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What Emotions Are You Sparking In Her?

Author: Michael W

It's just as much how you say something as it is what you say that makes attraction happen.

Are you ready for me to help you change your life?
I mean, are you REALLY ready?
If not, do yourself a favor and don't read further.

The ONLY reason ANY guy is NOT getting a girl is because he is not making sufficient emotional IMPACT.

The SEXUAL emotion is only PART of it. If you are able to make a woman feel enough EMOTION, period, the DOOR OPENS.

The reason is because EMOTION feels IMPORTANT. It feels like NOTHING else matters EXCEPT that emotion.

Look, it's been the same since the dawn of time. The wars of history, the battles between empires, they weren't started over LOGICAL THINGS. The kings had plenty. But it wasn't enough. Wars were fought over FEELINGS. The luxuries of life: PLEASURES. Spices. Sometimes, over some woman. Other times, it was over irrational fears. Still, not logical.


But the thing is, this is not all BAD. In fact, it can also be a GREAT THING, because if you LEARN how to make a woman feel EMOTIONS, then NOTHING else matters about you. There are NO limitations.

In fact, the very thing that I used to get so FRUSTRATED about with women is actually the very BEST thing about them. See, women are SMART enough to LOOK PAST the fact that a guy might not have one source of emotions, if the guy has OTHER sources of EMOTION CREATION.

So, if a guy is not "great looking", (And I hate to even use those words, as no guy should think of himself as anything BUT great looking, this is not to say to be arrogant, but to have PRIDE. Hey, the fact is your DNA HAS SURVIVED over a billion years, so you must have what it takes to attract in you) a woman is willing to LOOK PAST IT, but only IF he has OTHER stuff that gives her the feeling of awesome compelling emotions.

Remember, emotions make us feel ALIVE. In fact, although I'm not a huge fan of sad emotions, the fact is even THAT still can be a cool emotion in the right amounts, or no one would love to go to sad movies. Especially if the sad thing is kind of bittersweet and not completely sad, i.e. a silver lining in the clouds type of thing.

The thing that is INEXCUSABLE is when a guy CREATES ZERO EMOTION in her soul.

Do you want to know why you see so many women who are hot with "rich" guys? Well, let's just forget about the "gold diggers" for a second, because they are not ALL gold diggers.

It's because at least there is SOME emotional stimulation there - the emotion of security, the emotion of having some STATUS, and if the guy is really loaded, there is the novelty of helicopters,
limos, penthouse apartments in luxury places, and getting the envy of her friends which boosts her

But the even MORE important thing here is, and what guys don't realize, is that SOMETIMES it's not a COINCIDENCE that the same things that made the guy rich, (unless all he did was inherit it) are the same qualities that make him a WINNER in general, and that make him a GO GETTER and GREAT with people, etc etc.

The PERSONALITY that got him great with women also got him rich. The ability to reframe situations, to create perceived value, to motivate people, etc. Confident sense of humor, no need for approval from the masses because the SELF-BELIEF was there already. That's not gold-digger stuff.

Similarly, great ARTISTS, whether painters, musicians, filmmakers, or whatever, the DRIVE and the commitment to their passion regardless of the odds, regardless of other's ridicule, is AWAKENING to another person's soul as well. Never mind the art itself being AN EMOTIONAL RESURRECTION for the typical person's mundane outlook on existence.

So the real question becomes:

When I take you under my wing, whether it's for one hour, or one entire weekend, I spend that time not only showing you what to do, but I also work on DE-TOXING your inner game that is holding you back in ways that you don't even realize. I mean this. For example, you probably think you know what confidence is, but maybe you're not sure if you are really being as confident as you can be. But what if you don't even TRULY REALIZE JUST HOW WHAT REAL CONFIDENCE TRULY IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED IT?

What if I could MAKE YOU experience that, so that you would forevermore from that second onward HAVE A REAL REFERENCE POINT internally that you could always go back to in your mind to draw from WHENEVER YOU NEED TO?

It's interesting how guys hear how women are not so into looks, but guys take the WORST action after learning that.

You see, it's not that women don't care about looks. It's just that they are willing to LOOK PAST it if there is something ELSE going on. In fact, this is why the internet often has women with ads saying all the physical stuff they want, it's because if the guy has NOTHING ELSE, they know that at least the date won't be an absolute waste of their time, as at least the guy has that.

And it's also why guys get all bent out of shape when reading this stuff from women on the net.

Not that I'm a huge fan of internet dating, but I've certainly done it, applying the exact same things that I do in regular life. And for some folks, there are very few of the kinds of girls that they like where they live, so going online makes some sense until the guy moves to that location where his type of women are.

So, WHEREVER you meet women, it's LUDICROUS to NOT take advantage of the fact that you can use STYLE and the way you DRESS to MAKE IMPACT and give women the gift of experiencing AWESOME EMOTIONS.

Why would any guy DEPRIVE women of this source of awesome emotion?

When a guy shows he is CLUELESS about style, he's not just harming his appearance, he's also SAYING that he is ignorant about women and social interaction.

And he's saying he doesn't have ZEST for life.

All this is not attractive.

In my Bootcamp and One On Ones, I will TAKE CARE OF THIS FOR YOU. I will take you shopping and show you the best accessories, fashion, hairstyle, and the best overall look for you, that is still CONGRUENT with your best identity.

And of course, I will work on every other element of your game as well.

Making women LAUGH is ANOTHER great way for women to experience emotion.

And making women laugh in a way where you are not DESPERATELY trying to make it happen but rather letting the humor flow from your CONFIDENT FRAMES of the situation, of your value, etc, is giving her A DOUBLE WHAMMY of emotions, as it's not only laughter but also the emotion of A SELF ESTEEM boost, since you are CONVEYING EXCELLENCE and VALUE, and the fact that you are TALKING TO HER and that you are this awesome guy makes her feel that SHE must be awesome as well!

I repeat:

What can you do to IMPROVE those emotions she is experiencing from being around you?

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that ANY of this is the same as BEING "emotional" with a woman i.e. crying your heart out to her. That's just YOU having WEAK emotions and unloading them on her, which actually gives HER the emotion of feeling REVULSION.

Let's take a quick look at just SOME other ways to give women EMOTION:

It's so weird, how guys will MAYBE try to say something interesting to a girl that they feel is "just average" because they feel a tiny bit of confidence there, but when it comes to a woman they feel is "hot", they suddenly ALL DO THE SAME THING:
Stare, then compliment on something physical, or even worse, give a clearly FAKE compliment on something else.

And I'm not JUDGING guys for doing this, as the brainwashing we go through that makes us worship women is pretty strong. So strong in fact, that it can make you think that HAPPINESS cannot be had without some woman at your side propping your ego.

Everyone talks about how it's important to "not seek approval", but when the "pedal hits the metal", nothing happens. If you are going to not be seeking approval, you have to CONGRUENT to it. For example, this issue of escalating physically, it has to be done with CONGRUENCE. A choppy version of physical escalation will not cut it, although it's STILL good to attempt it anyway, as you will GET BETTER with practice, and it's STILL better than acting as if you are not interested in WOMEN by NOT having any physical contact.

A recent letter shows this clearly:


Hello Michael , how are you ? I have a few question for you , but before I want to thank you for everything again.

All the knowledge that you share in your e-book and articles has helped me a lot, in fact It has opened my eyes to many things of the world of attraction that I did not understand before. I still have a lot to learn and I still have to continue improving my self in every way , but I am much better than I was, so thank you very much.

Now I want to share with you the way I have learned to interact with women in pick up situations or cold approaches , where I run into trouble and what can I do to improve:

After approaching a woman with a fun or interesting opening that goes according to the context of the situation we are in, I engage her in a conversation trying to keep the whole interaction fun and not serious.

I try to place my self physically close to her in a way that does not seem weird or creepy.

I make questions about her, I tease her, I playfully touch her for just a second in the arm or hand when I am making a point or just teasing, and things seem to be go very good. But then after the interaction has been going on for sometime, I think that I have to escalate physically because I do not want her to think about me as just a fun guy who does not have the guts to escalate physically and therefore would be just a friend.

So I try to escalate by getting physically closer to her and by slowly reaching and touching her hand, sometimes she would take her hand away but I know she might be playing hard to get in order to not be label as a slut or just not comfortable enough yet, so a few seconds or minutes later I do it again, and if she is not ready yet, I wait a few seconds or minutes and then try again.

This is how I have gotten success with women but also how I destroy a perfect pick up or interaction with other women. The problems start when I try to get physical.

For example this last Friday night I was having a great interaction with this girl who was a complete stranger. I did everything I just mentioned above. I kept the conversation light and fun and I was convinced she was into me .

When I finally got her alone I try to escalate physically by slowly touching her hand but she kept taking her hand away, but i felt that I had to persist, so maybe I created resistance because I kept trying to touch her hand the way I described above.

I think she was interested in me because even though she did not let me escalate physically, she did not leave, she kept the conversation going and my instincts told me she was within my reach, I just did not know what to do .

When it was finally time to go, I said I would walk her home, she said no, I insist but she still said no, so I ask for her e- mail but she did not give it to me, I ask why, and she said she did not know me. now that surprise me, we had talked for a long time and she does not give me her email and said she does not know me ?

This has happened to me in different occasions and I think that is something recurrent or that happens frequently in my interactions with women. The funny thing is : I felt that the women were interested, I know I created attraction in them during my interaction with them, because of the signs the girls were given me (smiling at me, laughing when I tease them, keep having a conversation with me etc.) but when I escalate physically I frequently run into this kind of problems.

It's like I forgot to do something or forgot a step in order to escalate effectively or maybe I just simply do not escalate physically in a smooth way.

I always try to escalate physically anyway, even if I might not know if I am doing it right because I think not escalating physically would be a mistake.

My questions are: What do you think is the problem or obstacle in this kind of situations?
Do you think I escalate physically too soon?
How soon should I escalate physically?
Was I escalating physically too strong?
How do you escalate physically in a smooth and classy way?

Besides getting closer to the woman and observing her reactions, what else should you do in order to recognize the green lights that she might be giving you?

You say that in order to get the girl you, you must keep going forward and take the interaction as far as you can, and this is exactly what I am trying to do .

How do I do this in a totally effective way so I can get tangible results?

Thank you in advance for your advice,
P. L.

***MY REPLY***

Thanks for the props on the eBook and newsletters. Just wait till you find out what's in store in my OTHER stuff ;)

Also, congrats on GETTING to this "problem", because you are clearly PAST the point of "capturing her interest".

What's going on here is clear:

1. The first thing is that you are confusing innocent physical contact with SERIOUS contact, i.e. making out.

The contact should begin ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, but it should be very innocent stuff. Like her hands.

When you wrote "When I finally got her alone I try to escalate physically by slowly touching her hand" it seems you didn't do any contact in the beginning, and that by the time you DID make the contact, it didn't feel natural for either of you.

2. The second thing, is that if something isn't working, give it a break for a bit:
"but i felt that I had to persist, so maybe I created resistance because I kept trying to touch her hand the way I described above."

Exactly. So start right away next time, and this should help prevent the resistance later.

3. The other thing to remember is that during DAYTIME pick-ups, the whole contact thing is less intense, and you could get away with NO contact, but it will be harder when you then meet up later if it gets to that. So it's a good idea to get used to early contact, just keep it light if you just met her at the coffee shop or bookstore in daytime.

It's different if you meet her at night in a club/lounge, and you're both sitting down in private, then you can escalate to holding hands earlier and for longer. You can even make out, but it's not necessary, especially if you meet a more conservative girl (on the surface, all girls are not conservative when it comes to the bedroom) I recommend just a kiss or two but not a whole makeout session.

4.Also, you are looking a little too hard for the "green lights" for PERMISSION to proceed to contact. And this uneasiness makes HER self-conscious about you contacting her with any physical escalation.

So for example, when I say "green lights", all I mean is any sign of her enjoying the interaction. Don't worry too much about it, for "perfect signs" or it will turn you into "seeking approval" mode.

Even if you DO screw up, it's okay for now, what I want you to do is get COMFORTABLE with the physical contact without having to feel there has to be a perfect moment for it. This will make the whole physical contact far more natural for you, and that will make HER receptive to it. For example, are you now looking at YOUR HAND as you touch her? That signals to her that YOU are very self-conscious of it and it creeps her out at the same time.

Finally, I want to CONGRATULATE you for STICKING TO IT and being A MAN.

Isn't it interesting also how even though you are NEW at the contact stuff and it wasn't smooth, it did NOT push her away?

My gut instinct on this one is that she liked you and simply needed you to chill out a bit with the contact, especially since it was not coming across naturally. But with practice you will learn to not only feel comfortable but also you will learn to CALIBRATE perfectly for when is the perfect time.

For example, if I am talking to a woman and she says something I really love, it really feels natural for me to take her hands in mine as an instinct, and playfully tell her something exaggerated, like "ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? YOU LIKE COMIC BOOKS????? LET'S GET OUTTA HERE NOW, YOU AND ME!" in a way that she gets both the fact that I like it but also the fact that I am being playful.

And if you are reading this right now, and would like to learn ALL the details of how to best transition to getting physical, and how to best transition to SEX, (there should always be a sexual vibe to your interaction, but there is a time to make it the FOCUS), and if you would like to get the best insights anywhere on how to simultaneously get your INNER GAME to where it SHOULD be while also having a GAME PLAN for taking ACTION in the meantime, and much much more, including how to trigger ANY emotion in a woman, then here's what I seriously recommend:

1. My eBook is the place to get started. This is where you need to go to get rid of all the brainwashing so that you can restore your natural instincts as a man.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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