy that way, but he also leaves all the guilt to HER. Women want a guy that can ELIMINATE the psychological guilt involved.

This is why it’s so important to IMMEDIATELY set the tone between you and a woman AS SOON AS YOU MEET HER. The INITIAL IMPRESSION you make will be the one that sticks the hardest with her.

So if you are approaching a woman, you must IMMEDIATELY convey that you are LEADING the situation, that YOU are in the dominant position. Don’t make any goofy jokes that make you look like the class CLOWN who people laughed at but did not respect.

However, using a TEASING sense of humor that shows you are CONFIDENT AS HELL and a little SUPERIOR makes her feel several things:
1 “Ah, this guy is a MAN, he is worthy of me, he is not a boy.”
2. This guy will LEAD the way to sex so I can “blame” it all on him and feel no guilt.
3. Since he takes charge, the sex will be UNINHIBITED and WILD, because he will LEAD me to a state of ECSTASY.

This is why teasing a woman on something about her is often an effective way to start off. If you see a woman in a supermarket, and she’s selecting vegetables or chicken or whatever, you can easily tease her that if she does dishes AND cooks, she might have a chance with you.

But remember, it’s not just the TEASE. It’s the ATTITUDE you are conveying.

It must be conveyed in EVERYTHING you are doing- your voice, your words, your body language. Are you RUSHING your words as if you want to get out of there? That doesn’t show a guy who LEADS, does it? That would just show a guy who RUNS. You do not HAVE to tease a woman to show you are dominant and sexy. As long as your conversation shows that you are a WINNER and comfortable, relaxed, and LEADING the way.

For example, you could link something she is wearing to a fashion that you saw while traveling in an exotic part of the world to tactfully show that you are experienced with people and cultures and that talking to a new woman is no big deal to you.

It's an example of something COOL.

The essence of being COOL is showing the sexy exciting elements of your personality, history, etc. So maybe don’t start with the fact you enjoy chess. With experience, (and by reading the wealth of info in my book) you will learn to NATURALLY convey sexiness and link almost ANYTHING about the woman in front of you or the situation in which you meet her to a topic that conveys that you are THE MAN.

And remember, it’s not just the WORDS, It’s EVERYTHING you do. The way you move, even the way you BREATHE.

And you must lead a woman and ease her conscience all the way from getting her contact info to meeting with you to getting physical. She will not lead the way- YOU must do it or nothing will happen. You must display total CONGRUENCE in your body language, your voice, your words.

And if you want to learn MORE on how to lead a woman and ease her conscience through EVERY stage, and how to exude SEX APPEAL so that she feels TOTALLY UNINHIBITED around you, then I seriously suggest you download my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

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And it comes with a guarantee.
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Till next time,

Michael W

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